Mohamad Baajour – The Cow that spoke

Mohamad Baajour
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Somebody's going to law

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school learn hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main file now and finally my alum Tana was at nine Min hemraj I mean, we ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what you told us and increase as a knowledge I mean you're behind me. Allah subhanaw taala protect all these beautiful faces from the Hellfire I mean

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inshallah Tada today because we started a little bit late we gave some our time to put up the roof of the roof right.

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And so

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there's a beautiful Hadith Muslim Bukhari and narrated to you and then read the translation and then Charlotte Allah, see what

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couple of lessons that we can derive from from this hadith

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say the bill Musa You

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or him Allah

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wibu Salma

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Abdul Rahman, Samia, Abba Herrera yaku

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paella Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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by Nima. Roger on yesu dakara

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the NAMA Roger on yesu who Baqarah tone la

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Cobham Allah Allah

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it will tougher that LA Hill Bukhara Faqad in the lum luck Leha

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with kidney

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in NEMA colic to lil Huff

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for Cara nurse Subhan Allah

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Taj oven with Hassan abakada tone to kill them for Karla Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for in the meno Bay. We're Abu Bakr Walmart.

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Calm caught up radar Colorado law says alum Boehner Ryan fear enemy either allay his

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minha shut Farfalla Bahai Dustin cada

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had the stone cutter Herman filter for elite his Filter Filter elite his zebu will call

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for called Allahu Mandla Yoma several yo Malay Salah no yo Malay Salah in very for Harlan nurse Subhan Allah for Allah so Allah says Allah for in the womb, you know be there like an Abu Bakr Walmer

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very interesting Hadith

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100% highest level of authenticity

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In another narration, it says after he finished Salat al Fajr.

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He told the Sahaba the story. He said one time

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a man

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with his cow in the field

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on his way back home probably or something, he got tired. So he rode

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on the cow

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and start being harsh to the cow you know, telling the cow move again.

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felt defeated. So the cow turned to him and said

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this is not why I was created for

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I was created for

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irrigation to irrigate the lands.

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So the Sahaba said

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surprised Yasser Allah cow talks.

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They said it surprisingly, a cow talks

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on this was a solid answer. I believe in that Abu Bakr believing that a normal believing that Abu Bakr no more we're not in the room.

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then also Salem continued and said

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there was a lie there was a shepherd

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looking after

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his cattle, and then all of a sudden

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a wolf came and took one of his goats.

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The shepherd ran after the wolf and took back the goat

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stone cutter her minute.

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the wolf

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this and one narration that I read, it says that

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where will you be Yoma Saba

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when it has no shepherd except me.

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I would explain all that

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Sahaba said

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a wolf talk.

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So someone said, I believe in that an Abu Bakr and Omar.

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Okay. Now of course,

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there are many lessons from this

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we are

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going to discuss

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it's not about

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a cow and a wolf talking.

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This is one aspect of the Hadith.

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Number one

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was Allah say salam, talking to the people after fajr

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When the Sahaba is gathered and pray treasure, so suicide Salam used to address them with a story. And sometimes he used to ask them

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about the dreams. Have anybody seen any dream? And he used to ally his salatu salam interpret the dreams for them?

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What are the lessons that we could learn from from this hadith? First?

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One Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said something

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even though by logic,

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by logic, it's impossible.

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But because the hadith is 100% authentic,

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I will accuse my mind and my brain before I accuse Rasulullah sallallahu I would say no, maybe something's wrong with me. A cow talks, cow talks and the surprise of the Sahaba

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not that means yes what Allah My Allah they will never accused a source of making up stories or lying stuff are just shocked just like us shocked that I'm saying this hadith. I'm looking at your faces. Some of you whoever did not heal this hadith is surprised. We're so sorry to say that a cow talk or a wolf talk. This is not the norm. We don't hear many Hadith like that. Okay, there are a few a hadith that he said Alia Sato Salam that the rock when he passed, they talked the trunk of the tree. He spoke or cried. We all know this already. But this hadith not too many people are familiar with even though this hadith is 100% authentic. So one of the main lessons Yeah, one is

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either the hype.

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Eman the hype

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when Allah subhanaw taala wanted to praise the believer the first characteristic Alif

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me name the recoil kita

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le Rajeev Fe fi he holds a little more Turkey in our first one and Larry now you mean owner Bill loi believe they believe in the hype. Allah if you do not believe in the hype. What are you doing here? Why are you praying?

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Why are you praying? Why do you fast and oh my god why? Where is Allah? What agenda I haven't seen Jana all hype genders right Allah has raised them for us is right now is right. All these promises if you do this, if you pray this if you come to the Masjid 27 times more every step of all this is alive, I don't see anything

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all the time. So we believe in the rapes and assaults I seldom said

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that the cow spoke that means the cow spoke it talked

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okay. This is the belief in in the right.

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what is the definition? If somebody asked you define

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net volume.

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Now Yvonne

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what is done

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what the CHE fi mechanic putting something in a place that does not belong

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That's why they say in the Shilka the whole loan of him why? Because you're giving

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the a bad are supposed to be only for Allah you're putting somewhere else. So this is boom you are making dumb against yourself. So when this man

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rode on the cow, this is the cow was not created for for riding. So she told him, this is not the reason why I was created you are committing zone, you are committing zone

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one point another point Subhan Allah one

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of the cow

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know the reason it was created for

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what about me and you?

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The minute that she found out that she's not doing her job, she immediately complained.

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When is the last time me and you will complain that we are not added.

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We are supposed to be here on this earth. babied servants of Allah slaves of Allah subhana wa taala. Suddenly, suddenly so, so

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fast, free gift to the poor, take care of your parents, raise your children, wear the hijab. don't deal with rebar. Don't drink alcohol, don't sell cigarettes. Don't smoke. Don't this. Oh, this is orders. This is my job. I'm doing my job. I'm doing I'm fulfilling the reason I was created for I am here as an adult to Allah subhanho wa Taala when I noticed that I'm not doing my job. Immediately wake up and come back.

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immediately have to wake up and come back just to the cow no brain. A cow Subhanallah immediately turned around and said when somebody tells you do something haram This is not the reason I'm created for

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when somebody tells you to do something haram not to do something Khaled This is not the reason I was created for the cow figured that out Yeah. When are we going to figure it out?

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What why it makes your heart bleed yeah what

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most of the of the businesses saw that are selling alcohol are owned by Muslims.

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Lottery, people not caring at all. Just you know looking for income whether it's haram Hala nobody cares.

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Skipping prayers, skipping satellite taking off to a job. Yeah, who told you that you aren't you could do whatever you want. Who told you

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there are certain rules when you when you rent an apartment or rent a house? They tell you 1234 similarly when you live in this dunya 1234

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You are your are we are not pleasing the owner

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in a pleasing the owner. And that's why we're paying for it all over the world. So the cow recognized that this is what I'm supposed to be doing that I'm supposed to be giving you milk

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meat, doing some irrigation but

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but right

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it means you are allowed. Also to be surprised if somebody said something beyond

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the norm. There's nothing wrong with being surprised. And we learned that if I heard something different. What's the term

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Subhanallah okay, we learned from here is that I shift and if something shocked me or I'm surprised about a matter, I see Subhanallah Sahaba said Subhan Allah Baqarah Kalam a cow speaks

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Jung was Jonas shut down a scene when Bala dama Jung was several. Okay. This

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is a day

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that there will be a lot of fitten

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A lot of trials and tribulations on that day.

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On that day, the fitna will be so strong that the shepherd, the wolf, he was the one taking care of the shepherd

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so he gave the example he gave that example to the wall to the to the shepherd. Now you're worried about it, there's gonna come a day and he there's lesson from this, that there's going to come a day the fitna is so strong, that the shepherd that the wolf will be guarding the shepherd, he's supposed to be eating them. This is how bad is the fitna.

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And this is a sign of how bad things will get at the end of the of the Ximen now we come to one more thing

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unless it's sort of summer, when the

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signal key was cloudy

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whether the job is sick is B. Muhammad Sallallahu sallam was at the cafe

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Abu Bakr

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okay, what it is yet at a subkey Mohamed Salah Salem he came with that said was that the cadet Abu Bakr when you're gonna see it it says Abubaker here, here look at this. When you look at the you know BaKari Rambo Allah, He put chapters in his book right? chatters he put this hadith are some many, many people of Hadith put this hadith under the chapter of the monarchy of Abu Bakr and Omar Sure, translation many

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virtues, the virtues of Abu Bakr and Omar, this is where they put this hadith

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under the virtues of Abu Bakr and Omar. Abu Bakr Muhammad are not in the room they are not present.

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Look at the love and the trust they have in the source Salem and the love and the trust he has in them.

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Latin Allah mon Lang

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via Kuan Yew if you hear lately. In some countries, you know who they are without naming them.

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Officially when they started the hotbar the speech they make land on Abu Bakr and Omar officially.

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Officially openly, openly Aqua when did we ever as Arsenal Gemma, when did we ever curse anybody? Anybody

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we come close to Allah by the love of the Sahaba we come close to the Allah by the love of added bait

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than the official you get up and you start cursing. And look at this hadith. I believe it and I can only imagine how much would you love somebody? How much is your love to someone that you mentioned his name without him being present and who's talking here?

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I believe and they are not there. That means they are the Eman so high that whatever I say whatever I say they do not even get surprised. Even though the Sahaba surprise which is nothing wrong with it. Normally you get surprised. But

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remember the story when this rod Mirage right there.

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Your friend is saying he went to the cause at the making fun.

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Did you believe him? He said I believe them with something more than that. I believe that an angel is talking to him and giving him why? What is going to cause compared to saying that an angel came down with revelation to me.

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So Anna,

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well Abu Bakr Muhammad Subhan Allah. This is the virtues of Abu Bakr and Omar This is the level of love of Rasul Allah is Allah to Abu Bakr and, and Thomas

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this is what I want to talk about today in Charlotte. I'm discussing all these things till I decide on a topic. And when we decided Charlotte, I'm just a little bit busy with the conference and after the conference in Charlotte dialer, hopefully we'll choose a topic that will continue for a while just like we had the stories of the Quran that stayed with us for a year and so Charla brothers The doctor told me to remind you that

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not the Saturday of course the Saturday is the conference the Saturday after that. We have that sports event they at Murphy Middle School inside it's indoor in the gymnasium. So I think it will be a very fun day for all the children all ages. There all kinds of games free food, and it's something for the whole community to benefit and mixed together in sha Allah Tada. So bring your fun

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I was in Charlotte Allah and join us and please try to come to Saturday for the conference bring your especially if you have teenager kids bring them we having a beautiful program Charla any epic member is a person that we are looking for to help and assist in sha Allah Tala by your presence and by the end we're getting calls from Arkansas from different states people are showing up from everywhere so please be courteous be hospitable be very nice and smiling all the time in Sharma is that gonna work MFI comm Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh hello hello handshake. I should hola hola and stuff Eurocom I want to talk about it.

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