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The speakers discuss the negative impact of the coronavirus on Muslims worldwide, including struggles with COVID-19 and negative behavior. They emphasize the importance of forgiveness and mercy, learning to be empathetic, and staying in quarantine. The speakers also emphasize the need for individuals to be patient and reward their actions for their satisfaction and well-being. The return of Islam to religion is also discussed, and the importance of learning to be empathetic and not just for one's own sake is emphasized. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to be patient and reward their actions for their satisfaction and well-being.

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa salatu salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali early he will be here as you're mine.

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My Brothers and Sisters in Islam in Australia and all around the world

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as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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it's been a while that

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I've given any talks or appeared

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to the public.

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And I've been reflecting. And first of all, I'd like to acknowledge and thank my Allah reward all the machinery and the data I use around the world and here who have exerted a lot of effort in his very struggling time. And I've heard many of the lectures and their advices and many of them are excellent. A lot of the posts that brothers and sisters are sharing, I can feel the empathy is growing, and people are starting to reflect

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that My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam

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this is actually quite emotional for me.

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And I want to share it with you in sha Allah.

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And I'm not going to sugarcoat it.

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I'm not going to use feel good words. today.

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I'm going to talk to you from my heart to your heart, raw as raw can be

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my brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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he honored us when He created us to the point that he Allah subhanho wa Taala showed us off to the angels. And he said to them in Niger, I don't fill out the Khalifa. What does that mean? He said, I am going to place on the earth, an important type of people, they will reproduce and they will inherit each other and look after this earth and obey me.

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And the angels are so surprised

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athleisure Hello fi hermana UFC trophy house frequent Dima, when will be handy going to court this Willock Oh ALLAH are you those who will spread corruption and shed blood while we the angels, we glorify you and we praise You. And we thank you and we are grateful.

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My Brothers and Sisters in Islam and so it came to be

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Allah subhanho wa Taala did not play something on this earth out of anger or because he wanted us to go through hardships of suffering for no reason. Nor is ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada like to see us in pain. In fact, there is a beautiful Hadith which is so here in Bukhari and Muslim that Allah Subhan Allah Allah said, in the long Hadith, my servant keeps coming closer to me until I become his eyes that he sees within his ears that he is within his hand which he touches with and his legs which he walks with and listen to the end of the Hadith, which a lot of people don't finish off with. And he said,

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and there is nothing that I hesitated more than taking the soul of my slave when he or she is about to die. For he dislikes that he is afraid of it and I hate to give him pain.

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So my brothers and sisters in Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala does not want to harm upon us. But you see, your parents love you don't you? Don't they? We all believe it that instinctively our parents love us even more than themselves. Wallahi if they were to see you dying in front of them, your parent will cry to say I wish it was means that of you.

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If you are sick, your parent will say I wish it was me instead of him or her. If they see a little piece of hair inside your eye, they say I wish he was in my eye than he is or hers.

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And the one who created your parents is Allah and He loves you more than your parents.

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But sometimes your parents have to teach you a lesson. And that lesson is not because they want to harm you but in order to bring you back so that you can stand on your own two feet and be a good person so that you can grow and be a leader of righteousness and so that you can do the right thing, not the wrong thing. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam.

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What is this Coronavirus that's happened to us today? What is this catastrophe that has happened around the world the likes of which we have never ever seen before? I don't mean the epidemic. I don't mean that a virus has come it's contagious. This has happened many many, many times before even before the Prophet Muhammad Allah said many epidemics and pandemics have happened before plagues and other viruses. But I'm not talking about that. I am talking about this

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state that we are in today globally. From east to west north to south. There isn't a house except that it's isolated. There isn't a mosque except that it has closed Subhan Allah Mecca and Medina. We are isolated from when Has this ever happened?

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It is so hard to see your own parents, your own family.

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What is happening? My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, I see some of our brothers and sisters. I don't know if they understand what Kabbalah means. Kedah. Allah is pre measurement and what he has decided. This virus My dear brothers and sisters on what has happened in the world economically and in our social

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capital. Everything that is happening to us is from none other than Allah subhanahu wa.

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There are lots of our brothers and sisters who sit there busying their time with conspiracy theories. No, it has to be someone who did it. No, it has to be somebody else who's plotting and planning maybe. But this virus did not come from them. My dear brothers and sisters, mark my words and face it, it came from Allah, it's a cop out to stop blaming other people look at yourself. My message today is for the Muslims. And there are those who call it a punishment upon a certain people or a certain country or a certain people or a certain this or a certain that this is also a cop out my brothers and sisters, listen, brothers and sisters, this has globally spread throughout the world

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upon the weak, and the strong, the old and the young, the innocent, and the evil, every single one of the Muslim and the non Muslims. This is a message to us as Muslims before anyone else I'm talking to you, my brothers and sisters.

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The only one who can lift this is Allah and the only one who brought it upon us is Allah subhanho wa taala. Yes, yes, there are circumstances. Yes, there are natural occurrences that cause things. This is all part of Allah Stan data's plan on this earth, that He made this world work in a process that if somebody does this A, then B is going to happen. If you drink poison, you're going to die from it. If you jump off a cliff, you're going to die from that if you jump in front of a car, you are gonna die. Of course, if you go and sit with a person, that who is sick from this virus and you know that you're going to get that it's going to pass on to you then it's going to pass on to you. But

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what's happened to us at the moment is that we've put our trust too much, too much into causations and taking measurements too much which is okay, of course, from the shadow perspective. We have to have social isolation from a shadow perspective. We have to isolate ourselves from a shadow perspective we have to take precautions whoever does not believe in that doesn't really understand Islam that well. But we cannot put our total trust entire trust just in that with and then ignore Allah subhanho wa Taala if you ignore Allah Subhana Allah it means you have given up on Allah subhanho wa Taala and listen to what Jakob said to his children. He said when they assume Rohilla

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never give up from the Mercy of Allah in the hula Osama Rohilla Hilda calm will cafiero when it is no one no one who gives up from the Mercy of Allah except those who disbelieve in him. My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam. Let me first of all begin before answering your questions that I see coming up. Allah subhanho wa Taala I've been thinking about this. I've been looking at it and the only thing that I can think of in the Quran is the following verse

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in Hola Hola, yo, Hiro maybe a common hat, EULA year or maybe unforeseen. Listen to the verse of the Quran. Allah says, Indeed, Allah will not change the state of people until they change the state that is within themselves. A lot of people misunderstand this verse. They think that Allah is not that will not change a bad state of people are suffering of the people back into goodness and comfort and blessings until they change this thing. It's the opposite. Allah subhanho wa Taala does not begin to suffering with us. He begins the blessings that comfort the security

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doesn't bring you out from your mother's womb secure, doesn't give your parents mercy to look after you doesn't give you a sense that he is there with you doesn't understand that I'll give you provisions doesn't make the rain drop and fall even upon the murderer who walks out of the house after murdering somebody still gets rain still gets food. Allah is merciful brothers and sisters don't ever assume wrong of Allah subhanaw taala Allah subhanaw taala said he will not change the good state of the people, the blessed state of people, the comfort of the people, the security of the people, until they change that is within themselves. They become evil. They become wrongdoers,

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they become sinners, they become oppressive. They become betrayed, they become competing for materialistic things, they start seeing themselves as as if self sufficient they forget about Allah subhanho wa Taala brothers and sisters Allah subhanaw taala does this in order for us to return. Listen to what Allah says that he can be and Allah Allah Mucuna Mahi Ronnie

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Coleman had the you know, maybe unforeseen, Allah subhanaw taala will never change the state of a blessing which he has given upon people Allah doesn't take away the

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NEMA doesn't take away the blessings from us. Allah doesn't take away the security from us. Allah doesn't take any of this provision from us. Until we change it. We've done something wrong. Listen to what Allah Subhana Allah said in the Quran, Valhalla and Fussa to feel better you will Buhari be Monica sebut ad nurse leoville Calm Baba Lydia AMILO La La Jolla Xiaowen Allah Subhana Allah says that corruption

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has overcome you has become powerful corruption has overtaken you corruption has become the lawmaker. Corruption has exceeded all bounds filled better on land and the word bird comes from better which means to be good towards someone the earth is good to us that we are bad to it and bad to the other people some of us Allah says for sad corruption has increased in the land and in sea be Mikasa but a DNS because of what people's hands have done. Why Allah says new vehicle Han Baba Lydia hamilo said Allah can make them taste a bit of what they are doing. runC La La Jolla journalism is beautiful part Allah says in the hope so that in the hope that they may return. Allah Subhana Allah

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doesn't punish people totally here in this world the punishment is in the hereafter. The enormous reward is in the hereafter. But in this world, Allah subhanaw taala sets a string sometimes what is happening now in the world is a wake up call. It is an opportunity for us to return for us to fix brothers and sisters. It's not up to you to fix the whole world. You fix yourself, fix what is in within your family. Do you know why Allah subhanaw taala has done this? Well, Allah says in the Quran Belial in San Juan NFCA basura every human being is responsible to judge themselves. I'm not here to judge you. I can only judge myself. But when Allah is found that I take something from you,

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it's only in order to give you when Allah subhanaw taala it gives you some kinds of sufferings in order for us to learn and to reflect. He wants something from us to come back. Allah doesn't want us to go away. Allah says in the Quran for Theodorou in Allah run away from all that makes you afraid to Allah subhana wa Taala Brothers and Sisters in Islam.

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Look at us.

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Look at our state.

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What is Allah Subhanallah changed about us? Do you know the word Mt. La Bella, we hear it a lot. Bella Bella comes from the word of changing your state flip flopping you from state to state? Allah subhanaw taala has created us on this earth in order to go through trials and tribulations. Why not so that he can know whether we are righteous or not. But in order for us to know ourselves so that we know what our faults are, so that we know how to grow Wallahi if there was no suffering, none of us would know empathy, mercy, forgiveness. I mean, look at Adam, Allah, His sinner, when he ate from the tree that Allah Subhana Allah had forbidden was not nothing special about the tree but he had

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listened to the show by and he had forgotten and followed his desire for a little bit. And then he sought Allah's forgiveness and Allah Subhana Allah bestowed His forgiveness and mercy upon him and his wife, however, our mother and father if it wasn't for the Malays, so lamb and how it would have not known what forgiveness and mercy means. Brothers and Sisters in Islam Did you know that if the trials and tribulations come in two ways, Allah says when a blue conditionally will show you the fitna. We will try you always and make you shift between state to state in both bad and good things. Hola Hola. Azim the worst type of trial is when Allah found that it makes us go through blessings.

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Because when a person has wealth, when you have health, when you have everything, when you have security, you think that Allah Subhana Allah loves that person. You think that you are secure, you've done nothing wrong. And we forget that we belong to Allah and from him. We came into Him we shall return we forget whether we are boastful, we forget that we are arrogant. We forget Allah subhanho wa taala. And some of us, we think that oh, if Allah Allah gives you wealth, that means he loves you. We hear this statement all the time. Well, Allah must love. But really did you know that this is the biggest trial, because a human being reacts when they see something is gone. When you

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suffer, we react, we return, we start thinking, we start reflecting Subhanallah I have never heard in my life. The president of America, the Prime Minister of Australia, once in my lifetime, ever heard this from somebody who I don't even know if they believe in Allah subhanaw taala but they are calling people to pray to Allah subhanaw taala they are calling a day where people go to their places of worship to ask Allah to call upon God, the Prime Minister of Australia said, my knees are on the ground and they are in pain from praying to God, so pray to God Subhan Allah, there is something within us that is called the fitrah instinctive, that Allah Subhana Allah has created. And

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when Allah takes something from us, that our instinct kicks in, even an atheist feels that well I had an atheist person who came to fix some cables in my house once and he said, You know what, how come I feel like when I'm in the middle of the ocean? Why do I feel like I have to call upon God upon Allah? And I said to him, subhanAllah this is exactly the verse in the Quran. My brothers and sisters, What is Allah do this

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twice to return us, telling me brothers and sisters, we disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala in our hands, we cut off our family ties, our prayers, a lot of us were not praying our hijab, we were in modest clothing, we try to justify our clothing and try to justify our modest behaviors. When we know that we are disobeying Allah spanner and doing the wrong thing, we betray, we cheat, we lie. We boast we show off. Let us not be among them. And then what do we expect? Do we expect that Allah Santa is going to bring gold and silver upon us from the sky? Is that what parents do? We call these types of parents, parents who spoil their children, they bring out the worst in them, but parents

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who they restrict their parent children from certain things that make them go through certain hardships. They are the ones who come out resilient. They are the people understand empathy. You know, once a brother he passed by and saw a homeless man, and his daughter was with him. She was seven years old. She says, What can I do for this homeless man? He said, Whatever you'd like she said, I want to buy him some sushi, some food, and she went and gave it what do you think that girl learned? She learned empathy and giving for example, sometimes a mother may get so angry at her child, and maybe that child rebels and goes outside and says I'm not coming back. You know, I know

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our mother, who said if you want to go out the house, then go and she packed his bags and said go when he went outside went around the block, he started to cry. And he came back to the door started knocking knocking knocking knocking Mom, mom, mom, please forgive me. I'm sorry, started to cry, and she's inside ripping apart. Her heart is ripping apart. She doesn't want to hurt her son. But she's thinking that if I don't teach him a lesson of hardship right now, he's going to run away and hurt himself or do something terrible. When when somebody loves you, this is what they do. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, my brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Allah subhanho wa taala. He told us in the Quran, and this was for Allah He hit me really hard. He said, Well, I've got our cell in Isla, umami main public I have now on Bill But sir, it will Daraa Illa Allah homea total wrong when he says to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam before you there were people who We bestowed upon them, we gave them hardships and suffering of backset but certainly sicknesses and the raw meaning that we took away from them. But certain means we took away from them certain comfort and certain provision, what the raw and we put upon them certain sicknesses love Allah Homura genuine in the along with our own in the hope that they may humiliate

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themselves and return to Allah Subhana. Allah humiliated, humiliated means that you're not boastful and when you feel humiliated before Allah subhanahu wata, Ali, start giving brothers and sisters, you know something that happened to me, you all know my story about three months ago, my son and my brother died before my eyes. And Wallahi lousy, I have never

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I have never felt the humility as I felt that day. Two things in my life I will never forget. And that is seeing my son die before my eyes and his soul going back to Allah subhanaw taala while I couldn't even hold it, I couldn't take it back. And I realized that I don't own him, Allah and His him and then my brother and then burying them and walking away from the grave, so harsh yet at the same time, big reflect. And I thought to myself, well Allah He truly I don't own anything. I don't own my son. I don't own my brother. They all go back to a loss Mandela and you know what death is not going to ask me for my permission. That is not going to ask me for my permission or ask you for

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permission when it comes to you. We are all returning back to Allah subhanho wa taala. So returning Bertoldo is not something that makes us afraid. But we need to humble ourselves. humble ourselves that only Allah Subhana Allah is the one that can bring good or take away evil my brothers and sisters in Islam

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listen to some of the people of Allah he had heard to me that some people what happens to them with this virus and with this catastrophe that's happening here, they look at the situation just like the son of nor the son of Noah, you know, the son of Noah Halley's salah, we're not holy Salam was on the ark, he called out to his son while the waves were coming and going and says, Please climb aboard. Climb aboard my son there is from the will of Allah data today. And you certainly know what he said, since we illegible NERC monumental, man, I'll go to some hill, and it will save me from the waves just like now. I'll just take some precautions and it will save me from everything else. Yes,

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you take precautions, but please understand what I'm trying to say. These are the types of people are like a student, not a teacher. Sometimes we give them detention or a suspension. And the and the arrogant or the rebellious student. They don't take heat from it. They say Oh, get this detention over and done with Come on. You know, next minute I'll just be in class again, get it over and done with is that the type of person that we want to be? No, we have to learn from it. Number two, some people that act like the people have had, you know, the people have had when the black clouds came, they said Ah in the hole on a bit on Monday. It's gonna pass by when they're gonna get a bit of rain

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and suddenly it's gonna go this is just a virus like any other virus that has happened before, you know, look the Sahaba as they had the plague and before them they had the epidemic and the 10th and 11th century the Muslims also suffered from a net pandemic and epidemic viruses come and go. Morocco was not that it's not the first time it's been closed. It's not the first time people don't do Hajj, it's not the first time

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Subhanallah What are you trying to say? You're trying to justify this and look past that as something insignificant. So Pamela, when the companions went through the plague in Syria in a sham the tongue OH MY GOD, ALLAH who I know, they weren't, they were the best of creation to Allah subhanaw taala after the Prophet sallallaahu Salah and Allah is teaching us how they dealt with it, you know what they used to do? They did not sit there bothering themselves talking about this or that and joking even though joking is okay to pass time that's fine, you know, to make things easy on you so that you don't get into depression. But Subhanallah they even stopped talking about

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Hadith, slight learning, knowledge, what they did was, they went back and thought and they said to each other Wallahi to a cause to rock as became more beloved to us than anything in this entire world. learning and knowledge is excellent, obviously we need to learn and we have turned away from the Quran Subhan Allah, we try to understand what Allah Subhana Allah is telling us, however, to Raka is more beloved to us than the rest of the world. We can face Allah subhanaw taala at any time, how do you know that the plagues and epidemics that have happened to Muslims before us in history went also because Allah subhanaw taala wanted them to return because maybe some of them maybe they

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had spread corruption and evil Maybe Allah subhanaw taala wanted them to return because of something and now is our time. Whether you are Muslim or non Muslim, my brothers and sisters in Islam

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what do we do now? Now is the time of October. Now is the time of repentance. Oh, you heard back White's start fixing yourself. Oh, yeah. Who has cut his family ties? Find a way to connect your ties. Find a way to talk to your parents. Oh, you who has disobey? Who has become rebellious against their parents find a way to make it up to them. My brothers and sisters? Oh yeah. Who is abusing their wife or abusing their husband? Fix what you are doing wrong? Are you who is showing off and posting things just so that people can give you likes and to give you attention? Look back at yourself Who are you my dear brother and sister and remember that Allah Subhana Allah is the One who

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gave you what you have. And remember to have your intention clear and sincere for Allah Allah. Allah doesn't accept anything unless it's sincere. Brothers and sisters, look at our clothing, look at our modest dress and don't dismiss it will you're disobeying you are disobeying Allah Spanner with that is what the prophets, Allah Salam said, and this hadith is in Behati, as well. He said, Be careful, for there will come a time when five things will happen to you. And one thing he said if you reach that time, be aware, one of the things that will happen is that fascia, which means in modesty, lack of modesty when shyness is gone shyness. I mean, like people don't care if they do the wrong thing.

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And they normalize it when Zina becomes widespread when people start sleeping around and not caring about nudity and pornography and so on. So it becomes widespread normalize and then suddenly you will see diseases that come out among the people which you had never known before. People before that I've never had these diseases, brothers and sisters, why did these things happen? Because when we move away from the course the natural course which Allah Subhana Allah has created this world then then we're going to attract the obligation to attract negativity. We're going to attract disease, we're going to attract problems. My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam. It is a time for

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Toba. Listen to what Allah says Kalia either the Latina and sort of

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forcing him la

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mattina in a long held who knows? Oh, no bet Jamie Oh, you who have regretted Oh, you who have become depressed from themselves. Oh, you have given up on yourself because of sins or because of wrong things that you've done doesn't matter if it's the size of the mountains, do not give up from the Mercy of Allah Allah forgives all sins, brothers and sisters, now we have health of Hamdulillah we have time.

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pray to Allah Nantahala make dua in your sujood brothers and sisters Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in sujood in the middle of the night, when I shouldn't be Allah Allah. Allah has said I woke up in the middle of the night and I couldn't see the prosign send them is next to me. So I'm moving my arms around and I could feel the soles of his feet. He was in Suzhou satellite center, rasool Allah He was in Suzhou saying Allah Houma. Oh Allah, I seek refuge in Your pleasure. From your anger. I seek refuge in Your forgiveness from your from bringing me distress, Oh Allah, I seek refuge in Your forgiveness. Oh Allah subhanaw taala please give us and I issued the Allahu anha she

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also saw him making so much dough out to the point where she thought he had died. So she touched him she touched him on his finger. And when he finished the prophesy centum said Dr. Isha, did you think that I had passed away? She said, Well Allah He was so long sitting in your social that I thought you had died Subhanallah This is Rasul Allah I send them making social to Allah and calling upon him seeking refuge in his pleasure from his anger Brothers and Sisters in Islam. Allah Subhana Allah is more merciful to us than our own mothers.

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Look at yourselves on what you were doing in your homes, look at yourselves and how you are with your community, with your friends, with your neighbors, with your parents, with your siblings with yourselves and repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala before the time comes, brother and sisters Ramadan is coming

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Allah he this is something that I fear not that Ramadan is coming. I fear that, you know this virus is going to go away. Allah is not that it doesn't keep things going on suffering going on for long. Goodness, good and bad doesn't last forever. Everything is temporary. This virus will go away but isn't it and it will not stay. However, what I fear is what we're going to do afterward. Are we going to return back to our,

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to our desires and our temptations? Are we going to out to celebrate in Haram ways? Are we going to return back to our indecency and our immodesty as if nothing had happened to us? Wallahi Allah Subhana Allah will continue to send down reminders and reflections, even some of them will be harder and harder and harder until we return because Allah Subhana Allah wants you back. He wants you back Allah says what either said, Okay, bear the need for in your colleague with my slave asks you about me? I am close. I am close. So why are we running away from him? My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, I repeat, has evil and full circle judge yourselves. But in certain while NFC Basia man and

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humans judge themselves you are the person who knows yourself and what you're doing right or wrong. Ramadan is coming upon us. And there are some people who are crying that they can't go to the masjid. There are some people who are crying that they can't pray today. There are some people who are crying that they can't have a thought with their families, Brothers and Sisters in Islam, listen to what Allah subhanaw taala said in one of his instances, when the Quran talks about it and Allah subhanaw taala talks about the time when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam was going on an expedition they had to face the Romans at that time, they heard that the Romans were coming to

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attack the Muslims. So they took care. And he gathered an army. And there was some people who were coming, they were poor, and they couldn't have a horse, they couldn't have a camel, they couldn't have any type of food or anything that they can give in donation to help this cause. So it was also I said, I said, I don't have anything to give you all to help you. And they returned back to their homes on bus now that describes the situation by saying what are you in a home that will lower our you know, home to feed them in a demo? And they went away while their eyes were weeping with tears? Why Hosemann out of sadness, and as you don't know your FICO and because they could not find

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anything to donate. And when they went on an expedition and they came back the Prophet sallallahu sallam said to his companions, in Medina, there are people who were with you in every step that you took. They were with you in every valley that you pass and he said there are some other in Medina and not with us. And he said, yes, they wanted to come with you. They tried, but things prevented them. Wala Hades as if they were with you. And remember no, he says this means that anyone who wanted to do something, anybody who was used to do an act of worship, and then something prevents them either sickness or travel or what we are in right now, our isolation. Right now we can't go to

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the mustards if you use the preasure moi that every July you are counted as if you are pregnant marbling sisters, if you use the FOSS on my blog you will be counted used to for us to go to Tara we will be counted as if you are in Tara we used to go to the masjid and print them out every solid will be counted as if you are going to jump out every app that you got used to will still be accepted exactly as if you were there and doing it. And this is from the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala my brothers and sisters in Islam, my brothers and sisters in Islam in this Ramadan it is a time for us to reflect between us and the loss of planet with either in privacy. It is time for us

00:28:24--> 00:29:01

to repent to Allah subhanaw taala and think about ourselves what we have done wrong, what we have to fix in ourselves, what make a plan and a goal after Ramadan. How are we after this pandemic is over? How are we going to be after this? Are we going to continue in what we are doing in the wrong or are we going to fix? Are we going to increase in our Eman and our worship or are going to move backwards? Are we going to continue to harm others? Are we going to stop it my brothers sisters even if you can't do anything at all in this isolation, that's all assassin um said. Even if a person stops their hands and their tongue from harming other people, then they get rewarded for it. So

00:29:01--> 00:29:37

watch what you post. Watch out what kind of information you start spreading around. Did you know that it is haram to spread it is haram by unanimous agreement among the scholars to spread information that causes more fair to people that causes distress to people. In fact, the process of sending them said it is a sadhaka and it is a reward for anybody who can bring one smile to another person, one piece of comfort to another person. My dear brothers and sisters also I'd like to give a very important advice Allah says while I talk whom I lay silica behind and do not follow secondary sources on things which you have little knowledge of. Don't just follow anything anyone says or

00:29:37--> 00:29:59

anything anyone posts. This is not the way of a Muslim. It's like following footsteps in the desert you don't know where they're going to lead you. If you follow them and someone comes and tells you you know follow them they'll save you from the desert you might end up with a pack of lions. You know maybe you'll end up with a pack of wolves or lions are about to attack attack you. So don't just a Muslim doesn't just follow anything and everything without verifying without

00:30:00--> 00:30:03

Making sure that they are following my Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam.

00:30:04--> 00:30:07

My last advice insha Allah

00:30:09--> 00:30:25

Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and his Hadith is in Tirmidhi and his authentic, he said, there isn't a single piece of harm that comes to a believer. Whether it is what's up,

00:30:26--> 00:30:30

or NASA, what's up means.

00:30:31--> 00:30:37

A means means a mental exhaustion, not sub physical exhaustion.

00:30:38--> 00:31:24

It could be depression, it could be anxiety, while our hum well alarm and Hum hum means that you are fearing the future harm in the future. This is called hum. And lung means that when you live in a situation where all the doors are closed upon you just like Prophet Yunus Alayhis Salam, when he was in the belly of the big fish inside the darkness of the ocean, and he's and Allah Subhana Allah says, An Ajay, now who Minella him, we saved him from the club, from the, from the cluster of claustrophobia, from the claustrophobia of the stomach of the fish. We are now in a claustrophobia and Allah rewards you for your patience, or had the Shoka to your shampoo, even if it is the prick

00:31:24--> 00:31:57

of a needle that you receive, except that ALLAH subhanaw taala He forgives your past sins, and He washes them away as if they didn't exist. So my brothers and sisters Be patient and patients has three meanings. And that is continue to worship Allah and do the things which he has made compulsory upon you, and continue to worship Allah and the voluntary things don't give up on him. That's the first part of patients and the highest. The second meaning of patients is to stay away from haram and being patient with that and struggling to stay away from wrestling with yourself. And number three is to be patient with the color of Allah subhanaw taala Whatever befalls us know that it is

00:31:57--> 00:32:16

from Allah and to Him we shall return so turn to Him and do not let yourself complain and say why me? And why this and why that for Allah subhanaw taala lifts your level up and is only good for you Subhanallah with Isla, I thank you for listening her there was some aloha and Amina Mohammed while early he was so heavy as rain.

00:32:18--> 00:32:55

We have some comments here I've seen from a lot of our brothers and sisters, there's something talking about the jet. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam. This is something I want to talk about this this lecture that people have put that that I delivered about six years ago, you know the coming of the Dogen may give it different titles. Yes, it's true that the jail will come Yes, this is you know, there's paving away for the Dogen but my Brothers Sisters in Islam, please be wiser than that. Listen to what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us and this hadith is also embody, he said there is he said, if you find that the world is ending, In another Hadith, he says if the if

00:32:55--> 00:33:30

you heard about the Dogen coming out, and you have a sapling, a sapling is like a little tree that you can plant and you can plant them planted. Don't sit there saying oh that the shadow is coming. I should give up. Oh, the world is ending. There's nothing else that I can do the prophesy. Selim is telling us no matter what you hear about no matter what you see coming from the signs of the last hour, continue to do good work, continue to keep working, don't give up and sit there. And you know, just is it here? Is it not here? Nobody knows. Nobody knows the journey is out. Nobody knows if the coming of the Dojo is right there or not. In fact, the Quran didn't even talk about the dojo because

00:33:30--> 00:34:04

Allah Allah doesn't want us to busy ourselves with talking about it. Because, you know, for the past 1500 years, people have been talking about the digit my brothers and sisters in Islam, you monitor yourself and remember that when your time comes, you when your piano comes, when the end of the world comes for you, it is your death. And this is what we should be preparing for a man said Yeah, rasool Allah Mehta said, when the will the world end, and he said that out of the land, what have you prepared for? And that is the ultimate question for the wise. And the one who reflects my Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, leave all of that to Allah Spano died. When the gel comes he comes.

00:34:05--> 00:34:40

If it's paving the way we can already see it. But you What are you doing? Follow the Quran give back to reflect on the Kurama The Brothers and Sisters in Islam. Also, there was another question. I think someone said it here. They said how do you verify media information? My answer to you my dear brothers and sisters is if you want to look at any information, number one, is it going to benefit you? And if you knew the truth with it, can you do something about it? Can you benefit others with it? That's number one. Number two, verifying information is become the hardest thing in our life today. If you're going to follow everything in the media and I advise you to put the phone away for

00:34:40--> 00:34:59

a little bit and not read everything that you see Subhanallah every time I open up our phones, we see how many people have died. How many people have got the infection numbers, numbers, numbers, numbers numbers. What does the media say? What do people say that there's yeah the conspiracy theories The 5g The 5g I don't know what all these things were busied ourselves with it

00:35:00--> 00:35:34

busying ourselves with it from ourselves and from our time with repenting to Allah Spandana and fixing ourselves and reflecting upon ourselves, My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, leave that to Allah subhanho wa Taala right now, leave that to Allah Subhana Allah and right now and Allah Samantha says well atop formerly silica behind I will cover in Arabic means the back of your neck, or it's also the end of a poetry line, which means do not follow the end of things do not follow secondary third, you know, sources do not follow these things unless you're absolutely sure and whether it's going to benefit you or not.

00:35:51--> 00:36:09

Brother is saying that there are many families around the world who are passing away and their families can't even see them passing away? My answer to that My dear brothers and sisters is this nobody dies alone. A believer believes that ALLAH SubhanA wa and it does not leave anyone alive.

00:36:11--> 00:36:13

My advice to you is this however,

00:36:14--> 00:36:39

it is an obligatory thing. It is compulsory for a person to write their will get a piece of paper, write it down and make it legal if you can, so that those who come after you they know what you want, right or we'll talk about what debts that you owe, talk about who you've upset, talk about you know, whatever you want your family to carry on after you make your Will my dear brothers and sisters, number two,

00:36:40--> 00:37:19

those who die alone, always remember that Allah Subhana Allah is with you Rasul Allah si Sydenham was buried alone. My son and my brother were buried alone. I couldn't go into the grave with them, and all of us will face Allah subhanaw taala alone. However, Allah Subhana Allah is always with you. He is always with you. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, my advice to you is get back to Allah subhanaw taala repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala increase in your worship, look after the affairs of other people. And very important advice leave behind you some kind of ongoing charity leave behind you some kind of ongoing charity, one of the best types of ongoing charity is a well water. A man

00:37:19--> 00:37:52

said the Rasul Allah my mother died when she was alive, she would give sadaqa What should I do for her and he said, well then build a well for her and a scholar said the best type of sadaqa is a well water for people all around the world. You know, when I went to Lebanon Subhan Allah I didn't realize how valuable water is that people have to go to a fountain to a Well, to some, you know, they couldn't get it from the house, and they had to keep on filling up water Subhanallah so my brothers and sisters in Islam, all I can tell you is make dua for your parents make dua for your siblings make dua for your family who have passed away for the prophets of Allah Haile who has told

00:37:52--> 00:38:25

us that one of the things that reaches the dead person is your daughter or son or kajaria and ongoing charity that you leave behind if they haven't done Hajj insha Allah when you're able to do it, then do it. On behalf of them if they live close behind, they live belongings behind my advice to you is use those belongings in ways that they can that they will get rewarded for. So for example, you know, I want my son's shoes or whatever Sometimes I wear my brother's jacket. Whenever I wanted to wanted to go to the masjid I wanted to visit a sick person or I wanted to go and help some even walking in their shoes even you know giving a tour relative is going to wear it and give

00:38:25--> 00:38:33

them warmth, that person they get rewarded from it and Allah if they were to come out they'll thank you for it. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam that's my advice in relation to that.

00:38:36--> 00:38:39

And I'll just answer two more things in sha Allah who die Allah

00:38:43--> 00:38:48

may Allah Subhana Allah love you all for the one whom you have loved me for his steak, my brothers and sisters.

00:38:50--> 00:38:56

Now, my brothers and sisters in Islam, as Ramadan approaches, I just want to make a very quick note.

00:38:58--> 00:39:39

Some people have I've heard some people believing in some false Hadith that if Rama half of Ramadan, arrives on a Friday night then as your grill calls out for the dojo to come out or something like that, if you hear any types of these ideas, something about the night of Friday of the you know the half day of Ramadan, Please dismiss it they are all fabricated Hadith there is no such thing as Gibreel calling out halfway through Ramadan, about the digital coming out or whatever, fast your month and do as much as many good deeds as you can possibly do. You know, some sisters, their mothers, right and they say it's fun, like it's stressful. You know, we always people are telling us

00:39:39--> 00:39:59

to learn a new skill or to learn new knowledge and to and it's overwhelming by the assistance of my dear brothers. If you have children at home, or you have parents that you live with or they live with you that every piece of service that you do for them make it for the sake of Allah. Every time you stand up every time you serve them. It is in your scales.

00:40:00--> 00:40:35

Have good deeds on the Day of Judgment. Don't only assume that praying, fasting and reading Quran is the only way that Allah subhanaw taala rewards you or forgives you Subhan Allah Subhan Allah, every piece of harm, every piece of heartache, every piece of stress that you go through serving others for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. Here it was you from Wallahi. And I say this, and it's not humorous. It's really true that even if you go to the toilet, to relieve yourself, and you say your dog going in, for example, and you think the last month and when you get out, then this is an act of worship, it turns into an act of worship that occurred on Amazon microfiche, a process and I'm

00:40:35--> 00:41:16

saying, don't look down, or take full advantage, any small Good day that you do? Spend even asking your neighbor, how are you? You know, with the distance from them, how are you? Do you need anything Allah Allah rewards you for, and I finished it with this beautiful Hadith, prophesied Salam said, if one of you intends to do something good, for the sake of Allah, intense, you want to go go ahead and do it, you really want to do it, and then just think about it, you want to do it, and then you change your mind, it will still be written for you as one good deed. And if one of you does it, it'll be multiplied by 70, from 10, to 70, and more. Now the other way, if one of you intended to do

00:41:16--> 00:41:32

something wrong, something bad, sinful, and then you did it, it will be written for you as one sin. But then if you changed your mind, for the sake of Allah, it will be written for you as one hasna for merely changing your mind, for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah look how many rewards we have Subhanallah

00:41:33--> 00:42:16

and lastly, my brothers and sisters, Southern patients itself is worship. Subhanallah I never knew the value of worship until I went through the Burnett that I went through. Patients, my dear brothers and sisters is a type of worship that people have forgotten Subhan Allah patients, and Allah Subhana Allah says that the angels will be raised waiting at the doors of Jannah for people who are patient in this world, and they will smile to them and call upon them. They say to them, Salam Alikum Bemo Sabato, peace be upon you, as a result of what you were patient with Fernando Hakuba. What a beautiful end for you to live in. This is what we are working towards my brothers and

00:42:16--> 00:42:49

sisters. May Allah Subhana Allah reward all the nurses and the medical workers and the authorities who are working sincerely to help and protect the people. May Allah reward all the organizations Muslim or non Muslims who are serving the people and helping the people in sending food them and may Allah reward every person who posted and I saw Subhan Allah, this beautiful post of Allah who then made me cry, saying, if anybody wants any help, please I'm a call away. Please call me please. Some people offered the number of some people offered their community you know, the contact just to help people even just to talk to people, some people they call because they're, they're depressed or

00:42:49--> 00:43:23

they're sad, you know, and they just listen to them. Well, like every part of this. If you don't for the sake of Allah subhanho Sincere intentions, Allah Subhana Allah will reward you, even the non Muslim who does it for the sake of something else, Allah rewards them, did you know that in this world, in this world, and even in the Hereafter, Allah Subhana Allah may listen, you know, a consequence or a punishment that he had written for them, and he may give them something extra in this world. Listen to the prompts. And Selim said, One man said, yo rasool Allah, if we ask Allah Subhana Allah, what things will he give us and he said, Allah will give you in three ways. Either he

00:43:23--> 00:43:41

will give you what you're asking for, or he will delay what you're asking for because it's not good to give you at this time but you don't know it, or he will keep it for you to give it to you in the hereafter. Then one man said you had also Allah then should we ask Allah for a lot of things then, since Allah will just keep giving us and listen to the process in them said, he said Allah Who?

00:43:42--> 00:43:48

Allahu Allah subhanahu wata Allah, Karim, Allah subhanho wa Taala a Quran.

00:43:49--> 00:44:33

Allah Subhana Allah will always give you more and more generous to no matter how much you ask for. You can ask for everything in the world, and Allah will still be more generous and more giving to you than what you can ever imagine. But returned back to him My dear brothers and sisters returned back may Allah Subhana Allah reward you may Allah subhanaw taala lift this epidemic and this pandemic of us may Allah subhanho wa Taala cure the sick middle last man Allah have mercy upon those who have passed away. I asked the last Mandela to make this sickness, one that has expanded this since for them may Allah Subhana Allah reward all of you for being patient in this tough time. May

00:44:33--> 00:44:52

Allah subhanho wa Taala reward us for every pain that we go through. May Allah subhanaw taala bring about the best for this world. And for this OMA and may Allah subhanahu wata Allah bestow his mercy and forgiveness upon us and me or some Allah on the vino Muhammad. On early he was being visionary and was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.