Mohamad Baajour – Surat Yusuf lessons and Exhortations #08 Sabrun Jamil

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The transcript describes various cases of lie and hesitation during difficult situations, including a woman named Bell and a person named Jimmy. The use of shiny clothes and "by the way" are also discussed, as well as the use of "has" in situations where people are experiencing hardship. The importance of teaching children the process of Islam is also emphasized, particularly in the face of difficult situations. A historical figure, Subhanallah, is also mentioned, along with a promise to teach children the process of Islam.
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What they said is a false even lie

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it was not the blood of use of and it is as if the blood itself was lying

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what they did is they sacrificed It was said that they sacrifice the goat and they let the blood of the goat get into the shirt so it looks real okay that's what it says in the Israeli

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was ya wanna community he beat them in Kevin Carla bell so well at lecom and Phu Kham umbra. Now take it as a rule in the Quran. When Allah said Bella, ba learn

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what comes after Bell

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is the truth and what comes before Bell is a lie.

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Or it's not a lie. It's wrong.

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Okay, can lead this card and this young woman and the young god Ben that this time yeah time. How long did you stay Jose? He said I stayed maybe a day or half a day said no. You have stayed done. You guys you stayed 100 100 years well Carlos together Rama no word Subhana Bell a bad on MCRA moon and they said that Allah took the angels at the children. Ben No, these are hon a bad to Allah subhana wa Tada. So anytime you see

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Belle before it. What comes after it negate what's before it. I'm here to be Aegina Ben Jaya whom Bill Huck. They're saying that Muhammad Salah Salem is Miss noon is crazy. Bell Jah humble Huck. No, he came to them with the truth. Okay, so here Bell, so we're up and for so come on. Brah. So what you're telling me is a lie. What happened is Subhanallah he did not tell them. You are lying. Your sniffs caused you to lie. Even worse.

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Your neffs caused you to lie and commit this ugly hideous crime.

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I don't know now, I want you to please for a second. Look at this. And imagine this.

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A father, very old. His grandfather already the other kids have kids already a father, very old. And we all know

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lot of the fathers if they get older, they get so attached to the youngest kid

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not only the masiva is not one that we'll see. But it's to

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not only his son was killed, but he was killed according to what he found out now by his brothers.

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And if he was killed by somebody accident, this and that it will hurt a lot but killed and plotted against by the Brothers is way much worse.

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But so we're gonna click on and fossil umbra. He knows that they're lying. And he noticed from

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the shirt not being ripped. The shirt was perfect. What can he even said in one of the narrations from that it's right and yet he said what kind of kind Wolf is this? He ate use of without ripping his shirt.

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If you want a gentle Wolf, how could you eat? A wolf eats about it and the shirt is perfect. So this one they missed.

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They got the blood. They got that he was alone. But this one they missed? There is no there's something called here. There's no if you ask the people starting to study crime, there's no perfect crime. Either you're over plot or you're under plot

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right. So the shape now.

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So like

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the letter does not have good memory. Yeah.

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He knows that they were lying. Number one, because the short number two, look at the Eman

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Yaqoob Alayhis Salam knows from the dream that one day he will make su to his son so definitely his son is not dead.

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He knows that this dream is going to come true.

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So this is the word of Allah. This kid is not normal. He knows that. He's very precious kid.

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A very pious kid. So the dream that he saw, it says that one day we are all going to make sutra how come he died? Definitely, there's a lie here.

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Okay? Because he knows from the beginning that that kid, he told his son not to tell them the dream, because he knows that they're gonna plot against him. Now that we said before, if they did not know about the dream, and they did this, what if they knew about the dream

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Subhanallah so

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in this case,

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they were so worried about what you're going to do and they forgot to tear up the shirt.

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Yaqoob said, you have done wrong, but he said your souls have convinced you that this doing wrong is good. Your souls build somewhere that lecom and fusuma Umbra use the word Umbra has something huge that your sniffs made that evil deed look sounds right. How many times the shaitan convinced us to do something evil and then he give us 1000 excuses that you know what you're right it's okay. People are doing this you have nothing you know nothing compared to them and make it look like it's nothing even though sometimes the sin is a huge

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now here the beauty

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is the difference between us and profits immediately after this huge calamity

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for sunburn Jimmy

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for some grown Jimmy one more who musta Allah merciful, that's another proof that he knows inside they are lying

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whistle difference between summer

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and summer and Jimmy

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like we mentioned before, sometimes we have no choice but to be patient, right? I have no choice. My mother is gone. What choice do I have? I have to be patient. Whatever I do is not going to bring it back. Right or any calamity.

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This phrase no matter how much you try to translate it into any language, it cannot be translated with the proper meaning. Any book you open to says beautiful patients beautiful patients mean what does sublime Jamil mean?

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The Sublime, Jamil is the suburb that

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does not complain to any of the creation.

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When you have somebody Jamil you're not looking for a tap on the back.

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You're not looking for Please brother, take it easy come down. You don't care about that. If it comes hamdulillah it's good to support one another. Don't get me wrong, but you inside not only your patient, you are pleased with what happened. And not only that, the Sobral Jimmy is you are grateful for what happened.

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Chakra Island Bella. This is a very high level. Very high level. There's Sabra. There's the riddle and there's Shakur on the masiva.

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I am. I am like the prophets I'm being tested. Allahu Akbar. Thank you Allah. I know that you only test the people you love. This is a very high level. For some bro Jamil, the Sobral the Jamil is the subject that you do not look for any help from anybody else. You're just putting complete trust in Allah subhanho wa taala. The subject itself? Yeah, well, there's several

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more was sub Minalima was several adult Bukka dual

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sub adult boo, you have to have patience to perform more to perform the bed that you sleep at 12 o'clock at night. Fisher's at five. This is several, you need to sleep you want to sleep but you know

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you have to go to the masjid. This is Subhanallah fasting in Ashura on a weekend it's long.

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I would like to eat it's not a it's not a it's not a fun job. But I want to get the pleasure of one since forgiven. Somebody needs supper Allah was superb.

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And being patient from performing the

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front performing disobedience to Allah from performing sins, doing any kind of sins. You want to look at woman you want to listen to this, you want to do that, but because Allah or the rest not to do that

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Do you need patience not to do that. And the last one sobre el McDole the summer on what Allah have already decreed, losing a son losing a job losing a property losing things, this is need sub also, these are three kinds of sub sub real Jamil is the top, you know, Allah subhanho wa Taala have given for example, you give $1 Allah said you can get 10 times back up to 700

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That's the reward. But when it came to the reward of Sobor

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behavior, his

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behavior every ASAP

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you hardly see anything in the Quran. It's three word behind ASAP. In them, you were for sabe Runa at your home, behind ASAP Subhan Allah.

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I give this example before I'll give it again, if if use of the zoo I'm gonna give you a gift, you will expect a $10 $50 gift maximum. If the law wants to give you a gift, maybe expect 100 $300 gift. If I want to give you a gift, maybe expect a $500 gift. If the President of the United States wants to give you a gift, maybe expect a $10,000 gift. If the king wants to give you a gift you expect $100,000 gift maybe.

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But when the king of kings tell you I have something hidden for you something very special has to be very special. Nobody knows except him.

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In the Quran, the sub was the only one that has mentioned the RHIT hisab and in the Hadith, the CM the fasting is the only one that's mentioned while zb and I only give the word for it. It's Panama. So for sunburn Jamil Is that enough? No. Even if your profit submerge Amin is not enough one law who Stan and Ya Allah, I need your help to have that summer. Without Allah was down. We cannot do nothing a year cannot avoid where he can sustain any a bird that we perform needs round from ALLAH SubhanA wa ala come our Karla Ali has Salatu was Salam Fetty the stand for Stein Billa VEDA CELTA Allah wa either stands for Stein Biller, when you want down when you want help when you want aid,

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you only ask Allah when Allah Han was to and memorize the statement when Allah Hoon was down. Anytime somebody tells you about something, look what they're doing here. Look what they're doing there.

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Stan, when Muhammad was done, Allah homestand ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is the best. The first one to ask for aid for help for assistance with Allah Who Stan and America seafood and Allah subhanho wa Taala he will help me against that plot that you have done. I know for a fact that you are lying from this statement. We know subbrand Jamil from Ma Hoon, Mr. Han, Allah Mathis ephone. If you put them all together, you know for a fact that Jacoba has Salam was

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for sure. They are not telling the truth. He's saying you have as if you said you have described something that surely did not take place. No rules eight my son Yosef, I will turn to Allah to help me against what you have described. The phrase will no homestand is a phrase that we should memorize and use frequently, the salah Salem, he told us the Hadith that I just mentioned, anytime, whoever believes in Allah and the Day of Judgment, anytime he needs help, he asked Allah first. And like I mentioned before, and I remind you again, that let's teach our children this process.

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Your for your son, like I told you, he comes and he tells you Baba, I want a new shoe.

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What do you say?

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Go ask Allah.

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I want the game. Go ask Allah.

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I want this. Go ask Allah. Ask Allah first. And then you go, so when he knows he lives all the time, his heart is attached to Allah. He knows that anytime he wants something or she wants something, they will ask Allah.

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They will ask Allah and then you go ahead and if it's beneficial, you bring it to them. And so they know that Subhan Allah, if my father passed away, I still have Allah. Allah has haYom lamb with that heart is attached to Allah. If we can establish that, if we can establish the love and the fear of Allah in our children, we have done an amazing job. Amazing job. Unfortunately, all we do is fear, fear, fear, fear, fear. We put so much fear no hope, fear. Allah is gonna take it to heaven. Allah is going

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Do this Allah is going to punish you and is going to burn you Allah is gonna

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Subhan Allah this kid grew up feeling Allah and thinking that everything from Allah comes as a dab it's torment.

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We forgot to explain about our Hamra. I mean, what do the lovey will Karim Allah Subhana Allah. So

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we will continue in sha Allah to Allah next week when your safari in Salaam is picked up by some some people and the story is going to get only better and better and many lessons to be learned. But the learn the lesson of today is some brawn Jamil sobro, Jamelia one. Anytime someone came to my office today, they're you know, going through difficulties and they are in the field of of Dawa, the field of calling to Allah subhana wa Taala and they're getting so much hardship from the people. You know, you know, we always, if you want to go into this field of Dawa like myself or imam or anybody, you have to be ready for for difficulties and hardship, and people calling you names. And if you

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think that the road of data is a bed of roses, I tell you from now quit. It's not going to work, the one who is better than you, and better than me, and better than all humanity was faced by so many difficulties by so much hardship by cold was cold, so many names. And he continued, and if he gave up, we will not be sitting in Plano after 1400 39 years, and studying his Syrah and studying his lessons. Subhanallah So, subbrand Jimmy Sobral Jimmy, Allah, I ask Allah and this suggested night, the night of Juma

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in case we are hit by a calamity, I asked Allah to bless us all with someone, Jimmy, the suburb that is only from you, I don't need anything from anybody. Subhanallah when I remember the word sovereign Jamil,

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when when I was in New York and you know my cousin that passed away, may Allah have mercy on his soul inshallah and give his his parents the sublet. Jimmy, this really, when you really need someone Jamil, when you lose a son at 26 years old and younger, and any age you lose a son at any age, if you know Subhanallah it's very hard, and you're looking at them and step by step, you know, moment by moment, you're losing them. That needs Sobral Jimmy spa, I saw that the word Sablon Jamil and right in front of me, you know, when brother

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Javed Malik and Allah subhanaw taala. You know, have mercy on his son, when he Allah he when he was taking his son down to the grave, and Subhan Allah

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taking your son to the grave, putting him and that one tear in his mission, he was holding him and putting him down. Allahu Akbar. You know, that needs a lot of Eman. A lot of you know Hamdulillah you know, Allah subhanaw taala gave me my son. For 18 years Allah umbilical. There are many people who have been deprived from kids. There are people who had the four three people have them for five, I haven't for 18 or for 20 or for 25 Allahu Akbar, Allah Mala Callaghan. This is Sablon Jimmy

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May Allah grant us was southern Jimmy when we really need it. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us all. Protect our our wives, and our children. Our parents, I mean are behind me. Again, as every Thursday I remind myself and remind you so rotten Fraser tomorrow is at 630.

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The best salad in the sight of Allah is a lot of pleasure of Joomla in Joomla. So let's perform the most beloved salatu Allah tomorrow morning. And if you're waiting for Fischer to be at nine o'clock you have to move to Alaska, I think or somewhere else. It's not going to happen here in Plano, chama

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Subhanallah Madame de Krishna Lila in the end, the stuff you look at when a tour

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