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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of r assumption in shaping behavior, including the use of bouncing and shelling to protect children. They also touch on legal practices in China that involve finding a worker to protect children from evil behavior. The conversation shifts to the use of r condoms and its potential health risk, as well as the importance of protecting from evil and the seek refuge of the Shaitan for the evil eye. They also discuss the use of r assumption for ulcer and the importance of protecting from it.
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blow them away.

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And the answer is

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a Sally has Salam. When he comes at the end of time, he will rule with Muhammad's ruling.

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That's a killer. Right?

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If he comes after a million years, I don't know when, because he's from the signs of the

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right, major signs. So if he's gonna come after a million years or 100 years or 10,000 years, and he's gonna rule with the Sharia of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So now in 2018, don't tell me that the Islam is too old and does not apply anymore. So, this is Subhanallah and I read this I said, Allahu Akbar, look at this, you know, just a little bit of thinking, will show you that this Deen you know, when we say that this deen is old or does not apply to our time or it's not

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up to date.

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You know, in other words, what you're saying,

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as if we were saying that Allah subhana wa Taala was not aware that things were going to reach this level in any aspect. And this is gopher. This is Gopher, because you're accusing Allah subhanaw taala of being not aligning. So you're denying one of the greatest names of Allah azza wa jal, like the Sheikh said the other day is the most mentioned name in the Quran, which is Allah Allah Subhan Allah.

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I'm going to go quickly

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over the rakia from the Quran, the authentic rakia from the Quran. And then after that we started Rokia from the Sunnah we said the rakia from the Quran is who's going to remind me Fatiha first second

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AYATUL kursi

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only two brothers answering let's hear from other people Shaeffer what else

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my with that Falco nurse for the class

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we come into that today. Let's do I have so little Bukhara what else

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and that's it.

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And that's it. So today inshallah Allah will do the rakia from the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. There were different.

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Diets from Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that can be used as a form of rakia. And we explained last week, that is rakia is usually either using the words of Allah azza wa jal or using the authentic hadith authentic from Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. I was saying the country reported that Gibreel Alayhis Salam visited Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while he was sick.

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And he

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really and he performed or said this dua to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allahu Akbar. Now when another side is narrating this hadith double sided see robbery?

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No, right. What does that mean? That means Rasulullah Sallam told him Yeah, beside Gibreel came to me and did this right? Because other ones somebody to say, because when you read a scientific report that Gibreel visited, as if it looks like he sociably No, he did that. So what was

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what was rakia that Gibreel any salon used to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam It is Bismillahi orotic Minh coalition, you Vic Minh Shari? Kalina sin Awhina hassad Allah yes fique Bismillahi r click or Arctic Arctic Bismillahi Arctic

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by the name of Allah azza wa jal

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I shelter you, I perform this rakia from all that hurt you

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from everything that

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is ailing you

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from the evil of any soul, and that of the envious I may Allah curio with the name of Allah I shall tree Bismillah Altaic main coalition in unique machinery cooling of sin our in the hell Asad Allah He Sheikh Bismillahi alkek Okay, so, if I have any, or you know what let me finish because after this

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So we're going to, what are the things that we use

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when brokers needed? What do we use the broker on what we will describe that in a few minutes inshallah. The second one is the one we discussed many times before, and that is the one

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or either command became Atilla, he term, McCauley Shaitan in Wuhan, one in Cooley high in lamp, this is we said that you make this law for the protection of your children. And we said that Rasulullah sign seldom used to make this dua for the protection of his grand children. And he said resource as explained in the coma, can you out with a smile was Huck indeed your father and Abraham used to shelter with this were either combined to get a metal item, these are his children, the smile on his heart. So, when you do that, to your children, you are using the same day that Ibrahim the father of Zambia used and Mohamed Salah is some of the best of MBA used. So, yeah one I do not

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see anyone who really loves his children and cares about them, letting a day pass by without saying this dua if you cannot or you have hard time memorizing the DUA and an Arabic Hold the txt in your hand for the first few days and after that, naturally you will be able to say it without looking but when I hear this kind of protection from

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from this well no one I feel very guilty if I do not perform it on my on my children type. Now what are the things that require rakia? What are the things that require rocket What do I do okay on heart, what does the person have to go through for me to perform Okay, number one,

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against the shaitan I can perform rakia to protect my children myself, my wife, my mother, also oven from from the from the Shaitan

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is the other is to verbally seek Allah's refuge from shaitan it is an important defense against trade, pawns harm and plotting. We are urged by the Quran and the Sunnah to constantly seek refuge with the shaitan anytime you actually anytime. Sometimes you're you get furious, you get extremely angry and you're about to explode the first thing that comes to your mind and also we live in a Shakeology out of alignment of Shakeology Rasul Allah Maasai Salam. He saw two people fighting one of them. He said that his veins were bulging because of anger, but as soon as I said I'm looking at the person next to him, I said, I know the word of this man said it if he said it all his anger will

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disappear. So the man said What is it Yeah, Rasul Allah He said out of Allah he Mina che found the regime who will lie Russia Tanaji. Now where's the problem?

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Remembering to say, I was

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remembering at that time when you are so upset and you're so mad and so angry, to remember to say other learners, that's why when you see somebody and he is about to explode, or you know, screaming and yelling, You come and remind them because the Shaytards gotta remind them he's taken over right now. You will come Yeah, he started. Started Billa say, Shakeology remind him

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according to the solar system,

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you know, it will come you calm you down. Allah subhanaw taala said we're in Mayans Aranda, kemenah shaytani this is one the style villa, this is an area when you an evil whisper comes to you from the Shaitan immediately say for started will say I will lie Shakeology, so that

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both in RF and facilite.

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And then another place Allah subhanaw taala sitting on the on local rugby I will be coming Hannah's at Shayateen will be corrupt be a drone. These those I heard the shareholders the rokeya He says them when there is also Jin because in this part of the shaitan and we all know that the shaytaan is is from the jinn. So saying this idea that when you think that the decision and the person that will also help be in the lab

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second thing we use looking for

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is align the evil eye.

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Envy is one of the greatest evils among Allah's creation. It is what caused Shaitan to rebel against Allah's command and it is what causes the people

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To make plots, and Flink inflict wars against each other, one of me is ugly and manifestation is the evil. I align to the Russian I'll cover was German al Qaeda, the evil eye sends a man into his grave and a camel into a cooking pot. You know this to show or Salah Solomon he said that to show the power, the power of the evil eye. The evil eye is so strong. And I suppose I seldom said a lie, you know, Hawk.

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So whoever tells you what is this evil? I think I don't believe in it. No, a lie, you know, hack. The evil eye is absolute truth. It is definitely a reality. It's a lie. No Huck Finn Ocana che on Sabbath can cover subaqua to align the evil eyes true. And if there is anything were to race color, it would have been the evil eye. What does that mean? If there's anything to race color, anything with race color?

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It will be the evil eye. That's what Arsalan said What does that mean?

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This is an exaggeration. You only want to exaggerate about something to show how effective it is how strong it is. Because the iron is from the Color Right?

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Right. Everything's from Dr. Seuss. And Sam said if there's anything that will be the color it would have been the same. Like if like I tell you listen, I'm gonna find you even if you are. If you want to the sky. This is exaggeration. Even if you go under the earth I'm going to find you. So exactly the same similarly, Susannah saying that the eye is so true. Is that it will get you it will get you no matter what happens okay as if as if it is beating the cover comes before the cover but you know the cover the in is from the Qatar

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Another Hadith associate Salim said la rakia in laminine. I hung out with them. Do not treat with rakia except for the evil eye scorpion sting or bleeding. And we will come to the to the rest of them in sha Allah Tala.

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I just reported that a source has seldom heard a child crying, constantly crying so he said Maddie Sabine Yocum had a key for her Lester chitin Lahoma line. Why is this child crying? Wouldn't you seek to treat him with rakia from the evil eye? So you know, sometimes, especially the newborn, if somebody has a newborn, they constantly cry in the beginning it of course it's normal, but at the same time, it will not harm at all as a matter of fact, it will benefit you put your right hand on that baby and you read the surahs that we mentioned or the that we we mentioned from the Sunnah.

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Celedon Honey This is a very famous Hadith about the evil I said I'm gonna Hanif reported that he was once traveling with the prophesy Salem. During one of the stops Sal took a bath. And then Arabia so saw him and on observing the whiteness of his skin, exclaimed by Allah I never saw before this day, a skin like this like this smooth like a virgin skin. Immediately Sal was struck with a seizure and fell sick

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very famous Hadith

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said was showering in the public and of course he had his hour covered, but his that part was showing. So this is a Hadith I've never seen something so smooth or so clean or so white or whatever. He just explained without saying mashallah Tabata Cola, you know, he did not mention Allah azza wa jal. So, Sal was struck, he immediately fell an extremely sick so when the prophesy Selim learned about this, he asked to compare the companion health it to him. Do you suspect anyone and how did this happen? Do you suspect anything? They said Yeah, rasool Allah amor

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we suspect Amrit Arabia. So

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as for Andrew to come, and he addressed him angrily. He said, Allah.

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Allah rocked

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it. So Allah, why would anyone have you killed his brother? Because the time was the terminus was used. Why would someone kill his brother?

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Shouldn't you have invoked Allah's blessing? Shouldn't you have said, he said, the Arabic Allah Baraka, Allah, Allah? Didn't you say it about Allah BarakAllahu Nikki Bella Coola Lake, better calorific, any kind of Baraka made the effort may Allah put Baraka in your in your health in your body in whatever Allah roccella into Silla while she was yourself for his sake, what does that mean? So washed his face, hands, elbows, knees, the sides of his feet and his inner thighs. The

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water dripping from his limbs during the washing was collected in a bucket and then took the bucket stood behind Sal and pour the water over his head. And back, Sal immediately stood up cured.

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This hadith is by reported by Malik and, and very well known prescription for the cure from the eye. If you know who is that person,

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if you know the person who did this to you, sometimes it's known, most of the time it's not known, right? But sometimes it's known if it is known, don't any, because sometimes

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the person afflicted by the evil eye, he they cannot move they cannot they constantly cry, they constantly sick they cannot function. So it's really a very serious issue. So it's not really a matter of being shy to go ask the person for you know please You know, if it reached that point, go ahead and ask Jackie if you do not know then you do not know and you seek the other form of rakia, but if you know who that person you ask them to make wudu and from the water of the widow inshallah Tada, you take it and you throw it on the person and given the light and as we have seen, of course, this has been told by Rasul Allah Islam. Now, if someone say, What kind of talk is, what is the

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water from the from the shower is going to do to the person? If you do not believe in this, how can you believe in the body to start with the self? How do you believe the time will will harm somebody? So this just like you believe that the iron will harm someone, you believe that this will kill the AI?

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Because all of this is from the rain. Right? That's what was taught us this way. Where did they come up with something like this? Where did he come up with this? This is a very well known cure from the eye.

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There are following there are the following lessons in this hadith first of the person who struck with his with his eye is known he should be ordered to take a bath. This bath is useful in deleting the evil and evil eye stroke can be caused by more admiration by mere admiration. If there's no envy involved, a person who likes something should rush to invoke baraka for that thing, this would act as a rakia from him against him self, the evil eye, and the last lesson is the evil eye can kill. This is the comment of even harsher on this on this hadith. He said the evil eye can actually kill someone can actually kill someone.

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So he said that you could use Rokia for the seek refuge from the Shaitan for the evil eye, third, from ulcer. Many people are they have ulcers, right. They have, you know the sickness of ulcers and then from the answer was once afflicted with ulcers on his size, he was told of a woman called Shiva who performed looking for that. He went to her and asked her to treat him but she refused saying by Allah I have not performed any rakia since embracing Islam. He went to a salsa Salem and mentioned this to him. The messenger asked her and said out of the alley present your rookie attorney. She did and he said approvingly are key.

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Treat him with this locker and teach the rakia have four answers to have sir, just as you taught her to write. Okay, this woman looks like she taught her how to write. So he told her teacher also this Rokia for ulcers, so there is a need for for answers. What is that? Okay? Hola. Hola, Anna, this Nakia is not documented in the Sunnah. But at least we learned that it is possible to cure rakia to cure ulcers with rakia I can use any of the

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previous ad or sewer or Hadith or

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any general or pain, a genuine pain or any sickness. We can use rakia for that that does not mean Jaquan I do not take medicine or I do not go to the doctor or I do not go to the hospital. No, I seek that and I see this in sha Allah Tala but when I see this, if I do this first, it will be much better because that will show how strong is my connection with Allah as orderly stings and bites, or Salah Salem the hadith of birajdar indicates that strings are among the things that may be treated with rakia. And as reported are Hazara somos SLM for rakia Mina line. Well Hama when Nam Allah, Allah, Allah is messenger permitted using Luca from the evil eye and from the scorpion, scorpions,

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poison and from ulcer. When nebula

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another thing we use lookout for is insanity. Insanity, someone who is going crazy rasilla insulin. He also recommended that

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If you could use rakia on them protection from fear. Abdullah Ave Amel reported a suicide Selim used to teach them to say the following words in the situation of fear became Atilla he 10 Min Robbie washery body woman hummus hammers at Shayateen one rune I seek refuge in Allah has complete words from his anger from the evil of his creation and from the spirit of the devils and that they present and that they be present with me. All that is in case there is fear, you use this insha Allah Tala as

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protection from harmful creatures, or Susannah said Manasa men zielen falcoda became Atilla he met him in chatter in our HELOC, let me adore Rahu shape had

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vindman zili he that IQ is very important. A lot of our brothers they travel a lot or the IT guys they travel a lot. So every time you land in the airport, I will be kalimat Allah He met him and Charlie McCullough, what happened? Whoever says that wrestlers and salaam said he this will be complete words from all that protect me. Allah I seek refuge in Allah has complete words from all that he created. Nothing will harm him. As long as he stays in that place.

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Nothing will harm him or her as long as he or she stays in that place. I will be Kalamata litem naughty machete Mahara. We all know that. You say that also at night three times in the altcar of the of the Messiah.

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So he reported that as soon as a suicide Salem saw a town that he intended to enter, he will say a dua of entering and protection from the evil of a new of a new town. New Town allow more of the seminar to separate one out of learn what Bernardin said Alma UCLan will be shy teen wanna learn what a Berea wanna run as a Luca Phaedra How the hell Kira Korea Ohira Alia to become Sharia washery mafia, Oh Allah, Lord of the seven heavens and all that they cover, Lord of the Seven earth and all that they carry, Lord of the devils and all day misguide Lord of the wind, and all the scatter, I asked you for the good of this town, and the good of people and seek refuge with you from the evil

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of this town, and the evil of its people. And finally

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Subhanallah this is something for all of us that we could use on a daily basis and yet one, this is very simple. It's very few words are some of them. He said, The narrator of this hadith is of Man has not been a fan of the Allah Han. He reported that a sorcerer Salam said, Nah, I mean, you're cool, philosophically young. When I say equally Leila Bismillah he lady Lai, agora nice me shape fill out of the weather is Sunnah wa semi on Aleem. philos Murat Fedora who shake no one nothing would harm a person who says three times in the morning and three times in the evening Bismillah hymnody ly Adorama asked me Sheikh fell out of the water every summer while I was semi clean three

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times. He said if you saw that if you say that no harm will take place during the whole day. Nothing will handle Davia one How long will this take? Let's time it Bismillah Hilary Lai Adorama has me shaped fell out of the water for summer while I was semi on Ali Bismillah Hilary neither have asked me he Sheikh fell out of the weather this summer. While I was semi Bismillah Al Rahman asked me he filled out of the weather for summer was semi on

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30 seconds 20 seconds

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20 seconds full protection the whole day in Java. So you don't have anybody that does not know how to say the star does not have it. Please let me know I would love to give it to you in sha Allah Tada. And if I could teach it to you, whatever. Anyway, I can gain asanas, I'm reading chama, so please teach this to children. It's a very simple diet. And if you teach them at a young age, it will stay with them in sha Allah Tada forever. So these are some of the Rokia that Rasulillah Salam Subhan Allah. Yeah, honey, how beautiful is this Deen there is nothing nothing. Except as soon as As Salam have taught us. Nothing you could think of how to protect ourselves how? What to Say When you

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enter the bathroom? What to what to say when you approach your wife, what to say when you rule a country. What do you do? How do you rule a country? How do you operate? How do you do anything? Subhan Allah, protection from Scorpion

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and bytes, protection from ADS protection from anything that will harm you, as soon as I sell them has have told us so, London our brand I mean this, we are so blessed, we are so grateful to Allah azza wa jal that he gave us this gift of Islam without doing any work for it.

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What did you do?

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What did you do to become a Muslim?

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you know how many people they you know, they when they discover it at a later age, they are so be dazzled they are so blown away because they saw something that you know exactly exactly what the I said

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it in a

00:25:45--> 00:25:59

you know, when you're sitting in a room, like imagine you have room this big and you have no clue. It's all completely you put your hand like this you don't see you don't see your hand complete darkness and you've been looking for the door for 10 years.

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You can find the door if you're looking and then all of a sudden one guy came the solar system came and put the light on

00:26:09--> 00:26:10

now everything is clear.

00:26:11--> 00:26:51

Now you know where the exit where the entrance you know, everything's Panama. Exactly. The example of our Dean with rasool Allah Islam. He came in, he put the light on, so you can see where are we going? I found on Shadow Hala, who said that Islam for Hua Allah knew we're in Nairobi, may Allah put the nor in our hearts we are not with the nor in our in our homes in our life. We have not put the note on our cover. May Allah give us the note on the Day of Judgment. May Allah give us the node when we crossed the spirit and in Erbil Allah mean the law protect you all to protect your homes and fill your homes with love and mercy and tranquillity I mean Alameen wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad

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Ali, he was five years remain. So how to Allama behenic Masha Allah and the staff Utica on a tool like