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AI: Summary © The Bible is a source of comfort for those facing challenges and to stay steadfast on their deeds. It is important to read and not give up on one's actions to increase one's actions as evidence of one's actions. The importance of showing one's actions as evidence and a strong opinion on Islam is emphasized. The need for people to be mindful of others' actions and ask for help is emphasized.
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logging law running those law the house

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Nina most Nene meeny

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa Smilla 100. And now salatu salam ala Rasulillah. Allah Madame Domaine fauna on foreign Vemma alum Tana was at nine months. Yeah. hamara I mean, they ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what he told us and increase us in knowledge. And handle that. I mean, my dear beloved brothers and sisters, we are back in the series of message in a passage where we take one from the Quran and we mentioned the reason why this idea was revealed. What's the story behind the revelation of this app? And we will take a lesson from that and try to apply it in our our life. Alhamdulillah this is our first episode after the aid and after

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that Asia and ask Allah azza wa jal that he accept from us all the righteous deeds that we have done and give us a long life to witness more first 10 days of the hijab, I mean,

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even at best for the Allah Allah He narrated that

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the kuffaar of Quraysh

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they said,

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If Mohammed is telling the truth, why is his Rob why his lord is punishing him?

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Why doesn't his Rob why doesn't his ILA reveal the Quran one shot? Why? He reveals one area here to is there three hours there? Why doesn't tell you you reveal the whole Quran as one shot. If he's telling the truth. Let him reveal the Quran one shot. So Allah subhanaw taala answered them with these two eight and circle for con a number 32 And I number 33 Let's hear our beloved brother Harris reciting those two ideas and we will come back right after that inshallah. Tada

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aeroseal We'll

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see you on Monday

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minute he woke on the phone was Xena

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gather Ernie Kenny Newsome meet Evie four. Then go on.

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be my friend in G.

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Center. See

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Masha Allah, masha Allah has and brothers, masha Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala told the comfort of college wakad And Adina Cafaro no Dallas Zilla Ali here Joomla tawa can early can with a bit behind the curtain now. So the comfort of courage they said by the Quran was not sent down upon Muhammad all at once. And Allah subhanaw taala answered so we can strengthen your heart. Yeah, Mohamed and we have rehearsed it to you in slow well arranged stages gradually. And then Allah subhanaw taala said

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after that, when I tuna can be methylene in NERC ebill healthy where I sent it, Senator fcnr. My brothers and sisters listen carefully. This area should be our foundation, before we go to any kind of interfaith meeting, when we meet with other people from different faith. This is this is should be in the back of our mind. What does this say? It says, Allah Sterling rasool Allah salAllahu Salam, and they should not bring any kind of argument, no argument they will present to you except your Mohammed, we bring you the truth and better explanation. So when you are sitting down and debating maybe or discussing matters with other with other people, keep in mind, keep in mind that

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even if you do not know the answer, the answer is not only there the best answer, is there the best answers in the Quran because sometimes people go there and they say, oh, you know what, maybe they have a point. Maybe that thing that discussing at the start putting doubt in the Muslims mind. Yeah, actually.

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Our deen is complete and chosen by the Creator

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But Allah subhanho wa Taala if you're not qualified to go and debate with non Muslims do not go there. Do not be there. You will not only ruin this kind of meeting but you will you might even ruin your Arcada you might even ruin your belief Subhan Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala is telling us is the best explanation the Huck is in this Quran. Okay, so let's

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discuss these ayat. Will Allah subhanaw taala said, We have revealed that in stages so we can give you about Dr. Muhammad, so we can make you Yeah, Muhammad salallahu Salam steadfast on this deal.

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So our topic today is steadfastness on this deal.

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Number one, how can we be steadfast on this deal?

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Imagine that the Quran was revealed one shot

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How would those sort of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cope with all the incidents that took place during his life?

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The wisdom of revealing the Quran in stages over 23 years is that every time was almost I seldom face difficulties, faced hardships. During conveying the message Allah will reveal and calm him down. Allah will revealed stories and consoling him Subhanallah if it was revealed one one shot, it would be very hard for someone to stay steadfast.

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And even us Subhan Allah Our my brothers and sisters, even us our Eman goes up and down.

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And I advise myself and I advise you anytime that your Eman is getting weaker, open the Quran, open the Quran and read the Quran, it will give you the bad it will bring you back to the knees not just reading read of course with explanation with translation with the seal. So you know, so you know what you're reading and that by itself Subhanallah it will bring you back and strengthen, strengthen your image. So the first method of really being steadfast on the deen is to have a constant relationship with the Quran with the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala And subhanAllah if you noticed, Allah subhanaw taala and the first Mecca period or the ayat were revealed about the way the way, the

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way the way who was ALLAH the love of Allah the Day of Judgment in a shampoo cooler is a shampoo and proper all about value judgment and knowing Allah subhanaw taala after that was established in them, then Allah subhanaw taala start reviewing pray fast wear the hijab stay away from this stay away from that Subhanallah so the way that the Quran was was revealed Subhan Allah that is the same method that we should invite others to this Deen we start always with the meaning of la mala

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when that Allah Allah is established in the heart, when the attributes of Allah are are established with the heart of the of a human being then after that anything else will become easy.

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the second way to

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reach steadfastness in this theme is to increase the Iman

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the higher your Eman the more steadfast you are in the demon.

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How can I increase my email by increasing my by that by increasing my acts of worship?

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And there's a Subhanallah there's a beautiful thing it says the noble fellow at Assam in Picasa? Wha, what? Also the Tibet.

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The sins done in pry in privacy in secret

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are the main reason for deviation.

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And acts of worship that are done in secret are the main reason for steadfastness SubhanAllah. So, the more I increase my Eman, the higher I am firm on this team. There's a Sahabi called Abdullah bin who Dafa memorize this name, Abdullah bin Odessa. The story is long, I'm gonna say a little bit fast, but it's very important.

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One of the Roman kings,

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he asked his soldiers, please, I want you to capture one of those Sahaba of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, I want to see what these people are made of.

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They come three 400 and we come 10,000 And they beat us how capture if you find any of them, capture them. So his soldiers captured Abdullah and his team and they brought him to the king.

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So the king wants to test Abdullah he said

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you know what I'm gonna do to you? He said, No. He said, I'm gonna kill you. So hamdulillah then my time is up.

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He said, But the king told him, I have an offer for you.

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You change your dean, you leave your Dean and I will give you half of my kingdom.

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Abdullah looked at him and said,

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If you give me your full kingdom and the kingdom of every king on Earth, I will not leave my day.

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Brothers, let's let's concentrate a little bit here. Somebody's saying Now let's stick it in our terms. I have $1 billion. I'm gonna give you $500 million. Just leave your dean

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the king continue.

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I will give you my daughter to marry and half of my kingdom

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of the law said no matter what you give, I will never leave my team.

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So when he saw him this firm, he said to the soldiers, take him and crucify him and get the best archers and let them shoot their arrows. Don't kill him like the faces here. One arrow here one arrow here. Why don't between his legs, one under his arm, can keep threatening him and keep asking him to change his Deen.

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They did crucify him.

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Best archers. Arrows everywhere. Abdullah is as firm Subhan Allah.

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Jaylon they put him in jail, they kept him two days with no food, starving. And on the third day, they brought

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pork and wine.

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Abdullah said, Allah in a situation like this, he permitted us to eat this and drink this.

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But I will not give you the satisfaction to say that one of the companions of Muhammad April pork and drank wine.

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When they saw this kind of steadfastness, they bought him some food just to survive. Then they imported the biggest dip now. In Jim, The King ordered the most beautiful woman to go and seducing inside the gym.

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They brought that woman she entered the cell.

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After a few minutes she came out screaming, she said Wallahi that entity either a call to Munia either Basha Amanda hudgell were who were there you agree?

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I wouldn't say America. She said, Well, I don't know if you let me in if that guy inside is a human being or a rock. And he does not know if I'm a male or a female. He never raised his head. He never raised his head to look at her.

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She tried left and right. Nothing did not work. So

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he said bring him over.

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They brought him over. And the king ordered for a huge pot of boiling oil a huge pot of boiling oil oils.

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They brought

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the s companions.

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Before the king did anything he said. Leave your dean. So they will not leave my dean. So he took one of the companions and dropped him in the pot. In few seconds. The bones were floating. Melted.

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Leave your dean. So that will not he said, Bring him

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bring him over. Throw him in the pot as they're taking him to throw him in the path.

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Abdullah tears

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so it can get hurt. That's it. He's crying. He's afraid he's scared.

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So he said

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why are you crying? You decided for us? This is it now. You felt the heat. You want to change your deed.

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So listen to what Abdullah acid he said. I was not crying because I'm afraid of dying. I was crying because I only have one soul. And I wish I have 100 more lives to give disobedient bah

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bah bah. So now the king is blown away here. Now he knew what kind of then around Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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this incident happened in the time of Ramadan, the Allah. So the king, he said

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you know what? He gave up he said, Come and just kiss my forehead and I will release you and all your friends. So Abdullah you know he has people have thought

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nominees you know, oh, that's what he said. Okay, so he kissed his head and the king kept his promise and released everybody, but on top of the Allah and found out what Abdullah did, he said, It is the duty of every Muslim to kiss the head of this man Abdullah. And I wouldn't be the first one to do that. But he got up and he kissed his head. This is that the bat? This is the steadfastness we are talking about. Now we are one my brothers and sisters, somebody's mentioned a few things immediately you start having doubts. Or maybe maybe they're right. Maybe Islam is no no, no. We are on the truth. We are the only thing that Allah has accepted for humanity.

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In the deen and the law in Islam. Islam is the only Deen in the sight of Allah subhanho wa taala. This is what we are supposed to believe. And this is what we are supposed to be teaching our children. So the more the stronger your Eman, nothing will shake you how to strengthen the Eman more closer, more armor that will bring us closer to Allah, more solid more zakat, more donations more Siyam more

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aamra If you can whatever any Amen pm tahajjud Gilad Quran all these are men will bring us closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala third form of the bat.

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This what with what's happening right now, you see, when we sit down and in Halaqaat when we sit down and listen to something on, on YouTube or anywhere

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you are increasing your knowledge. And Allah Subhana Allah Allah said, when an unknown Thilo may you are vulnerable, that can occur, you're alone, we're assured that beta and if they and had they done, what they were instructed to do, have they applied what they heard in this speech, it would have been better for them and the firmer conformation, it will make them more steadfast. Unfortunately, we listen to Joomla hotbars. We listened to lectures, we listened to so many things, and it became just like a form of entertainment. Did you hear what this?

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Yeah, okay. The more you you listen, the more you have to apply. Allah subhanaw taala praised the people when he said Alladhina stemmy own Alcona they had to be the one who not only listened to the speech, but they follow the best of it. These are the best of people they Allah make us all among them and interrupt me. So Allah is saying in this ayah uncertain Nisa, if they do what with a mo Eva no Eva isn't a lecture isn't another lecture is that advice, it's

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any a talk that will give you benefit, if they followed what they heard, that would have been made them more form on their deed. So whenever we discuss something, please take it to heart.

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And thank Allah that He gave you the opportunity to hear it many people are deprived what what you're listening to right now.

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Another way of staying firm, good company,

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good company, who are you surrounding yourself with? Who are your children are surrounding themselves with the good company is one of the main reasons for steadfastness. If you are surrounded by people of massage, they would bring you to the massage and if you are surrounded by people of the sun, the people who are constantly thinking how to please Allah, you will be the same. Just like bring a bottle of water, right? If you bring a bottle of water Sliquid right, you put it in the freezer what happened to it, it freezes why because everything around it is cold.

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You take it out of the freezer, it does not instantly become liquid, it takes some time right because away from that environment. Similarly, you put yourself in an environment where all around people who are always remembering Allah, people who fear Allah subhanaw taala you'd be the same naturally. You put yourself in the people who are constantly thinking about clubs and discos and nightmare, no nightlife and all that and music and you'd be the same cursing and no prayer you'd be the same sooner or later you will be the same.

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So good friends, good company, and Maru Allah Dini Helene, the person is on the path of his best friend. So see who are your best friends.

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And finally, there are many other ways. And finally, the best way to stay firm is to beg ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala to stay firm, da

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Ask Allah has Origen Allah subhanaw

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Data told us listen to this. Hang on what's so beautiful? I've been there to the Illumina bad data.

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Yeah Allah do not let our horse deviate after you have guided them it's an eye on the Quran

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it's an A in the Quran Subhanallah but by the letters of proven data, well blend them in they don't Kurama in UK and and bestow Your Rama upon us Yama. You until I have this is one blog, and then I will end with this one. Who's the first person who will enter Jannah you will say Muhammad salallahu Salam accurate You're right.

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Yeah, well, Aisha what was the most to add that are so much excellent name.

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The first person who will enter Jannah the doors will Jenna will not open to anyone before him.

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His most is er more palatable. Kulu. A bit could be Allah. Allah or Turner of the hearts.

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Keep my heart steadfast on your deen

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If Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, this was his most What about me? How many times should make this to happen? You have a convertible cologne, a bit will be hygienic. Do this for yourself in your schedule before your salon at anytime you want to make. Make this also to the children for the children make it for your children Yama, Yama, Caliban Kulu, Kulu, our Daddy, my children allergenic sabich Kulu Zuri Yeti, my my offsprings my descendants, especially us living in the West, how much we are in dire need for such a yarmulke liberal collude a bit can be workload your Reethi Allah Subhanallah I will put this in the description of trauma data, please repeat this because why the

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Habad that a bad steadfastness is only from Allah as origin. And listen to this last area I will mention

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when I

00:22:13--> 00:22:22

said that NACA NACA kita written in a che and Connie Mahalik. And sort of Islam,

00:22:24--> 00:22:26

Allah azza wa jal to the best of creation

00:22:27--> 00:22:35

and had we not giving you steadfastness you might have inclined towards them a little

00:22:38--> 00:23:22

Muhammad from Allah. If Allah did not give him a bat, he would have inclined Allah is telling him Ya Allah. So yeah, what do not be fooled by your big beard by you attend so many lectures by you're always you're always doing that. That is all great, but don't ever feel secure. You have to constantly that Allah azza wa jal If Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam me that said that than me and you need a million times more. So constantly ask Allah azza wa jal and always beg Allah to make our last deeds, our best deeds. I love you all for the sake of Allah may Allah azza wa jal keep us our parents and our children and our spouses all steadfast on his Deen, may Allah subhanaw taala

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make us live on that Illa mama and die on de la him Allah Ameen. alanine is Akuma here Subhana Allah, masha Allah Allah Allah and the stuff on a tube.

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By the f let me know minimoon a levena woofie sala de him for Sharon. What levena umani love we weren't born well. levena Homeless Zeca differ you Moon Wallasey now only 4g him have you hone in

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as Why do you

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get amen?

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While you metal me