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Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of accepting the rules of the church and not just saying that one is the best to be a judge. They also mention the importance of acceptance and not just saying that one is the the best person to be a judge. The speaker also talks about the importance of acceptance and not just saying that one is the the best person to be a judge.
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If your kids turned out to be

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very polite and respectful and righteous and even great at school, that does not necessarily indicate you are the best parent.

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your brother or your neighbor whose kids turned out to be bad kids, they are lousy parents. It is simply

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it simply means that your test is not in your children.

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If your wife is kind and loving and caring and romantic, and she does whatever you want,

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does not mean does not necessarily mean that you are the ideal husband.

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And the brother who has a very bad wife is giving him a hard time. He's a horrible husband, it is simply, your wife is not your test.

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You have not been tested with your wife, and vice versa for my sister.

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If you are making so much money from your business, and you're very wealthy, that does not necessarily mean because you're a shrewd businessman smart, you know how to do it. And the brother who tried so much and failed, he's a lousy businessman. It is simply your test is not in your wealth.

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What is the point the point is my brothers and sisters, all that is required from us is to try

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and to try very hard in raising my children in treating my parents in treating my wife, in doing business in the masjid everywhere, try your best that is all the required the fruit.

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The result is not in our hands.

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The result is not in our hands if we see it hamdulillah if we don't see it hamdulillah so don't go around judge people. Look at his kids.

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What allows the parent be careful. Allah He, from my short experience in life, no one made fun of anybody else except he was tested with the same thing.

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You make fun of that guy because of his child was on drugs or an alcohol. They don't know how to raise their children, their children turned out to be on drugs and alcohol.

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You made fun because look at this guy. He is pretending to be a good righteous man and his wife and his daughter do not wear the hijab, you do not know what he's going through with them.

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You have no clue what he's going through. And you are immediately think that you are the best man. Your test was not in your wife. His test wasn't his wife and his child.

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So no one assigned me or you as a judge, no one.

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So be grateful for what you have. And make dua for the others that do not have what you have.

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From the bottom of your heart, and the true happiness and the true success is when you and me accept, accept whatever Allah decrees Wallahi the utmost happiness is when we accept

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what Allah decreed.

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I wanted to marry this woman. I pray the Sahara, and did not work out Allahu Akbar, Allah hyung Malik Al Hamdulillah Rob

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because that was the decree of Allah it's always great for me I wanted to move that I wanted to open that business and it did not work out be happy

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opening that business and moving there and matting that question was your choice not happening was ALLAH has

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who has a better judgment? Who knows the Unseen Alhamdulillah we will live very happy because I again, I keep repeating. I tried my best. I don't want somebody to leave from this short reminder that you know what? I shouldn't do anything. It's already decreed. No, no, no.

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Well, now Santa's calling him Akela even the best man ever created, Allah told him because he was

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so kind and loving and caring he he wanted everybody to become a Muslim. Right? Allah subhanaw taala told him well, Madsen Naka Allah him Akela you're not there to kill. You're not responsible if they believed or not. Well, now Seneca in LA Mobis Shirin when Avira your job yeah, Mohammed imagine this is the job of a Salah Salem to give them the glad tidings of Jannah and warn them about the Hellfire that said, if they believe Allahu Akbar, they do not believe this is not You're not going to be punished. So similarly

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We try our best in our business. We try to seek Halal income. We try our best to raise our children. According to the Sharia. We try our best with wisdom, not with haram haram haram haram haram and I say, Well, what happened? No, everything has the right method. We try our best. And we leave it to Allah subhanaw taala. Maybe we will see the fruits now. And maybe we want

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and Hamdulillah that Allah

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did not

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hold us accountable for guidance. Otherwise, imagine I saw a brother that does not pray. I have to keep talking to him until he prays. Imagine I saw a brother who is drinking. I gotta stay talking to him until he quits. No, no, I have to advise gently, kindly, wisely. And that's it. That's the best I can do.

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But if he stopped, if she stops, they started praying Hamdulillah this is all from Allah subhanaw taala and I'm not in charge. So we have one. Do not go around and judge people she's bad. He's good. I'm the best. Wallah. He, nothing happened. Except to the tofi of Allah. If you're coming to the Fraser says from Tofik of Allah, if you attended Asia tonight, they'll feel from Allah. If your son is 17 and he's stealing, and he's still telling you Yes, Baba, yes mama, this is Sophia from Allah. If your daughter is 16 and she gets up and prays without you yelling 600 times, this is Sophia from Allah subhanho wa taala. If you are making money, Landry lab datamine and you are not in need of

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This is Sophia from Allah. If you have a righteous husband, righteous wife, this is Sophia from Allah, all of it is from Allah subhanho wa Taala and I am being tested to see, am I grateful for this NEMA or I am not? May Allah make us all from the shackling make a lot of salads Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and we'll see you tomorrow in sha Allah treasured at 615 satellite by the F La Nina

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and levena B Asana for Sharon levena umani Lova we weren't born. Well. levena Homeless Zeca

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Moon Wallasey now who's only 4g him have you hone in

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Why do you a woman and get a man

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now whom will you marry me

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