Nouman Ali Khan – Khutbah – Lessons From 42-15

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the implementation of the Islam upon the western]," where the first two prophets were tasked with completing a mission to achieve Islam, while the third prophets were tasked with protecting the people from evil influence. The challenges faced by the people of Mecca include the lack of knowledge and the need to overcome obstacles to achieve Islam. The " ridden tree" concept is discussed, with the " ridden tree" being a message of love and how it can be used to acquire political opinion. The importance of acknowledging one's actions as if they were part of civilized society and rejecting what the Quran says is emphasized, along with the need for consideration when dealing with negative comments or situations.
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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Harlequin would you limonada which are only new even avala mostly just somebody with an alum Kaito Betty and another Finnish guru who under Masai we can manage guru who Allah Nam on Sunday Allah rasulillah cron charleville Ashram we will noodle will kitabi mocha, mocha mileena beginner will hotter. So you develop the item under the Bashara here is Ave Maria with the Olivia 30 Rahim Allah who Salam in acana Yahoo co debating Lucha Mohan for some Allahu alayhi wa sallam Allah Akbar he hide in Oman, Latina barakallahu be him Kapha nurse a lot of unemployment item, but hamdulillah under the Lamia, token wallet and Polonia cola who shall confirm with me akula

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Julio Minato Lee will compete with acapella but hamdulillah Allah The Angela Allah of the hill, kita Allah Masha Allah, whoever or hamdulillah Latina who want to study you know who want to start federal when you've been over here when at our current era, whenever we let him in through the unforeseen I wouldn't say it emelina when you had the Hilah who Fernando de la Amanullah farhadi Allah, when Allah Allah Allahu la sharika when a shadow under Mohammed Abdullah he also Allahu Allahu taala Buddha would even help you who ality equally Waka fabula he shahida for some Allah Allah He was seldom at the Sleeman Kaziranga sila bad in Dhaka DC tabula ohioan had he had you

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Mohammed and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but in the short run Marie Martha to her, were in Aquila, that's, I think that I can live with it and voila, Walla Walla, that infinity I don't know how he can even better Nakula Aruba Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim feliz Delica federalist statim. Come at MIT. We're not

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going to be my answer LogMeIn. keytab will move to the database. A lot more. I'm gonna want to book on Luna Luna welcome. Lucan. LaHood Jetta. Vina obey Allah We are from Africa in Ghana. Merci. Misha. Somebody will Silly me who looked at me lasagna Cali. Allah sempiternal not to be La ilaha illa Allah, Allah how much I nominalism Amina Mohammed also he had what was gonna be happy, but also the sub, I mean, yeah, but I mean,

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in a previous verbose part of this series, and by the way, this series has been dedicated to studying I Art 1314 and 15 have sought to assure us with visualize the 42nd suit of the Quran, in the middle, I've departed from that series and come back to it back and forth. But this I intend to be the final hub, I give on this series of lessons that I want to draw from that passage of the Quran. So to show once again, so number 42, and is our 13 all the way to 15. So today, I'm going to talk to you a little bit about it number 15. But before I do a quick recap of something I talked about before, and that is that the prophet SAW Shannon was basically told in the first couple of

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these shots, that his mission is the same as all of the previous prophets. So Allah mentioned a bunch of previous prophets and said, you've been given the same religion that they were given. And you've been tasked to complete the same mission, they were tasked to complete with an Effie Medina a lot of our coffee, after telling him that Allah told him that there are obstacles in your path. And he basically described two obstacles. The two obstacles were two groups. One of those groups was Mr. Kuhn of Makkah, who were going to directly oppose him because it was against their political and social and economic interests, to accept the message of Islam. If they accepted that message, they

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would lose their political place, they would lose the economy of Mecca, and I've talked about that in a previous podcast. So Kabbalah Allah, Masha kena, method romila, he is really big, it's really hard for them to accept what you're calling them, too. It wasn't just about, you know, it's hard for them to let go of their idols and their false gods, but behind those idols and their false gods was an actual economic political system, and that economic and political system and that social hierarchy is something they wanted to protect, because they were benefiting from it. So there's a reason they believed in that, that that structure in fact, they weren't even that religious

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themselves, the leadership of them, which is why Allah says even when they pray, Allah, you know whom your own your when they pray, they do it to show off even nowadays, you'll see politicians, when it's election season, show up to machines and churches and synagogues, right? It's the same thing. He's, it's a postcard of their political gig, it's their, you know, it's their, it's their catch. It's their hook, to appeal to a certain kind of people. Then Allah turned his attention to the second objective, the second obstacle in the prophets path. And that second obstacle was actually the People of the Book, who Muslims were hopeful that these people know about these

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prophets, the previous prophets, they know about Noah, they know about Ibrahim, they know about, you know, Italia, salaam and musanze. And the Jews and the Christians they know about them. And Ron is talking about his prophet, so we have a lot of common ground. So that's going to be a much easier conversation, and they're going to see the truth of this message so much more conveniently than the pagans of mcop. Right. So there's kind of an optimistic looking ahead at what's coming in Medina. And Allah said, actually, those people that you're looking forward to the leader

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Ship up. There's the most knowledgeable among them, they fell into conflict even among themselves. But knowledgeable among them won't just be attacking you and be disagreeing with you. They even disagree with each other about the farmer who love and why do they disagree, even if they have knowledge, they disagree with each other, because they use that knowledge as a means of dominance. They established the they weren't learning the faith, many of them so that they could spread good, they were learning the faith because it was a means of securing their position in society. So in a sense, they were not that different from the machete Guna maka, actually, so they were using the

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religion and their knowledge of religion of scripture in their own political, social and economic way. Right. And so the knowledgeable aren't even, you know, sincere, essentially. So those are the obstacles and basically the prophets life is one, it's the first part of it two thirds of the Quran revealed in Makkah, and the rest of it is in Medina. And basically, these are the two outside forces that are in opposition to the profit center. Right. So in Mecca, predominantly, the conversation is with the machine again. And in Medina, the predominant conversation is with the Jews and the Christians. that's those are the conversations that are happening in the Quran. And then there's

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another dimension and that element that's not talked about yet, that will be talked about another place, there's actually three opposing forces. And the third opposing force is the hypocrites from within. And we're not born within the on that these are all the challenges, the prophet has to deal with some of them. And after laying out all these challenges, and is number 12, and 13, or 13, and 14, then in 15, which was the last time I talked about the series, Allah said, not big, despite, you know, despite these obstacles, you must carry out your mission, instead of saying despite them, he said because of them, which completely changes the conversation. Because when you're told about

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obstacles, that should discourage you, and then somebody needs to encourage you and say, Hey, I know there's lots of obstacles. Let me encourage you to overcome those obstacles so that you can meet the challenge instead of less said, No, it is because these obstacles exist, because no other human being was capable, and no other revelation would have been powerful enough to overcome such obstacles. You've been given the final, most commanding perfect revelation of Allah, and you have been chosen over all people to take on this challenge, because nobody else could. It's because of these obstacles that you were chosen. Right? So it's rewired? The entire thinking that, you know,

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for a Muslim, we look at obstacles as Oh, my God, and they can be demoralizing. And here's the prophets, I said, the obstacles are laid out by none other than Allah Himself. And then he's told, and by the way, these obstacles are there, congratulations, you're the only one who can overcome them. And that's why you've been chosen. So this is that higher. And that's this is, as far as I've brought you so far in this series, that that was, in a nutshell, what I've talked about so far. So but what is it that Allah is going to tell him to do? How is he How is he to overcome these obstacles? That's the how now, it's not the Y anymore. It's the how, how is he supposed to do it. So

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Allah gave him a step by step plan. And that plan is so timeless, it's so powerful, and it's got so many parts all inside of this one idea, my hope today is that I can touch on each of these components, even though there's a lot of them and each one of them could be a football by themselves. What I'd like to do is be more brief and kind of touch on each of these pieces of this idea. So we have a map in our heads and how the profits I said on was given this mindset in face of all kinds of opposition, internal external, the knowledgeable the machico, the political obstacles, the social obstacles, all of them. And here's what he's supposed to do. Step one, for the danika,

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federal, the ISS federal, then invite, invite, as a powerful word, a couple of things should be set out and we can think of, we use the word give Dharma all the time, right? It's become a coined phrase among Muslims, and we almost lose sight of what it actually means the root origin of the word that is to call or to invite. And when you call someone to something, the act of invitation is actually a friendly act. You cannot invite an enemy to anything. That's the act of invitation is a disarming act. You open your door, when you invited somebody, you understand. You can challenge somebody the head D, you can do that. That's not Darla, that's the handy. You can debate with

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somebody that's more Giada. So different word. You can debate with somebody that's a downer. You can communicate to somebody you can get a message to somebody that's the belief whenever you will do this different word, but when you want to invite somebody, just like when you invite somebody to your home, when you invite somebody to attend a program, that act is a friendly act. So the prophets lifetime is being told you he was just given a list of enemies and then he was told and therefore invite.

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You should be mentioning friends and then say therefore invite here are people susceptible to listening to you, therefore you should invite that makes common sense. But here you have here are the people who hate what you're doing. Therefore invite

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Unless I stay there for a while, so why does he say that to him? He says that to him, because and this is where I really want you to inshallah, I know Jonah is a time where it's easy to lose focus, but I want you to really focus and keep some of the pointers that I'm giving you today, they're very helpful, at least they were helpful for me and understanding a lot of Quran. Society is made up of different categories of people, when it comes to invitation. When it comes to it from the lens, you know, we can divide society by gender, you can divide society by economic class, political class religions, but we're looking at the world, people in the world from the lens of invitation. And if

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you look at it from that lens, you can divide them into three categories. And I'm only going to talk about a couple of them two out of three today, one of them, is this, what you can call the silent majority, the silent majority. And it's easy to think about the silent majority today, you can have a video on social media, any platform, it's got a few million views, right? It's an enormous amount of views. And then of course, under the under the video views, there's also a comment section. And you can read the statistics on how many comments it has, right? And so a view a video that has 5 million views has 50,000 comments. Right? Now there's a disparity. There's 5 million views. So I was

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expecting 5 million comments, or at least 4 million comments, maybe 3 million, 2 million, 1 million. But your you've got 5 million views. And you've got a very small number of comments. it's it's a it's a common disparity between how many people are consuming something. And how many people are actually raising their voice about something. What does that mean that the majority of the viewership is essentially silent. They're thinking about it, they're processing it, they have opinions about it, but they're not making noise about it. But your view and my view of what's happening in the world, in the social media world, is actually a lot of times based on the comments.

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Most people actually even don't even want to watch the video, they're just gonna go to the comment section and watch the fun. Watch the battleground, right, and go up and down and see who's trolling, who and what insults they hurled. Right, that's, that's, that's the more entertaining part. The point that I'm making is, the vast majority of people that are consuming something, aren't actually expressing their opinion.

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So in a sense, they have the potential of being neutral. But that vast majority is being not only are they silenced themselves, they are being silenced by a loud minority. A minority that does comment. Now, this is something I'm telling you from social media. But this is a reality of the world long before social media. Social media is just a new way of human beings expressing their behaviors that have been they've been expressing in different ways before technology. This is just a technological way of doing something that was happening 1000s of years ago to what was it in any village, in any town, in any classroom, in your classroom? When you were kids in a class, there are

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some kids that are the loud minority. And then you've got the silent majority. right in your office, you've got the loud minority, you've got the silent majority, you know, in the village, in the town, in any group setting in any social setting, you've got the majority of people who may have thoughts and opinions, but you don't get to know what they are because they're not as vocal by thunder, oh, Allah told his messenger sallallahu Sallam Don't be Don't be confused or misled or diluted to thinking that the people that are making noise against you, and the people that are direct opposition to you represent everyone. Allah has only highlighted the most, the

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mic won't work, but you can still to me, Allah has only highlighted the opposition, this the minority opposition, which is very strong, but allies through that also highlighted that there are a lot of people that are just silent and they're ready for the taking. They're ready for the taking. And so you shouldn't get disheartened by the opposition. You should actually see past them. behind them. There's a massive majority that might you don't know who might listen.

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But the thing is, if you want to visualize this, I know the English expression is trolls on a bridge, the Troll the ancient stories of trolls on the bridge, this is giant that standing on a bridge, you can't get past him, right? gatekeepers, the loud majority the lot, the loud minority becomes a gatekeeper. And because of them, you start thinking that's all there is behind them. That's all there is. But actually, there's something entirely different going on behind them. And so if you don't get influenced by this, what you see the noise that you hear, right, the loudness the opposite.

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That you face, you don't get influenced by that you still invite and you're not inviting them, because they're beyond invitation that's already been explained. They don't even they're not even interested behind them is a majority, a huge majority, you don't know who among them shall accept. Right. So further invite, invite. So we're not, we were told to kind of have a sense of view,

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you know, a higher view, you know, we don't look at things at face value, we look at it from a higher plane, so you can see far beyond, right. That's the vision, the profit slice has been given. So further, it is really important because so many times you and I can get disheartened by what we hear by what the opposition you face, by the things that are being said to you by the loud, what minority, and you might say, oh, everybody hates this. Everybody's against me. Everybody's out to get me. The all I ever get is hate No, no, I thought all you ever get, that's all you'll ever get from a certain group of people. And those are, those people are actually the most threatened by the

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right message. They're actually scared that somehow if they don't shut you up, that you might actually reach that majority that's quiet. That's what they're scared of. And that's why they get louder and louder. And the more effective you get, the more aggressive they become. And hear you if you don't have that right understanding, you might think they're becoming more aggressive, which means this society is totally out ready to listen to what I'm saying. In fact, the truth is the opposite. The more aggressive opposition you get, what is actually an indication of is the more of a threat you become, because more and more people silently are starting to turn your way you

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understand. And this is actually evidenced in the life of the Prophet sly Southern himself. Those are incidents we'll get into later. That was step one for the donica federal just build that mindset. Don't Don't be reactive and look at something and then say, oh, oh, there's too much opposition. What's the point? No, no, no, there is a point. There is a point, don't fall for that trap. Then he says we're stuck in come out with metta. Then Allah commands the prophesied step two, he says, stay stay firm, as you have been commanded. stay firm as you have been commanded. Now this standing firm, it sounds like the imagery of a battlefield, stand tall against the enemy. The first

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statement was ideological withdrew, invite, discuss, share your message, invite people to consider what your what your what your dean says. What its values are open a discussion. And by the way, when you're inviting someone, you're asking them to consider something, consume something, when you invite someone to your home, you're asking them to eat dinner with you. Right? So when you're inviting somebody to assign, what are you actually doing, you're inviting somebody to have a conversation. you're inviting somebody to think about something. That's what you're actually doing. So further ado, but then as you do that, the opposition will become more aggressive. And the it

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might get beyond words, it might actually get physical, it might get its physical is the last stage, but it might get social boycott, it might become lots of, you know, economic consequences against you. There might be political movement against you. And eventually they might even want to lay hands on you. Right? It can, it can escalate, it can escalate. Just like if you want to understand this in the most simple terms, because what happens in the school playground or among kids and among human human behavior among children is not that different than world politics. Actually, human behavior is just human behavior. It's just a more primitive basic form of it. And there's a more advanced form

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of it, but these the bricks and bones of it are the same. They're the same. Some kid is saying two plus two is four. And the bully wrote five on his exam and he's gonna get it wrong. He's no, it's five. No, it's four. I said it's five.

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No, it's four. Hey, come over here. Look at what this kid is saying. Say it again. say if it's four.

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Okay, it's five.

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He's gonna gang up. Right? And when you gang when, when five or six kids, tell me how much tubeless do is again? Oh, it's fine. It's fine. It's totally fine. Yeah, it's so five. Why? Because now there's the threat of violence. what's the what's the second thing the Prophet is told was telling him come out with with a stand tall as you've been commanded. In other words, when you keep inviting, then not only will people consider what you're saying the majority, but the opposition will actually start threatening you. Are you against the rest of society? Are you are you a real American or what? Are you real this or that or the other your loyalty to clan to family to nation,

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all of it will be challenged. You'll be turned into the threat. You'll be turned into disloyal you, you'll be turned you'll be criminalized for just the invitation you're given. And as a result of that, you might want to

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Back off, and the profit centers commanded, even if no one stands next to you, if No, nobody believed in what you were saying, let's do more for Mr. Kim, come on with the singular form, stand alone, as you've been commanded. Well, that's.

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And then the third third part of this well at home, don't follow into their whims, don't slip into their whims don't follow what they desire. Now, what do they desire, they desire you to not invite. So don't stop inviting,

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they desire that you should react to what they want you to react to the you know, when they are coming at you and attacking you, they want you to become defensive. You know, they have a goal to. So once every time somebody does something engages in a certain kind of behavior, they haven't they have an agenda. And you need to realize that not only will you give them what they want by believing what they say, you can also give them what they want by surrendering your position

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by caving in, by getting disheartened, by losing momentum, you can and that will be what they want, if any, if we can just get him to shut up somehow, when others

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don't follow into their desires don't follow don't follow their desires. The other side of it is also very important. These people the Quraysh of Makkah, they were the custodians of the religion of Mecca, and the Jewish and Christian leadership that the Prophet engaged with in Medina, a lot of that leadership were the religious custodians of the Jewish community, and the religious custodians of the Christian community, right. And these people that were religious figures, and they were taking, they were patrons of the religions, and the faith of the people, they were using it for an alternative agenda. They weren't doing it to bring people closer to Allah, they were doing it for an

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entirely other purpose. And when Allah says, without a home, in it, there's also a lesson that you who's inviting should never become like them.

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You shouldn't become like them, that you're here you are opposing something, and you become what you opposed, that you start also using religion for these means. You start using you become what you were, what you were speaking out against, then you're just another party, another group, that's all their own agenda. But your your purpose is actually to invite people so they connect directly to their from well as

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well cool, and then declare, so this is your like, what is your press release? If you will, right? What is it that anybody who comes to you? What is it that you have to openly say to them, and to be my Angela loman kitabi. I have been told, I tell them, I have come to believe in what Allah has sent down from the book,

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I have come to faith in what Allah has sent down in a book. Now this sounds like a pretty easy thing to read. I believe in the Quran. That's summary summary of the phrase, right? I believe in the Quran. It's more than that, though. I believe in what was sent down. Revelation is not up to me to have an opinion on it. It's not up to me to tell you which parts of it are, I think, more acceptable, and which parts of it are not as not politically correct.

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It's not mine to it's not my I'm not expressing my opinion. I'm not expressing my likes and dislikes. I'm not telling you what I think is right or wrong. I have no say and I've come to accept that it's coming from a higher source. And as offended as you might get, and somebody might come to you and say and people like to, you know, questions have rhetorical purposes behind the most teaching my students this the other day, somebody's coming to you, do you actually believe that?

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Does your Qur'an say that? And then you fill in the blank with some offensive statement.

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Right? And they put you on the spot? Right? Is that what you believe? You, you, you Muslims? And at that point, you want to just take the back foot and sound more like you're part of civilized society, and therefore you reject what the Quran is saying, at least for the moment. No, no, no. It's out of context. That's not what it means. What does it mean? I it's a long story. Let's just go to Starbucks and not talk about this. Can we talk about something else? Like you're not you're not confident in your own book, all men to be more hands on alarming kitabi. I have, I have come to faith, I've come to believe I'm at peace with what has been given to me from a book. Well, we'll

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move to the ardila you know, come This is amazing. And I have been commanded to be fair among all to do justice among all of you. In other words, you're challenging me as if what I believe is somehow unfair. You know, uncivilized. Not palatable with modern society.

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But I'm the one who's been charged with a responsibility to illustrate how you what you're doing is full of injustice. My job, what part of my job is to call out injustice when I see it? almost to the ardila Vina calm that's what I've been told to do.

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And so on.

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The conversation gets flipped the belief the prophets lie Selim is supposed to now openly declare, I'm gonna say what's right. And I'm gonna say when you're cheating in business, you're cheating in business. When you're when you're burying your baby daughters, that's, that's a crime against Allah. And she will speak on the Day of Judgment doesn't matter if you're a billionaire who did it, I'm gonna challenge you, I'm gonna question you on it. When you push the orphans around, it doesn't matter. If you're a leader, of course, I will call you out on it. When you're a respected leader of the Jewish community, and you are lying to your people, I will call you out for lying to you. He and

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he, the Quran made him do it. And he did it.

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And so he says Nana maluna Welcome Armando Khan. This is a actually I think it's time for me to conclude here because I thought this would be the concluding clip. But I'm going to have to do one last concluding clip much of this conclusion, concluding football part two, for the rest of this, because it deserves attention. It really does. I thought I'd be able to conclude in a good time span. But for after these declarations that the prophets I was told that summarize them,

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invite them invite was talking cannot omit stand tall the way you've been commanded to and say what I will let at home and don't follow their whims. Well, cool, I'm going to be Mandela humming Kitab and then declare I have comfortable I've come to believe in what has been sent down from a book, what we'll move to Dr. de la Vina come and I have been commanded to do justice between you I'm doing this, this these words of mine, are actually a call for justice between you.

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Dr. de la Vina co I'm not taking any sides. And so there is that's where I'll leave off today. Because there's actually we're about through half the I it's a long guy. So we're about to half the and the rest of it is actually done. What is the province I tell him to do in face of all of that opposition. But I pray that this was at least some food for thought about how relevant these ions are we you can find yourself the Muslim can find themselves facing a hopeless situation. And actually, one of the reasons I decided to come back to the series is I was living in my head last couple of days, just observing what's going on on social media and comments and exchanges. And you

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know, the way the way we

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I was left away with some pretty disheartening thoughts for myself, just in my head, and I'll share some of them with you, I don't normally share what's going on in my head, but I'll share with you today. said, Man, I just feel like we're so incapable of analytical thinking. We're so incapable of having a normal conversation, like the world over is becoming so incredibly judgmental, based on very little knowledge and very little thought

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that it seems hopeless to try to educate to help somebody think artists just rise up a little bit higher when the thought process and the kinds of words that are exchanged between people are so beyond remedial that you just say, Who am I dealing with here?

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What Who am I dealing with? Like? Is there even a point of having a conversation and it was a perfect time for me to remember that sometimes when you are seeing that kind of nonsense. When you see a lot of, you know, just absolute ignorance presented with so much confidence. Like that's one of the one of the features of ignorance, right? The irony of it, there are people that absolutely have no idea what they're talking about, but the conviction with which they tell you

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no conviction with which they scream, it is mesmerizing. Like it's the power of belief in falsehood.

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Right? Then you're just like, how am I even how am I ever going to ever overcoming this obstacle? How can I ever get through to somebody like that? Well, your job isn't to get through to anybody. Your job is just to invite Allah didn't even put him up early. He he didn't sit with the room with or NASA he said funny Danica.

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Can Alicia Wanaka McFarland be like as if there is no object of the verb he didn't say invite them. invite people invite the silent majority. He didn't say any of that. He just said invite as if whoever that invitation hits isn't your problem. That's not up to you. Your job is just invite you don't worry about how somebody else is going to react to it or somebody taking receptively or somebody take it the wrong way or somebody twist and manipulate yours. That's not your concern. Your only concern is invite further and stand firm was took him out on it may allow Jamaica's people of thought inspired by his his word. May Allah azza wa jal make us elevate all of us in our families,

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so we can see the world the way Allah would want us to see it. And to be ppb people inspired by the sort of legislation that stand up for what is right in the way that the messenger himself would say Allah when you send medical law you welcome football and hockey whenever anyone can beat it with the Lackey.

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Hey, welcome

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