Mohamad Baajour – Im smelling DEATH

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © A woman describes how her mother passed away and her family members were worried. She talks about how she was woken up in the morning and saw a death in a cemetery. She also talks about how her mother was woken up in the morning and saw a death in a cemetery.
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those law need how

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many Mina most Namie

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said I'm on a lava kettle

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last night with a harlot texted me that

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a Yemeni brother passed away and as a matter of fact tomorrow inshallah after the first demo we have Janessa

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then I woke up in the morning and I saw Brother Sofia

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from his in Turkey right now he texted me that his mother passed away. So if you wake in Philistine

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then I went to the cemetery and buried six people.

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It was a very

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touching we we've been to so many Jeunesses but today's Janessa

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speechless. I've never seen a grave. What they did is and I'm sure most of you have never seen this. They did one grave with four. I wish we could show the picture. Can we show it on the screen? No, when I sent to take time.

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They did get a huge hole with four what they call them boxes. 12341234. And then they dig they dug to separate for the boys.

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So it was the Father

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the mother, their daughter, and the grandmother and then the two boys on the on the side.

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an hour ago brother Mustafa texted me and our dear dear brother Omar. All the brothers of the first row no Ahmed. Ahmed is the first row brother Fisher remember him brother Khalil Omer from Japan he also just passed away in Japan at of Panama. And now also on coming here brother Amon texted me that our brother Thorak the one who installed the the carpet in the main Masjid his mother just passed away in Yemen. I'm smelling death.

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Allah He I feel the smell of death.

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Pauline Mota lady Tefera rune I mean thing home. Key come

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early mean loyal viewers. Sure.

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thing went up, Bill come can Tom Talman Allah subhanaw taala the deaths that we are all running away from vaccine, all the stuff running away from coming. You know, Allah. Look at this example. Allah said, the death that you're running away from usually when you're running away from something, it is behind you. So Allah said, the death that you are running away from Meloxicam is waiting for you.

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The depth that you are running away from it is waiting for you. And then you go back to Allah and He will inform you about every single thing we have done. So please yeah, one please please. And Allah Allah, you have a Roma becoming hotter, you have a Roma be unforeseen. Allah will not change the status of anybody. Unless they change themselves. The month of Ramadan is coming, please, please. How long are we going to keep sinning? How long are we going to keep disrespecting our parents? How long are we going to keep doing this and that please come back to Allah. Oh, you know what? When the yoke and the people reminding the people they say oh there are people

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they were here last year they're not going to make it to Ramadan. They did not make it to Ramadan. Or maybe they say we are not going to make it Ramadan. That family did not make it to Ramadan. Those five six brothers I named they did not make it to Ramadan. So I don't know if I'm going to make a few more days I have no idea of Allah he and same thing for all of us. So if Allah subhanaw taala kept us alive to witness this month year one, Allah I be extremely, extremely grateful and make a plan. Now I was telling the brothers of the graveyard today that if the family have already made the plan, Ya Allah because just one week before Ramadan, right? Yeah, Allah if you kept me alive to

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witness Ramadan, I'm gonna do this, this, this, this, this and that. If they did that, and they passed away everything they had on that list, it will be recorded in their scale. Because in normal Amma Lavinia did you make your list here? Or just, you know,

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I'm still young. No, no, not me.

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I'm very healthy.

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The brother we bury today, extremely healthy.

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His wife very healthy.

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The family very happy family. So all these apply to all of us so please, let's come back to Allah azza wa jal really feel that you are changing this Ramadan this Ramadan is the Ramadan of change of callousness. Anyone who was had to have a bad habit I have a

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sin that he is committing and he's trying to fight. This is the time to quit Yanni. What are we waiting for? When we hear about all these deaths? Why the other Masjid did not hear about it? Why? Why all these brothers and sisters I named are from this community. This is a lesson for me. This is a wake up call for me. And for you, Allah has a wake up call. What's going to take for us to wake up more than a whole family? Have you ever seen six people buried at the same time? So what is what is it going to take to wake up? What is it? What is it gonna take to quit the dealing with Reba? What is it gonna take? What is it? Well, boy, you know, when you put somebody in the grave

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no matter how much you love them, no matter how much you you either were so dear to you.

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If I tell you spend one night with them, I'll pick you up tomorrow morning. You will never do it.

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You will never do it. Even if it was your mother. You will never go there.

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But you know what, we'll go with you.

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The Quran, the salaat

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the first thing, the charity, the smile, the salaam, the kindness, the love. That's what's gonna go with you. This is what's them with them right now. That's what we left with them. Or the family came back or the money came back or the cars came back all the wealth left.

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And all that stays with them. Is there an Al Wallah he this was a major Wake Up Call Today he was and he you know, one, two, maybe three in a day, but 6789 Almost 10 people in one day. Allahu Akbar Allah.

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May Allah subhanaw taala make or last deed our best deeds? May Allah azza wa jal ya Allah I ask you the best of your names, everybody's here. Their wives, their parents and their children. And everybody's watching us. Yeah, Allah. Make the last words La ilaha illallah shareholder on

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nasty one. Nina.

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Nina Hoda wonderful on

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PHMSA Shahida

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Gomez, Shahar fellow Hillsong woman again and Maddie one elewana says

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you read a lot more you saw wanna you read to be Serravalle to me last night that I wanted to be on Long Island

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lagoon than two

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