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My dear and beloved the respect to the brothers and sisters I ask Allah azza wa jal who gathered us in this region together as human pm I'll see you then Moosonee Mohammed some of the law of ID who is sending them I mean your have been it mean

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during the sinner fell form or what the Allahu and

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he set out to be allowed to Sham with Abu Zubaydah.

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During the journey

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they encountered a creek

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that they must cross in order to proceed.

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So on with the Aloha Ron took his slippers

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put them under his arm

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and proceeded

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when he got to the other side

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his claws became muddy.

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So I will obey the or the Allah Han. He said to Omar, I fear

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when the people see you the one who are welcoming us

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in that state

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they might think that you're a man without a visa without honor.

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All of the Allah aren became very angry and said vonleh He if it was anyone else other than New Year aboagye That would have shown

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Yeah, boy Aveda in Kuna Avila calm for as an EN LA Obon Islam, for men that have been in there is that have you read the Lanham law or will obey the

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we were the most degrade disgrace people.

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And Allah honored us with Islam. And if we seek honor,

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from other than slavery, we will be disgraced again.

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My dear brothers and sisters

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the word is

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linguistically. There is no one word translation.

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As as might as as power, as as honor, as as glory.

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Is, is pride is as confidence.

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As though it's not something tangible that you can see or smell or touch. It's far more noble than that. It's pride and confidence in your Deen in your values and in your identity. This in my young brothers and sisters, is that is confidence and pride in your identity as a Muslim.

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is the 15

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of fearing Allah alone and expecting the reward from Allah and own.

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It is knowing that Allah is the result he is the provider so I do not have to humiliate myself to anyone to any human being. Is is believing without a speck of doubt in the area. When unless you pan oh, what I said, Call Larry, you'll see Bennett in ketchup Allahu Donna, tell them nothing will happen to you. Nothing will happen to you except what Allah has decreed to you. Is, is believing in the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam not only believing having your kin in this hadith, when there are several paths sold on Maharani he was sallam said, therefore of Allah yeah from be mindful of Allah, Allah Who will protect you. Be mindful of Allah you will find him in front

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of you. And if you ask what either first le Na wa either stand up for staring bynner When you ask, you only ask Allah when you seek out you only seek help from Allah. Why this word? Why Adam and Noah sort of five if all nations gathered to her all new was something that Allah did not decreed it will harm you. They will never be able to harm you and no sort of fact if all nations good

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Other to benefit you was something that Allah did not decreed it will benefit you, they will not be able to benefit you that he says.

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That is, as

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my brothers and sisters,

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we reached a point that we have forgotten this word. We have forgotten the meaning of ESSA while on the time of Rasulullah last Allah either you or send them, there were people around him, Allah subhanho wa Taala called them mean and he moved me in Regina, Southern humara Allah they can find it in the home and cover the women who may in total while another DeLucia the Gita among listen carefully among the believing male, there are men. Among the believing men, there are men who are truthful to Allah subhanho wa Taala who are truthful to the vow that they made with Allah azza wa jal, some of them are martyrs, and some of them are waiting to be martyrs, but they never break the

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covenant that they have with Allah along with Janome.

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How can we regain that as

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first and foremost?

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By believing

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with without any speck of doubt that Allah is that as he is himself?

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Allah is that as he is himself.

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And if you decide

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if anyone thinks to seek is from other than Allah, then you will be disgraced. Karna Subhana wa the Shira eliminare Philippine

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WIBA Sherill Munna 15 be another Hamada than at EMA.

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Inform give the glad tidings to the hypocrites

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that they wish to have the severe punishment who are the hypocrites ya allah and Nadine a toughie don't care fair enough, only an enduring meaning the one who take the non believers as protectors as guardians instead of Muslims.

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Or yep tahona in the homage

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listen this one if I say something from me say * where did you get this room? I'm saying column one corner was sort Allah was saying all when I 15 You are taking the non believers as your guardians you're out here.

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Do you see I have the owner in the homeowners. Are they been friends with them? Or asking them to protect them because they want so from them?

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Allah subhana wa Tada answered, for in his Zetta live la he Jamia What's wrong with you?

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You want as you go to the Aziz, you do not seek it from a superpower. You seek it from the Aziz himself. Allah azza wa jal, Allah subhanho wa Taala told us when in law Hinduism when the rasuna hit while he will move me Nene, whether kin and whenever you're fina Lai Levon to Allah belongs there is to His Messenger belongs there is and to the believers belongs there is but

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the hypocrites do not know that.

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But the hypocrites do not know that.

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My brothers and sisters

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that you are a Muslim, you are as his

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Allah azza wa jal

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have honored me and you

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to be among the best nation ever created. Khan tomb failure on the tin offeree Jacqueline Earth. This survey is not done by a company on the law has Xhosa declared that Islam is the most honorable is the most. It is the only Dean and whomsoever follow Islam is honorable, going to free your own soul. You belong to the best Alma have a reserve

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be as ease because Allah azza wa jal inspired you to make Susun to your Creator, not to another creation like many other people.

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Be as is because Allah

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As our agenda chose the best man that walked this earth to be your messenger

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my brothers and sisters

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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have told us how precious do not listen to the nonbelievers and to the media. Allah told us how precious is our blood. When he said when he told me in an Mohammedan fertilizer Oh Jahannam hobby than fee her. Well have you been to LA who I need one I level one I had enough who other than Alima whosoever Kim the believer intentionally.

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He will be in Jehan Nemat for ever, Allah is draft is upon him and was curses upon him and there is a severe punishment waiting for him.

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My brothers and sisters walk with your head high because you're a Muslim of Allah has honored you do not let anyone take that away from you. Allah told us man can you read oh there is FUN IN HINDI there is a two Jamia street forward if you want Tirzah whosoever is seeking Giza, where should I get a challah from fell in love fell in love fell in here is to Jamia all there's all the honor belongs to Allah. So since there is belongs only to Allah

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and Allah is the only source of is that means

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the closer I am to the Aziz, the closer I am to have Aza

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the closer I am to the ASEAN

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the highest the possibility of having dessert. Which brings us to the second point how to earn is called a cada min Can you read on your is fan here Dad just be thought in whomsoever want is, let them honor themselves by obeying Allah simpanan with Allah right? There is a belongs to Allah. The closer I am to Allah the closer I am to is how do I get closer to Allah? By obeying Allah azza wa jal? Yeah when this is not just another football, we are seeing and witnessing what's happening. These are solutions from the Quran and from the Sunnah. We want is we want that there is a back there is the Torah or the Allah and spoke about there is the total number she spoke about.

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You want to obey Allah subhanho wa Taala

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unfortunately, now we have Muslim drinking alcohol, Muslims cheating on their spouses, Muslims, gambling, Muslims dealing with riba Muslims selling and buying haram, Muslims with tobacco shops, Muslims.

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How can I seek or is this obeying the source of Erza? How can I ask for? And I declare war on the owner of ESA, how?

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My brothers and sisters

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many of the people who disobey Allah azza wa jal, they say the statement, everyone's doing it. Be very careful from that statement, my beloved brother and sister. Everyone is doing it. There's no rule in Islam that says if everyone is doing something, it becomes harder. As a matter of fact, that exactly the opposite is true. When Allah says in surah Anam, we're in tutoria at settleman Phil uban, Luca and civilian and if you obey the majority, they will take you away from the path of Allah as Zoa John,

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we will face Allah

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alone or couldn t young Malkia metaphora that we will stand in front of Allah alone without a translator without a lawyer without a spouse without a parent alone, and we should report about everything that we have done. Third, following the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu I knew he was sending them to the best of our ability will make us

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Burn there is that we are seeking and leaving the Sunnah.

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This is what Rasul Allah Islam said was your 11 Dolan was Surah alum and foreigner for Emory and disgrace and loneliness

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upon the one who oppose my sunnah

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disgrace upon the one who oppose

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my sunnah

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when we

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obey Allah and the messengers then we will be true believers and What did Allah promised the true believers quickly in any weather to he know what tough is no one taught at that level in control I mean, what can I not help can Allah in muscle remove me in in whether your child on the law how they can fit in either NIDA removed me Nina sadita and many you are superior when you are a true believer. I will never let the disbeliever have control over the macmini not the Muslim in the MOOC we mean

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my brothers and sisters

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Liahona Katakolon Lulu Deena Cafaro Phil billet Mobtown Colleen, from Mamet welcome Jahannam what it sent me had, do not be deceived

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by the power of the non believers around you. It's just a temporary and at the end, we have punishment of the Hellfire forever, who probably heard our stuff from lots of stuff it all in on all of our writing

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Smilla Hua Salah to sit down I had an unknown of Ieva that

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we weren't as

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we have to get over our inferiority complex.

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People say we are a minority.

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How can we have is should we isolate ourselves from the society? Absolutely not participate in the society? Get engaged. But what I can, what I can, what I can do not compromise your deen do not water down your game. The beauty of Islam is to be presented the way it is.

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And if you feel your need to compromise your Deen in order to progress stuff, see out

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and this is unfortunately what happened with many people when they go and start participating in the society. Always put Allah first and before you utter any statement, ask yourself, will I be proud to say the statement in front of Allah azza wa jal and will I be proud to say the statement in front of Allah azza wa jal,

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my brothers and sisters is is to live

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is to never leave Islam.

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Bailey not only in the masjid is, is to pray on time, even if it was in a parking lot as my sister is to wear your proper hijab every while everyone around you is naked as that is to stand against oppression is that is to challenge the truth

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even though the outcome could be very hard

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my brothers and sisters

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you want to see as

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look at her as

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a white to see as they're being implemented. Look at the Gaza

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is there is though

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with a crown on the Iranian

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Versa, is the result was it Crowl on the it

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taught or says that when you see a man

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grateful to Allah azza wa jal after he lost all his family.

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This is a total says when you see a woman standing like a mountain congratulating each other

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because their children are martyrs. That is that is when you see a seven year old girl that lost her brother, calming her father and telling him to be patient is what's the total says when

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we see all the people

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over the united with one goal in my Shahada, we're in a muscle either martyrdom or victory.

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That is as my brothers and sisters

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if we do not

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start obeying Allah and get that as a duck,

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Allah azza wa jal told us in the last day on surah Muhammad

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when teta Well, lo you're still you're still in Conan Lee at a con from malaria kornell and third accom

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if you do not obey

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if you go away from my

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will replace you

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with someone who will obey

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and they will be better than me help

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alumni is that Islam all the streaming

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along that is that this now I'm only Muslim in why this should occur when we should be keen. Why then let it go for our caffeine along on some coin clan and if he has his muslin as user along or solo Mosman as using Yara believe me Allahumma or Hamilton rocky mean? I've been at it now for dunya has an affiliate here at Hudson walking either now or Atlanta. That was a clue when a bad day in Daytona will have learned I'm in the room Kashima in a cantilever hub in the LA home and I could tell you someone out and maybe you already know him and somebody he was sending with this beam almost solely around Muhammad Ali Muhammad came so late I don't know him either or him in the middle

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Majeed longer the Ricardo quiet the Mohammed cannot doctorado below him here got him in Accra Homido Maji welcome well you know smelting

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in metal musli me now almost Lima Do you want to know meaning I mean it will quantity now I don't need that anymore saw the pain I was saw the bond the one saw the Rena was Slavia before she you know she

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was before she I mean I want to recall she I didn't want him down son Dino down son the party was on me now was all in

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one heavy Lena photo gentlemen one Hatfield was the was good enough. Guess

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what the guilt or I don't

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genuine Eileen.