Hasan Ali – Analysing The Lives Of The Prophets – Episode 54

Hasan Ali
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he was talking with nine Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Brothers and sisters, welcome to another session of Musan Harun Allah Masato Salaam.

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And what we were discussing last week is how a individual within the family or within the people who are close to Iran, within his own counsel is trying to advise him.

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And he's trying to tell him that look, not only him, he's not directing around, see, this is one good good Heckman wisdom he has, he does not say, oh, shoot around, you're the one who needs to believe and if you believe in the rest of them will believe, you know, this kind of mentality where you kind of see the head of the whole of the country, or the head of a government as the, you know, the, the source of all your hatred or the source of all you love. This is from people who have got a low standard of understanding and outlook. See, the heads will change. When government changes, its head changes. So his thing wasn't to fit around, per se. It was to the whole of this cabinet. And it

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was to the whole of the large extended people who are supporting Iran. And he's telling them and according to what we said last week, surah number 40. And number

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35. He was saying that these are arguments that you're making without any delay at some point in time.

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You've got no real way of proving musala solemn wrongs, so far, you have not proven him wrong. All you've done is given threats. All you've done is just said that you're in power, you're in charge, people should listen to you, you have, you know, the whole of Mr. and Egypt is under your power. That river Nile is under your power and so on so forth. But what you haven't done is the miracles that musallam showed you have not shown anything back now. This is where what what happened with common people is common people get mesmerized. Common people don't follow the real argument, see, fear around, he fooled his people a lot. And as I said that last week from the Quran as the hot

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choco taco he made, he made a mockery out of his people, he fooled them and they just believed him. What's happening today brothers is most people are fooled because of the way there's a rhetoric you can put on. And so hang on, let me know if you study this, that there's a way that you can use your voice. There's a way you can use your use of body language. There's a way you use your authority and power. And if you put all these things together, you can make people believe whatever you can make people believe whatever it's you know, some people have a strong voice.

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Some people have a strong willpower. Some people have a strong status, a high status, fit on huddle three.

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Can you imagine the power that the influence that he had over his people, and Allah doesn't give everything to everyone. But Allah gave it to this man, and this man was able to use it. Now what's happening today is see one of the things that Iran has is he has a group of men who he has employed 24 seven anytime he wants to. anytime he wants to send news out to his people, and to the bad news for him. He can do it, just like that. And a lot mentioned that was harsh ed in the Koran that we mentioned a few times when he wanted to when you want to find the best magicians in the country. He sent His hashing,

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what hashing hashing are people who gather others so they'll go to a location Don't forget, this is the time when they haven't got, you know, GPS system. They haven't got satellite, they haven't got your, you know, whole technology and all that to try and get everyone out of mobile phones. None of that. There's no TV, there's no media, but he had the equivalent of the time. He had his men who could go to the hole of missiles, all different locations were covered. And as soon as he gave one form of news, they went straight out and they're all new. I've got this post he's got that post he will go to that post. I will gather everyone together here and I will give them the news of this was

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media. And Allah says hash it in he used when he when he

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wanted to find the best magician and harshly and he used again when he wanted to go and destroy my new style which we will come to later on. So fill around has got the power of media with him. Plus Don't forget the tower that he built was a tower the overseeing tower he saw everything this is this is where you know like I said to you last time that you've got a satellite system and you've got something you know watching over you've got you've got power, the power of the eye, the either sees the power of, of conveying your message, power of media, then he had the power of you know, when he had Harman Kardon he's got the power of the financial power through PowToon and he's got Hammond who

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is Mason the monumental structural power that he needs. He's got his all of it Allah gave a lot to for all he gave a lot not not every king and not every ruler will have all of these things with them plus the you know, the the the power of the the the voice and the miton Allah, Allah gave him a lot. But what this man was saying to fit around is

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there's no Soufan. In the midst of all of this, you haven't got a real clear evidence to try and counterattack what Musa alayhis salam has presented as a miracle. All this is all this is just a game. It's a show. What do you do with his magicians, when he bought his magicians out? It was a show it was to mesmerize people again is to show who's got the power all these magicians work for me. In the end, obviously he failed, which we discussed before. But what is he doing? He's making a show. What is he doing in a tower he's giving all these lectures to people saying look, this ribbon is under me and so what he's doing he's using words to fool people and that's what's happening

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today. Most people unfortunately because they see the media

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did mostly

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if you read books series comes in that you know you know when I've talked to audiences and I say please go go and read books the light

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shake you never said that. Did you? Know

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you tell people honestly youngsters especially youngsters, I tell young says read books in the night. Look, they look at you that don't know whether to smirk smile, they don't know what to do.

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civilization is not built on a show on entertainment. Fear around had entertainment going on. And he wanted to mesmerize a fool these people through that today. People who are connected to the media. I'm not saying media is wrong, guys don't get the wrong end of the message. It's important that we follow the news I understand. But you've got to understand whose media you are watching when you're in your own time. And a film's man comes from his palace and gives you news, whose news has he given to filter out news? It's not going to be in your favor always is going to be his news always in his favor. And what you got to understand is today most people don't know that most people are not even

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picking on the truth. What is that? Which is the Quran, which is a miracle a living miracle today. Besides all the things people have said about Islam and terrorist and blah, blah, blah, blah, whatever else it is often given those whose thumb they haven't given no real evidence to say we're going to falsify the forearm.

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nobody's done that. I'm not sure I'll put something into into your ears and my friend do watch watch this year, who has never had a member of Jehovah's Witness knocking on their door? Never never had one member of Jehovah's Witness, knock on your door ever in your life, your hand up?

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Because there is not a single hand went up?

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If I asked the same question to 500 people to 1000 people, you barely see one hand barely, if that.

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We've all been we've all had them. I've asked the questions to Jehovah's Witness if I ask the question to Christian said, who's never who's who's never had a Muslim knocking on their door?

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Who do you see?

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loads of the Christian print and I have another Muslim knocking on my door. I haven't had almost nothing but quite a few. Quite a few. Now what's my point? My point is is Jehovah's Witness. Now I'm not gonna go into the full thing because I don't want to go off on a tangent on here, but so far on this word, which is in Surah number 48. Number 35. What this man was saying is that you've got to bring a clear cut evidence

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of Java's witnesses knocking on my door, I'm gonna try and make it very short. I've got a I've got a tactic basically, I've been written off.

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I'm like, you know, they knock on my neighbor's door. Then they're knock on this neighbor's door, but they don't knock on my door anymore. I've been written off. I'm like the devil to them. So what happened is they used to knock on my door every other week days to come. And I just invite them you know what normally happens. You ever talked to Jehovah's Witness? First they don't listen to you. Second is if they listen to you, then they want to give their thing to you and then they want to go off

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was made a tactic that's a look I will listen to you five minutes with my mouth shut.

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But then you have to give me five minutes with your mouth shot.

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Straight up deal deal if not deal you complete somewhere else. So that's okay fine five minutes to listen to us or listen to your Bible. Yeah, yeah, tell me we preach.

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So they preach to me.

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After that I stopped. I said, you know this in the Quran, you know, the Quran. Now the Congo.

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The Congo, normally the tactic is they are trained never to listen to you never to listen to your power. Now they don't like it. See, then I found out another trick that God, once you do that to them, they never return back again. They never return back, but another, another two will come. I tried the same thing with them. Those two never return back to you again.

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So then I devise a plan. I thought, Okay, this time, we'll do different trades.

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I said to the guy said, you know you this to finescale.

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I said no, you I said,

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there's no point of me talking to you. He said Why? I said there's no point at all. So what? I said, Look, me, I'm probably a sinner. I'm probably a bad guy. But you know what? You will never come to my house second time.

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No, I will say no, you will. No, no, you guys come second time. I don't understand. Why don't you come second. When I put my mouse none of you come second time. So this one said I promise I'm going to come next week. So Fine. So we did this family thing. Next week. They came

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I said to him, I said this is your last time you ever gonna come? It's a no no, no. You don't care about me. If you care about Look, I could be going to oblivion because they don't believe in that they kind of believe in it. They don't they don't believe in hellfire. But they believe that you could go into you know believe Oblivion, which is that when you die, and then that's it. You finished long story short, I said you're never going to come again. So I'm going to come again. I said, Okay. Next week, they came this time boat inside came a cup of tea. Yeah. And I was listening miserably. The thing is, if you don't listen to them, they won't come back.

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Then I started I said, Okay, it was a woman. I said, Okay, you got a husband, she bought her husband. He's in Jehovah's Witnesses. And my god, these guys are giving like a lot. They're giving half the week's worth in that hour. They work half the week, and they give them half to weaken down knocking on people's doors. Anyway.

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They gave me an hour, I gave him an hour now we slowly become friendly. They slowly be friendly. So what happens here is that I'm taking a bit easy in not too hard. And I said, Okay, fine. Bible. I said, Look, I've got four Bibles upstairs. Yeah. So I bought the Bible. They'll call to me some that look. And then slowly, slowly, slowly, I went to the soap bar. What's the whole fun? What's the big hammer?

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I said, Everything you're preaching is based on this Bible here. Magic is the image of these devices and everything. You you appreciate it from this bubble. Yes. They said yes. I said, how authentic is this Bible? Yes, it is authentic. 100%. You know, we had a committee sitting down in 1900. And something and they check this one is different from all the other Bible this the most authentic of God. I said, What about if I was to prove, or go ahead and show that what you're showing? is not done? That's it. Go ahead.

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So I started to read, I started reading they start with the commentary, the bottom, I started to read around and so on. And hamdulillah what happened is I mean, we were conversing. And they were like, No, no, our Bible is 100%.

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A brother from this Masjid.

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He had an article from 1952.

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On the Jehovah Witness written by the Jehovah's Witness that their own scholars said that there are some discrepancies in the Bible. This is a journal from 1952, written by the scholars of Jehovah's Witnesses talking about their own version of the Bible saying there's discrepancies. So next meeting by the sixth week, I pulled this piece of paper, I can assure you,

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I want to show when he saw it, he said, Where do you get this phone?

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Ah, where do you get this from? Like the Moses stick is coming out now. Right? It's got what do you get this from? I said, we did. I said, This is yours.

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He was a bit taken aback. But that was enough. I said, Look, I said here is the program.

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You try and prove to me that the code has been altered in any way. And we had another two weeks of compensations. Then what I did is I gave him I said, Look, give me your literature, again, which I said you got to take my literature. So I gave him a book called his heart on how his horrible hug shows that the discrepancies of the Bible like no other book. Now he stopped coming slightly. Okay. Two weeks later, I see him I said What's going on?

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He said he's your book.

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Did you read it? He said, here in there. So no.

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I say Listen, I've given you a book that shows that the whole Bible you reading

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doesn't have it's got basically loads of discrepancies. And if you bought me a book to show my Quran is not intact, I'll lose sleep.

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I would be reading your book are we allowed go to my scholars or go to my whoever I say give me answers I'm looking at my whole face will be shaking.

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And I would not rest until either I prove to you the Qur'an is 100% or I will convert become Jehovah's Witness.

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And this is how we started off. You know, the beginning I said, if I'm right, you gotta convert. You're right. Yeah.

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So what happened now? He said, No, no, I said, I read bits and pieces. I said, No. I said, Listen to this. Sit up. Open the book. I said, Look, discrepancy number 36.

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You read this. After reading to him. I can see he's not liking what he's hearing as a discrepancy number 48. To another one. Listen to this is not liking what he's hearing. I said, Come on. I said, your whole faith is based upon this Bible. And it's reading and you're not ready to go to the level as a take me to any minister, you've gone. Oh, is your secret that any minister

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you know what happened after that?

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They never came back again.

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never came back again. And the worst thing happened is none of them come now.

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And if I see a Jehovah's Witness, now, they cross my road. They go to this neighbor, cross my garden. My pastor goes I'm gonna open the door today.

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Am I the devil? Why don't you guys come and see me. Macy love being written off. What I want to say to you is that when you present Soufan and the other person Soufan is such an evidence you've got no argument against it. musala Islam he's nine signs that he presented to the rounds Kingdom there had not a single way of of confronting him and it's going to create something I said last week, I said, Every time that assign k musala Sam, call them call moose. fianco musallam sequel every time assigned came, and he told him to just make do it alone. What I meant by secretly is him and his counsel, they called him they said, Look, just make dua to make dua to Allah, Allah will will will

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send when Australia will definitely send them and then when he would make dua, again, that go back to the ways again. Now, what happens is the person who's given power to firearms people, this is what he says, your own, or people of your own Follow me. And the conservator Russia, I will show you a direct pathway. Now, this is dangerous because if you look into an theater, Holden said, I'm number 29, or suitor 40, he said, he come in as mama de la salle de la prashad. I will show you the correct pathway. And this man is using the exact phrase and saying, follow me. I will show you the straight path. Whoo. This man's asking for it.

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In front of your own in front of his people, he's giving us our Yeah, Paul, my people in number have even higher to dunya matar. You said this world is only temporary. Now anybody who thinks about you know your room. If anybody's listening to this, you know, I know people can listen to the recording later on. There are people who do who do oppression in many different many different fronts, some businessmen do.

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And other businessmen. There are macchia organizations out there. They've got no other job to do, except Take the gun take tax from every single shop, and that's how they earn their money. There are certain employers who do loom on their employees.

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Yes or no guys. There are some in Edmonton here. I'm not saying this is a bad place. Alhambra got a very good place here. But there are some out there. And Muslims have told me from this Masjid, they've said when I was working with a non Muslim he let me come for Juma and prayers. But when I'm working for a Muslim he don't let me come

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from oppression. There are a lot of husbands do good on their wives.

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Yes or no? There are children being on their parents. There are parents to bloom on the show.

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And there are even wives do loom on their husbands. That happens as well. Yeah, let's not just talk about husbands Yeah. Okay. A quality quality and then all you do is just just just hit the men that I don't like some women do little mom that I'm the husband's seriously. Some husband they don't go home until is one and Bravo. She's got to be sleeping before I go home you know I'm saying.

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So what I'm trying to say is the only zoom if you think about it, whoever you are listening to this. There's a day when you cannot do your boom again. You know why? Because you can week what else

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lysing here through this you know, Allah saying in the Quran of the voice of that man is Mata Mata is going to end one day we're in the era here.

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You want something permanent, established, never ending that is going to be the Acura. Now obviously these words are hitting the people of Iran as given the dollar. What I want to say to you brothers is whoever whoever This is the zoom I've seen Yeah, I've seen

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men do zoom on their wives, and the wives do sub until another 20 years later when the man is now bedridden, or he's weak. And the man is weak is 60 something years old. Now he's weak. He needs his wife's help and the wife things

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you want out, give you help, you won't get your medicine. You got to feed yourself.

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That time you know the woman, you know her tongue had tongue slushes this man so bad, so bad. The guy thinks, man, I'm better six foot down. I'm better dead than alive. And there are women out there that do this. If you're a guy, little man, your wife should read a thing. See what Allah tells us in the paralysis. This is Surah number 27. And number 14, he said about Iran. He said Jihad was taken at hand for so they were stubborn, yet the hearts knew the truth. And Allah says kung fu k for

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people to see. You now look a reader who's reading. Now look at the end result of the people who corrupted and that's what we're going to discuss today. The end result of these people. So what happened this person carries on saying and number 14, so the number 14 and I'm going to say at unfollow.

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Whoever does an evil deed. He will not have anything back in return except evil. Amina Amina salejaw whosoever does something good mean that carry now man or woman will not mean and there are believers who don't agenda they will be entering the garden you will definitely have divided Isabela will give them sustenance without any measure. Well yeah call me Maddie adorable Camila Naja what are the owner not my people I am asking you to come to salvation while you are asking me to go to the fire. This is the kind of words we need to say See, you know here we say today we say Muslims have rights Muslims have right give us our rights. nobody's talking about

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you know most people out there in the media giving Dawa whatever you know the government bashing these people but what's happening I'm not saying all governments do this by the way. I'm not saying all government members do this. Please don't be you know, like, you know, taking next week and I'm saying it. So what I say is that when this kind of clash happens what people do is people don't focus on the real matter the real macro is actually is coming you guys are gonna die. You're gonna die, you'll be replaced will be replaced. So Pamela you think about it, a lot of one a lot also surrounding the Quran. It was about all these nations. He says fam Shannon invited him Cardinal Ali,

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after them. I raised another new nation. Karuna Hardin, I raised the new new few nations. And you will see the destruction how Allah talks about them what they left behind and so on. But the point is that in this country where we are right now,

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there was a time when the the, you know, in this very concrete here, you have many civilizations before they're all gone. The Shakespearean era has gone.

00:23:37 --> 00:23:52

The whole of the you know, Edwardian, they've gone. The Victorians have gone. Before that the Vikings have gone. They're completely gone. You go to nowhere. I just visited Norway a week ago. You go to Norway, you don't see the Vikings there.

00:23:53 --> 00:23:57

You don't you know, they came from them. There's no Vikings completely gone.

00:23:58 --> 00:24:16

Today, we have this modern aging technology, it will be completely gone. And tomorrow, you know, tomorrow there'll be after a few generations, there might be people looking back at this age and saying, Wow, how did they do all of that? Just like we're looking back and we look at the pyramids in Egypt and we think wow, how did they do that?

00:24:17 --> 00:24:19

We can't build pyramids.

00:24:21 --> 00:24:47

If we could, we would have done it. We can't build pyramids. The way they did it is that wow. And Allah says one night Bella Bella, Shara mattina, new civilization won't even be given 10% of what I've given before. You think we're ahead Allah say you got you'll have people more ahead of you, or you might not have people more ahead and you could be ahead right now. I might not do the same thing to another nation. So he says to them when they start giving dollar back to him.

00:24:48 --> 00:24:59

They're saying Don't you believe in the God and we believe in civilization. This is a parabola you're asking me to make call for a disbelief with a lot. oceanica bC malissa levy

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They said I have no real knowledge of committing schilke and partnership with Allah. prove it to me if you can prove it to me, I will do it. If you can't prove it, don't don't tell me this. I'm asking you to come to the Aziz you have to the mighty wonder the forgiving one. Anyway, the whole conversation goes on until he says to them

00:25:21 --> 00:25:45

and no matter the only a lazy lazy load our configuring our life in Arkansas says, Your power your mind everything you got no real call in this world in the next world war Anam Aradhana in a VA and our return back to Allah. Oh, going back then. And he said final final words that are number 44 faucethub Guru nama.

00:25:46 --> 00:26:11

He said you soon shall remember and revisit what I just what I'm saying to you right now. And he saw that they would not accept his power, but he gave his power. He then said What shall we do under the law? My whole matter my affair I leave it with a law in the law. Assume that Allah is the one who watches this. I should try to kill this man.

00:26:13 --> 00:26:53

However, he tried, we haven't got the details here, no plan, but Allah azza wa jal saved them and for waka who love to see Atma Makoto, Iran and his counselors, they made a clear plot to kill this man, they couldn't do it. And in the end, if Iran was the one who was killed now what happened in the meantime, when he's trying to kill him and somehow Allah save this man, is that fear always raged around his heart. You can't get him worse than this. Why? Because on the one hand, moose is causing the man who's trying to believe in Him fear around, try to kill their sons one year and allow them to kill the sons newborn children a second time he's given the hokum under oath right now

00:26:53 --> 00:27:01

still abundant style and now seeing the power of Moosa. So what he does now is he restricts their religion.

00:27:02 --> 00:27:04

Now, this is getting direct with the religion.

00:27:06 --> 00:27:24

Now, everything I'm saying, guys, you can follow the story there's 137 mentions of musala ceram. There's a reason because in this oma this oma will be at a very political time, where it will need to visit, revisit these ideas and start thinking what what is our situation

00:27:25 --> 00:27:42

when Phil brown started using all these propaganda with his government and his power and his influence, and his harshly those who gave the media and he started to go up the tower and give his rhetoric and none of that helped him and now a man within his own Council is giving him power.

00:27:44 --> 00:27:55

Iran sees that I can't stop Moosa. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to now give a hokum and a command that none of them can pray publicly.

00:27:56 --> 00:28:11

If we see them pray publicly, they finished. These people what they used to do, why is the ban Australian used to come out and they used to pray in certain places, worshipping Allah azza wa jal by facing Jerusalem,

00:28:12 --> 00:28:19

in Jerusalem was the Qibla for all of these different nations beforehand. Now, if your own gave the order

00:28:20 --> 00:28:32

that I'm making it, I'm making it, you know, if I see any of these people praying, then there's gonna be trouble. I want you guys to stop thinking what's happening right now.

00:28:34 --> 00:28:41

decades and decades when you know, when powers have been used, I'm not saying again, it's the whole world, the only pots of people here and there.

00:28:42 --> 00:28:48

Right now, what the world is seeing is its religion, which is the problem.

00:28:49 --> 00:28:52

Because you're too religious. You too religious.

00:28:54 --> 00:28:55

too long.

00:28:56 --> 00:29:02

You know, too long manifests is too long. It is too long. I can show you longer than that.

00:29:04 --> 00:29:13

You pull a 10 pound note out. Yeah. Back at the tempo know, you've got Darwin's beard there. You seem Darwin's beard. It comes off the 10 pound note.

00:29:14 --> 00:29:22

You've got a bit coming off the 10 pound note. He had a big beard. My dad's been put together and one bit his beard.

00:29:24 --> 00:29:28

But what is it the problem is that this is a sign now of religiousness.

00:29:29 --> 00:30:00

And then soon some other religious thing becomes a sign. So you've got to become a bit liberal. You've got to you've got to make your make your religious private, because what happens is when these guys make public, what happened is musalla some time when they came out to pray, and when they got together, that's when they converse with one another. And that's when they say that musala son was delivered. This is the latest news. This is what's going on. That's when they can talk to stop them talking stop them getting together. He said no public worshipping. So now they tend to move Salah Salaam and they said what do we do?

00:30:00 --> 00:30:00


00:30:01 --> 00:30:12

a London gateway to musala salam. He said to them, whether Aloo Taku kiloton Joaquin masala Ayah number 2087 87 of surah number 10

00:30:14 --> 00:30:29

musala salam said, your own houses are now going to become your place of worship. You don't need to come out and pray public. Allah has made it very simple for us guys. You know us you know where you know if you can't, if you can't pray in a mosque

00:30:31 --> 00:31:13

is that a problem? No, you know, why have you been Muslim says that Allah has made the entire earth for us a mosquito, a place where you can do sudo wherever you want to you got to do salute anyway, this is what happened in the title musala ceram. And Allah says from Iman Alamosa in La gulia tumko me a lot of the new style were really scared to show the man many of them wouldn't want to believe some of them believed Zhu Li at Min comi even as a small group or a generation of them from burnsall. They believe Allah Hovind means around because of the fear of fear out they would not want to believe one manner to him if they know because of the torture that fear out and his people might

00:31:13 --> 00:31:51

might give to them they don't want to believe well even if your own Allah and him fill out your own was a mighty man on the earth. He was an untouchable. Were in the hula men and mustafina and he exceeded his limits if you wanted to kill someone torture someone he went to the limits of that. So what did musala sam tell them now because now they're fearing the same loser what's happening things are getting worse. So musala salaam turns around to them. Number 84 student number 10 he says your home in quantum and to be laughs Allah, Allah kallu in cuando muslimeen if you really believed in Allah then just depend on Allah things will be right in the end. Now a lot of Muslims they are

00:31:51 --> 00:31:59

questioning Islam the same things are getting worse each time we become more Muslim things are getting worse they need to start looking at these verses.

00:32:00 --> 00:32:41

Faith dependence on a lot our canon law is very important when you've got a lot of tyranny whatever else around you and again I'm not saying that all Muslims are in tune at this moment. I'm not saying wherever they're living the opportunity no there are only certain members around that are maybe doing that but there are a lot of good Muslim Muslims and non Muslims out there. Okay. So he said for Call of Allah hit our country, Kannada Serrano, Allah will depend Robin Allah Tatiana fitna miracle new Ballymena, Allah Don't make us a trial at the hands of those people who are committing oppression when a gene aromatic amino pomi kathina save us from this, this this group of people who

00:32:41 --> 00:32:42

deny your science.

00:32:43 --> 00:33:09

Now musala salam was also very vexed in the sense that he he he wanted a lot to bring the result. So what did musala Islam do? This is the door that new Salah now uses after nine massive miracles are given to Karen and he denies every single one. And he knows musala Sam is a Prophet he knows the truth is from Allah. After all of this he's still denying so what

00:33:10 --> 00:33:47

he says robina in naka de novo mela who Xena oh my lord, you have given fear around and his group of people. You've given them a lot of decoration, a lot of decoration and things that are attracting a lot of attractive things on this earth. What am well and you've given them wealth, what fuel hierarchy dunia in this life of this world? Or a banana. You've been Lou unsavoury Nicola. They've used this just to lead lead away people away from your pathway, or have been up to miss Allah and Wiley, our law strike their wealth

00:33:48 --> 00:34:15

wash to the Allah coleauxv make the hearts hearts hard. fella, you know what data will let them believe until they see your tormenting punishment. This is number 88 to the number 10. Now no solid solid know what the what the prophet sallallahu told us in one Hadith is every prophet gets a DA if they want to use up a law we'll accept it there and then

00:34:16 --> 00:34:59

every profit gets $1 doesn't matter how they use it, what they say allow make it happen. And for our purpose of the law, Holly Solomon said every prophet used it in their time, except for me, about himself is saying and then he said, I have reserved for the Day of Judgment. He's going to use it for the shafa for the intercession of the dead gentlemen. This was the DA and the and the prayer that musallam used to get it accepted that this is enough. This man's gonna be on limits now he's he's playing on the religion of these people. And that's when Allah said Wu Ji was call upon Eva da to Kumar Oh Moosa Oh, hello, because how do I cinema send me to the doors almost

00:35:00 --> 00:35:00

So how

00:35:02 --> 00:35:27

both of you have been accepted for study, stay steadfast on the path and don't follow the pathway of those people who don't know. This is number 89 student number 10. Now they got the news from a law that Ally's now accepted there draw so now shutdowns only going to find himself going to destruction. How does this happen?

00:35:29 --> 00:35:32

What Allah Allah azza wa jal tells musala salaam.

00:35:33 --> 00:35:36

He reveals to him he says, almost,

00:35:37 --> 00:35:58

I'm going to tell you to leave with Vanessa. This is in Surah number Surah Taha surah number 20 i a number 7778 welaka, our hyena Illa Musa when I inspired to musala la sala and as a baddie take my sevens by night.

00:36:00 --> 00:36:08

For the republican party and Phil bahaya Bossa Oh Moosa, you will come to a position soon enough

00:36:10 --> 00:36:20

to a river and that river among to make it dry in latter half udara can voila Tasha, no fear you will have of crossing that river.

00:36:21 --> 00:37:01

Now a lot only Tomas Allah Salama secret that is about to happen. And this is going to be happening but these people don't know about this. So what happens here musala salam, then turns around to his people. He says, oh, people Allah told me to leave with you by night. I want you to secretly leave with me this place, but it's going to be one particular night. And we're going to leave very secretly from this from this place. And don't forget, there's no secrets hidden in missile, especially with fear around around men and men around the 24 seven, they're watching buttons, right? So it's kind of suicidal for them to leave this place.

00:37:02 --> 00:37:06

So this is in Surah Surah, Doohan, surah, number 44.

00:37:07 --> 00:37:08

And number

00:37:09 --> 00:37:10


00:37:11 --> 00:37:14

fastly via Abadi lane and in a coma.

00:37:15 --> 00:37:55

I said to Moosa leave by night you're going to be followed alive and told masala salam, you're going to be followed and he knew that he's going to be following the law said what to do in Baja in June Morocco. He said leave the leave the river dry. I believe it's legal stable, whatever conditioning you leave it in a condition they are soon going to ground a lot whole lot musasa that that's how the death is going to be. So he had he had all that news, but his people never had that news. So what happens is masala Salaam tells them he says Lee by night, let's go. So they start leaving,

00:37:56 --> 00:38:33

leaving by night or get together and they come out of the houses all believers. And they're now moving out very quietly, slowly out of muscle. And musasa has coordinated them he made every group of people to a crow tribes each tribe he made one leader is a very very tactful of muzzle escena how are you going to get done and people to come and how do you organize them musasa 12 leaders some leaders under him he was the overall leader. Each leader had a group of people their own clan and their tribe, you know with them and musalla Some said okay, you're going to follow me in this direction they started to follow Him and right behind

00:38:34 --> 00:39:23

Sharon's men knew exactly what's happening. And they thought okay, okay, we're gonna wait for order from around himself. They told around when they told around. This is now in Surah number 26 and number 53 for our Salah Shiranui muda in a hatchery in Freetown. Immediately this he dispatched his media watchman dispatch that he said go on collect, collect the armies together collect all my men from this quarter from that quarter from Blackwater. In LA Elashi Lima to Cali loon, all of these all of these people. Now this is all in Surah Shara surah number 26. I have 5354 onwards you'll find that in the heart la isla Sheila de Martin Cali Lu these people they're Moosa and these people there

00:39:23 --> 00:39:59

are only a few people in number we outnumber them. We're in a home Lana lavon your home and they have made us very, very angry in the air of upset us. These guys they have upset the common man who should be upset the slaves of the slave master. No, no, no slave masters gonna be upset. He's losing his slaves. Allahu Akbar. So we're in the Hunan Allah. When Allah Jamil inhabited my people, this is the message you sent to all the quarters. My people we've always been watching

00:40:00 --> 00:40:03

These people because any moment they could kill us

00:40:04 --> 00:40:34

these people who don't have anything in their hands, they don't have anything in the hands. You're all using a rhetoric and saying these people are gonna kill us any moment. guys start thinking what's going on in the world now and what's been said about the Muslims in general I want you to think and again I'm not saying it's a black and white world I'm just saying there are certain people who are saying this but there are a lot of good non Muslims out there and I'm repeating this because I'm not making a black and white world out of this

00:40:36 --> 00:41:24

and then what Allah says is for Allah Raja now whom in Jannah to are you I made your own come out by early like basically late night film came out himself and he took all his army out. And with his army he took all the you know, these these media watchmen that went out there and again to spread the news. They bought out his other tribes, two warriors and fighters. He said, I'm gonna make the biggest onslaught I can on Moosa and his people and we're going to just crush them now. I've had enough of these people. So losses I took Pharaoh and his people out of beautiful gardens. I took them out from the places where they have springs where canoes in they had chests full of gold

00:41:24 --> 00:41:47

merchandise, they had treasure boxes, that they that they came out of meaning that the treasure boxes are in the houses, they have come at a loss I took them out, my arm in carry, what a beautiful place in Minnesota at that time, noble stage and I gave them they came out Allah says this now in Surah, Doohan surah, number 44.

00:41:48 --> 00:42:25

And number 25, can takumin Jannati Who are you and how many gardens did they leave behind? Allah wants us to think that Nehemiah at the end of a volume or oppressor someone who's disobeying Allah, what Allah saying, Look what they left behind it was these things that made them stay in power and do the aluminum pressure. Where are you many springs was ruler in many, many cultivation lands that they left behind mccammon carrying the left many wonderful places. Now nothing can be half a king there was so so

00:42:26 --> 00:42:33

you know so much enjoying the lifestyle that we gave them back there. And Allah says Cavalli cover over

00:42:34 --> 00:43:14

a hurry like this, we made another nation inherit what they had in their hands. So if your rounds come out, he has come out with his horses, he chivalry his men, and he's going straight in the direction of musala sama musala. Where is he heading? Allah told him to go towards philosophy. Now going towards philosophy, don't forget, he's already made this trip before. Because you know, when he met his, his father in law, yeah, that was the place. This is the place where he's going. He's made the trip before he's even gone there once before again, so twice in his life by now he's made this trip to philosophy, and he knows exactly which direction to go and in the road to Palestine

00:43:14 --> 00:43:27

from Egypt, it was very clear, just go east, and you will go straight into tools Philistine. But what happens is alarm, what happens is musala salam, he loses his way.

00:43:29 --> 00:43:32

He goes, somehow he loses way he loses direction.

00:43:34 --> 00:43:36

And who made him lose direction.

00:43:37 --> 00:43:59

Allah made him lose his direction. And musasa is lost. In wilderness. He's got all these people behind him. They've been followed and they know they've been followed. And as they're going more and more deep into the night, he knows that there's something that is looking very ugly ahead. And they come all the way to

00:44:00 --> 00:44:50

the early morning, and they come to a dead end, where the Suez Canal is right now. Where the river the rivers are there by the Red Sea musala salaam finds himself with his back towards that his people towards the and his people are having a go at Masada. So some of them have some of them having failed, some others staying quiet, but some of them say most of what has happened now. valamar Tara and Gemma and when the two armies came together, you can just imagine the grin on his face and his people. You know, his man who thinks that he's got, you know, a load from the skies that helps him who's gonna save him now? They've got no, they've got no weapons whatsoever.

00:44:51 --> 00:44:59

And furon and these men have every weapon to kill them there and then and they got nowhere to hide now nowhere to run, because they've got to see behind them.

00:45:01 --> 00:45:38

Allah azza wa jal at that moment, you know when these people they see this allows him to obviously he strengthened the faith of musala salaam already has told him what will happen Moses and Moses but his people say, in Carlos harbour Moosa in Allah Morocco, the companions of musala Some said, We are now in the hands of Iran, we've been caught llamada Rocco finished. And number 61 surah. Number 26. We finished. This is our last moment. He says can never,

00:45:39 --> 00:45:47

never in Marja, Robbie, say Howdy, my Lord is with me, He will guide me.

00:45:48 --> 00:46:04

He will soon guide for our hyena. A lamb was supposed to be he don't know what to do. Allah just told him, you know, I'll make you go to a river I'll make you cross them they will drown but he don't know how to go straight into the river or into the sea is going to go into the sea.

00:46:05 --> 00:46:11

He don't know what to do. So Allah says our hyena Illa Moosa I inspired to move solids around.

00:46:13 --> 00:46:19

Drop just drop your staff right now. Right at the mouth of the sea.

00:46:21 --> 00:46:25

So musasa turns around when rounds men are the distance that coming

00:46:27 --> 00:46:30

musasa drops the staff when he drops the staff

00:46:31 --> 00:46:39

alone ally mentioned this in about three four places around here Allah says fun fella katakana kulu Philippine cupola of him

00:46:41 --> 00:46:43

when he dropped this stuff down

00:46:45 --> 00:46:53

the the whole of the sea became something different. Because the sea is under the command of who.

00:46:56 --> 00:47:35

And this is a miracle we believe in that happened in front of the eyes in real life, where the whole of the Seas started to shift. And he started to make pathways. He didn't make one pathway. He made 12 pathways 12 is shifted some here some there some here some there's some here someday, Someday Someday, and he made walls of water. So what happened is, there was a pathway here and there's a wall of water here. And the pathway here there's another wall of water here there's another pathway here and all of water here about because Allah wants to get them on quick.

00:47:37 --> 00:47:47

alone to get them a quick so he made them 12 pathways, not 112 pathways. Now there's a problem when water leaves the soil. What are you stepping into?

00:47:49 --> 00:47:52

What if mud is gonna be muddy?

00:47:53 --> 00:48:00

No, no, the same. That's never seen the sun ever in its life.

00:48:02 --> 00:48:17

It's always been whipped there and then when Allah moved, move the water away. I made 12 pathways a lot dried up the entire 12 pathways, yerba sun all dry all the way completely dry.

00:48:19 --> 00:48:53

Now when when the 12 leaders straightaway Luke musala Sallam said get in there to talk to 12 leaders to call the 12 tribes right down. Now they're going down to the seabed. The they say that the wall of water that was by their side was thin, so thin that each person could see the different tribesmen running through the different pathways so that they don't feel fear. They're going musasa loves us with them. He's going with them. And they going first and fear around says hey, you see that magician?

00:48:55 --> 00:49:03

You see that magician? Go after him take your horse is done. I'm in fear and seeing what he's seeing dry pathway.

00:49:04 --> 00:49:13

It's all dry. And Sharon's getting muscles getting away. So finances get down there. Let's get him. If he can cross that. We can

00:49:15 --> 00:49:26

see his magic lava. So musala salam, he's running down, and it comes down to the right to the bottom. This is the this is a pathway no human has ever taken in their life.

00:49:27 --> 00:49:38

And as they run, run, run, run run they start getting a Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba until musala salon is safe and feel around and his men are not too far behind.

00:49:40 --> 00:49:59

And at that time, Allah gives his hokum and his command to the ocean to the sea. He says Oh, see, just get back together again. So they're all there. Everything just comes together and now Whoa, this whole thing has come together. If you don't know you

00:50:00 --> 00:50:04

Lift it up from the bottom, lift it up to the top.

00:50:05 --> 00:50:09

Now figure out what he does is he around sees Malakal moat.

00:50:11 --> 00:50:25

If you don't see the angel of death at the rocker pull her up when he's about to drown. One of my teacher said, no man has ever read a longer calima or a Shahada than Pharaoh

00:50:27 --> 00:50:28

but it still didn't save him.

00:50:29 --> 00:51:15

Because when you get to the part when you when you come to your death, and then you've seen the signs of death, and that's when you want to believe he will not be of any avail to you he will not help you at all. So what happened here? Allah says is number 19 surah number 10 was I was naive any surah lol baja I made the whole abundance right in cross the sea for at the bottom for their own if your own was right behind them chasing them what do you do? Who is his army were chasing them buggy and wagwan they were doing this out of malice hatred, out of enmity they want to do this had the other aka hold her up until he was about to drown. He says this

00:51:17 --> 00:51:19

and to Anna who La

00:51:20 --> 00:51:37

Ilaha Illa de amanat v ban who Soto Isla and Amina al Muslim me I've ever had a shadow longer than that. Hmm This guy was told us earlier just say Laila hi Lala.

00:51:39 --> 00:51:41

Mustafa Kelly moolah just say that and he wouldn't say

00:51:43 --> 00:52:12

and now he says this look, man too, I believe and know that there's that he loves it ah ha there is no other God in Allah The except the one look not except Allah except to one another be Hebrew is raw in all of the people about whose raw eels God, who is that God, I believe in the same God while Anna Nina muslimeen is completely submit to Allah.

00:52:13 --> 00:52:15

Allah said to him or Allah said,

00:52:16 --> 00:52:19

and now Now

00:52:21 --> 00:52:46

you will disobey in just a little while ago you disobey while contaminant mousseline and you were of those who cause corruption on the earth. Now he's Shahada, no matter how long was an accepted now what happens at this moment around is here with all these men, drowning and musala. Salmon is people are watching the watching all of this is happening right in front of the eyes.

00:52:47 --> 00:52:59

And then when they drop, because there's no way they're going to get out of the sea. That is there's no way they can swim to the shore. But um, these men they, you know, when it when someone drowns, what happens to the body?

00:53:01 --> 00:53:13

And then what happens if they stay there? After a while, some will actually be taken to the show some actually sink right the way in? Yes. Right. So for our body was one of those that were brought to the show.

00:53:14 --> 00:53:33

When is brought to the show, there's people that found him. And some people, whoever they were, they decided to bury him under now this this part I'm giving you from the Israeli generation, this generation that we don't completely accept, nor do we completely reject from the Israeli generations.

00:53:35 --> 00:53:43

They put in into the ground. And then the next thing they notice, after a while is Iran is on top of the ground.

00:53:45 --> 00:53:50

They couldn't bear it. So they buried him again, they buried him properly, deep inside gravity, but the soul of bore top of it.

00:53:51 --> 00:54:01

They come back again, fit on top. They do a third time they couldn't do it. So they took him. They tried to put him into the ocean and like

00:54:02 --> 00:54:09

bury him inside there, put the water in him and tried to get him down in there. He wouldn't go and keep the captain come back to the land.

00:54:11 --> 00:54:12

So then they took it took him

00:54:14 --> 00:54:41

and they took him inside. They kept him I think was something strange about his body. His body wasn't giving the stench that you'd get from an ordinary body after three days, four days. Allah says in the poor an iron number 92 surah number 10 fellowmen nije can be better Nick, when Pharaoh was dying. Allah said today I'm going to preserve your body.

00:54:43 --> 00:54:59

The takuna lemon hollow fucka is so that everyone who comes after you is able to take a lesson from you. All the volumes all the presses in the whole of the world will know that there's a there's a man who died 1000s of years ago.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:42

whose body doesn't rot? Who's new who you can't bury, but you will be alive for them to see. And today's Rihanna law. He's flown out from Egypt many times he's even been in the British Museum. He's been to many other museums across the world. And people come and they see his face. Just thought that is not mummified. He's not mummified, he's open and you can go to the internet. You can see pictures of Ramses the second or the sphere out. You can see pictures of Milan preserved man who preserved into their judgment. Now his bodies here are what is actually going on around. Allah talks about that, when he was in that state where his body was neither you know, you will, you can bury

00:55:42 --> 00:55:47

it. Allah says in the Holy Quran, I number 46 surah number 14.

00:55:48 --> 00:55:50

And now you're Adana, Allah you have

00:55:52 --> 00:56:29

the soul of fear own these bodies here we see there's nothing there, but his soul of your own, not morning and evening there is fire that is circulated around the morning and evening. While matakohe Musa and when the hour will strike when the day of judgment will come along with a Hindu Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, take your own and all of his men and enter them into a torment in most tormenting punishment. This is our number 4640 and this is the only ayah in the Quran

00:56:30 --> 00:56:36

that is the closest to proving the punishment of barza.

00:56:37 --> 00:56:43

The punishment of the grave because why? If you look in this ayah when around dies,

00:56:44 --> 00:57:29

there's a talk about him dying, or the talk about him come to an end. Well, how can we add if your honor suit law brought this admirable punishment to them when they were drowning? Okay, that was an animal 45. And number 46, halfway, Allah says, when the day of judgment will come, I will then say, enter him into the most most punishable and most you know, severe punishment, that's on the Day of Judgment. And in between his death and the Day of Judgment, Allah says, and now you're abuna Holly huashi at the fire is being presented to him or presented to all of him and his men. Morning and evening. We chose that it's got to be this but as of this, this in this time they've got from death,

00:57:30 --> 00:58:10

all the way to the day of judgment and that is the one that is closest to proving the punishment of barza who punishment three was a punch from the grave whether you say punishment, the grave or punishment of barossa This is the strongest area to prove that and what will happen to them eventually is they will be arguing Allah says this is the fake way via to hide do nothing now when a moment come when fear around men will be arguing in the fire with one another fire kulu haha the weak members of Sharon will say to the strong members of your own he will say they will say in canal October and we just followed you for Helen to moon Can you save us now from the punishment fight Can

00:58:10 --> 00:58:36

you save us from our sentence in Hellfire Carla loveliness that bottle those who were like Sharon and the nice counselors will say in nakulan fee how all of us were involved in this Don't try to blame us all of us doing this. in the locker the Hakama venular obey the laws made a judgment overall over seven somewhere in Hellfire Lacalle alladhina phenol eventually in the fire they will say to the gatekeepers of Hellfire he has an agenda.

00:58:37 --> 00:59:21

You have a robot can you have an aha moment and they will say to the gatekeepers, okay people just call a law the rub call him to just make one day give us one day break from this punishment. Just one day break all our apathetic moves will come into you know, they will say didn't the messengers come to you with clear signs they will say Bella Of course called photo then you carry on asking what am i do i will carefully in your body. The call of those who deny Allah azza wa jal is this goes to waste. And then the final thing I'm going to say before we end today is Allah says in an unsuitable Solana one Davina

00:59:22 --> 00:59:30

dunya, while my Akuma shad, Allah says I have all I will always Allah says I will always definitely

00:59:31 --> 01:00:00

I will help my messengers and I will help all the believers who follow the messages in this world. Why is Allah saying this in our number 51 shouldn't move forward to is because we're supposed to reflect on the situation of Iran and his people and the whole of what happened in Allah saying that look, eventually victory will be for the believers, jambalaya and fowl Valley Minamata on the day of judgment comes the the people who are pressed the excuses will be of no avail will not benefit them.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:18

At all while who Lana they will have curse too because when I'm so dark they will have a very awful stay in the next world. Anyway that was the end of turn but we've got a lot more with musala some Harun Li Salaam because now they've left

01:00:19 --> 01:00:36

missile where is it they go What do they do there are many different tests that are coming on both avenues right? I'm even on musala salaam so we're going to discuss that inshallah from next week onwards I'll see you then inshallah questions I know you said last week as well as questions in the question Bismillah

01:00:39 --> 01:00:40


01:00:41 --> 01:01:09

sometimes so fun is a super fun is such an such an evidence that is unbreakable. It's the evidence that you just like they can't do anything they can't say anything that is bigger than Delhi literally just an evidence but it can be broken so far and cannot be broken. Like the Quran the miracle of the Quran and the reason nobody can challenge it and they don't want to talk about this they want to talk about other things

01:01:27 --> 01:02:10

okay, there's a lot of you asking about the what musalla some slots on the night of revelation night when allows him to talk to him some say it was a plan says that it was like he said honest to me narrow he said I will come and get some fire from that place. So when he went there Did he see fire Some say okay was a fire Some say it was light no Some say he was like a fire with a mood. Some say it was a very odd kind of illuminating light. Okay there's all sorts of things but we don't know for clear what he saw but we know that he saw something of that kind from where from the surroundings or from there a lot from the fire from the surrounding What about last spoke to him directly?

01:02:12 --> 01:02:12


01:02:14 --> 01:02:15


01:02:26 --> 01:02:27


01:02:28 --> 01:02:29


01:02:31 --> 01:02:34

Until the fit around and people are fit on demand found him.

01:02:39 --> 01:02:51

Yeah, he's got his name for Moosa, which is more his water size was like three shahzada in the language. So musar water tree, baby water tree. That's how

01:02:54 --> 01:02:55

you had a question.

01:03:12 --> 01:03:55

So So again, this is about the angel putting mud in his mouth and for so that he can't say the Shahada. There's two ways of looking at it, either. There's been some that I want don't accept the integration. And there's some that are saying that, okay, they put it in because it's of no value anymore. Not that he might say the Shahada just in time, and they couldn't be put in March. You can't say no, no, no, we want you to go there via that wasn't the case. It was the case that he said his Shahada, and he was screaming with the Shahada is trying to get his you know, acceptance of the Shahada and angels already here. So the Hadith Muslim says, Whosoever wants to Toba can be Toba

01:03:55 --> 01:04:28

until you seen the next world when the next world opens up to you with the angels and the Angel of Death all that normal. Toba is accepted. Now these guys still screaming with the Shahada. Alright, and they've already come to take him so that's when they took some medicine. Okay, in your mouth some ghera you know, My son, just keep me quiet. Yeah, we don't want you to do that. So that's the other interpreter not that they were trying to stop him from saying the Shahada so that he might not go to them. Okay. No, exactly. No, Hi, guys. I see inshallah next week. 737.

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Musa and Harun part 7

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