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Mohamad Baajour
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Smilla hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah no Muslim no man fauna on finally my Londoner was at nine min Yahama rahimian ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada teachers would benefit us.

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benefit us from what you taught us and increase us knowledge. I mean

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the brothers in the back please

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I ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless this gathering, ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us baraka and everything that we do. Ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless me with the sincerity and everything that I say, and I do inshallah and everybody that is hearing today inshallah. I mean,

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today's hero

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is a, probably the most famous

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copy the Arab world have ever

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And there's no RV in anywhere in the world, except I've heard of, of the chef.

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And the chef is

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how do you

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a chef, Abdul Hamid Kaushik is even the Algerian. No, no, the chef, and the chef is originally from Egypt.

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This is a chef, that Subhanallah in the 70s Probably, yeah. 70s He was called Faris al manera.

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Faris Ferris knight with the K. Knight of the menagerie and he

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the art of giving Cottbus

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our shoe, my shoe personally are his students

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Subhanallah and most of the CEOs

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that are now in their

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50s 60s He was there, he was the teacher. He was the one that they look up to Sheikh Mohammed was born in Egypt

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in a very small village in the knee in the year 1933 1933.

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And that village was next to Alexandria. He born he was born to a very, very poor family. His father passed away when he was very young, starting his school years.

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At the age of six, in a very poor family at the age of six, he started feeling something wrong with his left eye.

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He was narrating his story. He said my mother took us to Hala Elantra.

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The mother took him to the barber of the

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of the neighborhood, the barber to check his eye.

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So, long story short, he lost his eye. He said I lost my my left eye at the age of six. And

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one of the

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very specialty of the shift that made him very attractive to all lot of people Jonnie was his sense of humor. He was very, very funny. And he got the message in a very beautiful, humorous way. Very nice. So he said, at the age of 17, my right eye the jealous from my left eye and I lost my sight. So so he was completely blind at the age of 17.

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At the age of 12, was his first cookbook. He was sitting in the masjid and the cottage did not show up.

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that was the end of the masjid ask him because he was very since he was young kid was very bright. And he finished memorizing the Quran at age of eight. So, the mazdan asked him to get up and give a hotpot and he was very impressive. He impressed everybody mashallah with his club. He went to allows her to study Sharia and

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he graduated

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with distinction

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he got a score of 100 over 100

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in also the dean, so he was the top of his class.

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Then he started giving the buzz in the year 1964.

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And they assigned him the government assigned him a masjid codeine and Hyatt Iein al Hyatt, which after his death, it was named Masjid chef Kaushik. It was named after him.

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Most of his

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talks and

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hubbub are against the government.

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So, due to that he was jailed many, many times. He was jailed on the days of the muscle. He was jailed on the days of Sadat, he was jailed a lot in and out of jail.

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When the Sheikh was released in 1968,

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he did not come down from the out of jail and he bowed to the to the regime. No, he continued, and he became more critical and more energetic.

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Though, he was arrested and released many many times after this.

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When they signed the Camp David treaty, he flipped.

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that was the time when his was his peak of attacking the authorities.

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He had around

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You know what, remember the cassette tapes? Yeah, he had around 2000 tapes, 2000 different lectures that circulated all over the Arab world. Every time you live

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the hotbar anywhere in the world, you see someone selling or giving away his lectures.

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Now being a person that always preparing for lectures,

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whether it's hot rods, whether it's hot buzzers.

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I was saying to myself,

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with my eyes, and all the technology,

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it takes me such a long time, to be able to get the information through and prepare something that is authentic. This man was blinded, 17

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Subhan Allah, how could he, of course, it's with the help of Allah subhanaw taala be able to give very strong, powerful 2000 All of them are very strong 2000 lectures

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with limited resources that that he had Rahimullah

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his speeches became so popular, that the message was extended three times to accommodate the mousseline.

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The people in order to attend his hotbar they have to stay from Fisher. Otherwise, there's no way you'd be able to sit inside the Masjid. It reaches between 10 to 15,000 people attending his hoppers

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during 18, during 1981 and 82, he was imprisoned again. But this time when he was released, when he was released, he was informed that we will release you on one condition, no more Futaba This is how powerful he was. We will release you. Either you stay in jail, or we could release you but you stay at home. No more going to your Masjid. You could imagine someone like this, how much he was, he was hurt.

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He was married he had five boys and three five sons and three daughters. They all fell Allah subhanaw taala memorize the Quran and who was their teacher? He was himself had them himself, a blind man. He was the one who taught all eight his children memorize the Quran. His son said my father, eight of us never ever raised the hand or did any any of us. He never left Egypt. The only time he left Egypt was in 1973 when he went to Hajj

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he used to have

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a lot of jokes

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that you know I'm gonna try to translate them because usually they are in a joke

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Should they're very funny, but you translate them you might lose the

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the joke in them.

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So since he was being arrested all the time with the with the police or the police know him. So one time looks like a guy did not know who he is. So he arrested him. He said name, said Abdul Hamid Kaushik. He said the occupation. He looked at him and knew the movie, he said copilot.

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And then he used to hear the famous he had the famous statement used to say Allahumma Salli ala suffered Fanny were 34 Robin. Yeah, Allah makes notes about Allah subhanaw taala on the second, third and fourth row, so they told them what about the first row? He said, The first row is

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our secret agents.

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They're watching me and waiting, recording everyone knows about while they're standing there, while they're standing there Subhanallah So, about tesni Mobarak he said Hosni Mubarak la Hassan, what are Baraka?

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There's no Hassan in him, and there is no baraka and so imagine how much they loved him.

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he used to say also,

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I had the few things in here

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he said, nine parts, this Asha volume, famously, nine parts of oppression lives in Egyptian prisons, and only 1/10 resides in the rest of the world. But by night, it comes and sleep in the Egyptian prisons. And the all the volume in the word is in the Egyptian prisons.

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And the year 1996.

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He sat down with his wife

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and he told her, how old was Solomon he died. Stolen 63.

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He said, This is the year I'm gonna die.

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Even the Mufti of Australia. He called him up. And he told him I'm coming in few days. He said, I don't know if you'll find me.

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He woke up one day.

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It was the morning of a German.

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He told his wife I had a dream. So that was a dream. She said, I dreamt

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that I died. I met Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Omar was next to him. So Salam told me say salaam to Omar. So I shook his hand and all of a sudden, I dropped dead. Solos I Salam washed my body, and then I woke up. So the wife told him, I thought you told us that if you see a bad dream, but to say it, he said you consider this as a bad dream. I hope that this dream will come true. I can't wait. That was the day he went. And he made versal

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and Joomla Joomla. He came out from Joomla while his kids already went to the masjid. He went and he prayed to the cartoon. In the second record in his sujood he passed away

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and he was very well known that he used to make the number that ya Allah take my soul and I said so Allah subhanaw taala answer this. Now what inspired me to speak about him today is a brother sent me a clip of one of his students. Chef mash at Ahmed chef Masha is still a major scholar in Egypt still teaching till now he was one of his students, Chef Misha to saying

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his brother,

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cherish brother

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passed away

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13 years after the death of Chef Kaushik, he said, they have in their tradition that you know, they bury the family in the same same gravy and you dig and you put one on the left one on the right. Anyway, when they dug the grave of Shopkick to put his brother, he said Wallahi This is a very very honorable teen years I went down chef Krish because body is still the same.

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Still the same. He said the kufrin check and he's still alive and if you see him he could tell from his face, masha Allah Yanni NASA Allah.

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He said Allah he, after 30 and the smell of the grave is own musk.

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He said yeah, Shabaab. He said, My brother's any I'm swearing by Allah that I went down there myself. And I saw this with my own eyes, his body still the same 13 years. Allahu Akbar Subhan Allah.

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And he said not one, he did not find one insect in the in the grave, while the other hand the other day

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a very, very, very rich man. Yeah, and he millions and millions of dollars

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he passed away.

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The cemetery already dug the grave. When they get to the grave, they found that the

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and his family took the body

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grave, there was a flood,

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some sewage, close to the graveyard was flooded, and the sewage came to the grave. So the bottom of the grave is also edge. This man used to live in a mansion, two to $3 million.

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So when they, when they came, and they looked at each other, they're the parents, the kids, there any the sons of the deceased, they asked, can please take us another one, we'll pay whatever he said, No, this is it. He said we had to put my father in the sewage.

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He was buried next to the sewage from the console, from the mansions to the sewage SubhanAllah. So, one of the great signs of hustle Academy and one of the great signs that somebody had the good Fatima is when you hear that, you know, his

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when they were washing him there was the smell of musk. When they when they go to his grave. If it happened, they go into his grave. They see No, you know, no incidents that indicate there's any Subhanallah any bad smell or any snakes. Like one guy one time. Once he washes the bodies, he said Wallahi every time we go to the grave, we take this body, we turn it towards the Qibla it turns by itself with other side. He puts it towards the tablet, he goes up you want to throw the it turns back again. He said five six times then the share

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called his share to the Asha. What should I do? I mean, people are waiting and every time I professor took turns, he said, fellas, leave him. What are you going to do? So after they buried him and everything, he went to his brother, he said, This has never happened to me. I've been 20 years burying people. This never happened to me. What was your brother do? What did he do?

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He said my brother never faced the Qibla while he was alive. You think Allah is gonna make him face the Qibla when he's dead? He never prayed Subhan Allah. So now Allah Subhana Allah have mercy on the sheikh. May Allah Subhana Allah have mercy on all our Allah may Allah subhana wa Tada bless our wish you can our M May Allah subhanaw taala unite our hearts may Allah subhanaw taala strengthen our love to one another. May Allah protect us protect our woman protect our children may Allah subhanaw taala increase us in Iman Zakon locker vertical Luffy calm I will see you in July in sha Allah tomorrow SoundCloud

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is your share for today so now

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nobody they're gonna go anywhere South Africa so sister so

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you want to

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you Okay,

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is your candy

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here's a lesson

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you can take this

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