Mohamad Baajour – 30 Seconds Full Protection Duaa

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of protecting oneself from infection and the potential consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. The speakers emphasize the need for a strong protection system and encourage people to learn about it. They also mention a recent interview where a woman named Leela spoke about her fear of the virus and how it could affect her family.
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Subhan Allah

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many places now are

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mandating the mask again. Even our Masjid

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is mandated to wear the mask.

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the main reason is to protect us from one harm which is

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getting afflicted by COVID.

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The diet that we will be learning tonight

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I wish I can make it. I wish I have the authority to make it mandated every single day, day and night. Because it is a protection not only from one thing, it is a protection from everything.

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It's a protection from everything and the one who said that is the one who gets ye from Allah subhanho wa Taala Karla Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the narrator of the hadith is maybe many of you do not know his name, his name is a ban. He is the son of Earthman he said a ban and be healed man. So again is narrating from his father of man been a fan of the Allah Allah. Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, ma'am in Aberdeen yaku fie Subotica Leon, where Messiah equally Leila

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Bismillah he led the learner your guru nice me he shaped Phil out of the well if he's Santa. Well, who was semi Eileen fella Murat lemmya dororo Who shake you all know the Hadith, but in maybe you did not know the value of this hadith. Listen carefully. So as long as I said, No one who says this dua every morning, morning after fajr. And every evening evening starts from ISIL and on

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Bismillah in the name of Allah and when we

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start anything in our life, when we start eating, when we start drinking, when we start the car, when we leave the house, when we start our job when you open your business Bismillah if you want Barak on that day, you start anything with Bismillah Bismillah he lay the lay of the room nice me he che Nothing will harm with the name of Allah at all, neither in the sky from the sky, nor from the earth. What does that mean? That means on that day,

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know if there was a hurricane from the sky, if there was lightning, if there was heavy rain, that will not harm you.

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And nothing from the earth and on the earth. No earthquake, no jinn, no human Shayateen nor harmful food, no accident Nothing will harm you listen to the word let me adore Rahul shade, nothing will harm him or her that means maybe things will happen. Right? You will get COVID But you will not get to the ventilator to not harm you.

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No harm will take place to that person. In another narration Rasulillah Salam said lambda sub who Fauja

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no sudden no sudden affliction will take place on that day or on that night no heart attack. So listen carefully Bismillah Hilarie ly adore adoro nice me shake fill out of the well if you summer, well who was semi clean three times 30 seconds, full coverage 30 seconds full coverage. Allah one and I will finish with this. And this is the most important statement The deeper

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the certainty they are keen in your heart, the higher the protection.

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The more you are saying this with 100% Yaqeen masala Salim said no harm will take place, no harm will take place. The man narrating then narrating the Hadith he got

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shall have lost three and a half paralyzed. So the man who's listening from him. He said in a way he looked at him and he was saying nothing will harm you and you just got the half paralyzed. He said Wallahi the night I get paralyzed. I forgot to say it.

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Well, Maha one. Anything that we hear and it's 100% authentic from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you have to take it not you know, this is what happens. So let me shave Oh,

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no, no, no, no, no, that's not the one we're talking about. We're talking about the one I'm sitting down Bismillah Leela yatra. Roma asked me Sheikh fill out of the weather for summer. While I was

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me on a limb 10 seconds three times 30 seconds full protection. Say it every day and every night was certainty with completely arcane that you will get the protection of Allah and you will see the result being Allah. May Allah protect us all. Please teach it to your children, please teach it to your children from a young age so they can be protected from all that stuff that's happening around them. May Allah protect them all and protect us own May Allah subhanaw taala make us some of the people who will come to federal tomorrow morning at 6am and a lot of Salam rasool Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah Muhammad Subhana Allah, masha Allah, Allah Allah and that's the federal Governor Tobik

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