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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi lambier Eva mousseline, Muhammad Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam, this livan cathedra

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my brothers and sisters, one of my, one of the people who listens to our podcasts

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sent me a link

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a channel.

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And I don't want to mention that because I don't believe in spreading

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news about falsehood,

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but this channel claims to

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talk about the Quran Al Ain. And it's very interesting. If you just look at the

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the taglines that people have and so on.

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The tagline of this is this channel is for Quran lovers, who are critical thinkers and evidence based evidence based learners, critical thinkers and evidence based learners.

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We focus on addressing a major problem in our existing books of tafsir excuses, all of which Miss identified the nature of the Quran, treating it as if it was similar to a collection of poetry, presuming that its words expressions abide by the traditional language, Arabic language.

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Now it is a lot more of

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of stuff in this same vein, the same method. So effectively

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this channel owner

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and the people who talk about who were supposed to sell

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in one stroke, they have trashed

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all the fields of the Quran, which means starting from Abdullah buzzworthy Alon, who was the first professor of the Quran

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to all the people who have all the great scholars, all the Imams of

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all the Sahaba all those people who

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communicated the meaning of the Quran Al Karim, in one stroke is trashed them all. So I think that's quite a quite an achievement. And of course, if you're going to be trashing the Tafseer of the Quran, then you are effectively also trashing what the source of that have said and that is resources selasa himself because of see it didn't come out of anybody's head it came from what Rasulullah is or Salam got now.

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So, this this

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this listener

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obviously is concerned and may Allah bless him and he said these are water water whatever is on this channel, I'm reading His word he says the speaker talks about many things from the Quran with proofs which are mind boggling as it is opposite to all traditional translations of see now

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submission to my friend here as well as to

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to all of you

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is very simple let me give you a

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give you an example illustrated with an example

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those of you who know me

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know that I have expertise in certain fields. So, I have expertise in leadership development, that is my core expertise and in that I have

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studied and written about books on this on family businesses, so the dynamics of business families and how that operates and what must work what one must do and so on. I also have written on and I have

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some expertise I hate to use the word expertise with with respect to myself because I don't consider myself an expert. But anyway to some extent, I mean, at least I know more than

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more than someone who does who doesn't know so on education so I have that line

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I'm I'm by no means an expert in the Quran or or in Islam. Here I'm a student and I am not trying to be modest me this is my own view of myself. And I'm struggling along and

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Someone asked me I share my struggle, and if that is helpful to them, and I'm Lila, if it is not, then they should forgive me and ask her not to forgive me. So that's my situation now.

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If I around so I started channel, and this channel is about internal medicine and open heart surgery.

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And I tell you please come to my lecture on internal medicine and open heart surgery. What should you logically do?

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What you should logically do if you are a person with any intelligence whatsoever, is to ask the very basic fundamental question and that is,

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where is Where did you study internal medicine and open heart surgery?

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Are you a cardiac surgeon?

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Are you and

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are you a physician who specialized in internal medicine?

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If you're not asking that question, and if you then listen to me, and my lecture, or if I start a video channel, you'll watch those videos. And then you find that everything I'm saying is the opposite of whatever your cardiac specialist told you.

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Maybe some of the stuff I say you will like, and maybe you will like it more than what your

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your PCP tells you, or your cardiac specialist tells you. And you say, oh, you know what this is, this is wonderful stuff. So I'm going to follow this, believe me, you will regret that very painfully. Because you will find that your your health is going down the drain. And

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one day, you will probably find yourself dead. Because you followed somebody who had no credibility, who had no business to be saying what he was saying. He had no training, he just be very lean, like my Chinese friend used to say, he taught us he come out, you know, these speaks because he has a mouth, and you're listening and following. That's what would happen. Now, that's exactly the situation with this channel,

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as well as many such channels. So my submission to you is I said I will not go into what the channel is saying it's complete garbage. But

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my question is not there. My question to you is this.

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Anytime you want to learn anything, whatever it is, right? Whether it's flying a plane, whether it is cooking some some food, or whether it is an especially especially when it is religion, when it is Islam, for God's sake, for Allah subhanaw taala sick, check the credentials of the person teaching you,

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just like you would do. If you had to go to a doctor, if you had to go and do anything, which involves some level of, you know, potential risk to yourself, you would be very stupid if you didn't verify the credentials of the person who is coming to you with that

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with a solution and so on. And we just blindly follow, right, because

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if that person is wrong, and that person will be wrong, because they do not they do not have the training that is required. To get that expertise,

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you are the one going to suffer, you are the one who is going to suffer.

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Please understand, just like in any scientific

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area, if you want to be a physicist, you can't just pick up a book of physics and be ready to become a physicist, you must undergo a systematic course in physics, going to whichever level you want to learn at. And then you should be guided by a physicist in understanding those concepts and in applying those concepts and so on, until you get to a point where you are now deemed to be a physicist in your own right and you are given the right in every record ijazah to

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teach physics, medicine is a great example to illustrate that. You study medicine.

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You study the theory, you do the practicals. Then you do when you finish that for five years, six years. Then you have a two year or one year or two year course of what's called how surgeon ship and different internship, whatever in different countries, different names, but basically you are practicing medicine under the supervision of a qualified medical practitioner. And when you finish all of that, then you are giving given the license called a degree to practice medicine. If if I pick up I say, Well, I know English very well. I'm a very dedicated

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To researcher, a very dedicated person I'm really interested in subject. So I'm going to read up all the books on noncardiac on the heart and on cardiac surgery, and then I want to,

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I'm going to perform a cardiac operation, the usaver. You know, I need open heart surgery, I need a bypass surgery. So I just come to you, and you do it for free. Because you know, you know how to do that, you will be very stupid to allow me to do that. And if I were performing that cardiac surgery, I would be breaking the law I would I would be doing something illegal? Because I don't I do not have. I'm not qualified to be a cardiac surgeon. So please verify, always check. Who are you learning from?

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This is a very, very critical element in our learning, which we forget today. We think we get our deen from YouTube videos, please. You don't get your medicine from YouTube videos. If you did, you would be very stupid, right? Google.

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Google doctors.

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You don't get anything what? And especially something which is potentially dangerous. You don't just learn it by watching random videos. How Why do you do that? The

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in the case of your health, the worst thing that can happen to you that you can die. And but But guess what? You will die one day anyway. Right? I'm not I'm not saying think of it like that. But that is the reality.

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Whether you're healthy or you're sick one day you want to be dead. But you don't have to be in Jannah that is not inevitable. But if you play around with your theme, and you take your deen from any or place, just because oh this person sounds knowledgeable oh, this person has studied study what studied under whom? who are who are the teachers of that person that is very, very important. Who are the details of that person? A person who is studying Islam, unsupervised just on their own, they can do that for their own interest to develop a more understanding and so on. But if they then want to teach that, and if they then get into the area of this is, this is acceptable. That is not

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acceptable. This is haram that

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this is jazz, that is not jazz. And they are they are legislating in the deen and believe me, this is not just thin ice this is trying to walk on water, you will sink and you will drown. As simple as that. Right? So please, the best advice I can give you on myself is check the antecedents. Check the qualifications of the person who is teaching, don't just open a random channel on YouTube and watch and say this person has proofs. What do you mean proof? What is proof? What is the meaning of proof? Allah subhanaw taala sent is Kitab and others about that I said this is the book in which there is no doubt and it doesn't matter, that if it hadn't been revealed from from anybody else it would have

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been full of contradictions. This book is not full of contradictions. Allah subhanaw taala say in, in a nano nostril vichara in the Allahu La Zoo. This is my vicar, this is my my speech, my word. And I will protect it. This is a very we have revealed our word and we will protect it. The point is that if someone comes to you with with the opposite of that, and tells you that this is something in the Quran, but this is actually not there. Or there's something in the Quran, somebody in Madrid put it there. I mean, come on the Please don't waste your time. And I asked all of you please don't waste my time. By even asking these questions. Check the antecedent check the qualifications or

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whoever you are listening to before you listen to them. Otherwise don't waste your time and energy. My brothers and sisters. I want to end with this beautiful had these resources and we'd say it's a it's say Hadees Buhari and Muslim. Please understand about Duquesne, a tribal Arab came to him

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and said yes, Rolla. Salazar. Tell me what must I do to get Janna listen to this. Tell me what must I do? Get Jenna. So it was as Rob said,

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Have faith believe in La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, have faith and believe that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah and then Mohamed Salah Salem is the messenger of Allah the last and final messenger.

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The man said, I will believe this and nothing more. What else was there was there a Salam said, Okay Musala he said, establish Salah, pray the 5/4 Salah at their correct time. The man said I will do this and nothing more. The Sahaba the people who are around Louisa Salam they got they were getting restive, because this man was speaking in a way which was very rough and not in keeping with the other and the respect that is due to the province of Salem. So but now these are some compromises listen to man, the key part. Then he said What else said too fast and too easy to pay zakat. If you're eligible. This is the eligibility if you have the

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The humidity, then you pays the cat and that will be so much. The man said I will pay that much and nothing more.

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He said what else? So as a result observed fast in Ramadan, 29 or 30 days depending on the moon is that fast in norther, the man said, I will fast in Nevada and nothing more. He said what else? The sorcerer said I've said If Allah gives you the is that if he gives you the ability, then do Hajj one time in your life. He said, I will do that and nothing more.

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And then he left. So the Sahaba said, Yeah, so what kind of a man is this? There was a certain point to him. And he said, If that man does what he said, If that man does what he said Allah will use when I think about that, here is a man who's talking only about the five pillars of Islam and only about doing that much and nothing more. He's not saying I will pray to her to say five for Salah I will not pray one regard more than that. Right

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now is what I'm saying he will get Jana. My submission do is I'm not saying pray only five for Salah rave with a fork pay the Sunnah with it because this is the great, beautiful baraka and that winter is worship and pray the hedgerows and so on. But the point I'm making for you, my brother and sister this focus on your Amel, right. Don't get involved in all these fancy notions about you know, this, this this

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particular detail in the Quran, and the other detail in the Quran, and so on and so on. I mean, this channel says Surah Delana was not the wife of Ibrahim alayhis salam.

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And he says there is proof and there is the Quran. My point is whether Sarah is Salam was the wife of Ibrahim alayhis. Salam or not. Tell me how is this relevant to you? What are you gonna do with that? Is it one of the questions that you will be asked to give judgment? Do you know whether Zara is the wife of Aviva or not? Right? And if you say, Yes, she is the wife or you are a Jana,

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please give yourself

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some rest. This is so much of confusion in this world. Don't add to that. Right? Don't go into areas where first of all, you have no business to be there. And secondly, even if you know the answer,

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even if you know the answer was certainty, how will it help you in any way whatsoever if Allah subhanaw taala says gibril is ramped up right now and says this was the situation was Sarah and Ibrahim Elisa, how will it change your situation? How will it make your life any better or worse? How will it make your akhira imagine you're not praying, right? You are drinking alcohol you are fornicating you are doing all kinds of garbage. And you know for certain that surah Allah Salah was the wife or was not the wife we were Mrs. Seller. And on the Day of Judgment This is the only thing you have Zara is a lamb was the wife who was not the wife

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who run? What about

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what about salah? What about some? What about soccer? What? Nothing zero? Where do you think you're going to end with this thing? Please

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don't go into stuff which has no benefit. Stick to the truth. And the truth of fundamental is what I set you at the basic minimum, the five pillars of Islam, just focus on that say focus on that and ask yourself, Am I practicing this? Am I what is the am I praying Number one, first of all, do I am I onto it? Or do I commercial? Remove the shirt? Am I praying on time? Am I praying the salah on time? What is the quality of my salah? Is it any? Is it any good at all? Right? What must I do to improve the quality of my salah? What about my fasting? What about my Zakah What about my Hajj, focus on the things which are which will do you good and which are in your control and work on them?

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Stay away from all of this stuff. There are people who are professional garbage creators, let them do it. Let them do it when they go before Allah, it is between them and Allah don't fall into their trap.

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That is my advice.

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Was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was a member of Africa