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Many times,

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two different labels are given for the same activity of the same individual.

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For example,

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or the 60 years back,

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when we were ruled by the British Royals, when they were controlling India, there were certain Indians who were fighting for the freedom.

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These group of Indian by the British government, they were labeled as terrorists.

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But those same people,

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by the common Indians, we call them as patriots. Our freedom fighters, same individual, same activity, two different label, one group is calling them a terrorist. The other group is calling them freedom fighters, patriots, same individual, same activity to different labels. Therefore, before you give a label, you have to try and find out what is the reason that the person is giving the label. If you agree with the British government, that Britain had a right to rule over India, you would call all these people as terrorist. But if you agree with the view of the common Indians, that the Britishers came to India to do business, they had no right to rule over us, then you would

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call these people a freedom fighters.

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same people, same activity to different labels.

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And I like to give you an example

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of Nelson Mandela,

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who was the ex president of the new free South Africa. And we know that by the previous government, the white apartheid government, they called Nelson Mandela earlier as a terrorist, and they imprison him in Robben islands for more than 25 years.

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But the same person, by the indigenous South Africans,

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they called him as a hero,

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same person, same activity to different label, if you agree with the previous white apartheid government of South Africa, that the color of the skin makes you superior. If your skin color is white, it makes you superior, then we all have to agree that one of the greatest terrorist on Earth was Nelson Mandela.

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But if you agree with the view of the South Africans,

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the original inhabitants of South Africa that the color of the skin does not make a superior or same as is mentioned in the Quran. In surah surah chapter 14 Verse number 13. It says Yah Yah ha NASA in the Halacha comienza Quran Sava Allahu shuba Akbar Allah Allah Tada in the Lloyd kakum, in the LA elimine, kabhi, all humankind, we have created you from a single pair of male and female, and have divided you into nations and tribes so that you shall recognize each other not that you shall despise each other. And the most honored in the sight of Almighty God is the person who has taqwa, the criteria for judgment, in the sight of Almighty God is not color of the skin. It's not sex. It's

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not wealth, but it is taqwa it is righteousness, it is piety, it is God consciousness.

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So if you agree with the view of the Quran, and as a beloved prophet masala Salam said, he said in the favorite pilgrimage in the hydrator. With that, he said that no Arab is superior to non Arab. Neither is a non Arab superior to an Arab, no white man is superior to a black neither is a black man superior to a white except by virtue.

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So if you agree with the view of the Quran, and the saying the blood part masala Salem, you would not call Nelson Mandela the terrorists but you would call a person who's fighting for the rights.

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They have therefore, before any person gives any label to any individual for any offer that we have to first analyze, for what reason is he doing that?