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The history and meaning of the title "Art of Islam" is discussed, which is the way in which individuals create a culture and control their bodies. The "fitches" of violence, which is the way in which individuals create a culture and control their bodies, are also emphasized. The "weAKier world" and the "weakier world" are highlighted as the themes of the future and creating a world where violence is not a source of entertainment. The "weAKier world" and "weakier world" themes are also emphasized.

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salam ala Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen salat wa salam ala Shafi them via your own saline. Muhammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah Allah He got it he was over Salam just live in Cathedral cathedral for Movado

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It's a beautiful, crisp

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Just after maghrib. So getting dark as you can see,

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it's cold but not too cold. And not by our standards here anyway Massachusetts

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and Subhan Allah is the holder of Allah subhanaw taala everywhere.

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The trees which in the fall were had the brightest colors,

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and the others which are green, and green and green all through

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As you can see completely bare.

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We've just been through a cold spell where the temperatures went down to below 20 Celsius.

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so obviously not the best weather for rotor freeze, everything is blasted, and burnt with cold out with it.

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We recognize Allah subhanaw taala to His glory and majesty, to his signs. And even myself, he knew that in the world, there is an order,

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the order that Allah subhanaw taala created

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an order which ensures survival which ensures propagation of

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species which ensures that the world continues to run

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the way Allah subhanaw taala intends it to run.

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And it is this order which keeps everything going.

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And which keeps

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the world running the way Allah subhanaw taala wants it to be run.

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And it is when human beings and we are the only creatures in this world who have the power

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to do this, which is to upset that order to change that order to try to alter that order

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to modify the order to reprioritize the order to suit ourselves.

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When we do that, we create the misery that is around us. And that is the reason why I lost 400,000 Is the whole facade of Wilbur Reverberi Bhima casa, but I did not see the user oh by the law, the Amarula alarm yada yada Lasar does it the facade the trial and tribulation and difficulties and corruption that you see the wars and the and the pandemics and the epidemics, the hunger, the starvation, the disease that you see spreading on the sea and the land. The reason for that is the deeds of people.

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This is what you have earned by your own hands and Allah. Allah subhanaw taala allows it to continue. Allah subhanaw taala doesn't put a stop to it, he can put a stop to it. One way of putting a stop to it is the extinction of the human species.

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Stop the one who is corrupting the corrupting the world. And if we don't look out, that is exactly what will happen at some point in time. But until now, we don't have that but we have

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instead, the suffering that we have to put up with in suffering we have to suffer

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subhanaw taala to save us from that disease to ourselves. Really. I make this all the time while I save us from ourselves. Because we are our own worst enemies. You created a system I was speaking today to good friend of mine. I asked him I said two things. This is firstly, we like to talk about peace.

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These are the remnants of the snow that still remain.

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We talk about peace. We say we want peace. We claim that we want peace, all right.

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we have normalized violence to such an extent that violence for us is entertainment. Can you believe this? Just think about this. Think about this world that we live in. Think about the Bollywood and the Hollywood and the films that we see the TV serials that we watch the computer that the the the games that we play,

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right? The games that our children play from the earliest age, they are zapping things that killing things they're shooting at, you know, animated characters. We have not just normalized violence. We have not just accepted violence, but we have turned violence into a source of a

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And then we say we want peace.

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Now, what kind of insanity? Is that? The thing about what kind of insanity is that? If you are going to normalize violence, if you are going to make violence, you know, something which is acceptable. And not just that entertainment, it's a way of enjoying ourselves by

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perpetuating violence by killing by gore and blood and so on.

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What do you expect? We have deadened ourselves we have?

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You know,

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I don't know if we'll ever see in human because

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it's humanity, which does all this. Animals don't do this violence, and even predators a predator will kill to satisfy its hunger. Food. That's it.

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It doesn't kill 20 Impala at one goal to say, well, you know, the one is for today, and let's stockpile for the next two weeks. No.

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But you will be true that

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animals don't torture, human beings do that.

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Animals Don't imprison human beings do that.

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Really, I mean, if you think about this, and say what have we become.

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And then we say we want peace.

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And really think about this. We have normalized violence, we have normalized vice. We are normalized, shamelessness and promiscuity.

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And we have turned us into a an industry, which we call the entertainment industry. And believe me this and tremendously as you know, I don't even have to say believe it, because you know this as much as well as I do. This is the highest paid industry in the world. Just think about the who gets more money,

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a pop star, a film star, or

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a brain surgeon,

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a heart surgeon,

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a great teacher in a university.

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A clergy, clergymen are a clergy of any religion, a priest, of our Imam or whoever, right? Who gets more money. I mean, what a film actor

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earns in one day,

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a professor in the University will not earn in his entire lifetime.

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Yet, we talk about corruption in society, where we pay the people whose job it is to teach others whose job it is to

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mold. The next generation, we pay them the least. And we pay those who corrupt generation after generation, the most.

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Really, my brother and sisters, we have to wake up. And we must think about ourselves. And we must think about life and say, What are we doing to ourselves?

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Because really, if you think about this, nobody can change this except ourselves. And that's good news. Because how did we get this way? We got this way, because we want it to be this way.

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There's no There's no rocket science to that is no great mystery to that. We created a world. If I told you on day zero, that I want you to create a system where violence would become a source of entertainment, you would say you am crazy. You say this is not not doable can't be done. But we did it. If I told you let's create a system where eight men, in this case, eight white men

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will have more wealth

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than 50% of the population of the world, which at that time will be three and a half billion or 4 billion. You would say you're not so crazy. not doable. How can eight people that also just eight men have more money and more wealth than 50% of the world's population, you would say? not doable, but we did it. That's exactly the world that we are living in today. So my point to you and myself is if we did it, we can undo it. If we made it, we can make it. The question is do we really think it is worth unmaking?

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Or are we satisfied with living in a world like this, which is predicated on corruption? Take lobbying, for example, right? Country after country in this country in the United States everywhere else? Lobbying? What is lobbying? Lobbying is bribing. Lobbying is bribing.

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You know? I mean, it's I remember seeing supposed to sign held up by somebody in a brothel in a protest. We said we have the best government that money can buy.

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Imagine that that's such a tellings.

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it but and that is so true. And it's not just my America, this is the this is the world. We live in a world where we have legitimized and legalized bribery by giving it another name, which is which is lobbying. And somebody people are very happy to say, Oh, I'm a lobbyist. You are a bribery. You are you are somebody who's giving bribes.

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And the people who are taking those bribes, and then they are taking, making decisions and setting the rules for the rest of us, who are the dumb clerks who accept this. However, this is really seriously I think it's very, very high time that we think and we look at our education systems, where in our education system, education is for life. It's not merely for making a living, we have to differentiate between education and an unskilled training. The best brain surgeon in the world is a skill trained person who is trained in a particular skill. He can't fix a bicycle tire, but he can fix your brain. But where's the education that education is? what education is his ethics, values,

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It's the framework which helps you to navigate this world and what we call life. And this is what Islam gives us. Some gives us the framework is for us to learn it. And it's for us to implement it in our lives, so that we can lead lives which are full of herrenberg of ourselves. And for this Salah weekly, Murali he was named after God