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The Islam system is based on fear and desire for success, and it is impossible to avoid the experience of being a stranger and missing loved ones. The Prophet sallali wa sallam sets with Muslims in Mecca, Iran, and the importance of being friends in the city. The experience of being paired with one another in Mecca, Iran, and the use of mutual support is discussed, along with the importance of learning about Islam and finding one's own bond. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a new video about the "betura of the beast."

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society has a very strange criteria when it comes to separating between the sheeps and goats,

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the in group of a society and the outer group of a society.

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Sometimes that criteria is about hair. Sometimes it's about clothes. Sometimes it's about gender, sexuality, culture identity.

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In each phase in the human experience,

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society sells a narrative

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that only allows for two characters to feature in the story.

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On one side, you have the enlightened ones, the forward thinkers, the modern man who champions the latest social ideals.

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And on the other side, you've got the villains.

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You've got the backward regressive ones who dare oppose the status quo.

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At the time of Prophet Musa Alayhi Salatu was Salam. The apparently Enlightened One was the Pharaoh.

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Maori come in Dona Ana de decom, ilus Illa sebelah Rashard, I only guide you to the right way. Him and his camp were the enlightened ones.

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And those who oppose them Musa alayhis salam and his camp of Muslims, they were the backward ones. They were the ones out of touch with modernity and reality, and they were the villains of that era.

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A few years ago, during the Bush administration, it was the same narrative, the world was divided into two distinct camps during the Bush war, on terror with us or against us, you're enlightened. Either you are an enemy, who awaits enlightenment.

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Today is the same story, two camps.

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No space for a third individual to feature in the middle. Either you are the LGBT ally.

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And thus you are the enlightened one.

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Or either you are the backward regressive, closed minded homophobe who is still waiting for enlightenment.

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Any society that is not governed by wacky revelation from Allah Jalla Jalla Allahu the goalposts and the standards will continually move from site to site

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to keep up with the never ending appetites and the persuasions and evolving ideas of man.

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And therefore, the time has come for the Muslims to realize that it is impossible to please man

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and to realize that pleasing Him brings no success

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and to focus instead in pleasing the creator of men, Allah Jalla Jalla Guha

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and whose pleasure is the definition of success.

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If you remember, a few weeks ago, we spoke about the topic of holding back being a stranger.

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We spoke about the two categories of being strange.

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We also unpacked a myth that suggests that for you to be a stranger as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam described the Muslims, it therefore means that you have to be helpless and weak.

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And then we concluded by giving three examples of what a stranger looks like.

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That was the theory. So now is the time to discuss what is practical.

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I will suggest four steps for those Muslims amongst us who feel the bite of alienation being a hurried being a stranger and missed his or her family or school society community. Four Steps everyone will be able to memorize.

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Because what does a stranger need more than a friend? I suggest there are four things things that the rib should think about befriending number one befriend Eman.

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For the first 13 years of the Muslim experience in Makkah, they were overshadowed with the dark clouds and the canopies of horror. That's a sense of alienation and being different to society, it hurt them. So Allah help them by sending them bright verses from the Quran to remove the darkness of alienation.

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And for the first 13 years in Mecca, for and focused almost exclusively on three topics and three topics alone era he had, who Allah is

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an Uber what who the profits are a semi yacht one

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The hereafter and the unseen is all about.

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The focus was almost entirely on this Eman building Arcada constructing identity fortify.

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I want you to imagine the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam set with the early Muslims in Mecca Daro.

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As he recited to them I add early Quran describing the Day of Judgment and to cool down their sense of a little bit alienation

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as he recited to them from Surah to Tech where Allah said either Shem so we rot when the sun is wrapped up and put out what either no Jomo Kenyatta and when the stars are deemed what either LG bad also yacht and when the mountains are blown away

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we're either I shower or toilet and when the pregnant candle is abandoned what he then will house your house Shira and when the beasts are gathered all together well it will be hard was so Jarrett when the oceans are set ablaze what either no for Susan widget and when souls are paired

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we're either now oh that too so in that and when the baby girl who was buried alive is asked me a year them being potty led for what crying was she killed?

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What either saw her photo Shirat and when people's deeds are made public were either sent

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or CO she thought and when the sky is peeled away. Well, either Jackie moss or when the Hellfire is set ablaze. We're either Jana to leave it and when paradise is brought near, Ali magnificent afterthought at the time, every soul will know what it has brought forward.

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Versus that is the heat of alienation and feeling strange Quran that helped us 100 shift their attention from their bloody bodies, injured souls

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to focus on human piano that gave them perspective and focus and comfort. So befriend Iman. Start a study of the early makan chapters of the Quran and see how it will help comfort you if you are feeling the bite of alienation.

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Number two, befriend the people of Iran.

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After Allahu Allah Jalla knew who had tied the hearts of the Muslims to him, the priority now was to tie the hearts of the Muslims with one another. And contrary to how a lot of Muslims believe that the system of muah ha pairing Muslims with one another began in Medina no it actually began in Mecca. Muslims were paired with one another to support each other in Mecca before Medina.

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Hamza bin Abdullah Mahtani

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was paired with Zeytinburnu Hadith and this was in Mecca not in Medina. Saudi if not be worth to us was paired with Musab even on air this was in Mecca, Medina, they didn't know Amber was paired with palha even obey the law. This was in Mecca and Medina mohajir own upon muhajir own brotherhood. Then when they move to Medina, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sent them paired between the Mexicans and the unsolved the monkeys and the anxieties 45 from Mecca 45 With Medina.

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And these bonds were so strong that they would in fact inherit one another when the brother passes away, like family members do until this was abrogated. And they provided financial support to each other more support,

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psychological support spiritual support to help overcome loneliness and the feeling of alienation.

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So when you will now come to South Asia and this is a way of finding your pair finding your bond because the hurry cannot do without it. So I have to share is an example of where you can find this Maha

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Salado. Asia is a place if you come to it every evening, the faces of the brothers will become familiar.

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And as the familiarity of the faces increases, your sense of horrible alienation will decrease.

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Then, take a moment before you go home to speak to your neighbor in the masjid exchange numbers. Then go out for food.

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Go and play sport with one another hire a gym, play badminton, football do something

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and then visit each other as individuals and families go on a picnic together. Plan how to support their religion together. This will remove the pain of alienation. One brother, one sister is enough to is extra.

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So we'll be friend Eman. Number two, befriend the people of Eman and number three before I sit down a friend knowledge

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one does not need to be a scholar of Islam to

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Feel the warm experience of learning about Allah and His messenger, the one who has knowledge is never alone. And something is speaking to him when he has no friends.

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Picked up by an AI picked up by a hadith picked up by the Tafseer of a scholar. You are never alone. And that is why how beautiful were the words of Sheikh Khalid Abdul Karim who said describing knowledge, he said, well who were hired to include it is the life of hearts.

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What led to Allah, the sweetness of souls, one who ruled Basa era and the light of your insight. What are y'all doing? Oh, the middle of minds. We're only pseudonymous devotees in the comfort of the lonely ones are what they need. We'll move to hearing the guide for those who are lost. That is knowledge that you know in Allah He is no stranger with it.

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And then he said knowledge is assignable for the audible you're free friend when you are a stranger. What am I had the fulfill Hello, speaks to you when you are alone.

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What a nice have in Russia, and it's your friend when you are deserted, while Kashi for Annie shuba and it is the solver of all doubts. So begin a structured study of the religion of Allah and most of us will only ever need to learn the basics.

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These are three matters to prevent Eman to befriend the people of Eman to befriend knowledge, the fourth and final recommendation for those

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who feel somewhat different to their society and family because of their religion. The fourth suggestion is to befriend optimism and to enjoy the experience of being alive.

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Why should you be optimistic as a stranger you will ask? Well, I will ask in response to this question. Who is the stranger?

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Are you a stranger as a Muslim? Bearing in mind you stand on the side of Allah the maker of the universe?

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Is your religion or strange religion? When your deen is aligned with the religion of the heavens and the earth?

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Allahu Akbar, or is the stranger the one who goes against the grain of creation? Who is the stranger? You have every reason therefore to be optimistic. The universe is on your side and more importantly, the Lord of the universe. He is on your side.

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Think about the angels,

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the perfect angelic hosts created by Allah Jalla Jalla who at the dawn of time, who forever home forever glorify Him and remember him what is their religion, Islam?

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And what do they do night and day they glorify Allah just like you do. Is it not that Allah Almighty said women in the hula your stick be ruined? And that to Allah Yes, that's your own. Though those who are near to Him meaning the angels, they are not arrogant from worshipping Him.

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Nor do they get tired in doing so. You sit behind and let you know when AHA you have to ruin the glorifying him night and day and they never fatigue. What are you doing here today? You are glorifying Allah with the angels How are you a stranger?

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Then I say to you turn to the heavens and the earth the earth in its enormity and the seven heavens the ever expanding universe that the scholars are still till till this day are unable to chart in size with its 2 trillion galaxies are all Muslims like you glorifying Allah who like you who is the stranger to set the hola who somehow to several Well, when we when we're in Michelle in in LA you said the whole behind the whacking lot of tahona at SBR home in Canada Halima Guevara, Allah said, the earth, seven heavens, everything within them, glorify Allah and there is nothing in creation except that it praises Allah but you do not understand their praise is not what you are doing is

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well, who is the stranger in this universe? Thunder and lightning when they strike and roar and flesh What are they doing, but praising Allah as you do?

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Who will be your equal Moon Baraka, Hongfa and Wautoma.

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Allah says, I am Allah, the One who shows you lightning causing you fear and hope, where you know she also had a second and I cause the heavy clouds to form. What you said before rod will be handy. He and the thunder glorifies the praise of Allah when mela Iike Tune In effetti and so do the angels in fear of him while you will receive your Salah and he sends down the Thunderbolts

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So you will see we'll be harming Yasha and he strikes with them whoever he wish. Well whom you Jacques de Lune. If you die, yet they argue and dispute about Allah. Well what should you do to me han? Good he is the one tremendous in mind

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the heavens in the Earth does sudo to Allah prostrates to him

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just like you do. I am Tara and Allah hi yes Julia whom and for Santa Awatea wonderful. Allah said Don't you see that everything in the heavens in the earth prostrates to Allah

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or Shem su will come up. So does the sun and the moon when numerology Balou was shattered over della but what Kathy Romina NAS Don't you see that everything in the heavens and the earth? prostrates to Allah, and so does the sun and so does the moon and so do the mountains, and so did the trees, and so do the creation? And so do many people work if you're on Haqqani?

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So who is the stranger in this universe?

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Is it the one who aligns himself with the Creator? And has a religion that is the same as all of creation? He's a stranger?

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Or is the stranger the one who goes against the grain of this arm? Who is the stranger in this universe? Don't let anybody make you feel otherwise, any other way? So with this, we realize that Islam is no longer the cause of you being a stranger.

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Being a Muslim is the cure to your feeling of being a stranger.

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And this was the experience of man, the blue marble woman

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who was optimistic and he enjoyed the experience of being alive, even though he was being persecuted

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or snagged, no matter on an early Muslim

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who was under the protection of Alba Lee didn't know Hira.

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And he said to Al Walid, thank you, I no longer need your protection. I can take care of myself. I'm under Allah's God. The next day the Mexicans felt emboldened to hurt him. He had no protection so they went to automatic pneumonia and they hit him in his face and that left him with a Blackberry.

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So Alba Needleman Maria, he saw automatic remark on and he said to him, Wallah here

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in Canada, Uganda Asaba hola Rania.

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La Quinta feeding machine many

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says my brother, did you need this to happen to your eyes?

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Were you not under my protection? A formidable protection did you need this?

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What it was man say? The words have already been stranger, but was a man of optimism will enjoy the experience because he realized the universe is on his side. What did he say to Unbeliev he said Bella Wallah, he,

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in ins Sahaja Letta era Tony La nice Lima Asada, the half in LA.

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He said my brother, thank you. My healthy I is in desperate need of a bruise like the other eye, because it's in the past of Allah.

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What new Allah He and a few do it man who has them in Calcutta. Don't worry about me because I'm in the protection of someone who is far more capable than you Allah.

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Optimism and enjoying the experience, these are four suggestions, befriending Iman and befriending the people of Eman, befriending some knowledge in your life and befriending optimism and enjoying the experience. In conclusion, there is a reality that we should come to grips with when all is said and done about this topic of the horrible strangers. It's a reality that we should realize there's only one destination where you will feel completely free from the sense of being different. And that destination is Jana.

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Eman man came to Imam Muhammad and he said to him,

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Mata Yeji duliban to Bama Raha when will we experience rest? He said under our the academy Allah has agenda with the very first foot that you take into Jana. There you will rest

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up until we enter gender be evenly left in Ghana. There is nothing that says that the stranger is now condemned to the edge of life's Hall.

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There is nothing that says that the strange Muslim in a community

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needs to try and copy and imitate what everybody else is doing but never quite getting it right. There is nothing that suggested you need to be this person who is only ever realized when something goes wrong and blame is needed to be placed on someone. We don't need to be that community.

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Because the very stranger is far too motivated to sit back idly wallowing in self pity, crying for himself, and keeping himself different to his community other than the hurried is motivated. Why? That he realizes that one day the Muslim

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You'll become a majority in gender. We're lucky enough to have Mohammed in bat he Neela Jew and Taku newness for Ali Jana the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I swear by Allah who possesses in my life, you are Muslims will be half of the inhabitants of Jannah

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the herb is motivated he doesn't sit back and cry for himself. Why? Because he knows the Hadith now is Allah who your resume fee had a de Horsa yesterday I mean, no one fee he Mitra it he Ilario mill piano, Allah will continue planting people to serve his religion filled the Day of Judgment. And the Hebrew realizes that with all of his or her sacrifices, their efforts will not go unnoticed by Allah. Allah said, well, America and along the UBI Eman. Allah would never let your faith go to waste in Allah had been nursing that I will form Rahim Allah is Ever compassionate and Ever Merciful to his people.