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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala, mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala us I was in them to see my coffee and

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my brothers and sisters.

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We are talking we'll continue with the series of lectures I've been doing on al Qaeda and in the Aqeedah on the position of the Quran, and the Sunnah, there are hadith of Rasulullah Salallahu Salam,

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it is very important to understand these principles because these are the fundamental principles on which Islam is based.

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And these things depending on what we are talking about are things that are inherent in our belief.

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We do not have then please listen carefully, we do not have the option of having an opinion other than that of the Quran and the Sunnah.

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Give you one example.

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Today we live in a world where in the name of lifestyle choice.

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Anything is permitted. Right?

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It's a lifestyle choice. Homosexuality, whatnot, whatnot, lifestyle choice. Transgender, I want to change my gender I want to become over a man everything is permitted.

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In Islam, this is haram.

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Allah subhanaw taala prohibited in the Quran, there is a wrestler privated it in his son. Now, think about this.

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Supposing there is a person there is a man who

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prays five times a day, he fast the number that he pays a God. He goes for opera, he goes for Hajj.

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But in the question in the with respect to transgender and

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homosexuality, the person says, No, there's no harm in that.

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People have a choice.

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You know, why are you getting so worked up about this right? People have a choice. If somebody wants to know do men want to be married to each other Matthew Masekela no problem.

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Now, think about this. Is that person himself who's saying it is your section? No, you don't have a section.

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Maybe he married he has a wife. He has children? Is he praying five times a day of course, suffer all behind the IMA.

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But what happens to his Eman because of this opinion

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has he's out of Islam.

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Because he has denied the Quran and the Sunnah.

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He has not done anything think about it. That's the reason I'm saying this because we're not on Newstalk. Oh, this is okay. That is okay. It's not a question of what is okay with you. It's a question of what is okay with Allah and Rasul Elisa. Right.

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So, if you have an opinion if I have an opinion that goes against the Quran and the Sunnah, no matter what else I do, I have left Islam. I'll give you another example.

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You are standing in Salah Pham. What is the method? I'm giving an example of very basic simple things. When you stand in here. What do you do with your hands?

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What do you do?

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You fold them like this, right? So you have maybe you fold them up here closer up, we may fold them a little bit down. Or in the case of the Maliki's. They spray with the hands by their sides handle. We know these three things from resources. He prayed with his hands here he brave his hands. He also prayed with his hands by sides, Maliki mother Hamdulillah. I think what's going on? So one thing you say Well, no, I will pray with one hand down my hand up. Now what?

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Yes, you have invented a method of your own

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in Salah wear, which is against the method of the Rasul Allah Isa. So your Salah is invalid you are not in Salah.

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Another one.

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Supposing a person is standing behind the Imam and reading from the moose of

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his is permitted? No, because Allah Serrata has a very very clearly in the Quran when the Quran is being recited.

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listen silently.

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So if somebody is reading behind the Imam, that person Salah is invalid to the extent in the Hanafi Muslim Imam Abu Hanifa said to the Imam do not take a look back from someone who's reading from the Quran.

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take the issue of interest

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in the Quran did Allah subhanaw taala permit it already private is

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private right? Everybody's got doubt, no private it not only prohibited It is haram haram haram because Allah subhanaw taala declared war against the one who D is the Riba.

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Rasul Rasul Allah gave his famous hotbar

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in the at the time of Hajj Cejudo vada, where He prohibited Riba. Now, if somebody comes and tells you, you see there are two kinds of river, there is a river, a Janelia. And there is a river and for them

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so rasuna, Santa Salem prohibited riba Mahalia, he did not prohibit River and further therefore do in today's world River and further is prime is permitted. And this includes bank interest. Supposing somebody says is what is the answer?

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Yes or no? No, why not?

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You boys Reba, exactly.

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I'm giving you the line because if somebody tells you shouldn't be able to answer, revised River, now, you might say well, you see these two,

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what is our Arcada board and I realized

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that he conveyed the message completely or partially, completely. So we may we know that if Rasul Allah is Allah, Islam complete the message complete, conveyed the message completely. And if he wanted to say, I am privateering only Reba, Jaya Haley and not Reba, Our Father who who stopped him from saying that anybody

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he could have said it he would have said this is our Akita about the enemy's alasa will ultramarathon isn't your resume Bulama Angela ILEC for LM tough run from our baluchari Salah wala who ASIMO communists unless there was a minor or minor be convey everything which has been sent to you. If you don't do that you have not conveyed the message. You have not done the work of Rizal Allah will protect you from the people.

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So our agenda is conveyed everything. Think about this. If Rasulillah Salam taught us how to do salah, including the minut details. If I ask any of the handler, mothers or children out here, if I ask any of them there may for a search that we valid, how many points was touched the body, they will tell you? Does the earth me tell you right?

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To that extent of granularity, Rosaura sort of explained something and if somebody is telling me in a matter like Reba where Allah declared war Nebrija Salam said part of it left part of it.

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Please if you believe that you have left Islam, simple as that, because you are accusing the Rasul Alayhi salaam of not conveying the complete message.

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So be very, very careful right? Maybe out of ignorance maybe because somebody is arguing this point and today may Allah protect us, there are people who very

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convincingly within quotes, they argue various points for example, I was recently listening to the to the somebody sent me this ban of this gentleman who says that in America paying of Zakat is not required for all Muslims in America is that God is not necessary for them to be good news right?

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You know, the devil is giving them he just gives us the government Islamic governments Muslim government used to collect the car to use for public works so they build a building or they build something bridge over this and this, the government is doing it and you are paying tax.

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So the government using your money tax money to build a bridge and to build a road and this and that was not required for you.

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Now unfortunately, because we don't take the trouble to learn our own then all these arguments sound very sexier.

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Very nice. I know a guy will give a fatwa to say zakah is to be paid only one time in your whole lifetime

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so better and better news one time in your whole lifetime because I got one in your class from

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remember these people and their leaders will start before Allah together.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala made the Godfather and Allah specifically mentioned to this one and this one and this one and this one is what hakama is not there

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the idol Serato where is it? Is one of the government

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la Hola, whatever the problem is

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You don't want to study or on the NNP anybody can fool you. So you got people who have this you know, you're doing you know the language you can come in anybody anything. So you they make the speeches and they were very convincing and so on and so on. And please understand what very, very important thing I'll tell you. People are not logically speaking there is no it's not a question of logical and logical. The point question is any body of knowledge. To understand that body of knowledge you need some fundament, you need to understand the fundamental principles of that knowledge. It's not a question of logical,

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right? Not a question logic. For example, if I have a headache, and I ask my doctor, I hammered here

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and he says it to Tylenol.

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So it doesn't run Hold on. The pain is in my head. The Tylenol is going into my stomach, how does it work? So these are illogical sorry, I don't accept this.

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So what do you tell me Is it then what you do is grind this Tylenol mix it in in oil and rub it on your head?

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Hey, what to do, you arm your mafia.

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You are marginal. So do this.

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You have to understand the basic fundamental principles of that body of knowledge for it to make sense.

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So if you know nothing about Islam, you have not taken the trouble to study anything about Islam. Somebody comes and tells you no, no, no, no What logically that is correct. What logic?

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What logic?

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The logic of Islam? Is that the word of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Jalla Geraldo is complete and total, the deen that he sent a Yama Akmal to Allah convenor gumbo atman to La Colonia Mati what are they do like Melissa Medina Carla Illawarra complete UC mult.

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There is no there's no space in that for you and me and to come in and plug in this whole

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our Aqeedah is the Rasul Allah is CERAM completely and totally conveyed the message he didn't leave any piece if something had to be specifically stated he would have stated where he did not state it specifically we take it completely. So like we said, Reba, you can have your your your motel if you know, hotspot off this

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rebar further everybody's rebar that for example, we have this is haram This is micro the Hidemi This is micro tansy all of these are is that are handled for Korea is that Islamia which for the sake of understanding for the sake of minions ones right is there but if somebody comes in says no no, as soon as as some did not specifically say this, that is like for example Allah subhanaw taala privater yah yah yah yah Latina Armano I'll hum row

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one my easier so no no Hola Hola. Hola como right? What is the meaning of Kava

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alcohol but the alcohol of that time was made with what? Maybe dates maybe grapes, right?

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But when is your city good?

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Where is one of vodka

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you get the point I'm saying when Allah subhanaw taala said I'll cover what what is our Akita about is that if Allah prohibited alcohol, it means alcohol it means all intoxicants. Every form of intoxicant, whether it is liquid, whether it is solid, whether it is some kind of gas, which you are smoking or snorting cocaine or whatnot right? Everything is included all that we know today and all that may be invented May Allah protect us the everyday is a new new thing comes fentanyl wasn't there now it is there. So every design, so all of this is this is our Akita about everything right. ALMA is here gambling, which form is it the roulette table? Is it blackjack? Is it three cards? Is

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it this? Is it Bridger? Any form of gambling?

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This is Araki the yes or no.

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So when in Islam if something is prohibited, everything of that kind is prohibited and it is privated irrespective of quantity and quality. Allah subhanaw taala privater porque somebody says okay, how much?

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What is

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what is meaning how much is in one right I like spareribs in a one room please give me a lb

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Allah privated Zina, you seen how many times

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it's not a question of time you guys already know I do. Don't you once or once a week once a month no.

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Bing shares

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is complete. So how come for the sake of in the case of riba we don't want to believe this journal only this much, only that much, please don't destroy yourself.

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Do not destroy yourself.

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Because remember one thing very, very clearly

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something which has come down to us from Rosa Rosa Salem from the Sahaba, from the Taliban in Ronda battery and all the Imam of Islam.

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And then you got some

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so called Modern scholar who comes up with one idea, which is against all of this, and you want to believe him and you want to live all of those people, no problem

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is your choice.

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Don't fall into these traps. This Dean came to us preserved and complete.

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There's no scope for anyone to add anything or take out anything.

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So if somebody's adding something or tea or something, please, if you support it, as I said, if you support it, you are out of Islam as well. Not only that person.

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If somebody says this thing is Oh, no, yeah, I think that's a good idea. God

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you didn't even do anything. You didn't go and borrow money. You're just saying yeah, that's right. Ross was awesome, did not convey the whole message that what you're saying, you say that that is Cofer Biller,

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the discoverer of the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So please, my brothers and sisters do not fall into these traps.

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Follow the as it was brought by Rasul Allah is Allah sunnah.

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Don't add anything, don't take out anything.

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In as Da Vinci kita Allah,

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who as heavy heavy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Marhaba 10 Veda okolo with ATHLEAN Galera Aquila dilaton fina

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a political disaster Hola. Hola. Hola, como la salle Muslim. First of all, in the whole world of Rahim.