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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sheena pmba, mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam does live on Kathy rangatira, from abajo might Evelyn sisters

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on the subject of tassia, the national debate will o'clock.

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As I keep saying, again and again, and I think it's important to keep on reminding ourselves that

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at the end of the day,

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the productivity of the crop, the size of the harvest, the quality of the produce, depends primarily and fundamentally, on the preparation of the soil,

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if the soil is not prepared, if the soil is full of toxins, if it is full of toxic creatures, it is full of

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all kinds of things that are likely to negatively affect the seeds, destroy them with the map, then obviously, there will be no crop and if there is a crop, it will be something which is curtailed, which will never have the kind of health and

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and the, the blessing of a good crop. And that is not because there was anything wrong with the seed. But because there was something very wrong with the way in which the seed was planted and

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the way the land was prepared. So that's the first and foremost thing to understand that it is the

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it is the preparation of the soil, which is of critical importance. In the case of,

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of the learning of Islam, and not just learning of Islam as in being a student of Islamic sciences.

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living as a Muslim,

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living as a Muslim, the most important thing is the preparation of the heart.

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Our our,

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the reward of our deeds is based on

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the sincerity with which we do things. And that depends on the purity of our heart. To the extent that our heart is pure to the extent that our heart is

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free from

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the most important of them is of course, shark and the shark of the heart is Rhea

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is last is the head of the heart and shark is the Andrea which is showing off is the shark of the heart. So as long as our heart is pure from that, that is the first and most important thing. Now therefore, we're no matter what age no matter what state no matter what situation,

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no matter what our background is or was before we started as long as

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we begin with

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and then when we decide not to begin, when we decide that we want to turn towards Allah subhanaw taala the it can be at any stage there is no limit, there is no nothing to stop us. There is no right time, the right time.

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The right time the right now because

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we don't know when we will die. So when we decide that we want to turn towards Allah Subhana Allah, the first and foremost thing to do is to make is the one is to seek repentance. There is no sin, that Allah subhana wa tada will not forgive, as long as we seek His forgiveness, some of geladeira

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Allah, Allah has promised to forgive every single sin, provided we seek forgiveness. There are many things that Allah subhanaw taala forgives anyway, without even seeking forgiveness. This is his great mercy. This is great generosity, but anything that we do, no matter how severe no matter how.

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For example, chip is joining partners with us right now, seeking help

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making dua to anyone other than last. All of these are major, major,

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major, major sins. If somebody is doing that consciously, knowingly that person is literally left Islam. Despite that if a person makes is too far, if a person seeks Allah's forgiveness, if a person begs Allah subhanaw taala to forgive him or her, Allah Subhana Allah will forgive. The problem is if you will die on that if you

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insist on that if you do it and you do not make this this far and you do not seek Allah's pardon and you die in that state then there is no pardon for sure then there is no pardon for

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polytheism which is what it is, but in our life

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if we make is the fact there is nothing that Allah subhanaw taala will not forgive. And the greatest and biggest delille for this is where I'm not

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pushing him

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interview your room like me in the hole over here. I'm not gonna say to them Oh

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yeah, you buddy, or my slaves. See the beauty of Allah subhanho wa Taala as address see the generosity of another man. He says mice who are losing, say to their own mice lives who have transgressed against themselves. What is the meaning of transgressing against yourself, it means committing sins, it means disobeying Allah subhanaw taala it means angering Allah subhanho wa Taala. So if somebody who's angering Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is calling him my slave. Let's not say you angered when a guru

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have nothing to do with you know, Allah is right, that is even the one who angers him Allah. Allah calls him my slave. How much more can any? How can anybody we even this generous, only Allah can be so generous. So all those writers, all my slaves, who are these vices, those who have transgressed amongst them against themselves, those are committed sins, whatever. And is a blanket sabers, any kind of sin, small, big, whatever. latacunga to me Rahmatullah do not lose hope. Do not despair, of the mercy of Allah.

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Allah, Allah is comforting. Allah subhanaw taala is comforting those who are really fit for punishment.

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Allah say no, don't despair of the mercy of Allah.

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In the La vinoba Jamia very Allah Subhana Allah will forgive all sins in Nova la hora Rahim, were really and truly, he is the one who's the top forgiving and most merciful.

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I asked Allah to help us to understand His glory and generosity and magisteria it's impossible for us to understand that completely and to encompass that but to whatever extent, even if one ray of that enters our heart, believe me, this is enough to illuminate our heart. And this is enough to illuminate our lives, until we die and then thereafter, our fullbore and thereafter our aka inshallah, one understanding one ray of the know and the light of Allah subhanho wa Taala in our heart is sufficient, but we have to ask Allah for that. And the thing to do, where it starts is to own up, where to start is to accept that I have lived my life in a state of disobedience. I have

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done things which were wrong. And I did that May Allah forgive me knowingly? It's not that I didn't know I knew, yet I did it. Now, however, I have understood. So I am repenting to Allah subhanaw taala and I'm asking Allah subhanaw taala I'm begging Allah Subhana Allah to forgive me and to accept my repentance. So this is where it starts. Allah, Allah said, well, ma out of Santa Mira zulian illa the utar Ibiza Neela while our new home is salamu and Pusan Gianluca, first of all, la was done for Allahu rasuluh la vida de la Rahim, Allah said, we have sent no messenger, but to be obeyed by the love of Allah.

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The purpose of the NaVi is that he should be obeyed and intervene and in our case, the purpose of the bear set the purpose of the coming of Muhammad Rasul Allah subhanaw taala is that he should be obeyed. So Allah says, I have sent no messenger, except that he should be obeyed by the isn't by the Hong Kong by the will and the leave of Allah subhanaw taala. And if they, in this case, meaning the hypocrites when they had been unjust to themselves, had come to you, or Muhammad Salam and begged Allah's forgiveness, and the messengers on a solemn had begged forgiveness for them. Indeed, they would have found Allah subhanaw taala all forgiving and most merciful. I think about that. Here are

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the mafia.

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The mafia, one word, a

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word what group of people in Medina, and there was no morality in Makkah. But in the Sierra, when you read the Sierra, you study sci fi

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And then Medina there was a group of people who pretended to be the supporters or sort of they were actually his enemies, but they pretended to be supporters they pretended to accept Islam, but in their hearts there was no Islam. Allah subhanaw taala revealed called and about this where he said when when a nassima Yahoo Gemini biLlahi Mobilio mil arkadi Walmart Home Depot mini Johan even Allah our levina on oh my own I learned possum vermeire Sharon, to follow him marohn pasado Mullah Omar Allah, Allah Houma, la moon remark on if you want in the last round that I said that among the people on an unasked there are those who say amen I believe he will do malarkey. We do those who say

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that we believe in Allah. And we believe in the Day of Judgment. Well my 100 million but they are not Muslims, they are not momineen because Allah looks at the condition of the heart. So Allah is saying they are liars. They are saying this but they actually his hearts are not changed hearts are against Islam against Allah against the proper Salam against the Muslim man. So Allah says they are saying this to fool you, even Allah Allah, they want to fool Allah subhanaw taala and they want to fool the believers. Now we laugh. And a lot of our data said but the fool no one except themselves. People who've immoral Allah said in their heart there is a disease and this disease is a disease of

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the fog or hypocrisy, the dangers of lying. And Allah said for sada hula hula and Allah will increase this disease May Allah forgive us May Allah protect us. Allah is not saying I will cure the disease Allah says oh this is a disease and this disease they are deliberately doing these things that they will be trying to probe to to harm the source of Salah to harm the most amazing woman in so Allah will increase their disease while omega one early moon remark

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for them there is a grievous and severe punishment because they are liars

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right so not seeking forgiveness instead of that lying and cheating This is something which was run out and I said is the worst of sins in other places when I last ran out and I said to Rosa Salaam that I will not forgive them even if you ask forgiveness 70 times Submariner model now this refers to forgiving the Mojave again forgiving them after they have died if they died on the Falcon the Falcon school for an effort is to is apostasy in effect is in this case of the moment after you know Medina this was something which was something that Allah declared them to be out of Islam on based on that now please understand, it's not for you and me to point a finger at somebody today and say

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so and so is I'm gonna fix once was the fact so this was out of Islam. No, please do. It's not our job to send anybody out of Islam. We Our job is to draw people into Islam. But we are talking here specifically, historically speaking of these people in Medina, who spent their whole life trying to harm themselves. So Allah said those people who continue to spend their lives to harm rasulillah salam

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but they could not do that because Allah protect them. But they spent their life and they died on that right so they didn't give up their died on this thing of trying to harm themselves Allah. Allah said after they are dead, then if you ask forgiveness for them.

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This is Kim after

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brain janaza which is dwama Farah for Abdullah in shallow,

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the head of the

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great generals of sources and Paige and I prayed for his forgiveness and last round and I said No, I will not forgive him. Now, the eyes which I mentioned before, where I'm not saying Allah has not sent in a V for anything other than that he should be obeyed, and that if the manavi horn had sought forgiveness, now they're here we are not saying Allah said if they seek forgiveness and if the NaVi Salah Salem seeks forgiveness further, Allah will forgive. So there is no contradiction in these two if one refers to the state after the day, after they have died on the fact after they have died, as enemies of Allah, Allah and the messenger samsara then if the prophets Allah Sonam seeks forgiveness

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for them, Allah says I will not for you, but in their own lifetime is they seek forgiveness for themselves. If they repent, if they seek forgiveness, if they're done towards Allah subhanho data and the company Visa Center, and this year, we have realized our mistake, we are seeking endless partners forgiveness, please ask Allah to forgive us. And if the Proverbs of Solomon

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Next door for them and that's it I will accept this to the point I want to make for you. As a hamdulillah we are not like him We are not trying to harm Rosa salami not trying to harm the deen of Allah. But we make mistakes we hug me Forgive me forget before we deliberately also sometimes they'll forgive us we do something which is wrong, we know it is on us to do it. Because of temptation because of weakness of the flesh, whatnot.

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Never lose hope.

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In the mercy of Allah, right?

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turn towards Allah make us turn towards Allah and make us the path. ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive. Now in this process, there are two words one is the one installer basically they both mean the same thing meaning seeking forgiveness and turning towards the last one. That was to actually turn towards the last monitor meaning that after seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala do we change our ways do we change our habits? Because there's no sense

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in seeking forgiveness

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and continuing in our negative ways, right? Supposing I'm not praying and then I realized that not praying is a is a terrible thing to deliberately leave Salah is actually go for. Maybe I didn't deliberately leave Salah maybe I left out of laziness or whatever. Still, that is a very bad thing. So I now realize that I should praise omegas the what is the law Please forgive me all the time that I missed my salah and so on. And then what do I do? Well, I still continue to Mashallah, no, this is Toba. Having sought forgiveness, I then turn towards Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I ensure that I will never ever miss another Salah in my life, I will never, ever miss another breath.

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If I'm not going to do that, then the seeking of forgiveness itself is hypocrisy because then

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I'm saying I'm doing something wrong, I apologize for it, I'm sorry about it, and I still do it.

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And I still do it. So where is the where is the sorry,

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where is the apology? So that is something that we should be very clear about. Don't fall into that trap. If we do something wrong, it is wrong.

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We need to change our ways and we need to come to the right path. Now. Therefore, seeking forgiveness and making this this part is very important, not two things. We have to see first of all,

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what is it that we are seeking forgiveness for?

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If it is something which is from the whole kohala which is from the rights of Allah Subhana Allah for example prayer for example, fasting for example, you know what it was like app and so on, all the by that, including for example our okay that selfish, if you were unsure can be that we make Toba is the fiber don't we come up with come away from that. So if it is called the bat alcove, Allah then writes of Allah, then we should seek forgiveness.

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And where we, for example, if we have missed our fast and we should fast, some more. So now I will fast so that it will count in that favor. If you have not paid soccer, then we should calculate the number of years that we didn't pay as I got and it was liable then made sure that we paid and so on, if I have not done I'm liable to make hygiene, I'm not done it then I must make sure that I do it. So these are the things with regard to the right so and last.

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But then our problems and our sins we also have to do with the rights of the people, the which is what is called hopefully, but the rights of the people. Now if they are to do with rights of people, for example, I harmed somebody, for example, I took away somebody, right? I misappropriated somebody's property, you know, whatever, then it is also essential. And it is part of this far that I should make amends. If I took away somebody's property, I must return that property. If I if I harmed somebody, I must go and seek that person's forgiveness. I must go and ask that person to forgive me. I must

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ensure that I don't take that with me. Right? If I have violated somebody is right, whatever that right was, I need to make that make amends. compensate the person for that. In some cases it might mean that you go and you apologize and you show your regret. In other cases, it might be more in terms of material. You give them a gift or present something if you have taken away some property whatever return it to them. Make sure you do that. Because without that Allah will not forgive you. I also said Allah will not for you.

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Listen, who

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violated somebody right? unless that person forgive them first. So it is not okay for me or you to do harm to somebody in this world and then seek the forgiveness of Allah subhanho that it won't work. If you I'm somebody, we have to make, make up that harm that is all you know, wipe that out. By compensating that person, make sure that that person has forgiven you. Now you might have a situation where, despite everything that person still refuses to forgive you. That is something which is on that person. If after you have compensated that person after you have sought his, his or her partner, if they still don't want to forgive you, then it is up to

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Allah subhanaw taala and you don't have to

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do anything more after that run. Make sure that you do that. Make sure you seek their forgiveness, a brother sister is not worth dying.

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Keeping somebody is right on your shoulders. Because when you die, remember after that nothing can be done so and then you end up with that the formula that that is not a situation that we want to be the Savas that will tell us

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maybe we violated the rights of somebody before

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we didn't realize what you were doing it was wrong. Now we realize

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but that person has died

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or that person or that person has gone away somewhere and we don't know where they are. What should we do as soon as as an observer where you know if they died and their heirs or their their inheritors are there then return the property to property to them right? make whatever you needed to do to the Father give it to the son give it to the person daughter who inherited if it's a case where now there is no trace that person has gone away we don't know who the family is they don't know anything. There is also said give charity continue to give charity in the name and seek Allah's forgiveness and make dua for that person and say Allah Please forgive that person give them Jana

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because that's why that port that's what you owe to them and give sadaqa in their name, right. So, build homage is whatever gives give charity to people. In them you say the alarm giving charity, may the reward of this charity go to that person. Now brothers sisters, this is an absolutely critical thing to do in please let us make sure that we do it here and we settle our accounts here. Because we have the others of Rosano Salah, the where he asked the Sahaba he said Who are the destitute of this oma right? Who are the destitute of this oma service area. So Allah sallallahu Sallam the destitute, those who have no money, or no wealth, no dinner, no dinner, and they are indeed, Russell

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Russell, as Adam said, No, he said, the destitute of this Omar those who will come before Allah subhanho data with deeds, the size of the amount of our hearts, good deeds, how much how many good is the size of the mountain of art, those of you who have been to Medina, when you go and look at the mountain, think about that. It's a very historic mountain with

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deep roots in the Sierra, and in the history of Islam. And it's something that we should, we should look at, and we should know, all of these kinds of things. They help to bring the reality of this beautiful faith into our lives. We have a faith which is real we have faith which is based on fact we don't have any mythology in Islam we don't have any superstition in Islam. So therefore that fact must become clear to us must be clear in our hearts and therefore when you look at Mount Hood think about it so it doesn't upset people will the destitute have imagined as he's talking about destitute and he's saying that there are people who will come in the presence in the horror of Allah subhanaw

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taala with deeds with good deeds, the size of the mountain of art

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and then he said, however, there will be people who will be lines of people, long lines of people who will be waiting

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before them and these people will say, yeah, Allah, so and so violated by rights, so and so took away this or that from me, so and so hurt me so and so harm me zones of beat visa, and so murdered me whatever the situation is, there was a lot this is what this person did. Now. I am asking

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You I am begging you, Allah for justice. So

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what is the justice on the Day of Judgment, the justice on Day of Judgment is that the currency is his deeds. So they will say, give this person's good deeds to me. So in accordance with whatever violation happened, a loss rather analysis or

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deed will be taken from this person's struck and given to those he or she violated.

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As soon as, until a time will come when this entire mountain of deeds will be exhausted, will be finished, there will be nothing left. And the last router, of course, knows everything. But he will ask, Allah say, now what do you want me to do? He has no deed left. Because the line of people will still be there.

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They have not, the line is not over. There's still some there's still some people left. So as soon as Adam said, Allah will ask these people who are still left, that now this man's on this woman's good deeds are finished, they have nothing more. So what do you want me to do? They will say, Take my evil deeds and give it to them.

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And this will be done. And that person who came on the Day of Judgment with good deeds, the size of the mountain award, will go into the Jana into the Hellfire carrying the deeds of other people, people who he violated she violated whose rights they did not fulfill and who they harmed. They will take their deeds and go their evil deeds and go into jail.

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So please understand this, we do not definitely would not want that to happen to us. So what must we do neg Toba and instead makes the foreign Toba apologize to Allah subhanho wa Taala and apologize to the people that we wronged right Do not leave that for the Day of Judgment, do not die in a state where we did not seek forgiveness when we should have sought forgiveness in so

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hold Allah subhanho wa Taala said first off it oho some to LA in Nairobi, Adi mo Mujib, Allah around that I said, then seek forgiveness of him

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and then turn to him geladeira, who in repentance, certainly my rubbish near and responsive.

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All that he is explaining this, as I explained to just now, explain this in two steps, first of all, auto

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seek His forgiveness and turn towards him.

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So, forgiveness, seeking forgiveness consists of two parts. One is to realize that you are wrong and to seek forgiveness to beg pardon. The second one is therefore now what? Therefore now I changed my life. Therefore, now I become a different person. Therefore, now I

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stop doing the negative stuff that I used to do and I start doing positive stuff instead. This has to happen. There is an action associated with seeking forgiveness is not merely saying, Oh, I'm sorry. That is the first part of it. Yes, you're sorry. Therefore, why?

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Paul levina is

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a sharpen our salamu Andrews zaccaro law. First of all, Roe v Wade, Roe v him, Amaya Illallah. wa sallam you sue Allah.

00:28:55--> 00:29:21

You're Alamo. Allah said which means and those who when they committed Phylicia which is all kinds of shamelessness, adultery and so on, or wrong themselves with evil, remember Allah and seek forgiveness for their sins and none can forgive sin except Allah Subhana Allah,

00:29:22--> 00:29:35

Allah and and and then they do not persist in that wrong that they have done while they know. So here Allah subhanaw taala is telling us the condition of the believers who

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who seek forgiveness. And let's saying though when they have committed a sin, then what do they do? They remember Allah subhanaw taala they seek forgiveness. They know that nobody can forgive sins except Allah. So they're not going to some priests to ask forgive, they're going died on us. And they stopped doing what they were doing wrong. They do not persist in that room. They do not proceed.

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In that sin, so, to avoid this the fire is not merely words, it is to change your life rather than sisters. Toba is our need to turn towards Allah subhanho wa Taala is our need. It's not Allah. Allah does not care as far as Allah is concerned. Allah subhanaw taala doesn't know how Allah it doesn't benefit Allah our actions. We do it for ourselves the state of repentance or tower is at the beginning, the middle and the end of all states of submission to the will of Allah subhanaw taala. The slave who seeks the pleasure of Allah never abandons Toba. He remains in the state of power until his death. Whatever his State of Belief, the state makes Toba his constant companion. Thus

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Toba is at the beginning, and at the end of his servitude to his creator jealous a lot of his need for Toba at the end, just at the beginning, overrides and supersedes all other needs. And this is in Madonna, Madonna Sally key of Imam even Aldo Xia Rahim Allah heeta Allah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to

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help us to do what is pleasing to Him and save us from that, which does not please Him. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept our Dawa and is the heart and to keep us

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steadfast and firm on the path of righteousness was Allah Allah Allah, Allah Karim? Allah Allah He was named biratnagar Rahimi hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.