The Month of Dhu-l-Hijjah

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala

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Praise be to Allah and peace and prayers on his final messenger Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, our brothers and sisters, the short message I want as a reminder for myself and my brothers and sisters, about the special time that we're approaching, which is the month of hedge.

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Many of us of course, quite rightly see this

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amazing once in a lifetime journey for the Hajaj for those going to hatch.

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And we partake of that experience to joining them in on the day of a lot ha that they have sacrificed. So your method is called on the 10th day of the picture. But I want to many people are oblivious and perhaps have not been reminded about

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stateless with a pocket size,

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which indicates more than that, even for those who are not attending the hedge about this particular season, especially the beginning of the month of delay in the first 10 days. And because we're unaware of it,

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people don't really make any effort to take any notice of it except that they have said before

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the focus has been sent inauthentic release was mentioned by Buhari and also endora me reporting from Delano Pol, pot a pseudo lifestyle Allahu alayhi wa sallam mela Anna Lucy and Jeremy Nasha of dollar minella annual fee heavy Eonni astral hedge

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Apollo What else do you have feasibility lie Ursula Paul Salalah what else he had

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illa illah Rachel Harada you have to be Neff see he Romani he phylum er GRP, Shea,

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as in their bus of the prophesize flim said that they are there are

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no good deeds that are done in a period of 10 days better than those deeds done in these 10 days mean the 10 days beginning of the month of the ledger.

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And the Sahaba jasola was not even jihad in the way of Allah. and in this situation Jihad meant not even fighting in the way of Allah. The prophet SAW Some said no, not even that except a person who goes out to fight in the way of Allah and puts in danger, their life and their possessions and they come back with nothing. In other words, a person is Shaheed. Only in that case is that the those deeds better. So this statement of a soul I thought really is a great good news of the weight of doing good deeds in these attendees and the first part of the month under HIPAA, for those who are not even at Heritage, and I think that's something that's often ignored and it's a hadith in

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Bukhari, under these good deeds, some people often mentioned about a bad word about doing extra fasts in these 10 days extra no awful prayer and making extra glass and things salah and peace and prayers on a solo muscle Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Of course, good days includes all that but good deeds are not limited to just that. As far as these things are concerned they're all goal are inclusive in this general idea of good deeds from the statement of a solo lossless alone. First thing some people raised an issue about it because of the Hadith which is important his second Muslim which is authentic from it cetera de la

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Paulette Mara a tuber pseudonymised on the level I leave to them site you men, Phil ash

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tone that she says unhardened I did not see the messing up Allah ever fast in these 10 days at all.

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This study some said would mean that you shouldn't use these days for

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Casting but it doesn't actually say that. It's similar to a situation where the publicize some encourages, for example, the praying have slept with Doha, which is the prayer after the sun has risen in the morning, clearly a voluntary prayer which is recommended, and also the publicize some statement about do tour cost before Salatu Muslim,

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which is an encouragement to do extra recap, and we have no evidence from any authentic at least that the prophesized Islam was ever seen doing these to the cosmic force level of mothering, or the to the cause of a lot of Doha. Nevertheless, the encouragement is there. So in a similar way, there is no contradiction with the statement of Isaiah delavan her saying that she never saw the promises and fasting these days, then the Pope, something closing good deeds, so it can include fasting in those days. However, my point here is that good deeds are beyond a bad dad. And that's what we need to take on. And good deeds include.

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Being kind using good words, helping our parents being good to the neighbors being good, and doing good in society, from colon armor, from, from sayings and statements from our speech and from our behavior. So good deeds going out of our way to do good deeds, especially in this season. We mustn't ignore that, aside from the bad debt, which can be there. But the idea of good deeds is much wider than that much wider than just ritual worship. And in fact, the whole purpose of ritual worship is to bring it closer to Allah so that we are benefit to others. This is the real message of Islam. And of course, in that regards, we mustn't, and we are all aware of the situation of the refugees who

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are coming from war torn Muslim land, especially Syria.

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a lot of brothers and sisters, and even a non Muslims are running around trying to help in that situation. But there's many of us who are doing very little or nothing. So firstly, we should be encouraged to do that, but increased more so in these in this coming season in the beginning of the lecture, which is coming in about a week or so. And be aware of the weight of these good deeds, how much more it is going to be multiplied compared to any other days and the rest of the year. So going out of our way in raising donation in giving donations in helping opening our homes, to the orphans, if we're not able to do that, again, to contribute financially to help those charities who are

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actually carrying out good works in this regard here and abroad, anywhere in the world, whether it's disasters, and also to make to our for ourselves, and for those who are in dire need. So that's the idea of preparing before we even get to the celebration of ala to her, which helps us to actually partake and participate in our way despite not being able to go to Hajj, which is majority of Muslims, that were able to participate in the season of Hajj with good deeds, the weight of whom in this season is greater than any any other Wrestler of the Year in regards to fasting Of course, despite there being nothing direct from a place of some profits or some fasting in these 10 days or

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so, there is of course direct statement which is clear and and mentioned in various salary for prophesize some saying we're missing Sahih Muslim for example, but both Muslim said someone young yada yada, you can see this entertaining while feeling

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as cynical as Savita maquila, the device has been sent to the fast Of The Day of arafah. And that is for those who are not at Hajj. Of course, for those who had they don't pass on the ninth of june of hijab, it blocked South whites away since for two years, then the prophet SAW son gave the bush round the good news that the year before and the year to come. Of course, let's not run away with the silly idea of some people may have the if the sins of the year to come a white towel, I can now go out after fast in the day of our fun and do as much soon as possible because he's going to be wiped out anyway. Of course this is not the idea is that a complete misunderstanding of the

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statement of profit or loss. So but the weight of fasting on the day of arafah which is some not recommended, of course, but look at the reward that comes with it. So let us not forget that day. When the judge in there had Jesus standing out of phone making the alarm we see on our television with the satellite, direct satellite pictures, and we partake and sharing that by fasting on that day and then they'll give us 12 feet for that and aside for that is a statement of public

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isolation, which there are various statement encouraging the sacrifice of an animal for the day of sacrifice in commemoration of Ibrahim alayhis salam without going into too much detail in regards to that. I just want to say that

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the prophet SAW some Muslim does say either de la Sol our

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Nashville hedge fund our other

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fella Yeah, I mean shot me here I'm in Buffalo he Shay had to die. What does that mean focus on said that when the 10 days, meaning the first 10 days of the hedger arrived, and one of you intends to give a sacrifice that let them not take from their hair or from their meals anything except after they are given the sacrifice or the sacrifice has been done. This inside Muslim is authentically. And it is the recommendation. It is as much as the whole majority of Allah said it is some number aka that for the one who is planning to give a sacrifice that they should try and avoid as a whole Georgia doing at hedge as well taking in a state of taking anything away from their hair or their

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nails. until after the sacrifice has been done. The Hanafi and amalickiah accept this hadith but they said that this was perhaps before the hedge was made obligatory, but there's no real direct evidence for that. Majority of Olimar said this is for the for everybody who is not even at hedge that taking part in this, although it isn't the recommended so if somebody does still get their hair cut, or

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Clinton danneels it doesn't cause any harm in regards to the sacrifice and sacrifice itself forgiving of sacrifice.

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On the day of a lot harder day of sacrifice is some number I can accept in regards to 100 fear, fear, whoa, see it is watching.

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From one of the steps up in the basket, she's making something old, which they see as a symbol of the prophet SAW Selim saying that one was it was able to give a sacrifice and didn't carry it out, then they should not attend them on Sunday and they shouldn't attend a prayer. But this is seen as a staple of the past as a statement.

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strongly encouraging, giving sacrifice and not literally meaning don't attend a lot if you're not giving a sacrifice, which is the opinion of the majority of the other man doing sacrifice for those who have the financial means is some of the highly recommended for the great rewards that it carries melasma forgiveness to feed to carry out the sacrifice, whether here or abroad and especially for the benefit of brother and sister around the world may also give us the feet to go out of our day and do good deeds especially in these 10 days of the hedger and give us the Bharat Condor award for these a llama army. Apollo galliera was thrown in now. Pull over for Rahim Assalamu alaikum