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Al Hamdulillah salat wa salam, O Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala

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in Toronto.

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He said lm near UK a team of lawyers that are ballance I had already as a guide and

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the problem was all of this or I have you know, this what I was revealed after a long gap in the revelation and muscle loss and a salon was very depressed and upset because revelation had been stopped for a long period and flourish and the music in America we're making fun of the reseller seller. And they were saying that your mom has forgotten you. And that the revolution has stopped,

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follows and we will restore our labor either our darker color palette and Allah, Allah in this surah

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brought this is where he reminded Nabi sallallahu Sallam by means, as a means of converting him. lm he did it man for Allah did we not find you as the achievement will not support

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or you like a ball and you do not find you searching for the truth and it will not guide our agenda item for Elena, and did you not find you that you are in need of material help and we help. Now the issue is, with Marisa seven, this was a means of converting. And unless we have a data, then the surah immediately after that with sort of a bunch of Allah subhanaw taala conferred the more

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promised him greater rewards.

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The reminder for myself the new is that

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we need to look at our own lives and say when and where were the standing points in our lives, where Allah Subhana Allah suborders where Allah subhanaw taala guided us where Allah subhanaw taala helped us what were the macabre, and what was the positions and situations in life, where we needed the help of Allah, when apparently, in our own experience, and in our own life, and from whatever means that we had at that time, we were in a state of helplessness. And we really had no one to turn to, and there was no one who would have helped us put that out of the way Allah subhanaw taala said, he said, Every one of us will have

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not one but a number of such incidents in our lives. These incidents may be help of a material nature, it may be helpful of a spiritual nature, it may be help where our thoughts and our beliefs and our guide and our

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thinking may have been misguided, maybe somewhere, Allah guided us and brought us to a path which inshallah leads to his pleasure. where Allah has guided us helped us, maybe in a material way where we were in difficulties and also has extracted us from those difficulties. You may I remind myself, I knew that we need to recall these things you need to sit

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and reflect. And I'm a great fit, I have a great sort of fan of and in favor of writing things down. So I say also write it down, write out this incident, whatever this is, keep a notebook write it down for yourself, you're not doing this to show anybody's for your own self, write it up, make a record of this, this was my situation and this is what Allah subhanaw taala did for me.

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And that is what will turn our hearts back to Allah subhanaw taala

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that is what will encourage us to make our that law that is what will encourage us to make the far and wide tawaran turn to Allah because Allah, Allah Subhana Allah is who guided us and helped us when nobody else would have done it. And then we are now willing to go into life and into a transition of life, which is called mode where nobody can help us except Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala as mentioned is very clearly there when you are standing there and looking on life is going take by the light if you want to, if you can do it if you have this if that so you know that nobody can do it, etc. So it's very important for us to remind ourselves again and again What are

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these positions? What are these points? What are these incidents in my life, where Allah Allah helped me when there was no other help and that is what is the essence of Oracle, because then the purpose of this is twofold one is to tangle us rather than the second also, equally important purpose is to then see the material health of this world in the correct light which is that this is not coming from that this is the health of

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goal is to see something happening from a particular source and know that it is happening it is not happening from that source, but it is happening from Allah

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tawakkol is to see something happening from a particular source. But to do nothing of this source and say it is not happening from here it is the is the will of Allah. Because this is the this is the frame of the dunya, where the relish and fullness, that if you get sick was how this doctor, you go to the doctor, you will get your house in a hotel Villa, the doctor is about to kill.

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So, the vote as a doctor, we don't not that we go to the doctor. But when we get cured, we know that the cure is not coming from here it comes on

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our business, our profession,

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the world and they sit and tell us that you are prosperous, you are wealthy, because of your business because of your profession.

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Whereas the reality is that this is a source, Allah subhanaw taala is the actual giver. I'm not using this source tomorrow, like I choose any other source, and May Allah make it in our lives that Allah gives us without a source so that we can recognize him directly. Because it was

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like it was not dependent on sources, Allah can give us without a source directly from him.

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So therefore, to see something happening from a material source,

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and simultaneously to know that it is not happening from there. But because of the internet and because of the law. This is the meaning of our code.

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So the purpose of reminding ourselves of these times in our lives well it's rather helped us is to thank him. And to reinforce our talk we'll also handle that a lot and to remove all the material things and all the material,

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Reliance's and all the material

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sources that come in the way of tawakkol on Allah.

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Only then can we do the work of his Deen without any fear because then we are not worried about all this.

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You're not concerned about whether How will I find this or how will I find that you don't have to worry.

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You don't have to standard Africa Latin America

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and this is the the manual for myself a new mela make it easy for us to see the reality of his product. The reality of his being the file alpha i look at his file of the actual real. One who does something it's not the the feral doesn't happen because of its of itself. It's because the fight and the fight is Allah subhanaw taala Allah Allah Allah will carry well Allah he was on his mind to go