Common Errors in Salaah – Passing infront of a Musallee

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In terms of common errors in Salah, yesterday we spoke about hastiness in Salah, and we mentioned that in the recent law that he was sending was critical of that Salah, which is like the packing of a rooster, were you just going up and down. And nobody said a lot while he was sending also mentioned that the greatest thief is the one who steals from Salah, meaning you steal from your postures, you're not completing your postures properly and thoroughly. So if you were in every posture for a minimum of one Subhanallah one second, and your body came to arrest for that duration that technically, technically your Salah is in order, but it's still not the appropriate way of

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performing Salah, Salah needs to be performed with determination with ease with humility. When someone looks at you, they must see a person who is totally conscious of the fact that they are in front of another person who's racing through a particular ritual, just to get it done. Now the arrow that I want to discuss today is the aspect of passing somebody was the insula. We know there's a very severe warning which is sounded out in the heartbeat of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, that if someone is performing salah and you cross that person, I mean there's no sutra so there isn't something in front of the person like a pillar or a chair or something. Then if you were to know the

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consequences, they are so severe that you would rather wait for 40 years, then to cross the person that is how severe the consequences are. So we must be careful sometimes in our negligence you know, we don't realize where we walking and we end up crossing people who are in Salah. However, there is one important ruling that many of us don't know about. And that is that when there is a mustard cabin when there's a big mistake, then you are allowed to cross if it is at a distance you take normal Islam mistake this is a Mr. Kevin now if you leaving from the first stuff, and they somebody reading so next day in the 16th stuff, you can wait you'll wait half an hour, especially after Juma

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you're going to wait for everybody at the back to complete and say I can't cross anybody. So in a big mustard you are permitted to cross but at a distance not so close that you crossing between where that person is and the full extent to where his gaze falls. So say we normally say in Salah you must look at where your head is going to rest. So if you're looking where your gaze will fall, maybe another one surf maximum, one and a half surf in front of that. So try not to cross in that immediate vicinity of the person but ahead of that you can cross in a big mistake. Because when you come too close, then obviously you're causing disturbance. So know the massala that don't cross a

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person because that is prohibited but in a big mistake, you can cross it a distance Now many people don't know that Massara. So you crossing three sets in front of them, they putting the hands out like they like to wave you and they try to stop you. That's also incorrect. If you are in salah and somebody crosses that's his mistake. That's his error. You don't have to start your theatrics and gymnastics there and put the hand out this way and put your hand out that way. And sometimes the person really wants to physically stop you from crossing. There is no need all of those kind of theatrics and Sarah milotic without the understanding so Hanalei will be on this