Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Fajr Reminder Day 2 Lec Colombo

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of forgiveness and the use of "will" and "will" to describe difficult situations. They stress the need for forgiveness and responsibility, avoiding mistakes and false assumptions, and pray for a future state. The speakers also emphasize the importance of avoiding mistakes and false assumptions, praying for a future state, and not advertising one's behavior. They stress the need for forgiveness and responsibility, avoiding mistakes and false assumptions, and pray for a future state.
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house we live in shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala Colombia vida de us heavy human Willa

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and those around the desert

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yeah you will know to Illallah Ito Burton

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who said they will sleep in front

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as well. We will believe

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to Illallah hit Overton, turn towards Allah subhanho wa Taala. Sincerely

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with a sincere turning.

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I want to remind myself and you today about the importance of Toba

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Dawa is to turn towards Allah subhanaw taala.

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And the way to do that is through is to is to ask for the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala

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How do you turn towards Allah by asking for the forgiveness of Allah?

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You do make Toba by doing stuff for

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noise Alam his people gave him to him when they went through different

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punishments because of what they were doing. And what did you say to them? He said First of all, in a world of over him.

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First off a little rubber comb in Ghana.

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Or you will see some Mira

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cumbia, malema, Bernina wedge aliquam Jana wager loco Mahara. He didn't make it so far with Europe and he is the one who forgives in Nova Nova fara he is truly the one who forgives. And then if Allah subhanaw taala forgive what will happen. You will see sama la comida Allah subhanho wa Taala will send down rain on you.

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It will take away your hardships. It will give you benefits.

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William did to Gambia Mali Marina welcome Jana to Allah one Hara and Allah subhanaw taala will give you increase in your children increase in your wealth, and He will give you bad and then he gave you reverse.

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So the effect of so far is to remove

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the difficulties of our lives.

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Especially if you are going through any difficulty in life. The thing to do is make Toba

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is the one because one of the reasons for difficulties is sin.

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One of the reasons for difficulties is sin Allah subhanaw taala

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punish punish is

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by means of some difficulties in this life so that we turn towards him

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as one was that I mentioned this in the Quran in surah says that Allah said Varanasi aka Nome in Alaska will Edina do not as I will act very lol the home Yazoo. Allah said we give them a small punishment before the big punishment the punishment is in

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the hereafter in the after another religious war punishment before the punishment do not acaba de la la homier Joe, so that they can turn towards us. So, sometimes, if somebody is doing something wrong, you know, even even in life you

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For example, if if you find that your child is smoking, what do you do?

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You should punish him.

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If you try to reason with him, he doesn't listen to that he should punish him Why? Because if he does not stop smoking, one day he will die. He is in a hospital with lung cancer in a very horrible and painful way. So before that big punishment comes a small punishment will turn him towards Allah subhanaw taala will turn him towards will turn him away from sin.

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So therefore, if you find any difficulty in life, more than likely it is because of something that you have been doing or something that you have which you should have been doing that you are not doing two kinds of sins. One is that we neglect

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what we should be doing.

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Allah subhanaw taala said told us to pray we don't pray. Allah said do this.

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You know help each other we don't help each other. Allah said gives a cat we don't give Zakat whatever.

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So some sins are seen

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of omission things that we should have done which we do not do, and some sins or Sins of commission, something that you should not do which you are doing.

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Right. So whatever it was it is slandering and backbiting or drinking alcohol or lying or cheating things which we should not have been doing, but which we are doing.

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For both of these, the solution is Toba

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to turn towards Allah and how do we do that? By istikhara

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Toba is the first lesson that Allah subhanaw taala trata de la sala

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The first thing that was taught was Toba. Why, because it was a quarter of Allah subhanaw taala there are other ways around was to go on the earth

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and stay on the earth. It was one that I wanted to populate the earth with human beings. So he sent us an alarm that was the monitor.

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So if as Emily's alarm

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was born, otherwise Sarah was created Alice went to Jana.

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And what is the

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ultimate end? Where is actually ceram and all the other militia Where?

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Where did they come from and where are they supposed to go back to? region?

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But when they are in the world now,

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Allah subhanaw taala knows in his color that they are willing to commit sin.

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It was recovered enough sin or if they commit certain kinds of sin, then the door of Jenna will be closed

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but they're supposed to go into Jenna so what to do?

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So Allah subhanaw taala taught us the first lesson and that lesson is how to enter gender.

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How to open that door and what is that lesson? Romana Salam Nan Susana Willem de

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una casa de

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See the difference? is Allah made a mistake. And evil is also made a mistake.

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This both of them

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is made a mistake. Allah subhanaw taala do this he did not do it.

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Another one is Sarah also made a mistake. Alice while others don't do that, and he did it.

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What is the difference?

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The difference is when Emily's made the mistake, Alyssa do this and he did not do it.

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Why did he not do it? He gave him a reason.

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cannot turn him in?

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He made me with fire. He made him with mud. Why should I prostrate to him? Why should I make sense to him?

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You do not make such that because the other person

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is worthy of such that you're making such that? Because Allah subhanaw taala told you to exist.

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When the Mullah commit Santa Rosa malleshwaram did they consider him to be superior to them? Allah knows best what they consider what I'm saying. But what was their reason for making says that? Because my rep told me to access. If my rep tells me to make sense to abort, I will miss all that Oh, but what do I care?

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I don't care what is in front of me I do it because my rep said it.

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And this is the lesson that I have learned from Ursula Sullivan that is the reason why Katara Delano before he gets the hydrolysis what

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in the gamma What did he say?

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He said you are a stone.

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He said you are a stone

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I kiss you only because Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Christian

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meaning I kiss you only because Allah subhanaw taala gave us this ages Allah subhanaw taala gave us this permission to kiss others but not because there is anything in the stone

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can be hesitant to do anything for us. Can it make us good or bad or help or Nothing? Nothing Nothing.

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Tomorrow if somebody drops a atomic bomb on top of the cover

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and the cover the entire cover is vaporized. Will it change the rights of the Muslims? No, nothing will happen.

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Absolutely nothing will happen to the life of the Muslim. We will be sorry obviously you will be sad about this but beyond that.

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The next morning when you when you press a little further Where will you pray which direction? Will you say oh my god cover is gone. Now what do I do? No.

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Incidentally For your information, the GABA collapse many times. So it's not the you know, it's not as if it's something which is there for a short amount and it's referred to stay there is not done.

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As you're not gonna stay there forever, no, even the mountains will not stay forever whatever. It is only a direction find out for us.

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Why do we worship in the direction of the Kaaba? Is there anything in that house? Is there anything in that building the building have any significance for us? Are we also doing idol worship like the Hindus and this one, that one there It looks like a man our light looks like a block, is it? No.

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No. Why do we worship in the direction of the Kaaba because Allah subhanho wa Taala said so.

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If there was no Kaaba, instead of a square building, if there was a tower instead of the square building, if there was a round building or there was no building makes no difference Allah subhanaw taala said worship in that direction. You worship in that direction.

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Before the Qibla was chained to the cover, where was worshipping redirection towards vital map this

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is there any significance in vital monsters itself muchas de la casa de la, it's a it's one of the three massages Allah subhanaw taala mentioned and therefore we love it. And therefore we there is significance in that. But for the sake of argument tomorrow,

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if the people who are now in charge of that both are mothers who are controlling it, supposing they destroyed

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what would happen to the Muslims,

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nothing will happen to the Muslims. Nothing will happen to the Muslims. Understand is very clearly there's no need to get depressed,

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of course will be sad.

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And when Allah subhanaw taala gives us the language

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does it change the Muslim in any way? Has Allah become less now because both of us has,

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has collapsed?

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Has Islam lost? Has Islam become less in any way? Because by tomorrow The US has collapsed.

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Nothing will happen to Islam.

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nothing whatsoever will happen to Islam.

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Whether there is virtual mock this autobytel workers whether it's Kaaba, no carpet, or anything or know anything, Allah Allah Allah

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who has some other lady love dearly to Allah, Allah, Allah yaku for ahead.

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Hello Allah subhanaw taala is free from all what Allah subhanaw taala is free from all imperfection. And we worship that

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we worship in this direction or that direction, because he told us not because there is anything significant about that particular direction.

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So Emily's made a mistake. And Adam alayhis salam and how la sala also made a mistake.

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He believes was told to do something and he disobeyed otherwise Allah was told not to do something and it is a wait

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what is the difference? He please did two things one, he argued and the second one is he asked for time and zeal Nila yo move so he said give me time till the till you bring them back alive again

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until the day when there is elected.

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So he argued any

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other way.

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And Oh Allah we have transcripts against ourselves.

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Boil and Duff Ilana and if you don't forgive us, lacuna, coil assassin we are destroyed. Surely we will be among the people who have been destroyed. People who are in great loss

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immediately. Didn't they argue? No, no. But you know, Allah is not really my fault. Is this well odd to he only told us this disease is that's his fault. He said that.

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No, that is the fact shaitan is the one who tempted them and so on. But did they blame evil is Did they say no, no, but you know, what can I do?

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That's his problem. Right?

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Robin Assalam nan vasana. Allah we have transgressed we have done zulum on ourselves.

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I want to remind myself venue that when we commit sin, who are we transgressing against, who are we doing zulum on ourselves?

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You don't have Allah, nobody can have a life.

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If we drag this up, somebody makes shirk, or somebody does some other kind of sin, whatever the sin might be small or big.

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Is that person Thank you very much.

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Is that person having Allah subhanaw taala in any way?

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Let's see.

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If this whole world and all who live in it,

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in the whole world and all those who live in it

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become as bad as a beliefs.

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This world and everybody, all human beings and all the Djinn if every single one of them becomes as evil and as disobedient and as oppressive and as

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you know, as rebellious, as evil is, it will not decrease the glory and majesty of Allah subhanho wa Taala by one iota.

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And if this whole world and all those who live in it, become as holy and pious, as the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam himself, it will not increase the glory and majesty of Allah subhanho wa Taala been one iota.

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Allah subhanaw taala

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is summit

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Cole who Allahu Ahad

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Allah wa

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there what

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Alo summit

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la semana del is free from all imperfection

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he needs nothing.

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He needs nothing, Allah does not need our bother. If all of us stopped worshiping it would make no difference to Allah subhanaw taala

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even in this world, this is true.

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If somebody brings the Kohinoor diamond and puts it here and we do not understand what is the point of diamond we know we are not diamond experts we don't know anything or some shiny looks like a piece of glass. Does it decrease the value of that coconut by itself? No. It just shows that you do not have that you do not recognize diamond just shows it just displays your own ignorance.

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Nothing else.

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It just displays our own ignorance.

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When you take the same coin or and put it before

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take it to Amsterdam or somewhere where you know diamond merchants or you put it there and people will fall down dead in effect my god what is this phenomenal job. Why because he recognizes the jewel.

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But has this jewel has the value of the jewel now increased in Amsterdam know the value is the value whatever it is whether it's in Amsterdam, whether it's in Timbuktu, whether it is somewhere else.

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And this is with Allah Allah Allah, Allah we do not give examples of Allah subhanho wa Taala I'm just giving an example to illustrate a particular principle.

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So how does the glory and majesty of my rub increase or decrease because somebody accepts or somebody does not accept no problem?

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No need to get depressed or integrate irritated nothing? Somebody says there is no god no problem was.

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You don't want to recognize you're dragging that out doesn't make any difference.

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So Toba first lesson rather Melissa was taught by Los Angeles.

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Why? Because we have to get back into agenda. Please understand this applies to all of us.

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Why are we sitting here at this time of the morning talking about the glory of Allah hort? We should we will words you should be sleeping peacefully and Hyperion led to all sorts today. His boys look like they want to stay up stay vertical for the rest of the day unless they are allowed to be horizontal for some more time now. So inshallah

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jela will send them off. But now my point is why are we doing all this so that insha Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala very pleased with us. So we make Toba?

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We make Toba and how do you make our base just by by asking the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Now, there are three conditions for the acceptance of our

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three conditions for the acceptance of the worth.

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The first condition is that you should be sincerely repentant, genuinely contract.

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Sincerely regretful

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about whatever it is that you have done, or whatever it is that you failed to do, as I told you two kinds of

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ways, either something you were supposed to do or did not do or support something that we were not supposed to do, which we did so in both cases.

00:19:47 --> 00:19:50

Genuinely sincerely sorry about that.

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First condition of our

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second condition of Toba is that we never repeat that thing again.

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Makes no sense. I'm sorry, what is an eigen I do it. Right? So never repeated again. And third condition of Toba is that if the nature of the sin was such that it affected somebody else, then we must make redress, we must compensate that person for whatever it was.

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So, for example, the nature of the sin is that I took away something from you, I must return it to you, I cannot take that thing away. I don't know, I'm actually I'm very genuinely sorry about this. I'm sorry about your back.

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Set. The condition of being sorry, you return it? I mean, why are you hanging on to that thing? If you are really sorry, get back in because you should not have taken it.

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I didn't take anything material. But I maybe I cursed you or something.

00:20:55 --> 00:21:04

So what do you need to do now? Apologize. You weren't apologies, sir. No, no, but you know, how can I apologize? He's younger than me younger than you old, you should have thought about them when you're cursing him.

00:21:05 --> 00:21:12

Yes, younger than you older than him. It's not if you go and apologize. If you cast him in public over and apologize in public.

00:21:16 --> 00:21:21

Because if you did that in public, and you go quietly, one corner, but no, you you

00:21:22 --> 00:21:27

affected his image publicly. So go and apologize in public.

00:21:30 --> 00:21:30


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if you slandered him behind his back, you say something, go and tell the people Sorry, I this is what I said about him that was not true.

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00:21:45 --> 00:21:49

if it is, if it is something, if the nature of the

00:21:50 --> 00:21:56

wrong thing you did is such that it affects other people, then we must make good with those people.

00:21:58 --> 00:22:02

If it is something which is between you and Allah, for example, I was supposed to pray, I did not pray.

00:22:03 --> 00:22:22

So I'm, again, it's a very major sin deliberately, to leave a Salah, deliberately to deny that Salah is necessary is of course, Cofer, when you clean out of Islam, but if somebody has not deliberately denied and so on and so forth, but you know, you missed your Salah or something

00:22:24 --> 00:22:28

that you did not pay attention to that. It's still a major sin, but it is between you and Allah.

00:22:30 --> 00:22:31

So, what do you do?

00:22:32 --> 00:22:36

You miss the fire you ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive you and then what do you do

00:22:39 --> 00:22:40

to start praying

00:22:41 --> 00:22:44

and to make sure that you never miss a Salah again

00:22:47 --> 00:22:50

in certain kinds of things, you also have to make up for that

00:22:51 --> 00:22:55

in Salah there is if you miss a Salah What do you do to pray for that?

00:22:56 --> 00:22:58

But you don't need to pray Allah for

00:22:59 --> 00:23:06

whatever number of years there is a there are two opinions one opinion is that you have to also make up that cell. So supposing you did not pray for 20 years you would make up all that sir.

00:23:08 --> 00:23:13

But inshallah the other opinion is that once you make Toba

00:23:14 --> 00:23:15

and that comes from the

00:23:17 --> 00:23:22

from the opinion of Mr. Ahmed and others, that when you left Salah you had left Islam

00:23:24 --> 00:23:26

if you had died in that state, you would have died a Kaffir.

00:23:28 --> 00:23:46

So, when you make make Dawa and you come and you start praying again you have come back into Islam and therefore your previous sins are forgiven inshallah. So, therefore, there is no need to make up those Salawat which you left but from now onwards you play sincerely and without missing his ally, inshallah, whichever opinion,

00:23:49 --> 00:23:53

you know, you want to follow you can follow, but that's the, the point is that nobody said there is

00:23:54 --> 00:23:58

that Salah is not important or anything. Definitely, it's important must be done.

00:24:01 --> 00:24:03

So you make the word Allah subhanaw, taala, and do it.

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00:24:07 --> 00:24:12

A Toba, therefore, is the first step as far as the schema of the nurse is concerned.

00:24:15 --> 00:24:19

purification of the self starts with power.

00:24:20 --> 00:24:29

That's why we're talking about this today. Because the purpose of this course the leadership excellence course, is the schedule enough's obey the law.

00:24:32 --> 00:24:39

Now, as I was saying earlier, two kinds also of sins, sins against Allah and sins against the people.

00:24:40 --> 00:24:46

Because there are two kinds of rights, the rights of Allah and the rights of people who Allah and hold a bat.

00:24:48 --> 00:24:53

And therefore it is also very important to be careful of the rights of people

00:24:54 --> 00:24:59

and not transgress those rights in any way. Whatever is somebody is right to get that person was

00:25:00 --> 00:25:08

Get that right and we should not be the cause of the person being denied that right yet so must make our

00:25:12 --> 00:25:14

advise myself when you to

00:25:16 --> 00:25:30

try to sit down and recollect and that is your assignment for today for the leaving Islam module then when you come at nine o'clock I let you off early but don't go and spend the whole time sleeping do some work also.

00:25:31 --> 00:25:38

Normally you would have been sitting in this class here for till seven o'clock, so I won't like to do that, but spend some time on your own

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and list down

00:25:42 --> 00:25:47

think and list down the things that for which you need to make Toba

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Yes, and then make double for those things. You don't have to tell anybody else about it. We don't if you come into sin, you don't have to advertise this, but for yourself list down all that you have done which you should not have done and

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you do it

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another thing is in our view talking about sins and also another thing is something may not actually be a sin, but it is less of a good deed

00:26:29 --> 00:26:39

and this is the trick of shutter watch and does is that first of all he tries to make you commit a sin actually something wrong something haram He will make you do that.

00:26:40 --> 00:26:43

But if he discovers that already this fellow is wrong or does haram

00:26:45 --> 00:26:54

and what he does is he takes you towards a good deed which has lesser value in preference to a good deed which has a greater value

00:26:55 --> 00:26:56

for example,

00:26:57 --> 00:27:02

you have come to this course and you know that the course starts at what time in the morning

00:27:05 --> 00:27:19

330 with what the Agile hamdulillah But supposing you don't pray to god you go to sleep and you come only for further is somebody willing to beat you or punish you or something? No.

00:27:21 --> 00:27:27

No, is somebody willing to come and hammer on your door at 330 or at three o'clock and wake you up also No.

00:27:29 --> 00:27:34

But for that day when you missed that did you lose or something

00:27:35 --> 00:27:36

Yes or no?

00:27:37 --> 00:27:45

So when I wanted to just undo DD prevent you from further no he knows he cannot prevent you from valuables for further we will come and wake you up. That's one Salah.

00:27:46 --> 00:27:52

So, we will come and wake you up if you and also inshallah you will wake up also because oh inshallah we will have to pray for them.

00:27:53 --> 00:28:00

But for the Agile because it is voluntary somewhere and I will come and he will sing one nice lullaby in your ear and your

00:28:01 --> 00:28:03

nice song a gun sleeper.

00:28:04 --> 00:28:28

So you don't make up for that. So what is it now what is he doing? He is not making you commit a sin as an evil you've not done anything haram but the opportunity to earn enormous good deeds for today's last. The mailers manager give you good health and long life. But supposing you drop dead now and your Amal comes exam.

00:28:29 --> 00:28:33

And there was one day when you could have prayed the hedges and you do not pay taxes?

00:28:34 --> 00:28:39

What is the value of that on the day of judgment? Think about this seriously, think about this.

00:28:40 --> 00:29:00

On the day of judgment, what is the value of that terracotta Salah, which you could have prayed the opportunity was there but you left it and you did not you didn't pray and you enjoyed maybe another 20 minutes or 30 minutes of sleep. But on the Day of Judgment. What is the value of that today? Can

00:29:02 --> 00:29:03

you get the point I'm saying

00:29:06 --> 00:29:07

yes or no.

00:29:10 --> 00:29:10


00:29:11 --> 00:29:18

you are not doing reverse. You're not slandering anybody. You're not cussing, you're not doing anything. You're simply sitting

00:29:23 --> 00:29:24

there sitting

00:29:27 --> 00:29:39

and while you are just sitting, he's also sitting with you. But while he is sitting he is doing he's saying Subhana Allah Subhan Allah so Allah internally is not saying loudly but internally since one now who's better

00:29:41 --> 00:29:44

opportunity to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala is there for you also.

00:29:46 --> 00:30:00

I have not done anything of course you're not anything haram nothing wrong. You're not going to be punished for that but there was an opportunity to earn good which is lost. Because obviously if I'm if I'm just sitting and doing nothing and most

00:30:00 --> 00:30:11

Here is make you thicker. The two of us cannot be equal no before Allah subhanaw taala. How can I, how can we be if I'm sitting and doing nothing, and he is doing zikalala with Allah, his position is higher.

00:30:12 --> 00:30:13

And he's earning that.

00:30:16 --> 00:30:17

He's earning that.

00:30:19 --> 00:30:28

There is a story was when Emanuele Salah was going somewhere, flying through the air, attended by all his troops.

00:30:29 --> 00:30:34

And there was a man who was standing on the ground he was some poor farmer or somebody who saw

00:30:35 --> 00:30:38

his language. So is that so hon Allah

00:30:40 --> 00:30:43

and Allah Subhana Allah cos salovaara salam to hear this.

00:30:45 --> 00:30:52

One is my Salam decended he came to this man, is that what you say? And the vanguard worried? Is it my God, what did I say?

00:30:54 --> 00:31:05

You said, I didn't do anything wrong either. No, I heard what you said. This, tell me repeat for me. What did you say? He said, I saw you going in all this glory, and you know, all this splendor.

00:31:06 --> 00:31:14

And I said, Subhanallah so the Mona Lisa lamb said that one Subhana love yours is better than my entire kingdom

00:31:17 --> 00:31:34

of Allah. So he knows the value of things. So he said that one swana love yours is better than my whole kingdom, all these jinn and this and that and flying through the air, he said, This is nothing compared to Allah subhanho wa Taala His glory and majesty that wants to analyze better than everything that I have.

00:31:39 --> 00:31:42

The value of towbarless differ.

00:31:45 --> 00:31:59

Yes. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to always keep us turned towards him. And to always enable us and give us the time, and the opportunity and the trophy to make Toba.

00:32:00 --> 00:32:14

You ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the opportunity to make Toba before we die, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the depth of of Russia at Sevilla. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive us after we have we have to we have died.

00:32:16 --> 00:32:28

And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with us and to accept our coming here for Salah Na Na Vila Karim, Allah Allah He was heavy as you might be erotica harmala hibino al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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