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Is there some specific da supplication I should make when I finished reading the Koran

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Peace be upon you. I first want to be able to applaud the person who's made it to this step and has completed the Koran but let's dial it first answer the question, which is, is there a lot to read once you finish reading the Koran? Yes. The entire Koran you can look at you can look up through many sources, but they're beautiful. They are one specific, you'll find that the back of your Koran, if you open it's like a page long just read the first two lines of that. That is a beautiful supplication to complete. What is the completion of the recitation of Quran And who are you reading it for? It is a lot a shocker, the most appreciative. So yes, there is a door that you should make,

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but not just at the end. Every single time you sit down to read the Koran. Imagine that you're making some artwork for a last panel with Allah like a kid makes a macaroni necklace, or that you're making some type of coloring picture for your Lord a presentation. You're doing this for Allah subhanho wa Taala. So at the end of your recitation, what do what specific blocks should you make for prosperity for protection? What do I should you be asking a lot? That's your specific law? Because you just finished reading Quran. So is there a specific law you should make? Yes, it's the one that's burning within your heart. The Prophet peace be upon him did ask a lot to accept his

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recitation did say, oh, Allah, give me the benefit of the recitation and you'll find that at the back of your Koran, but what are we trying to bring your attention to? When ever you finish the Koran, lift up your hands, thank Allah for the ability to read, be excited and then present your macaroni necklace your artwork that you made to your Lord, and and with that means pray for acceptance.

Completing the recitation of the Qur’an is a massive task. May Allah (SWT) bless those who are able to do it several times. Upon, completing, are there any duas one can recite?

Ustadh Wisam Sharieff answers

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