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till around here and have very little bill Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shara Villa BA with serene Mohammed Al Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa, he was given cathedral cathedral

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from above.

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This is just

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the method we'll do a

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quick reminder about the other half of the budget

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the etiquettes of the budget.

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let me begin with the

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with coming to the masjid itself. We know from the Hadith Surah Surah Selim that the preferred thing

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is to make widow at home and then come to the masjid.

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Now, of course if you are if you are coming from someplace where you can't make who's an Angela but if you're coming from home or coming from someplace where you can make wudu then don't use the masjid facility use that home finish there then comes the

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second thing is the issue of parking.

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Now sad to say this is a problem literally in every country in the world.

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Muslims park like they have no brains.

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Seriously, they park like they have no brains because the point is, Allah gave you intelligence to be able to get a good job and to earn money and to buy an expensive car. And then you park this car like you have no nobody.

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I have seen people parking on top of traffic islands are driven by people parking on top of the pavement.

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Across people's driveways on people's lawns.

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Now where is the more

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you park on somebody's lawn I mean this is you need somebody to tell you that

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completely insane behavior. Now the problem with that is and globally This is the route everywhere. Anytime that Muslims want to build a boss there is a huge outdoor

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communities protest they go to court they will call the police they

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so you will say oh you see people are against Islam. No, no, they're not against Islam. They are against your parking.

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They're not against Islam, they are against your party.

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So please have respect for yourself. Have respect for your position you are treated with respect people will look at your respect properly. Here one big issue which my brother is allowed the knowledge bases. We have handicap spots.

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You have people here who come to the end go to the gym and they lift 300 pounds but they will park in the handicap parking why?

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And not as if everything there's plenty of other parking your back there you back in the handicap capping parking because it will save you three steps.

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Take those three steps good for your digestion, right.

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So please, parking third one shoes.

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Again global phenomenon. I've seen masajid worth literally what millions in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in London I travel all over the world.

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Beautiful, beautiful Masada you name it the material the flooring, the lighting the world are you everything trapped class. You have shelves for the shoes, shoe racks made of beautiful Burma tick.

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Right you can see the beautiful grain of the wood and mashallah you can see the entire shelf you can see all the grain of every shelf of all the wood because not one shoe is in it

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in that

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shoe that all over the place.

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Now my point is really think about yourself you have you have a nice pair of shoes, you leave it there everyone else stamps over it they walk on it is that what you want to do for yourself?

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Racks are provided but people will not use rice they saw the shoes everywhere.

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And every once in a while somebody will send you a picture in our WhatsApp. This is a Buddhist temple. See the shoes? This is a Sikh gurdwara see the shoes in Allah when the

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fourth point you come into the masjid, right.

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What Allah subhanaw taala say?

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Allah said yah bunny, the macholos de nada Komenda Cooley Masjid Wakulla shabu wala two three foo in a hula you have bull mostly Fein

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go in the best way

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so clothing now I'm not saying you have to you know wear gold brocade or something. Obviously gold record his arm to wear anywhere but the point is that

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I dress in a in a in a beautiful way in a nice way I'm delighted to see all the by our elders yeah mashallah beautifully dressed.

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But we see a lot of people who come

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and the standard complaint, right?

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Somebody even asked me this question. He asked me if my I was praying and this guy is next to me. And he went into Rocco and I saw everything so he's my widow. Do I have was one

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level. I said nothing. I was the euro. But his Salah is gone.

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in Melilla.

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People come wearing shorts. Chilean kamberi I think about Hamdulillah you know, I'm very happy when I see children come to the masjid from the schools and so on. So Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah hamdulillah

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I'm very happy.

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But my point is,

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you send those children to the verses send them in a decent condition. Why do you send them in a way where they are coming here the Salah is not valid because they're wearing shorts and the the the our eye is exposed and everything else and all you come wearing clothes like this.

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You take all the trouble to come to the masjid my brother's sister. Please really think about this boy. I mean, hamdulillah You're most welcome.

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But please do something.

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I brought it up. I brought a one to one and hurried up there so far, but there's one over there like 10 kids what to do?

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How To Bring 10 toes on my whole wardrobe? I'll give it to them much easier. Let them wear.

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Really, please don't do this yourself. I mean, dress properly come to the house of Allah. Then you come late. Okay, and overall Hamdulillah we came late and what must you do? As soon as the restaurant said, Walk with dignity, and come and join the gym or

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whatever you wish to make up.

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For people run.

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This is against the other of them as the Muslim is a place of respect. It's the house of Allah subhanaw taala. raising your voice speaking loudly, arguing, laughing loudly or running all of these things are against the other of the Masjid.

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So please don't do that. Walk with dignity. Come join us join Zara.

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When you come in, if you if you if the Java is not there, then the first thing to do is to great work out of the federal budget. Unless you are very close to the time of too low or too low to know what happened because you come for solid budget anyway. But oh Maghrib time we would like you know a couple of minutes to Bagram that don't pray because this is not the time for making soup otherwise you can pray to god of the federal budget. This is wajib this is good hamdulillah and salam ordered us to do that. So always as soon as you enter the budget, before you sit down so don't sit down once you sit down then there is God. So before you sit down pray to regard the here to the masjid

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Inshallah, may Allah accept that from us. Then where you pay. See it is the individual responsibility of the person to make sure that he's praying in a place where he is not a block for somebody else. And also, nobody crosses in front of him so may putting your sutra in front of you is your responsibility.

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If you don't do that somebody crosses in front of you then you are responsible. So find a place where you can pray peacefully nobody disturbs you.

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So ideally, I tell people when you come into the masjid for there's a very go to the wall. Right go to one of the walls, pray that nobody bothers you. You are there in our current Dodi cross before you finish your budget then you come and join the surf wherever you're sitting. Because if you pray in the surf, then always there is a chance somebody will walk in front of you this that needless confusion needless God if you're praying especially for stuff if you're praying somebody now put your hand out. See, the idea is to avoid conflict. There is no need for conflict.

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So you pray in the first half then you put your hand out now here are a few key Musleh should you should you come from here? Why can't you go behind me? This is 30 that is not all that happened? Why? Because you're bringing them please Why do you pay them the whole budget is that my brother

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pray in a place where there is no need for country pray peacefully finish your Zara come and say to the first half seconds or whichever sub it is make bigger Wait Wait read Quran no Brava. hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah humble

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dignity is the main it is a big thing as far as Islam is because we are people of dignity. This is a dean of dignity everything in Islam is dignity. There is no the higher is a is a Shadow Demon it's a part of human

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and hi applies to everything has not only you know the clothes you wear everything everything how we talk about what oh everything right? Then ask people's in

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aim is no people.

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I'm telling you, I'm ashamed to say one of our brothers here who comes and prayed May Allah bless him and melas he is he's in hospital and please make dua for him. Brother, Omar Baker,

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the Bosnian brother who comes he's the reason hospital. Right? Every zohore Salah he's with us.

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Now, I heard they were stated that he was not well Akela and I went to the hospital to see him. And the receptionist says what is the last thing? We don't know?

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I felt so ashamed reservoir, Allah, I mean, you know, malaba to myself.

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I said the man prays next to me every day. I didn't ask his last name as a brother Omarosa over there. Like Like literally looking here I can see 202 or two or three over hamdulillah Gu beautiful day, but the last day at something we should know, right?

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So please, especially all of us who come here on a regular basis, talk to each other. I mean, this is what we should do. We don't do we don't fight we fight, don't

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talk to each other, ask each other nail

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each other, not saying to a deep down investigation about the man's life? No.

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He's doing everything of your life together.

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Right. So we should know each other. We should be we should ask about each other. You know, how are you? What are you if we can help each other hamdulillah sometimes there's no help required just that somebody talked to somebody to share some ideas. You know, it's not as if as if you have to worry about you know, if I talk to him, don't ask me for money. No one has your money. Just talk to them. Very important to learn to know each other. Right? And then again, the same thing as you're weighing up, make dua talk to people and as you're weighing out one very important thing as far as Juma is concerned about Ramadan, we have this problem every single day for therapy, but in Juma also, when

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you are going go out silently when you come into the masjid come in silently, all your talking and so on, do it outside the mosque.

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Because in the masjid, the people who are praying they have presidents or everybody else if somebody's doing Salah in the masjid. Nobody was disturbing to the extent that it is not it is preferred that even if you're reciting Quran, do it silently.

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don't recite loudly because you will be disturbed when somebody is playing next to you or inserting a column where you're disturbing Isara know

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you please recite Quran do it silently no problem, let the person now imagine if even for the Quran if you are saying recited silently What about talking

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to talk talk softly and especially if it is some if unless it is otherwise go outside them the whole places that I've talked to outside the masjid wherever there's

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most of them please don't dog do what you like. But in the masjid. As far as possible, it'll be silent. Let people who pray let them pray and make the facility where the masses must be a place which attracts

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people must come directly if I love to go to my boss go to the mercy and this one has to do Inshallah,

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then when you come in very important aspect is to focus on straightening the surf. This is the responsibility of the Imam as well to turn around before he starts and Sarah to ensure that the stuff is straight, people standing shoulder to shoulder, heel on the line, not toes, because people have feet of different lengths. And if you like try to line up by your toes, then your line will be straight. So he'll on the line. If there are people who are sitting in chairs that ideally put the chair the back legs of a chair on the line and you stand a bit forward so that the legs of the chair they perform the role of your place. And

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as far as if you are in this place we are behind you then you can push the chair back and you can stand there but make sure that the Sufi straight, this is from the establishment of Surah Surah Surah Salam as you know used to walk in the surf to see that the surf was straight. So this is very important to do inshallah you ask Allah subhanaw taala delighted to welcome us in his house he's opened his house for us we ask Allah to that we are his guests, we present ourselves and cry yogas and as your guests you there is no one who honors guests more than you are your guests. So yeah, please accept orders. Just Just now we make God for all our brothers and sisters who are ill we're

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in hospital. We make dua for our brother Rama Baker May Allah subhanaw taala giving Shiva Camila Raja and take away his pain and give him complete perfect health. We come back here and pray with us. JELA we we've been there also for our brother Gary, Gary Marvin, who's also sick who's also in hospital. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to cure him completely and to also

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Give him the shelf of Islam insha Allah and whoever else is,

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is ill there are other people also worried I don't want to mention the name but Hamdulillah we ask Allah subhanaw taala for complete Shiva and for them and for complete health for southern Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was amazing. Gotta go