Ibrahim Hindy – Do we need Islam for Salvation?

Ibrahim Hindy
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Prophet Ibrahim

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is the only person the only human

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that our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is told in the Quran along with us to take as a role model.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, for the candidate silicone was what will hasenhuttl fee Ibrahim? Indeed, there has been an excellent example in you. And Ibrahim for you and Ibrahim

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A man once came to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam. And he said to him, yeah, how you will bury? Oh, best of the creation.

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And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him, all the Dhaka Ibrahim or Annie his Salam, he said that is Ibrahim alayhis salam. Now someone might say, as a point of creed.

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We believe Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the greatest of the creation. And the scholars comment on this hadith and say, Our Prophet said this before Allah revealed to him that he is the best of the creation. So prior to Allah revealing to him that he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the best of the creation. His position was that Ibrahim was the best. And this shows us that the best two is the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then Prophet Ibrahim. And in fact both of them have the level of being clearly hunted Allah the intimate friends of Allah subhana wa Tada

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in the Quran, Allah gives us one example of Ibrahim that I want to focus on today.

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The example of Ibrahim and his son is marine building the house with your Pharaoh Ibrahim will cover item in LBT. What is marine Rob bene Takata admin in NACA into semi or in Allah says in remember, when Ibrahim was raising the foundations of the house, the house of Allah and with him, Is this my aim? And what are they saying? What I've done at Taco Bell Mina, our Lord accept from us. Indeed you are the hearing and the knowing is married would hand the bricks to his father Ibrahim. And he would lay down the foundations of the house. And as they are building this, what is on their mind, oh Allah except from us from the networkable Mina. They are building the Masjid. That will be the

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tibula the direction for the believers to pray.

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That will gather the servants in pilgrimage. They're building the first Masjid

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which will be a symbol of the religion of Islam.

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And who told him to build it? Allah subhanho wa Taala and yet what is on their mind? Oh Allah please accept this from us. Oh Allah we are afraid that this will not be accepted from us. What have you been one of the one of the great scholars of the setup? He said that I German Lena de la heater Isla Yebin eh Allah and haram. We emerald molecular alarm workshop Allah your Taco Bell Minho. He said, how amazing is it for the Prophet of Allah to build the Sacred House of Allah, by the command of Allah, the knowing the king, and yet he fears that it will not be accepted from him.

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And this is a reminder to all of us not to be deceived by shaytaan will we admire our good deeds, we think are amazing because we've done some good and the reality is that the deed is not important. What is important is the acceptance of Allah subhanaw taala. But someone may ask the question,

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why our deeds not accepted? What are the reasons that sometimes cause our our good deeds to not be accepted in the sight of Allah azza wa jal and the Quran mentions a few categories we will not mention all of them, but a few points of benefit for us. The first and this one is a condition. It must be pure and sincere for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in the Hadith Kotze there isn't sorry Muslim, and I'm gonna show our cat we're gonna shoot men. I mean, I'm not an Ashoka female. You already saw Doctor Who wishes.

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He says I am the one who is the most free from want of partners. Allah says I don't need any partners. So whoever does a deed

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and they associate another partner in its talk to who I have abandoned him and his partner, then whatever he has associated with me in meaning let this partner

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let them be the one who rewards you. You do a good deed you intend on

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While but you also intend the people to see you to love you to recognize you for doing good. Let the people reward you. Allah says I abandon him, and the one he has associated with me.

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Even the human being does not like a partner to be with him. If you have a company, and you're getting profits in your company, would you bring a partner and give him a percentage for no reason? No one would like this. And the only reason you would bring a partner is because of a lack of capability. You need their expertise. You need their work and their effort and their time. You need their capital, you need their protection, perhaps those are the reasons you will bring a partner and give them profits. But Allah is Allah honey, he is independent. He does not need anyone else for anything. He does not need a partner in any matter. So when we bring a partner in our worship of

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Allah subhanaw taala. How oppressive is that? If someone forced you to have a partner in your business and to give them profits and you don't need them, you would feel it's oppressive when we worship Allah and associate others, is that not oppressive as well? In the shitcan, as well when Aleem shook is a grave injustice, when we intend a law but we also intend the people or we worship God but we worship others with him via Jesus, her idols or even our own ego. Our deeds need to be pure for the sake of Allah. Another reason Allah mentioned in the Quran for why deeds may be rejected. Yeah, you will Lavina Ave LA to go through so the cartoon will mainly whatever, do not

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destroy your own charity. Oh, you who believe do not destroy your own charity by men and other other is harming the people. Men is to Lord it's over them to remind them constantly. You give some money to a poor person didn't they give you didn't they give you money? You keep lording it over them, you cause irritation and harm to them. And so Allah subhanaw taala says if you do this, you're doing the good deed but then you're serving your ego, you're harming other people, Allah will not reject this you are destroying your own good deeds. Another example our Prophet mentions, is consuming haram. So the Prophet mentions the example of someone who has increased the possibility of his dua being

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accepted. So he mentioned that he's traveling and when you travel your DUA is more likely to be accepted.

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He mentions that he is disheveled and is closer and tattered. So he is in a desperate situation. The more desperate you are, the more likely you are to I will be accepted physically, emotionally desperate, the more likely your DUA is accepted.

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He raises his arms up and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would raise his arms up in moments of desperation, asking Allah subhanaw taala and he says, Yes, we are on the Arab He says, My lord, my lord, and we noticed most of the DUA in the Quran is what have been our Lord, calling Allah by His little movie by his lordship increases the chances of being accepted. But what is the Prophet say at the end of this dua, but a clue who haram almost caribou haram when he Vasu haram and nice to jab but Allah says but his food the prophet sent him says his food is haram and his drink is haram and his clothing is haram. So how can Allah accept from him? Meaning Allah will reject the deed of a

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person who is consuming haram, eating haram, living with haram you know clothing themselves through that which is haram in the law claimed

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in the claim the province has indeed Allah is pure and only accepts that which is pure not which is taken by stolen means, or money that is attained by through haram means. Finally, the Quran mentions to us the example of the two sons of Adam.

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Both of them give an offering to Allah. For Taco Bell photocopy lamina hajima what are we talking about Mina Lhasa, Allah says one of them was accepted their offering and the other one the offering was not accepted. So the one who's offering was not accepted gets angry. He says called up to learn Nick he tells his brother I will kill you. Either in the Marietta, federal law home and WhatsApp in he responds to his brother and he says, Allah only accepts from those who have Taqwa from those who have consciousness of Allah azza wa jal. What does that mean here? Some scholars interpret this to mean what we mentioned in the beginning sincerity, humaneness in front of Allah subhanaw taala. But

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others say the tuck were meant here is the taqwa of doing

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The good deed with humility.

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Why did the brother gets angry and say, I'm going to kill you, because his good deed in the very beginning was coming out of arrogance and ego. And it was not coming out of humility and breaking ourselves in front of Allah azza wa jal having this idea of I do the good deed, but I'm arrogant as I do it, at least worshipped Allah for 1000s of years. shaytaan worship Allah for 1000s of years for a millennium. And he felt that his worship

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made him entitled, I deserve certain things because I worshipped Allah does not need our worship. He does not need our good deeds. We need his acceptance, he does not need our amen our deeds. And so arrogance, by the way, is related to Cofer, and related to shift as well. And when we have this idea in our heart, I did this so I'm deserving of this. This is not the servant of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Allah, the Prophet, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah also mentions those at the time of our Prophet, they hypocrites, who they would give money to charity, but they would tell our Prophet, you should be grateful. We let you come to Medina. You should be grateful to us we are the ones who took care of you. Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, will MC Potala and Al Quran lay you then you took up the income give whatever you want to give, it will not be accepted from you, willingly or unwillingly will not be accepted from you. How can you have this disposition of arrogance when you are trying to do a good deed?

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This is a day of Friday. And on the day of Friday,

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we try to recite Surah to the calf. And the last verse In surah. Till calf, Allah mentions two incredibly essential conditions to the acceptance of our good deeds. He says from uncanny or Julie or B, whoever wishes to meet his Lord I eat wishes to meet his Lord hopes to meet his Lord and a good states. What should they do for Leon Milan, Milan, Saudi Ha, let them do good deeds, ie deeds that are in accordance with our religion with our revelation, deeds that are good, what you should expect riba to be and let him not associate anyone in the worship of his Lord. So two conditions, the deed must be good, according to our faith, it is a good it is a good thing that we have done.

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Some people will do evil things and think they're doing something good, has to be good according to our faith. And the second one is we cannot associate anyone in the worship of Allah. And if either of these two categories are not achieved, you know, somebody says I'm worshipping Allah sincerely. But he is like ISIS, he's killing people he thinks is killing people is doing good, it will not be accepted from him. Right? Or somebody who does good deeds, who gives charity, but he is intending other than Allah, then it will not be accepted from him.

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Last two weeks, I was given quotes about on the topic of the seven who will be given shade, on the day when there is no shade but the shade of Allah. And I mentioned passingly. In the first parts of that series of two hotbeds

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the question that scholars have mentioned before me, that's in the seven categories. Could a non Muslim be one of them? Because the Prophet says Imam when I did I just leader can a non Muslim be adjust leader we say yes, a non Muslim can be a leader who's just

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the Prophet mentioned is the one who gives charity and secrets. Can a non Muslim can a disbeliever, an unbeliever? Can they give charity and secret? We say yes, they can. But can they receive the reward the prophets of Allah where it wasn't him was talking about this. And I said, as the scholars have mentioned, I mean, remember, no, we mentioned this in his commentary. No. Why? Because he's not intending Allah.

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his sincerity is not for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. When they said this brother came to me after the football, he said, How can you say this? Yes, Allah can give the reward in the hereafter to the Christian to the Jew to other religions. Why are you saying that this is not the case.

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a few weeks ago, there was a reporter for Al Jazeera, who was tragically unjustly killed in Palestine, while she was reporting by an Israeli sniper.

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And instead of focusing on the brutality of, of what the Israeli army is doing to the Palestinians, and how they're treating them unjustly, unfortunately, many Muslims began fighting amongst each other.

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Some were praying for her asking for Allah to give her forgiveness, to send her to paradise. And some were saying she's a cafiero She's going to hellfire.

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All of this comes from a collective weakness of us not understanding our Aveda, our creed as Muslims and typically these topics

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To be honest with you, I don't even like talking about them in the hutzpah because they often take lots of time, I prefer to talk about them in a lecture where I have more time to elaborate. But it hurt me that so many Muslims don't know even the basics of their faith. So in the remaining time, we have Elementary in some points, which is not expensive. And I can't go into lots of details, but briefly so that we understand at least the basics of our faith.

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The scholars did differ in one matter, the matter of a to Vianne out of delivery salah, which is to say, what is the status of a person who has not received Islam? What does it mean to not receive the message of Islam? Does someone have to personally give you the message of Islam for you to have received it? Or does access to information? Is that sufficient for us to say someone has received the message of Islam? This is an area of disagreement between scholars. Some even said the intellect alone should cause a person to reject shift and at least to believe in one God, maybe not to, you know, obviously know the message of Islam, but their intellect alone should bring them to the belief

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in one God.

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These questions are a bit complex, I admit. But the underlying assumption of all of the scholars who said all of these different things is what the person needs Islam for salvation. And they're talking about the case in which someone did not receive the message of Islam. No scholar in the history of Islam, of Sunni Islam before this modern age, ever said that someone

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can receive the message of Islam and reject it, or even prefer a different religion over Islam, after they have heard the message of Islam and still receive salvation. Not a single Sunni scholar. And I don't even think amongst the Shia, that's been the case, even the Morteza who we consider deviance. They didn't even say this. This entire concept is completely modern, maybe in the past 100 years or so. And the evidences are so numerous, it's impossible for me to mention all of them. Woman Should a couple, explicit in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala says in Medina in the law, Islam, the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam. In fact, Allah says, listen carefully, and Islam, the

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Islam, Allah uses the definitive article, which is to do what, which is to tell us when Allah says the religion in his sight is Islam. He's not talking about Islam, with a small eye, Islam in the broad sense of submitting to Allah. No, he says, The Islam. The religion in the sight of Allah is the Islam ie the definitive Islam, the message that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came with. And the context of this verse is also important, because it is revealed amongst verses addressing whom, Al Kitab In fact, the continuation of this verse is about Adam kitab. The people of the book, or McClelland Levine, Otto and Kitab eliminated the magic Gambino, Allah's referring to the people

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of the book. In fact, this whole series of verses was revealed. When, when the Christians of nudge Iran came to Medina, to dialogue with our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. They came to talk to dialogue, the prophet treated them kindly.

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They were not enemies of the Muslims at this point. Get Allah makes this reality clear appear to them. They need Islam for salvation. Allah also mentioned when they have tele Islami, dienen Fela Jakob el mundo have an accurate team mineral Castilian whoever seeks other than Islam as a religion, it will not be accepted from him, and he shall be in the hereafter amongst those who are lost. Again this verse is an anti Imran, amongst verses addressing the people of the book. Allah also says, when they you shall consider us who will mean that the matter the year that we attend the are ye rasa VLAN would mean in normally Hema to Allah. Honestly, he was at Mercy era. Allah says whoever opposes

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the messenger, after guidance has become clear for them, and they follow other than the way of the believers. We will drive them take them into the Hellfire so Allah mentions their punishment. The condition here is what will they use chakra so they're opposing the Prophet. Ie somebody says, I believe in one God but I don't accept Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam How can you be upon Islam Allah has made it a condition to accept the messenger to accept the prophet as a condition for faith.

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And again, this is just a few verses. This is not exhaustive if I were to go with

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exhaustively, the versus I could spend hours and hours without any exaggeration, and this is only from the Quran without even going into their Hadith because the Hadith are more explicit and more numerous. We know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, I swear by him and whose hand in my soul is in, no one hears of me, not a Christian or a Jew, and does not accept my faith, except they will go to the hellfire. This is a Hadith, an authentic hadith.

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But they cite certain verses, they will cite certain verses, the most popular verse that they cite, is the verse in the Levina m n o Levina. Hadwin. Asaro saw the enum and Armineh bIllahi min Alka? Well, I mean, I saw the Hon fella whom Abdullah who ended up being what a hole for

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the person which Allah says, Indeed those who believe.

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And indeed those who are Jewish, the Jews and the Christians and the Sapiens, who believed that Allah and then the last day and did righteousness, they will have their award with their Lord, and there will be no fear concerning them, nor shall they grieve. So they mentioned this verse, they say, look, Allah says in this verse, the Jews and the Christians and the Sapiens will go to paradise.

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Of course, not a single scholar in the past interpreted this verse the way they have interpreted it, because in order to do so you have to reject all the clear verses we already mentioned,

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which is incomprehensible. How did they understand this verse? They understood Allah is saying, the Jews, who in the past received their prophets, and follow that message of the prophets, they are going to Paradise and the Christians who received our ISA and they believed in him, and they followed him in their time. And after his time before the message of Islam, they will go to paradise. That's what this verse say, in the sapiens who received their prophet and followed him they will go to paradise. But this does not mean the one who receives the Prophet Muhammad can reject Him, and will go to paradise. Never have scholars interpreted this verse in this way. Another

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one they mentioned, we'll call her name. Jana elimin Khanna who then Oh Nosara. They say, look, Allah criticize the Jews and the Christians, because they said, no one will enter paradise except a Jew or a Christian. So how can you muslim come and say the same thing? We say, Why did Allah criticize them for this? Allah says how to run a common condom, Saudis and Allah tells them bring your evidence. Why, till today, if you go to any rabbi, or you go to any pastor, and you tell them, is there anything in your religion that prevents another prophet to come? They will say, No, there is no verse that says no prophet will come after. So why did they say you have to be Christian or

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Jewish to become to enter paradise when their book they never said, this is the last message, their book Never said, there's never going to be a prophet afterwards. Right? That's what Allah is criticizing them for. But he sent us the last prophet and the last messenger so we can make the claim that they cannot make.

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Anyways, I can talk about this topic for a long time, and I don't want to go too detailed in it. Obviously, we're running short on time, but I want to mention some points. One point. Of course, they like to say that some people have the misconception they say Al Kitab are not kuffaar and keytab. The people of the book are not disbelievers. But the Quran says multiple times in the Levina cafardo Min Aadil Kitabi. When we're speaking, those who disbelieve from ATHLEAN kitab. And from the machete Can I eat the Kitabi is a category of a disbeliever. And the mushrik is a category of a disbeliever. There are different rules for how we deal with the Kitabi. But they are still a

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disbeliever if they do not accept the snub.

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But I want to mention some points. We are not permitted to pray for someone who has passed away not in a state of Islam. As what is apparent to us, we can recognize their achievements, their contributions, their bravery, we can praise them, the Prophet sallallahu send them praise. Not only are they a disbeliever, after he had died, when he said on the day of better, he said if wartime was alive, he had all of these prisoners of war afterwards. And he can burn some of them off for money if you wanted to. The Prophet said if more time was alive and said one word to me, I would free all of them because of how what time was honorable and treated the Prophet well. So the Prophet praised

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him he did disbeliever and he died. We can praise the disbeliever we can express condolences to their families when they die. I'm sorry for your loss. We can express sympathy to them. But we and we can pray for their family that are still alive. ask Allah to give them guidance.

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But we cannot pray for someone who has passed away, not upon Islam as far as we can tell. We know the story of Abu Talib, the uncle of the Prophet, who supported the Prophet and supported Islam. And he even said words of poetry, saying the religion of Muhammad is the best of the religions. Yet on his deathbed, he did not accept Islam, when he wanted to, his brother said to him, are you going to reject the religion of Abdulmutallab and his love for his father, and his forefather, and that legacy was greater than his love to accept Islam, so he did not accept Islam. And our Prophet loved him. He loved his uncle. But Allah said to him, man, a cannon in the V Well, let me know as stuff

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you don't wish to quinoa.

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It is not befitting for the prophet or for those who believe to seek the forgiveness of those who are upon ship, even if they are your close family members, and there are many as also upon this subject as well. Second point that is also important. We cannot judge particular people. We cannot judge specific people. We cannot say this person is in the hellfire, and this person is in Ghana, and the people who would say this lady died and she's going to hellfire they are also wrong.

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And Allah Okay, the tower here one of the most basic, you know, pieces of creed, Islamic Sunni creed. He says, What am I in Villa Jana?

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We don't say about a specific person, he's going to paradise or he's going to hellfire. If a Muslim dies, we say May Allah sent him to paradise. We don't know their state. We don't know what's in their hearts. We don't know what what happened to them on their deathbed, if they affirmed their faith or left it. Allah knows best. And even the disbeliever. We don't know what their state is. We don't know if on their deathbed in the last moment, they said Islam, but we judge by what's apparent, someone dies, apparently in a state of Islam, we pray Janessa for them, someone dies dies, apparently not in the state of Assam. We don't pray for them, as are the rules Allah has given us.

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Now somebody may say what is why is this the case? Why can't I pray for them? Perhaps the wisdom in this is that if we were to pray for them,

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and they are not Muslims, we are sending the signal that every faith is equal. We are telling people, if we're going to pray for Paradise, even for the disbeliever, then why care to follow a faith if everybody is going to pray for us to go to Paradise no matter what. And so Allah is preventing us from falling into this concept of perennialism. All the faiths are the same. There are other points also to mention. I don't want to take too long. But

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again, we mentioned that people are not liable for disbelief until they have heard about the cinema and heard it hearing a distorted version of Islam is not does not make one liable. Another point that's important that sometimes people who are not religious fight with us about this topic, secular people, how can you say they're going to hellfire? You don't even believe in hellfire? Why are you talking to me about this topic? But one of the reasons is they might feel like when you say this, when the Muslim says this, or when the Christian says this, that it causes disharmony. We say no. Rather, if we are saying this, it's because we want to give them the message of Islam because we

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think that's good for them. And we want them to go to Ghana, we want to give them this message because we want them to go to gender not because we hate them, not because we can't get along with them not because we can't have respect for each other not because we can't live together. That's not the reason at all. Rather, our motivation is we want them to have salvation. And we want them to get the message of Islam so that they may have salvation as well. Finally, accepting the prophets is necessary in our faith. If a Muslim says, I accept all of the prophets, but I don't accept the ISA. He's not a Muslim. I don't accept Musa he's not a Muslim. We have to accept all of the prophets.

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This is part of our faith. Finally, I'll mention a couple of points on whatever photography Allah who, one day he met, he saw a monk, a Euro head.

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And the man invited Omar in so I'm I went and saw him and his closer and tattered and he shaved his head, and I'm going to begin to cry. They said to him, What are the allaahu on what's what's making you cry? He said, I saw this man. And they remembered the words of ALLAH Armina to NASA, for snow now when Kamiya he said, I remember the words of Allah, the One who was working and exhausted this man, this monk he's working, he's worshiping he's sacrificing. Allah says working and exhausted, toasted and out on Hermia yet they will face the burning fire. This man is worshiping other than Allah. He's putting in all this effort yet. He's not going to attain salvation because he's not

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worshiping Allah alone. Finally, the important point as well, we have to have unwavering faith

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in the Mercy

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We have our Lord and the justice of our Lord. But what I also need more of your Lord does not treat anyone with injustice. He does not oppress anyone. Allah knows what's in our hearts. He knows what we are responsible for. He will take the bad on the day of judgment and not a single person will be treated unjustly have that faith. If we don't fully understand this person seems really nice. I can't understand he's gonna go to gender or not. Allah will never treat anyone unjustly have firm faith in this virtual reality where there was

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no lawful right

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