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Hello Ramona Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shara Philomena evil mursaleen Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam just live in Cathedral cathedral Hama Raghu.

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We come to

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after the Battle of

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after the Battle of

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hunt duck, the battle actually never took place, but it's called

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a HAZOP the Battle of the

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Confederates because the French came with a lot of fun, who were their confidence in the allies in this battle,

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and eventually lost who had sent

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a gale force, wind and rain and so on. So they went away.

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this led the mono kureta, who was the

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the Jewish tribe, one of the three, Jewish three main Jewish that there were many Jewish tribes in Medina, many of them continued to live in Medina peacefully. After all, this was over the three main big tribes, we'll talk about them, one or either one or 01 Okay.

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Now, in the case of bundle Koreeda, there was one of the heads of banana zero, had been

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because of some other things they did, which we spoke about earlier.

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And they broke their covenant, they were banished to fiber.

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And way even the laughter was one of the heads of Burnaby

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who stayed in hyper and continued to format

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problems and continue to fight against us organized in some way even after

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discussed with his brother about Yasser

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who was a rabbi.

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And he asked him, he said, Are you sure he is the one mentioned in our books? And is he the true prophet? We asked him said yes,

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he is the true prophet. So what are you planning to do?

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logically speaking, since he checked with his brother and brother was a rabbi and he confirmed that a source of Salah was a prophet he should have said Okay, I accept this. But he did not say when the brother asked him so what I applied through he said I will be his enemy to the end of my life.

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And he was true to his word he never

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gave to slough or he never he will stop fighting, but also as a seller

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this way, if the after went to meet him the acid who was one of the leaders have been operators when carbon acid saw Him, He locked his get. So away, we have to call out to Mr. Danny open the gate I want to talk to Gavin So let's go away. You are an evil man and you will bring us ill fortune. We have a pact with Mohamed Salah Salem, we have found him to be truthful and true to his word, and we have no quarrel with him. So go way third, open the gate Dami I want to talk to carbery Who then who insulted him and he said I swear you're not opening again because you are afraid that I will share your dinner with you.

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Now the Arabs have begun hospitality and so on. So God felt bad about hearing this in the open to you always said to him, I bring you glory of all time in a sea of goodness cover that gap said What are you talking about? He said I bring your courage with the chief to the nose who I have left in the gap at the confluence of the streams at Aruba, along with a lot of fire with chiefs and nobles near offered this where they will not leave until they have completely

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destroyed Muhammad Sallallahu.

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Cava responded what you bring me by Allah is shame forever and a cloud that has lost its way. And so it's thundering and lighting but there's nothing in it. He said who leave me to my back with my Amazon seller who have not found to be anything but trustworthy or honest. But why would not let him go he continued to badger cup until he finally forced him to break his pact with Muhammad salallahu Salam. This is a

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very big lesson in

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understanding the importance of having good friends and the danger of having bad friends. And even though we might think that we cannot be influenced and we are so strong shaytan is there and it is entirely possible that you might get influenced to do something

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against your own best knowledge and end up in

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As Soon As Salam returned from the trench, I shall the law said, he took off his armor, and he took a bath.

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When he finished his bath Gibreel Islam came to him and he said, so you have taken off your armor. We have not done that yet. I swear by Allah go forth to them, as well as ourselves EdWeb who is gestured towards been further and said over there,

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meaning Allah wanted you to settle the matter with them, because these are people who broke the covenant, they are traitors, they tried to stab you in the back. So settle the matter with them.

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As well, as I said, then put on his armor. And he considered the matter was so urgent that he said to the Sahaba leave now and don't pray answer except in been recorded.

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So, the Sahaba left.

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when the Sahaba left from

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Salah was from a generation, there was a distance to travel, and the sun started to set. So they discuss the matter. Some were of the opinion that they should pray as artists correct time and then continue.

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Others said that they will do what also Salah Salem had said quite literally, which is not prayer, sir until they reach the place of an

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ad if the sun set, then they would pray ourselves and in the land of an offer

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as a cover.

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When this matter was brought before us was the seller, after all this was over, he did not reprimand either of them. Now this shows that there may be some differences of opinion. And both parties may be correct as long as they are sincere and acted upon reverse intention. And it's a classic example of how, in other words of the laugh, the manner of disagreement. Even though the Sahaba differed on something as important as a ballad, as important as worship, there's nothing more important than So, the difference of opinion the Sahaba was on the matter, but they did not criticize each other, they did not abuse each other, they did not

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cast aspersions on each other's piety. And so, they did what they what they consider to be correct according to the elderly, but they did not condemn the other person this is a very important thing to think about and to keep in mind, because this is what happens today so much. It is not whether we are right or wrong, it is the way in which we are

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right and wrong or right or wrong. The way which in which we differ, or which is the biggest cause of all the problems.

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I'm reading from

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a very nice, very well written passage from PBS on this matter, which encapsulates the whole situation that

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said Judaism was already well established in Medina two centuries before the civil rights of salons but

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all the intervention the Jews did not rule the voices rather, they were clients of two large Arab tribes there the cartilage and the house.

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Allah subhanaw taala who protected them

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for feudal loyalty so ourselves others were the two tribes who protected them out of feudal loyalty. But then as Jews were expert jewelers and weapons or armor makers, there were many Jewish clans some records indicate more than 20 of office three were prominent. The menorah, they're the one who kinda and banal Korea.

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various traditions uphold different views and it is unclear whether Medina's

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clans, Jewish clans were alibies Jews or Arabs who practiced Jewish monotheism. Certainly they were Arabic speakers, and with Arab names.

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They followed the fundamental precepts of the Torah, though scholars question their familiarity with the Talmud and Jewish scholarship.

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And there is a solution in the Quran that they may have embraced an orthodox beliefs such as considering the prophet as the Son of God.

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They were rabbis among the Jews on Medina, especially in the middle of the jungle appear in Muslim sources soon after wa salam proclaimed himself a prophet. At that time, the quizzical Moroccans knowing little about monotheism are said to have consulted

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Medina and rabbis in an attempt to put Mohammed Salah Salem to the test. The Rabbi's posed three theological questions for the doctors to ask Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam asserting that they would know by his answers whether or not he spoke the truth. According to latest reports, Moussa Sara replied, to the rabbi satisfaction, but the McCanns remained unconvinced.

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Now, it says arrived in Medina and 622, believing the Jewish tribe would welcome him. But contrary to expectations,

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you his relations with several of the Jewish tribes in Medina were uneasy almost from the start. This was probably largely a matter of local politics. Medina was not so much a city as a fractious agricultural settlement, dotted by fortresses and strongholds, and all relations in the Oasis were uneasy. In fact, Moussa Selim had been invited there to arbitrate a bloody civil war between the husbands and the house

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in which

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Jewish clans being their clients were embroiled and why was insistence Medina has

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Medina has begun spearguns Muslims and Jewish clans signed a pact to protect each other but receive achieving this new social order was difficult. This is the covenant that we refer to were the 10 their own identity, but they joined together in matters which concern all of them. Certainly individual pagans and decent Medina and converts to Islam tried to thwart the new arrangement in various ways. And these were the Morocco these were the hypocrites, and some of the Jewish clans were uneasy with the threatened device of old alliances at least three times in five years. Jewish leaders uncomfortable with the changing political situation in Medina went against Moussa salah,

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hoping to restore the tense and sometimes bloody but predictable balance of power among the tribes.

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According to more sources, individuals are among these clans plotted to take his life the product assassinate the source and sell them at least twice. And once they came within a bite of poisoning,

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to other tribes, Bernadette and one of Erica were eventually exiled

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for falling short on the agreed upon commitments, and for the consequent danger they pose to the nascent Muslim community. And I think about this, these tribes are also people who are running on the agreement. So they will also traitors in that sense, but they were only exiled and nothing more than that happened to them.

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And the the reason I mentioned in this when we come to the inshallah

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the danger was great. During this period, the markets were actively trying to dislodge Why was the military twice, marching large armies to Medina, which is bothered and Rod was Saddam was nearly killed in the first engagement on the plains of just outside of Medina. In their second and final military push against Medina, now known as the Battle of trench or the impossible to fund the horrors water has. The Mughals recruited allies from Northwestern Arabia to join the fight, which was the Gaza fund, including the assistance of two exiled Jewish tribes. In addition, they sent

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envoys to the largest Jewish tribe still in Medina, the one who either hoping to win their support.

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The menaquinones crucial location on the south side of Medina would allow the Mexicans to attack to attack Maha sera from two sides. The MANOVA were hesitant to join the Macan Alliance. But when a substantial Moroccan army arrived, they agreed, and this is the combination that I

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referred to mentioned earlier, as the siege began,

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but over the nervously awaited for the developments, learning of their intention to defect and realizing the grave danger this post Ma was initiated diplomatic efforts to keep the motto for the on his side, little progress was made. In the third week of the seas there were no vanilla signaled their readiness to act against bombers or sell them, although they demanded that the McCanns provide them with hostages first, to ensure that they wouldn't be abandoned to face mouse or self alone. And this is the incident that I mentioned during the last episode. Yet that is exactly what happened. The market is nearing exhaustion themselves refused to give the operator any hostages. Not long

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after cold, heavy

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rains setting and the McCanns give up the fight and march home. return home to the horror and dismay of the manipulator.

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The Muslim Now commenced a 25 day siege against bonobo Raiders fortress. Finally, both sides agree to arbitration.

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Again here, you can see how badly advised won over the word.

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Ideally, what should have happened is one of two things.

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They should not have broken the covenant in the first place. That was the honorable thing to do. But even if they did that, knowing the nature of Mohamed Salah Salem, how soft hearted he was, how kind he was,

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the obvious thing to do was to go to him and to apologize and say, Look, we did this thing we are sorry, we, you know, we apologize. We grovel, we

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we want to put up, throw ourselves on your mercy and have mercy on us or I am absolutely convinced that they will not face the fate that eventually faced

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God there was there may have been exiled or sent out of Medina like the other two Jewish tribes.

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I don't think anything worse than that would have happened. But they didn't do that.

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They did not fight and they did not surrender and they did not

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apologize and accept.

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So they agree to arbitration now former ally of the word of Allah and Arab chief named sab invited and this is the mother of Alana, who was now Muslim was chosen as a judge.

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Sadly, the latter was one of the few casualties of the battle. He had an arrow severed an artery in his

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in his arm, and they couldn't stop the blood. And he was very soon he was going to die.

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they chose him as the arbitrator.

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So he

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then asked

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the man, he when he came, he was using a stretcher, because he was not able to stand up because of the bleeding. So when you gave when he was brought up, said to everybody stand for your seat stand for your leader. They stood in two rows, the corridor on one side, and you had the Muslims on the other side. And then Assad came between the two rows, and he went to the front. And then he said to the one over the you have chosen me as your as the arbitrator, will you accept my ruling? And they said yes, we will accept.

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Then he turned to the other side. And he said to them,

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his head was down and looking at the ground, he said, Will you accept my ruling. And they said we will accept the ruling. The reason he looked at the ground and so on was out of reverence for asylum because he was in that line. And the reason why he even said this was because this was the order of this was a seller, who appointed him as the judge, because this is what the monopoly they wanted.

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And he ruled that again, remember this, this is not the ruling of the house. This is the ruling of the judge appointed by the monoclinic. And that judge was sad been wired with Elon, he rolled that all the men should be killed, executed, and

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the women and children should be

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should be

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sold off.

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To the customer does this so told off it's live? Now, and this was that.

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Now, this

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ruling is

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the Deuteronomy

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chapter 20, a 2012 to 14. So that's the score. The reference for the ruling so he basically ruled according to the Torah to the Old Testament,

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in which the punishment for treason is that.

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Scholars of history most scholars of this episode agree that neither party acted outside the bounds of normal relations. In seventh century Arabia. The New Order brought by Muhammad wa sallam was viewed by many as a threat to the age old system of tribal lenses. And it was in fact,

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those tribal lenses were replaced by the Alliance the brotherhood of faith. But by no way that the end of the systems seem to bring with it when it is. At the same time Muslims face the threat of total extermination and needed to send a message to all groups in Medina that might try to betray the society in the

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Today, it is doubtful that either party could have behaved differently under the circumstances.

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Yet why was SLM did not confuse the contentiousness of clans religions in the oasis with the religious message of Judaism. He continued to respect your Islam as a religion as one of the reasons of

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which was sent by those

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passages in the Quran

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that what Muslims not to make pacts with the Jews of Arabia emerge from these specific wartime situations. A larger spirit of respect and acceptance of governorship, prevailed as recorded in a later chapter of the Quran in 544, where Allah said, We sent down the Torah in which there is guidance and light by which the prophets who surrendered to God's will provide in judgments for the Jewish people. Also the rabbi's and doctors of law did likewise, according to that portion of God's book with which they were entrusted, and they became witnesses to it as well. Whoever does not judge by what God has sent down including the Torah, they are indeed unbelievers. So

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we accept the Torah as one of the books Oh Allah subhanaw taala as a divine book,

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we accept that

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divine books must be respected and we expect them

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some individual Medina Jews, including Auntie's, one rabbi became Muslims can this was a beloved Salam or Delano who was the Rabbi of the minority, but generally, the Jews of Medina did not change their religion, they remain true to their faith. theologically, they could not accept ourselves as a messenger of God, since in keeping with the Jewish belief, they were waiting for a prophet device to emerge from their own people, not from the, among the Arabs.

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The exile or the and the one who kind of

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removed to the prosperous northern oasis of Haifa. And later they pledged political loyalty to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam other Jewish clans, honored the fact that they had signed and continue to live in, in peace in Medina, long after Medina became the capital, of Arabia.

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So this is the

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story of,

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of the Ubuntu corrida. And the

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the Battle of conda.

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And so, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us and to do what is pleasing to Him and to save us from that which does not please

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as I mentioned, the reason that they were

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killed was because of treason against their own state breaking the covenant. And this is a general punishment for treason to this day, where

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somebody will go back to them is, is given the capital punishment

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after conduct as soon as there was and I'm saying now, they will not attack us now can battle after they will not attack us and if anything, we might attack them. Last year you will have in our Honors bureau or Saburo or our veto, but of Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah said, which means we will believe and your and be more patient than your enemy and guard your territory by stationing army units prominently or places from where the enemy can attack you and fear Allah subhanaw taala have tough Allah so that you may be successful. The link of success to the result of Allah to the pleasure of Allah this is something which is very, very important, which we must be clear in our mind the vote and

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make sure that we do not do anything we it goes against that.

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Allah is saying here that we must be patient, not only patient are more patient than the enemy. This event ended one of the most difficult times for the Muslims who until the end of the first five years were in a state of terrible insecurity and fear. The economy was badly affected the orange the Bedouins it was a Medina are all enemies, the Muslims, and there was terrible, terrible insecurity the south

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Was it used to sleep with our weapons because we were not sure when we will be attacked. But with the Battle of Alaska, this period of fear and insecurity ended and the next five years or Sierra show the Muslims now in a different stage of the development. They have been geohash The Alana was from the college

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and the sister of Dylan and Josh, are the lungs and the daughter of Omar bin Abdul Muttalib,

00:25:29--> 00:25:35

the sister of Satan Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib and who and she was also an aunt of

00:25:37--> 00:25:39

Susanna was the cousin offers

00:25:40--> 00:25:48

the solos as visited the own home of Zagreb in jazz, Alana and proposed marriage to his adopted son. They've been Haritha

00:25:49--> 00:26:06

he proposed that Zainab should marry his son, Dr. Sanjay Heiser. They have again refused to sort of sort of sort of insisted he wanted to break all taboos of class and caste and wanted to start with his own family. Now

00:26:07--> 00:26:12

then over the line, how was from the so called what you would call the

00:26:13--> 00:26:14

stock receipt

00:26:15--> 00:26:18

of the McCanns whereas

00:26:19--> 00:26:22

they've been hired that was a fried slip. So it's very like two

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So she said, think about it while he was still there. This idea was revealed last Friday, that Allah zero Makana limit meaning while I may not in either order, Allahu wa rasuluh Amaran a year ago and Allah homall Here mean Ambani him, Mama yas Allah wa sallahu *up the log on item will be in Allah said which means in socialism it is not for a believer, man or woman, when Allah and His Messenger have decreed a matter, that they should have any opinion in that decision, meaning that they should have any option in that decision. And Whoever disobeys Allah and messenger he is indeed straight in plain error. Now, this is very, very important because this idea shows that were far enough from our

00:27:13--> 00:27:30

context where there is a text, then your opinion cannot count. Whatever your opinion might be, where we might be Allah saying that for a believer to have an opinion contrary to what Allah and His Nabhi have ruled, meaning the text is

00:27:32--> 00:27:36

not acceptable. And anyone who does that has strayed

00:27:37--> 00:28:00

far away has straight lane in place. So when we come across the text when we come across an item, or we come across a hadith, we accept that we don't go against it. We don't say yeah, this movie is over. In my opinion, no, there's no opinion no opinion. Once there is a text there is no scope and room for an opinion in our religion. So

00:28:01--> 00:28:20

when desired was revealed, Zana brother and I said I will not disobey Allah and the Messenger of Allah accept this proposal. However, things didn't work out. And both of them were unhappy with each other. Eventually the marriage ended after about a year there Alana would complete remission Salah Xena, but he would tell him fear Allah and keep your wife.

00:28:21--> 00:29:08

But eventually the marriage ended. Then as soon as salam was ordered to marry then his cousin. But then this created a huge role in society because that was known as a bin Mohamed Salah salah, but he was the adopted son of wrestlers and seven, and in adult society, he was treated just like a real son. So here's the question of his mom's answer marrying his son's wife Ben, how is this possible, it was considered to be something very bad. However, Allah's ranchera wanted to change his tradition and so ordered us to marry the divorced wife of his adopted son. Islam permit someone to take care of another person but does not allow us to give our family name to the adopted person and the person

00:29:08--> 00:29:11

does not have the rights of the biological children.

00:29:12--> 00:29:53

So when they are strippers or whatever, if you adopt a boy or a girl, you are really not adopting as as is normally done. You can't give them then your name. And when they come of age, then you have to, as the case might be, if it's a girl, she has to make hijab in front of you. And if it's a boy, then your wife has to make his up in front of her. Does your if your other children they have to do his job before the adopted son or daughter because that person is staying in your house. You would treat him like a Sunday maybe like US ally you're not but he's not your daughter, not your son. And when you die they do not inherit from you at all.

00:29:54--> 00:29:59

So if you have adopted children like this, then give them something before you die because when you die they will not return

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especially if your other children, those children, and this one will not inherit. So it's very important to make sure that you do something for them. Now,

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Islam allows us to adopt children, which is like, you know, keep them who need help and so on, but that by that it's meant taking care of the child, and nothing more. So I lost my dad revealed his orders about adoption, and ordered resources to Mary's inevitable on how to give a very strong and clear message. That eruption was not recognized in Islam. And that's why I

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said Manjaro Allah holy Rajamouli Min calpain If you JioFi Amaya gyla as Roger Formula E to zohore Today he wrote I mean Honda, Omaha TiVo mama Jada calm a banana Valley

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como la jolla.

00:30:53--> 00:31:01

Hawaii Sabine on the hem who XL to en de la for LM da

00:31:05--> 00:31:14

Dini live on Malaysia live on fever after to me well I Kima Tama that Kaluga makan Allahu

00:31:15--> 00:31:27

Allah said which means Allah has not put for any man to heart inside his body. Neither has he made your wives whom you will declare to be like your mother's backs.

00:31:28--> 00:31:37

Your real mothers. So this is a very nasty custom the Arabs had when they got angry with their wives, they would say you're like my mother is called as the heart.

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You are like the back of my mother. That means you are not you are unlawful for me to approach I will not touch you. So Allah said, No, this Allah has declared this haram Allah said, nor has he made your adopted son, your real sense. That is what you're saying with your words what Allah says the truth and He guides to the Right Way. Call them adopted sons, by the names of their fathers. That is more just with Allah, but if you know not their father's names, call them your brothers in faith. And my league, you're free slaves. And there is no sin on you. If you make a mistake then except in regard to what your hearts deliberately intent meaning that it is not a sin unless you

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make the near to do the sin. And Allah is Ever of forgiving, Most Merciful.

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Allah said that he performed the marriage of Zen up to a source of Salah Delana. So there was no nigga performed on the earth.

00:32:35--> 00:32:47

Allah said, and remember when you said to him, they'd been hydrated, the freed slave or was a Salam on whom Allah has bestowed grace, by guiding him to Islam and your lungs are set up to have done favor by many medical,

00:32:48--> 00:33:30

keep your wife to yourself and fear Allah but you did hide in yourself, what Allah has already made known to you that he will give you a gift will give her to his marriage, that which Allah will make manifest you did fear the people, which is the what people will say if you if you married, the wife of his adopted son, where Allah had a better right, that you should fear him. So when they had fulfilled his desire from her that is divorced her, we gave her to you in marriage so that in future there will be no difficulty to the believers, in respect of the marriage of the wives of the adopted sons, when the latter have no desire to keep them. That is the divorce them and Allah has commanded

00:33:30--> 00:33:55

must be fulfilled. There is no blame on this was a slap on the Prophet in within that which Allah has made legal for him. That has been Allah's way with those who have passed away of the prophets or or and the commander of Allah is a decree determined that they allowed us to take pride in this and tell his other wives, you are married by your parents, but I was married by Allah on the top of seven habits.

00:33:57--> 00:34:45

He said, I have never seen any woman more committed to her the more truthful, more watery, more concerned about family relations, and more generous in giving sadaqa than Xena see how true I mean she didn't allow any jealousy rivalry to come in the way of speaking the truth. So Allah said the one who will join me first is the one with the longest arms. So I shall the Lana said we used to measure our arms to see whose arm the longest but the real meaning of what was said was that the one with the longest arms was the one who was most charitable and most generous. Consequently, it was there were the Olara who died first among the wives of Rasulullah sallallahu. He passed away, and

00:34:45--> 00:34:52

she joined him in joining first, that's what as I said, I'm also married who may have you ever been service VR?

00:34:54--> 00:34:55

During this period,

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

the daughter of I wasn't yet her husband will have been just become

00:35:00--> 00:35:28

A Christian and used to make fun of the Muslims he was a Mahajan. But he became a mortal and he died without even when he passed away as soon as I Salam sent ama via a delivery of the Lana with a message to another Joshi because we had migrated to I was senior, and the manager she was the king of Abyssinia who had also become Muslim and requested him to conduct the Nikka which he did. The volley of

00:35:29--> 00:35:30


00:35:31--> 00:35:35

was our cousin Khalid, Bin say, us

00:35:37--> 00:35:50

and the representative officer Rosa Saddam was a ninja she the king of Ethiopia himself. And this is how Almaviva other than her became more money. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to

00:35:52--> 00:36:03

to help us and to enable us to do that which is pleasing to Him and save us from that which is not pleasing masala, Ravi curry, or Ali he was a member of the government