Allah Speaks Directly To The Most Rebellious Sinners

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The most hopeful area in the Quran was about Allah azza wa jal is forgiveness in Surah Zuma when Allah subhanahu wata, Allah said, Put the DN Levina software Allah unforeseen led technopolymer Rahmatullah in Allah Hale funeral, Zulu Virginia, in the Hall of Fame. This was Allah's address, not to mankind, to the most rebellious of mankind, Pollyanna idea Lavina a sorrowful, unforeseen imagine that this was a specific address to the worst of the worst among us. It was an addressed to him, you know, not people that are upon obedience and worship most definitely they included in the area. But imagine the guy that has lost all hope in Allah and is committed every sin you can think of. There

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is an AI addressing him, Allah azza wa jal would cure daddy and Allah azza wa jal with ascribing to himself, you're still my slave. There is love, there is mercy there is compassion in this there is an invite from Allah to this person. Who is he and Lavina assault who Allah I'm forcing him, those who have have committed crime after crime and transgressed upon themselves assault or other unforeseen meaning there's nothing else of the scenes to do. He's done everything. He's finished all the things that you can think about, he's done them. This is a sort of while I'm forcing him, that person Allah who would say let technopolymer Rahmatullah do not give up hope in the Mercy of Allah.

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Because if you do that, that's another major sin as well that will be added to your account. That's the only thing you have. You're supposed to hang on to this letter coloboma Rahmatullah do not give up hope in the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala in why why what's what's what's the inspiration what will make me believe this in Allah Hale funeral, Zulu Virginia, because Verily, it is only Allah who can forgive all the sins Shania, with the exception of Nam. We're speaking about major shifts and minor shift can major sins and minor sins and bigger and everything. Everything is cleaned up in the law. Hale federal law, Virginia. How is this the case in the hula hula all over him? Because he's a

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four. He's the one who is all forgiving him and he forgives and his forgiveness is out of His mercy. This is why it was ended with a Rahim He forgives out of Mercy out of compassion out of kindness and love for His servant that returns them. There is only love from Allah to the servant if he wants Allah's mercy. If he comes to Allah subhanahu wa Tada. If you see how big earnest the vault is, it was so huge that an arena that would say V most Hoopoe Allah in the Quran is calling the people to Allah subhanho wa Taala is forgiveness