Majed Mahmoud – 15 – The End Musas Last Wish and Allahs Command to Slaughter a Cow

Majed Mahmoud
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slaughter a cow. slaughter a cow. That's how Allah starts the story in the Quran.

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What do you mean?

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Musa Ali Salam is telling Benny asstra Eel sacrifice a cow.

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You and I do not need to know why he sings. Agreed. Nabi Allah is saying that Allah commanded to slaughter a cow.

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After that was mentioned, Allah tells you the story of why you see that. And this is the first time as I prepared this kind of first time it synced together for me, I never knew I'd have pretty much most of the stories in the Quran. Why the story began with the action then the DT like the background of the story later on, it can really can people wonder why?

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Because you don't need to know why that's the whole point. If you're knitting Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells the men tells the guys don't wear gold. They have this that they have and the silk the Harrier is haram on demand. It's authentic hadith is done. We don't need to know why in general, it's a clear Hadith. Yes, some stuff. Yes, you need a further understanding. Is this what it really means like the word of Allah and I remember, some stuff may be different. So you want to further investigate and understand but once it's made clear, and there's no M, it's not ambiguous anymore. You follow as is. So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells Musa to tell the people slaughter a cow.

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Do they listen, Benny Aslan.

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Okay, can I tell you the story? Why? Ready? Bismillah. Okay, so and during the time at Benny surah. In there was a man that was found dead. According to the books of Deaf see,

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the man who was dead was a very, very wealthy man. He has no spouse, he has no children. He has no relatives, except one nephew. He's the only one from his family that has a life. So he was killed clearly, and something so maybe it's because money if you want to rob him, he probably has a lot of cash in his pocket, whatever. And the one who went to complain to Musa Ali salaam was who was the nephew, my uncle got killed, do something about it. Talk to God, this is unacceptable. And he's making a scene which you know, prove to us you're a prophet, whatever the case may be. So it's a lot of pressure from the nephew who killed my uncle. So Musa alayhis salam makes dua to Allah

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communicate with Allah so Allah tells Musa tell your people to slaughter a cow.

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slaughter a cow. So when Moo Sally said and said yeah, call me in Elia Morrow come and tell

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Baqarah What did they say? All the hidden whose work Are you being sarcastic? Here? We have a case of murder will tell you to know we want to know who's the killer. We want to take him apply justice onto this man. Bring the rights back to the family. And he told was slaughter a cow that did die I don't know who's the one. Now you feel that I am I that

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may Allah strengthen our understanding of the Arabic language.

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And I can be explained in far better than what just happened. You making fun of us? This is a joke to you is because it's not your uncle.

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So Musa says, Do Billa I seek Allah's refuge. I will delay an akuna minal.

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jacquelene to be of the ignorant people. Right. Raja? How can I change the curve? So the journey that I seek Allah's refuse to ever make jokes about this religion and to make fun of oh, one time the three angels that went to this room, I don't do stuff like that. Wrong. Sometimes it might be humor understandable, but not something to be make a joke out of the one who got killed. I was a biller. So then they said okay, okay, okay. Order will rob back up Lana Mahi. So they said to Musa SLM. Go tell your Lord once again disrespect, is he not your Lord as well

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as our Lord. They told us to ask your Lord you obey in Lenna here to tell us what kind of Camel what kind of work cow is it?

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So mostly salah.

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He gets revelation from Allah. Allah says, Tell them in

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Bukhara. It's a cow.

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It's like the first time second time it's a cow. But they want to complicate things in advance for the ALLAH and he says, if they were to have slaughtered any cow, it would have been sufficient, but they want to make life difficult so Allah will make it difficult.

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So Musa says in the harbor, Cara

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Less adults not old while big not young, our non binary Adeleke in between the middle aged cow for fat will now talk more on this do what you're commanded to just get a cow the slaughter so there is 1000 Cows now because of the difficulty and they tried to make it difficult maybe it went down let's say to 300 example.

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So then they're like

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oh they're all in Cuba in Lana man Oh no ha. Musa go back to your Lord and tell them to tell you what color is it now? How will Quwata illa biLlah while you're making the religion difficult, why? And this can happen our time it also Allah Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam says, Whoever wants to make the religion difficult, it will be difficult and it will beat you up. It can you will drown. One time it also allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam authentic hadith. He sang to the Sahaba into the people. You guys have to perform Hajj. Fair enough.

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What did one person say?

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Coulomb ner also Allah every year.

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Ross Lawson says perform Hajj Hollis must have a mobile if he did not detailed enough to ask for details.

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So Rasulullah sallallahu Alison does not answer yes or no. So this guy says Aquila, and every year

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the process do head to Hamas. Third time. Aquila Armenia rasool Allah do we do Hajj should we do every year? So then the Prophet SAW Selim looked at him? He says, If I said yes, then all of you have to do it. So Han Allah and most of you will not be able to do it. Whatever I avoid giving you details of avoid asking about the things that ruin the people from the past cathedra to ally himself and via because they kept questioning their profit. Why? And what's the wisdom behind? Can you give me more details? And that's why when they became difficult telephone they stopped trying to disobey. So don't make this religion difficult. Sometimes yes, you want some details? But ask the right

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questions for the right reasons. May Allah protect us? So here they said Audrianna Raja, Kuba Ilana, Milan Hua tele ask you a lot details what color is the cow? Musa Ali Salam, Allah tells him, Allah tells Musa tells your people in

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it if you don't know Arabic and baccala vert, once again, it's a cow. It's beautiful. Allah puts it in Allah didn't say it's such and such color. Allah says it's a cow that is yellow. It's a cow. There's not old or young in between? It's, it's a Bacara.

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Right? Okay, what's the color? Allah says in NA s several. It's yellow, fatty on loan. Haha, very bright, the solo novel, people that look at it like, wow, this is a beautiful colored cow. So there was 1000 cows. And they became 300. Because of the age now they're probably 15.

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Right? And you can imagine the price.

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These people, they said, give us more details. Subhan Allah, and we gave you the age, what type? We gave you the color this move on, but they want to make it difficult. For example, there's three people during the term of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, okay? They went to the wife of the Prophet to ask her about the behavior and the worship of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. So he said, How did the Mohammed Salah Minister worship God, so she gave him the details. So then these three people see trying to be smart, philosophical, wrestling, they are getting in trouble. So these three people when they heard what the Prophet SAW Salem, does, they the three guys you know, they

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came say, You know what, man, we're not going to do this stuff. Subhanallah why? Because the Prophet was promised forgiveness of his past and his future. So we are more in need to work hard. You see how their logic and that's where sometimes you put the occult with the knocker when you put your intellect in when it starts to, I don't accept this revelation and you go hit it, head on, head on, you get in trouble. So you have to be humble. He has to watch out when to understand more when to ask when or when not to. So what did the one guy say? One guy says, You know what, guys, I will never ever sleep at night. I'm awake, why? To late night prayers. All I'm praying. I'm gonna start

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sticking one in the day. The other guy said, You know what, as for me,

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I will fast every single day everyday fasting, fasting, fasting, fasting, fasting. Now one day I will break my butt when I eat well, I have nothing. My Ramadan is 360 or number of days. The third one said As for me, I will never ever get married. Skin, right? I'll never ever get married because it can be distraction from my worship of Allah and so on. Now who heard this eventually

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The news reached Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Prophet of Allah. He was so angry.

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He said I get married I fast and break my fast and I sleep and I wake up and pray at night and this is my son this is my way right and whoever does not fall away the Prophet you're not one of us. He's making various Why are making life difficult? Some people are Camela when they start hearing about that hadith and the reward and so on, they used to put a pool and another pole and a rope in the back. Why? Because at night if they ever fell asleep they will like lean on the rope

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right? Why why this is not the Dean was not meant to be like that. And sometimes he will be watching like bro Are you sure you're saying this stuff the right crowd. Right? And every time something happens if he know what, Aster is very hard so we're going to combine with melted and make the Dean easy Subhanallah and that's when some people they want they wait for things to hunt down. Let you have to understand it correctly. See what Allah Allah Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam have said, so for example, it happens with traveling. Okay, someone is in Detroit they want to travel to California. What's the hour time difference? Three hours let's say your fasting method as a 915 in

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Detroit by the time you get to Los Angeles your body what time is it 9:15pm Is not going up so if you arrive there your body none of his 12:15am Next day and you're really struggling bro I got this Allah allow you to break your fast don't think it's righteousness not do not think that and the Sahaba some of them they were genuinely capable and no harm whatsoever and others were not no one rebuked the other but do not my point being do not rebuke the ones who will break their fast because no go Musharraf now you go from Lincoln merit to Flint like I

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never forgive a seat. You always want to play games. You can play games that make it difficult. You want to make it difficult Don't be either extreme. So they told Musa alayhis salam What color is it? He says yellow that is bright, beautiful to the eyes of the people. These people they asked more Subhanallah I don't really know Rebecca Ubay Lenin Mahi in Al Baqarah to shabiha Elena they said asked her for more details Musa more details because we're confused the several cows are yellow several cows are in you know middle aged give us more details for Musa Sam goes to Allah Allah gives him details and Allah says tell them yeah Musa in the

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back of a cow it's a cow Yeah, when you Adam It's a cow people it's a cow that Allah gives details in our baccarat leather Loulan to zero it's not a cow that was ever used to plow the earth while testicle health was never used to water the grass in the ground

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was so what

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was the limit on free from any imperfection? Lash she at fer no faults in it

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can you see yellow on the mic really work?

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Is it better?

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Because I spoke yellow that skin of the cat was yellow. That means not a single place that a different color no discoloration like almost perfection. But what did they say in the third part? In sha Allah they said in sha Allah the more they don't this time like you know I'll give you a hard time Musa this is a this is it this is our last question.

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When he told them the details they eventually settled we have enough details I think we got this count and once again I remember when this was explained by one of my teachers show me the city may Allah bless him

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before he went into depth of the story, he told us in the class he said guys I want like a paragraph

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an essay to be written about some of the benefits that you have from the class so far write an essay noting down some benefits that you have from the class so far. This is not made up. A guy raises his hand Shaha jump Hanneman how many pages

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how many pages 10 pages

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causes this

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okay, genuine Allah was not made up students like my friends and stuff and we're not clicking this do this No it's genuine like how many pages 10 pages my God why is it single spaced or double spaced? single spaced

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the font Acade is large right? No fun seven

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so then he explain the story for us. Don't be like Benny yesterday

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you asked more. So now all the teachers like don't tell them. Students watch what you asked for. She said submit your assignment that has a submit that assignment when she didn't tell you that she never told you when right

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But don't play games because there's sometimes the due date and so on. May Allah grant us wisdom say I mean, then Allah subhanho wa Taala says after this was explained to them, they went to that cow now in the books of Tafseer nine, the Quran, it said that out of the entire society. Some say the population of Venezuela was in the hundreds of 1000s. They found only one cow that matched the description, one cow, only one. So the owner of the cow watched all the people from various rail companies, hey, we want this cow. This is the only cow in the market. So what did the guy do from Benny? Israel? What do you do? The price goes up. Right? Like a pharma company. Sometimes they'll

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protect us. We're the only ones that have this medication. May Allah forgive us and grant us wisdom. So what was the price? The weight of the skin of the cow in gold? That's less I don't know how much that is. But it's talking about maybe millions of dollars. Allah Allah, today's time, feather by Hua women can do. Yes, I don't. Allah says and they were, were they were hesitant Subhanallah you're asking details. And now they found the cow. They collected the money like, should we pay for this? Is it really worth it? Why were they hesitant? Because some people were nervous to know who is the killer.

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So further ado so Allah says in the Quran for cannot reboot will be about the Allah said, when you slaughter the cow, grab parts of the cow and hit or strike the dead body.

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Please do not come after the session

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and ask me what part of the body they used?

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Well, like you asking what part of the body that you

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cannot remove the body just grab any part of the cow and strike that person. Then they struck that man, he came back to life.

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And he says her the lady Catellani This is the one who killed me and who was it? The nephew.

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See when I moved here, this is the handler This is from the books of Deaf see it right that will take it doesn't reject what we said here. But the point being is that Allah Subhana Allah says this is how Allah brings life to the dead. And then Allah will Allah here brothers and sisters, I used to struggle with this idea when I was memorizing the ayat many years ago, struggling lecom teta karoun is the ending, or like I'm talking I always struggle always. In the ending of the idea that Africa Romans ponder if you were to ponder at the end of the verse, and sometimes you have if you have any intellect. So sometimes I read it as a Lakota Koran. It's wrong. The teacher says tapping on a rifle

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you mentioned right. So now in sha Allah, I will never make the mistake again.

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Because these people use the Racal their intellect to say why slaughter a cow? How can this bring us any benefit? Why should I fulfill the Command of Allah it does not make sense to us doesn't make any sense to our minds. So Allah says if you have any intellect you follow what I say. Done. Look, I'm talking on shift and love to see the connection. May Allah allow us to remember this me a little bit I mean, brothers and sisters, Allah knows when exactly things were taking place. But next, remembering her on her own is getting older and older and older. The older brother off mu Sally's from as many historians and the books of Tafseer mentioned and then the time of his returned back to

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Allah comes I leave in at the time it says an authentic narration I didn't know you're talking about the Allah one. He says they have Musa wa Harun for Tala Sagol Jabba, they went and they went above the mountain. And it was time for Harun to return back to Allah subhanho wa Taala is very definitely definitely a very tough situation. And when Harun arrived at the top, Haroon Yes, remember Harun I know the series for was from last year. We mentioned mentioned him also in the series. How on the right hand of Musa sternum. Harun what else the gentleman, Harun the older brother, he has love your older siblings. You guys have cool older siblings. Are you the oldest, right in order also allah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, he says lace. I mean, he's not one of us. The one who does not show mercy to the youngsters. And he's not one of us, the one who does not show respect to the elders. So if you're the older sibling, show mercy to the youngsters, if you're the youngster show respect and Adam to your elders, and that's what he said I'm showing mercy and respect to his brother Musa Ali salaam, Harun the humble man, Harun the accepting accepting what whatever Musa did, and told them to do he did. Harun Ali Salam, what was he very well known for? Very well known for loyal. He was the one guy next to moosari Salam, when it was the member of The MacArthur said the

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Holy Land. Harun Ali Salam. He was very known to be gentle. Remember, very stray the abused

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is kindness May Allah protect us? And Harun Salam was the eloquent speaker he was actually the far far better of a speaker. As Musa says as Allah records of salmony. The signer, he was very eloquent in the way he spoke. He has returned back to Allah subhanho wa taala. Now Musa goes down the mountain for sure. He said, siblings are very valuable to us. And I'll be honest with you, when I went through this and the sibling dying, I said, I don't recall preparing a lecture in my life, talking specifically about brothers and sisters that love brothers and sisters. So I said to myself when I was putting this together, may Allah grant you all Jana, I said, let me put some research.

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Give you a couple of points of sight points here and there about brothers and sisters. All right for the crowd and then talking to Zach malecha. So then I was researching and doesn't seem to have a lot of a hadith about siblings until I came across one of the mashallah he was explaining something he said every idea and every Hadith that says a

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brother, which includes also Sister, this includes your siblings. That's simple. was so profound agreed. Not just that law. If it was your blood sibling then this hadith is on like on a whole other level of intensity to apply to your own brother and ancestor before others. There's one Hadith Rasul Allah Allah Allah Allah your son was giving a sermon the hotbar then he told the people they're back on first was on Mac is their own Mac Be good to your mom had be respectful why back and your father will oh that was authentic hadith and be good to your brother and be good to your sister. SO MAD Inaka at the neck, then the ones further and further. So your priority every Hadith you heard you

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will not believe until your love for your brother what you love for your this applies number one to your blood brother to your blood sister Allahu Akbar. Then you go to further and further circles. So now how long passes away? And guess what Benny Israel do? These people will lie Allah Subhana Allah How would these people think? Because who went to the mountain? Only moose and Harun Musa came down. For those that don't know the story. Just take a shot at it. What do you think Vanessa? It will tell Musa you killed your brother.

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They ganged up against him. And Takata hook you killed your brother Musa was distressed what's going on? Here? Harun is gone. Where's Harlan to speak up? Musa was like en Takato. They said, You were jealous, because we loved her on air and more than mu Moses. You're jealous antacid? Because he was nicer to Atlanta for a live and you're very harsh with us. Can you imagine this change and one against almost most people. Other narration in the books tafsir says that it is authentic, but the additions that he wants to praise Allah and make dua to Allah you can imagine this happening and Allah knows best. Go back to Hadith I live in the authority about the Allah one at least says so

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Allah subhanho wa Taala showed the innocence of Musa how, by bringing the angels to carry hoo ha Harun when the body was caring for all of Venice, for barrois, hula Makinia colon. So Allah showed the innocence of Musa from all what these people were talking and accusing him. And once again, time passes and time passes and Allah knows exactly how long and when, whose turn is it to return back to Allah. It's Musa alayhis, Salam. Musa alayhis, salam, this authentic narration. He was perhaps at home in his dwelling, and all of a sudden brothers and sisters, someone walks in what someone walks in an actual human being walks in, where's the door? The doors are locked, windows are locked. Where

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did he come from? And the guy says he brought back it's which means it's time to return back to God.

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So Musa looked at him, knocked him out. punched him right in the eye of Africa. I know. He popped his eye out.

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This guy coming. Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, The Angel of Death went to who went to Allah is the Allah who sent me to one of your servants. Now you have one minute. This guy doesn't like death. Well, if I need an A puff my eye out, we all walk.

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So then Allah tells this angel, go back to Musa and tell him

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to put your hand over a or an ox or a bool. And the number of hairs touching the palm is the number of years they'll be added to Moose as life. So I did Google research

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Oh no authentic I said how much hair is in the head? The number was 100,000 LED didn't verify okay, but that's 100,000. So he puts his hand 50,000 Hairs he will live 50,000 years. So then the Angel of Death comes and now it's clear on the Angel of Death it makes it very clear, okay. Why? Because Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says an authentic hadith, the Angel of Death can a Yeti is an authentic angel that is to come in the shape of a human being, like clear, cut, clear and clear cut and I'm the Angel of Death, how that needs to come until his iPad got popped.

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Rasul Allah is Allah and he wasn't until Musa did the stem. After this, the angel comes and gives the options and he's not really seen in the shape of a person and Allah knows best. Fair enough. There's like a heads up. So then the angel that comes is Musa if you want to live, put your hand over the ox, whatever number of hairs touches your palm, then you will live that much. So Musa Ali SMS the angel of death from my mother, then what happens after that? He said from my mouth, then it's death. So Moses says eternal and eternal and then it's time that I want it now. I don't want to live longer than that colors. I'm fine with it. If this is my time, I accept it. I don't ask for an

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extension. I'm okay with it. But I have one wish.

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I have one wish I have one dream. And this authentic hadith. What is it if it's my time? I have one dream. And this is Luxa I love the Mocha DESA the one that I really wanted to enter with Venice right and they refused to come with me. What do you want? Yeah, Musa. I just want to be buried right next to it. Let me get the hijab, as far as a throw of a stone. So most ITSM goes with the Angel of Death next to have the Mocha DESA and then he dies and the souls taken to Luna have sinned, Cinder cotton mount every soul shall taste. And Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says I know exactly where his grave is at and that cathedral near that hill that is reddish in color. If I was there

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Hola Hola. Hola como, I would have pointed to you exactly where Moses is buried Musa restaurant and Musa returns back to Allah and His wish was to be right next to a mansion in LA CASA May Allah grant us all the ability to pray in Lhasa. I mean, are blind I mean, and this is pretty much it. And Musa Hassan passes away. There's a lot that happens no cliffhangers. Allah, Allah maybe right? And Musa simutrans back to Allah, and he sees who?

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In the heavens.

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He says, Adam Alayhis Salam.

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He tells Adam, you ate from the tree.

00:27:43 --> 00:27:50

Oh, authentic hadith is a new aid from the occult struggle, eat from the tree. And we went all down.

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We went back to Earth. So Adam Alayhis Salam says, And when we went down to earth, Allah spoke to you. And we went down to earth, Allah revealed the Torah to you.

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So then Musa Sam kind of felt bad for asking that question. So then Muslim Allah Sallam he, he congratulated or he said, You know what Adam, I think got him back pretty well. This was called out Allah Subhana Allah has decreed me eating from the tree. Okay, it's a mistake, but as going down was Allah's decree. The side effect was something Allah already ordained but I was the means yes, I made a mistake and I repented for it. And you received revelation. Time passes and time passes. And also a lice Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam speaks about Musa one of the scholars said, the Quran Aquila. We are Kunal and Musa. One of the scholars said that the entire Quran was about to be all about Musa

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verse, a panel or someone to learn more about, if there's one thing to share with you. I said, Okay, what should I do at the ending? I told my team. I said, How about I just, you know, recap all the lessons, but it could be a lot of lessons correct. This is session five, five times 315 A lot of lessons throughout. There's a lot to say. There's a lot to say. But the thing that comes to mind brothers and sisters, is the way Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam remembered Musa one time and then went to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and he said he had also Allah there are people speaking that about you. There are people saying that you're not fair. So Muhammad sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam was so hurt. He said, Rahim Allah Who Musa may Allah have mercy on Musa look at all the Oxfam indolic Alpha Male Allah have mercy on Musa he was hurt by his people far more than this. But he kept his school, he remained patient. So one of the things that we remember from Musa next time you go through difficulty, people talk bad about you, the dunya seems unfair to you in one way or another oppression. Remember Musa faced far more than you yet he remained patient, yet he never gave up on Allah. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah was to see him in the highest level in Jannah. Let's go to zonal KML

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So instead of demo Kiama last incident, we're done the series. Y'all love it Smilla Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He says during his time when I went to go meet God is a trip to see Allah during a struggle and marriage. He said I passed by the first heaven there was at the money Salam I pass by the second heaven. It was Yeah, yeah. Well, Asa Allah, Hema Salam. I went by the third heaven it was used so far. Alayhis Salam, I went by the fourth heaven, it was a de recyling Salam. I went to the fifth heaven there was Harun Alayhis Salam, I went to the sixth heaven, and I saw Musa alayhis salam. When Musa saw the Prophet of Allah, he says and when Nabil silent well I can

00:30:45 --> 00:30:55

sign welcome or righteous brother, righteous prophet. So then Hama SallAllahu, wasallam. went further and who started to cry.

00:30:57 --> 00:31:24

He stopped Yep, key and yet, so Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he asked me you key Why is he crying? Musa said gulaman yet team in Badie. A young man comes after me. Young as an age span. The age span of Muhammad is between 60 and 70. In general average, he comes after me a young life long short lifespan because most of them is about over 100 years.

00:31:25 --> 00:31:29

He has more followers than me. He was crying.

00:31:31 --> 00:32:13

Okay, does that sound like jealousy? Okay, now I don't have any slot in the house if you don't like heroin. He was so sad at what you did to him. I did not live for 60 or some years I went above and beyond. You guys had me speaking to Allah. I gave you the Torah and a man living such a short time span. He has more people following him than us. He was so disappointed his people, not jealous Allah so Allah Azza wa sallam. So sometimes it happens to you. So don't call someone a hater. It happens many times. Someone sees for example, someone's son got a scholarship and the other parents is crying. Like, oh, I'll never tell them any good news. Now, they're not crying because oh, how come

00:32:13 --> 00:32:40

he got a scholarship, they're crying over their son. I put so much effort more than the other parents. You see that? I invested more than the other family. So they're not crying over all this is not fair. I'm just, I'm just so sad in my own son and daughter. He's a human being Musa alayhis salam and to prove when Muhammad Sallallahu I said went back down to show how much Musa loves you and he's not jealous. He's respectful and loving. When Muhammad Hassan came down. Musa asked him

00:32:41 --> 00:33:27

would it Allah commend you? It Allah commanded me to pray 50 times 50 times. So Musa said I tried it. I tried it. Why alleged to call me I was suffering with my people. Trust me. 50 is tough. Go ask ALLAH and you have this and to take it down. If he doesn't like me, what is it? Oh, 50 Excellent. Right. La, he loves them. He loves you. He loves Mohamed Salah and he wants the best for you because that way believers are who asked Allah to seek to reduce him. So he went, he came back what happened? He reduced it by 10. It's 40 said more. He went reduced by 10. It's 30. Musa said trust me go ask for less. Trust me. I have experienced look at the love. Look at the love. So it goes back to

00:33:27 --> 00:34:03

Allah reduced it by 10. It's 20 Go back up, reduced it by 10. It's 10 Go back up. Then Allah reduced it to five. He went back down Muhammad Ali your salat wa salam with Musa say, go back up. Five go back up. So Musa Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Hey, I'm so sorry, I can't do this. I'm good Allah. Allah said five prayers but for the reward of 50 and this was the relationship and then may Allah allow us to see all them all in Jana Jana, Bill Alameen

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