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Musa alayhis salam now is heading back to Egypt. As I mentioned the last session before he sees his brother Harun. I was asked how did Harun receive revelation? Allah subhanho wa Taala did not speak to our own the way he spoke to Musa different Harun Ali Salaam. He had what he like any other profit through through through Gibreel Alayhis Salam, and something that makes moosari Sam at another level and there's nothing wrong. What's it crucial for burner Baba malaba Allah says We love we believe in all prophets but not all prophets are the same. Musa Ali Salam is at a higher level. He's one of the top five Allah has ever sent Alima salaam Marin so now he's going to the palace of frown and frown

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is very like surprised that you made it what's going on here? And now for our town along with the chiefs and the advisor around him. They want to hear what brought you here

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so what did he say the first thing well, yes think

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in English. Okay.

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What I said it several times before

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What do you think the first thing he will say to him? Besides Hi Hello sir. Hello Sebastian. Whatever. Besides that, beyond that good.

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I sent me Allah bless you protect you in near also to the Rasul Allah may Allah do it right away. I don't want nothing that unclear why am I here? Were very clear. I remember one time someone sent a message, very long message very long winded and it was a question that didn't make much sense. I'll say we think really quick. I had a brother that came to me true story in a conference nine, Michigan. He said, I'm so nervous. I'm so concerned. I'm so worried is Malik when he's so anxious to have done. What's wrong. I had the time so he said, Listen, I know it might sound silly, but okay, I have my mom and I have my wife. thing I feel you know, we'll get what's going on. Right let me I

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love this are out in LA see. I mean, well, let's hear from Allah. Alright, so then he said, To whom should I open the door first?

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Genuine, the guy's stressed out while I'm smiling Allah bless him Europe. But he was stressed that Who do I open the door? For first? They open it for my wife? Or do I open it for my mom. I say to me, I'm not going to tell you it's not black and white. I don't know how your mom behaves. I don't know how your wife babes. Maybe your mom doesn't care. Maybe your wife. That's a big deal. You try to reconsider the gallery, but you have to help me out. But this is serious. I said, Okay, how long have you been married for? He said no, I'm still single.

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I was like,

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I thought it was a joke to do it. You're like, you're serious. Is it Yeah. Suddenly Yeah, it is a which then maybe next conference he asked me shall you will know what to do inshallah. So sometimes we do these things at the end. This is say something you should have told me from the beginning. I remember the last last one here. Just to give you a feel for what's this message is so important. You have a data booth. You give Dawa. That's very clear. Don't waste people's time sometimes. I remember I was sitting in a gathering. And there was a CEO of a big big company, probably all of you know the company. I did not know at that time. So I was sitting, and they said this is so and so. So

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I said hi order. Okay. Respected. Yeah.

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Ah, hi. After the event finished, I gave my speech. And then the guy was driving me. It's like brother magic. I introduced you to the to the brother. Do you know? Do you not know who he is? I said no. He said, He's the CEO of such and such.

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100. Now you told me about an event.

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After the event is done, you tell me Give me a sign. Nothing like I would have changed my perspective. But maybe I would have learned from him more I would ask him questions. Are you hiring whatever the case may be? Right. And he's the one like I'm a keynote speaker for that event. So my point is that being very clear in your message be very well done and clear. So Musa alayhis salaam is year round in near Rasulullah, rockville Alameen I'm a messenger from the Lord of all beings. So obviously showing him at the better arm respect, and this indicates that I would appreciate if you were to trust me and follow me. I'm the messenger of God. The other thing was southern message and

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our semana Benny slide, please. I'm here requesting that you would surrender the children of Israel to us. That's the Command of Allah subhanho wa Taala Musa wants to speak frown interrupts

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he said no, I'm neurotic afina where leader while abyss the Phenom in America sin in subsumption relax Ross Oh Rob Brown me or Selma Anna Vanessa a sand Do you know where you came from? You don't you forgot which house protected you house you fed you clothed you educated you? Did you forget

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All the years seen was Altia Falletta Kalecki falled. And you did the crime which we all know what you did. Well antimonial Catherine, how ungrateful you are. You're coming to change the religion of the land, you know really well who's God here? I am God, man into the community land and Ryrie he started that virus everyone. I'm the Lord. Yes. There's no god except me. You're trying to change the land and trying to take my servers away from me.

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Musa alayhis salam addresses the crime part then the taking care of him part. He says As for the crime, five to eight and I admit an amateur I did, I did kill the person. Then he says, well, and I mean of Bollin I did not know better. I thought me pushing him will just push him. Pu sh. That's it. I never knew it would kill him. And by the way, you're criticizing me. How can I be a prophet while I killed someone? My prophethood came after the incident. Then he says for for for our two men come. The massive to come and I ran away from you when I was scared from you because I know you wouldn't judge fairly. Lanta can be added. So I ran away from from my life. Then Allah gave me hookman wa

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Jalla? Nino Marcellin. That's one. As for the first thing that you said about did we not raise you? He says What tip Cananda to inter Manohar LA and a better Peninsula in you telling me we honored you. We thank you. If it wasn't that you were killing my family, my mom would have never put me in the box and come here to your house. So what do you mean, I took care of you. Just for example, for example. We have a lot of refugees from Afghanistan that came to Michigan, may Allah make us all be able to help them in any way possible. It's like, for example, the American government tells the Avani people who came to West Michigan and even I think around the NRB area, Allah alum, and you're

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telling them we brought you to this country, we accepted your refugee applications. Well, if he didn't bomb my country, I would have never had to come to you.

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So that's what I'm saying. Like I did this to you and I fed you have you killed my family? Many siblings and cousins are dead because of you and that's how I came to you. So what does a frown does? Okay?

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Anyhow, anyhow, I mean, okay, let's go back to your conversation. Who's the Lord of all beings and how did you get embarrassed he couldn't respond he smoked him hellos okay, why multiple enemy okay, just tell me about the God that is whatever. Tell me more. He said, Rob was somehow what you will rd wanna be no Huma enquanto Mukhin. In the Lord. I'm talking about the one who sent me is the Lord of the heavens and the earth and what's in between. And this is very obvious and clear. If you just look around and Quinto McKinnon, it doesn't take much to agree that there's a creator. So how would I agree all of us Inshallah, whether someone is Muslim or not Muslim, you have to agree. If we have

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logic and sanity while you're in uncertainty, there's someone who set up the tripod. There's someone who painted this wonderful painting, there's someone who placed this mic right here. This common sense is enquanto broken in.

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So frown interrupts again, we call it edit disrespect. So he tells his people and at this time your own? Did you see what this guy is saying? Did you guys actually hear the words coming out of this guy's mouth? Because he's showing that this doesn't make any sense. So Musa does not stop because the next statement, he says color of buco more of a common one in my Lord is the Lord of yours, and your forefathers. Then he said this, why to show something. If the round says he is God, who was God before he came.

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There is simple rabuka Murad whereby Kumala well in our book, so then frown gets a bit angry but he still does not talk to who Musa is talking to his advisors, the chiefs around him. He says ignore Rasulullah Cammalleri or sila in a compliment to him his new resume. This guy is nuts. What do you mean the Lord of our fathers and forefathers it doesn't make any sense. Then Musa goes for a third one color of bull machete well McGrady? Wama Bay Noma In Kuntum tacky rune, he says the Lord of the East and the Lord of the West, in the Hubdoc muscle. Your Lordship is Egypt. I'm talking my Lord is the Lord of the East West and Egypt, if you had any sense. So then for our he was talking to the

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chiefs, then all of a sudden he looked at Musa he said hasta la Henri de la Jalan minimus, Janine let's say it's changed everything looked at Musa. You say one more thing like that, against me is choose any god other than me. I will take it to prison just like the frowns of today. Surgeon lock you up, and you don't leave unless it's under the grave. And that's if they even bury them sometimes may Allah protect us era. You open your mouth one more time. You will be done forever. Let's see and men see and no one will know about you and you know exactly what happens in my presence.

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So what will I do?

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I will tell you what if I show you a sign remember Allah said if things are needed show the sign what if I give you proof our agenda can be shown in Mubin if I show you prove that I'm a prophet of God and the one who sent me is Abu Alameen will you give me a shot can I express that show that to you call effectively in continuous soda can go for it? Is it okay?

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So he got his stuff

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and he dropped it

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for either here or abandon? What's the word after that wima movie in Allah says it turned into a massive snake possibly Allah and bigger than the snake the first time you saw it

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so a bad movie what this will be in in everybody saw this. No one had to do this. What's happening there? No movie in Yeah, sir. It's huge. And it's moving right and left. And although one wonders if Musa ran away when it turned to a snake, what did frown do? Did he jump on his things? That's it. I take it away from me. Right for our bull Alameen You're the God they think he's terrified. What are you doing next one si yada. Then he took his hand out he's known to be very dark skin. It became white flawless not as a sickness flashing light by ball and another in this is unbelievable. He put it back the light is gone. Now why is this very effective to them? One of the wisdoms behind it is

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that the Egyptians were known to be excellent at the mummification process given Mumia these have spent so much money so much time mummification was all over the nation the world but the Egyptians you look in the history they were the elite at doing it preserving the body taking the moisture out of the body and preserve it and then they only do it to the high elite royal family members. So for them to see a man doing this this flashlight perfect shining glowing nothing in here back and forth. The Scientist The genius amongst them they know this is not normal. It takes us years to preserve change the skin color and so on and he's doing it just like that. And the magician's are shocked

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because well how did you do this so every miracle Musa had is perfect for the time let me test you really quick if you don't mind. What was the miracle of a 70 Maria on Easter

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Hmm What are the things that he used to cure those who are

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sick again?

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He used to heal the sick I sent me Allah protection heal those who are 60 I mean, can do Qaddafi Shiva Alma he used to be able to cure those who are sick. So what does this tell you? What are you 70 Miriam's era was known to have a lot of medical doctors. So his miracle it may be abstract to you and I said What does the staff what does the hand has to do with today? Today it's abstract but at that time it was very very relevant you see how it and some of the connection is clear. So then when he did this for our own spoke to the people around all the many hola in the Saharan Alim leader, this guy's a big shot. Whoa, well, well, well. 10 years. You're something else now you're into magic

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and not any magic heroine Eileen ilm, okay, no problem. So then he tells the people around him you read to a new creature coming or become what Musa wants is to kick you out of your land besides using his magic for another tap moon so now frown is seeing his people affected. So he asked them what do you guys think we should do now? Okay, this is getting pretty tough on me any assistance? Right? Just any long hair almost. That's it. That's all for years. He says madam to Lake Minneola. Hand lady thing I'm glad to know he's asking for help. And God never asked for help. May Allah protect us era.

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So they say a plan. They say RG wha ha. Don't touch. Holly, let him and his brother Harun. What do you want? This is our proposal frown. Choose a time and a place where we can get the top magician a Sahaba and all of missile we bring them and we make a battle of fight between our magicians. And Musa and Harun one on one. What do you guys think two groups found loves it. So we'll go for it. He goes to Musa Musa tell us the time and day that works for you with no confliction between us in terms of time and schedule. He said, Young was Xena the day of the festival their aid, they had an annual aid where no one works. Everybody's off. That's what Musa wants. I want that day and I want

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it to be during the days sunlight very clear. Perfect. We're in in frown agrees. Musa agrees on insulin, and then he leaves frown right away. What does he do? He goes to the drawing board right away, and he asks what color frowny to need equaliser hidden Eileen? I want every second

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proficient expert magician to bring the meaning closer to you. What happens in basketball? Sometimes there's something called the All Star Weekend. Right? So Fran is not asking for magicians. He's asking for all stars so he wants to assemble an all star team against Musa alayhis salam. So they are being called from all areas of Egypt May Allah protect us from CFC. I mean the head is real sad serious says very effective, but it's very weak if you aren't have protection of the Dhikr of Allah subhanaw taala that it's real it's there. We're all around Tony be cool Lisa Helen Eileen, here brothers and sisters. I want you to imagine invites are being centered in the magician's frown once

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you personally so they all gather up and they all gather up and they meet frown what's going on? Frown tells them what happened. Musa came okay. And he did this thing with a stick it turned into a snake he put his hand and turn to a flashing white light. And he's telling us that he's a messenger from mobile Alameen now frown is telling the Egyptian magicians the message of who? Musa so now they're learning about Islam. And now they heard about Yusuf Ali salaam because not too long ago, he was here and this same land. So anyhow, they're listening. So they said in the land Allah John incandela Holly bean, will you hook us up with you know, some bonuses, if we beat him up for you? He

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says bonuses, that's just money, not just money. Then he says we're in a coma even luminol Nakamura been I'll give you money and I'll give you positions in the government. Subhanallah very similar to today's time. There's every frown needs magicians. Remember that cool frown ilium he needs magicians at that time. It was actual magic. Today's time. It's something else might be social media. It may be actual words, but the main thing behind it is distraction. That's what the Browns have today when they want distraction. Okay, I want you guys to be busy. Because if you have no distraction, you'll start waking up to the reality of life. Agreed? How many times? Let's be very honest, honest. You

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were on your phone, whatever app that you're using Twitter, social media, and you're on it for like 3045 minutes. And then once you close you lock the screen you look at the time like, oh my god, I can't believe I did duck. You came to a realization I just wasted my life. I just said let me just pray at my house. Because if I go to the mess, it will take time. You spent more time than paying thought we're

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real. Oh, you know what? I can do it now how much? There's a hello? Hello, can I have an exam? You spent more time on your phone than that whole time of halacha. May Allah protect us era. So that distraction is being used. And by the way, when you use social media, you have to realize that to the most part, you're not a user of the social media, you're actually a product. Facebook actually sells your information. Right? The other is so your product to them and they sell it to other companies so they can put the actual ads. How many times you freaked out? You were just talking to your brother? I don't know, man. I'm thinking to buy this 1987 Honda Civic 1987 98 There's nothing.

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There's no one out there. 1987 you hang up you go to Facebook. 119 87 Dearborn, Michigan. How did you know that? You know Allah. Sahara. Sahara. May Allah protect us era. Well, that's scary sometimes, right? So anyhow, so this will happen to him. So the magician's they come and they're learning. So he says, You know what, we will give you a big bonus and Minato carabin you will be of those who will be right next to me government positions. Excellent. As he don't let for almost the whole world to know. So he starts putting invites in the mailbox. Not nowadays. Someone knocks

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Hi, we're here on behalf of so and so like to endorse him. He's a great guy and he's gonna change the economy, Viet know dramatically frown with the camera. No, I'm coming. I'm coming. Okay. All right. That's how it was it was forceful. It's like everybody. Did you ever hear about a country where there's voting for the President? And the President somehow gets 99.1% of the votes.

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Isn't that interesting? So how come he has filled all these seats in your lecture? It was all voluntary. They didn't show up their security outside. So somehow that's how for almost sending people everybody has to show up and Subhan Allah. Lk Dalai Lama, Koroma Corolla they tried to plot and the plot was against it, everything was against him, but he just does not know any better. And you have eventually come to the stadium and you want to imagine every seat is being filled. May Allah protect Europe. And then in the midst of this for our I don't know what position maybe in the middle, a huge stadium, and then people are cheering, frown, frown, deserty frown, and all of a

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sudden pressure of another color not up to qumola Very exciting is I am not your Lord. I am the Almighty cheering exciting with Zumba as Adam said

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Whatever the government may want, whatever they need, we'll do it even if it doesn't make sense. Yellow the battle but to start how many magicians are there?

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50 Some say 72 That's the lowest number that I read books of Tafseer they go in the Axolotl if 10s of 1000s were gathered from all of Egypt. So if we say just rent roughly the same gruffly example 1000 Even you say 100 That's very intimidating years agree 100 They have ropes, they have sticks, they're ready to display their ultimate magic on the other side, who is their Musa Ali Salaam. Right before the battle starts Musa wants to give one last advice. No, see how I had that before we start. You want to hear it. This is Muhammad Musa al Salaam. Before the battle starts, look what he says. He says while a cumulative total Allah Khadija before I start and I display my signs Allah sent to

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me, I asked you by Allah I warn you leftarrow Allah why Canada? Do not fabricate lies against Allah do not promote frown as a god when you know he's not a god, you know he's not suitable to run as a government for the government. Don't do this for the sake of dunya ye look I warn you that what if we do for us hater can be as up Allah will torture you and punish you not just for our own but everyone that assisted frown when I was very very young my mom used to teach me

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they asked for our Meneely for anak

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Elluminate had a rude knee

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frown was asked why and it's not an actual statement factual statement. But it says they asked How come around was frowning. Why was he claiming to be God and so on. Then it was said because no one stopped him. He just kept going on and on and on so these magicians were his right hand and now they're using all of this Subhanallah so they have a big big Yanni a man on the next which will may go against him. So he says whaler come face hater can be other Allah will punish you work at Harbor minister. No one fabricates ally except the deal the exposed maybe today maybe tomorrow, at least your piano? Do you think what Musa said move them? Nam? Allah says Fattah NAS that will be known as

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sovereign ledger huddle, huddle, huddle come in come in all the magicians from doesn't know what's going on. People don't know what's going on. So they all huddle and they're arguing. Listen, we're all stars here we're not we're no we're no rookie. No one is a rookie here. Okay, that's not how magicians talk. Hello, Miss Callum Sahara.

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Okay, this is this is this is weird. And he's won against us all like what did frown see? To ask all of us to face and like what does he have

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guys one guy says you know what? If it's magic we got this right. Yeah, we got this for sure if it's magic vs said we got this. But if you don't have magic because it happened. So guys, stop stop stop. Stop listen. In hola Eliza Herranz all agreed, agreed. These two musalman are magicians don't change. Don't confuse us. They're magicians. They want you to be kicked out of your land your creature coming out of decom just copy paste to what frown told the magicians and that's what people brainwash today. A father has an issue with the ex wife. He brainwashes the kids. The kids see exactly what that says. brainwashing and doesn't happen to kids. It happens to adults. Exactly what

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Brown said. Musa wants to kick you out of your land for the midges Musa wants to kick us out of our land the kids Musa wants to kick us out all Muslims are terrorists, Muslims. I will copy you don't know what you're talking about anything. Just media for what to retweet. That's it. These two people are magicians. They want to kick you out of this land. And they want to take your positions and they want to take our job that they said we thought the article Musleh fancy me Okay. Let's go and put 110% So not to suffer and come in straight ranks Mahadeva than today. The successful one is the one who wins Yo let's go back straight lines. So they go to Musa alayhis salam and look what to what

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they told him out of all the confidence. He said yeah, Musa Eman Toki want to start your show or should we start the show?

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Musa wants to display confidence. He says when you start the show, you go for it. Allah subhana wa Tada says for Elko Hey, Bella como se Eun, so now they start throwing their sticks and the ropes.

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What happened? Every stick in every rope turned into a snake. It's an illusion. It's not real, as big as the stick is the shape of the snake. So it was scary. It was terrifying. Allah says was subtle how boom it had what the magician's did. That was terrorism Allahu Akbar. And that's Allah says, they are the ones who are terrorizing the people, not Musa alayhis salam. But do you think Moses saw the sticks or saw snakes?

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He actually saw snakes. Allah says see

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Are we a lot gentler gelato said about the magicians. Their magic was unbelievable. was so powerful Allah said that so even Moosonee saw this he saw it as snakes. What did he do for our audience Athena see Keyfit and Musa Musa got scared. But what does fowl just said? He hid this emotion. Remember the last time once snake when mudra will have your after even look back that was with Allah. His Eman grew in Monaco which way he didn't run, though there's far more snakes than one agreed. He's the man became stronger but he's an ensign. He was terrified. Allah told him latter half in NACA and tell Allah don't be scared. You aren't going to be superior. And Cigna said you got

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this. You got this in Amazon. Okay, do Sahar. What they did was the plot of magicians and listen to everyone here while you flee her sir hello hi zu atta Allah makes it a foundational room never is a magician successful when you do your uska your protection when you think of Allah and remembrance of Allah done when you say it never is he successful or she is successful. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala says while Hanaa Illa Musa and ultrasoc Musa it's your turn what you do throw the stick throw it so Musa Ali Salam grabs his stick or staff and he throws it people are excited frown is celebrating not don't be too fast. Why this stick just turn to a massive snake for either he or tell awful Nyathi

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Kuhn that snake imagine start going around the whole stadium, opening up its mouth, a huge head even bigger and bigger than the first two times huge teeth and now they're swallowing the sticks and the ropes. So if we say 1000 Magicians even being very conservative because some go as far as said they're in the elves 70,000 How big does the snake have to be? To swallow a rope in a stick two items per person. You're telling no Anaconda is unbelievably scary. So it went in swelled everything and the magician's realized. This is not the high Union. This is not an illusion. There's no gene in there because this is a real highest Nate. So what happened right after that? All the people, not

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all the people of the magicians, they went down to such down what happened the magician the right tend to frown. They made prostration to Allah subhanaw taala what happened? They all became Muslim. Every single magician believes in La Ilaha illa Allah, they said I'm unavailable Alameen WA. We believe in the Lord of all beings who told him probably Alameen Brown and is vivo remember that? The prerequisite class they took the intro to Musa one on one. So they took this class or these local Alameen I mean, he is the slave of Rajpal Alameen wrote the Musa Harun the lord of moose and Harun they admitted they submitted to Allah subhanho wa Taala frown was angry. His whole focus was no

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longer Musa you guys are gonna do go with and turn against me. You guys always depending on you to show victory now you're against me. He says I meant to be a copula Nadella calm How dare you change your belief without getting permission.

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It's so weird that they permission take permission from from what? Because to believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala look at what he said he accused him of two things. He said in no height of Musa I know everything. I'm not dumb. I'm not stupid. In Nola Kabira. Camilla Allah nakoma said you guys all of you to classes from this guy.

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Look at the Euro cool lady Allah he's a big shot. I know it. Not just that in the Hazur lahmacun Makoto move in Medina. All of you are against me. All of you did this together. It was a plot you used to be in private. You plot it all of this you throw on the snakes whatever. Then he comes with a big snake all of this was made up. I will show you who is more severe in punishing me or your Rabbul aalameen He says Lao Katana I'm gonna chop your body into pieces. mean he laugh. I will cut your right arm then your left leg then your left arm then your right leg when I was suddenly been in a coma now will crucify you and Nikka example out of you on the palm trees branches or the trunks

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and then you will know who has more severe punishment me or your Laurent what do the magician say?

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La Vie

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who cares? And oughta be those

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by in a lot of Belmont California dying anyways. What happens is vivo. How do they reach this level in a lot of beginner level California angiology rune then they say woman Amina Illa and Amanda You're the Cure calamity or mercy

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We didn't say we're gonna go against you I didn't say for Allah will kill you I didn't say for I'm gonna send snakes to you all what we said is that we believe in open enemy that's it and now you want to kill us and cut us into pieces. Anyhow in the medical he had he had dunya your limit of power is this dunya do whatever you want. As for us, we were seriously troublemakers. As for us magicians, we were the ones who helped spread corruption for my craft and I lay him in a set you forced us you paid us big money, you influenced us to do magic, but today, just like how we were the ones who spread corruption and we went public today we will be the first ones to publicly say that

00:30:40--> 00:31:22

Eli Allah Allah sobre la ilaha illa Allah, the One frown is about to lose his mind. And then now they're making doubt with a SATA everybody's paying attention. They tell them they tell the whole stadium forgive a frown. All of you here. Listen to me as magicians. They say whoever believes in Allah mean that green our own set whether they're male or female, were Mormon while true believing they will enter Jenna TechWomen Tatiana and her rivers will flow from underneath you, Holly Deena fear you will be there forever and ever does a sin. Allah is fair, he will judge once a year for one, he will never multiply the sin the way he multiplies the good deed. And then for our very

00:31:22--> 00:32:05

angry, he went and he executed every single one of the magicians cut their body into parts. And he crucified them on the palm trees just like how he said but Subhan Allah, just like how the magician's admitted, I want all of us to take this from them, they put their life on the line, they actually their life went away sapodilla and you have to realize that what made them so great that their story is in detail in the Quran is their strength in saying we were wrong. And that's why I pray to Allah all of us including myself here when we make a mistake say I am sorry, well Allah He does not lower you rather it elevates you are we ready inshallah to commit to that? Sorry, not just

00:32:05--> 00:32:45

to the creation but also to Allah and then to be Allah subhanaw taala I want it to be like the magician's. When they saw the truth, what did they do? Accept it. So when someone tells you the truth accepted, whether that someone was your little brother, sister, whether that person is a Muslim or non Muslim, it doesn't matter. If the truth comes to you accept it, may Allah make us all humble. The acceptance of truth. The humbleness of the magicians, is what got them to be from the morning magicians as even our best says, end of the day, who are the Shahada? And remember, they said you can kill us. So as frown was cutting them into pieces where were the magician's in Jenna,

00:32:45--> 00:33:21

were specifically where our shahada in the body of birds flying into Jenna, and he's cutting them and they're gone. Have you been? You're cutting a body the soul has gone Allah, may Allah protect us era but alameen and Allah was to see that scene maybe in general. I mean, Robert Allen. So this happens. Do you think frown is happy? Is he done? Law is not done. The advisors they tell frown. You can do this. What do you mean? It things got a lot worse. Agreed. You guys agreed got a lot worse. There's this we have to control it. What's the control plan? The control plan is the following.

00:33:22--> 00:33:35

You need to do something about this moose has growing and growing in numbers. And he's becoming very strong. So frown get angry. He says okay, we will go back to what we used to do 40 plus years ago, what is it?

00:33:37--> 00:33:50

We will start killing the babies again. We will start torturing them again. No cocktail Abner livina. And especially the children of those who believe. You may ask, okay, why kill the children. Because if they're able to destroy a generation,

00:33:51--> 00:34:30

there'll be a big gap. And they will not know what happened to their parents and then seek revenge. Like for example, I know someone okay here in the city, who something happened to his dad when he was a little child. Very Young Man. And decades later, he's an old guy now today recently, just this year, he knew the truth just this year. So this man when he saw the documents and so on, he's gonna inshallah seek revenge for what happened is that so my point being is that what Fernando is doing if I'm able to get rid of this whole generation, there's no comeback. And today it happens same way. ruin the youth ruin the teenagers, destroy their mentality, destroy their mindset, make them weird,

00:34:30--> 00:34:59

make them backwards distract them. We want to ruin them until they become like in our hands like a remote control. May Allah protect us era and may Allah protect our youth and children Euro Bellamy by the way, changing the mindset of an adult is very difficult and you know it and that's a good thing and a bad thing. Because if they were doing good, it's very difficult to make them go astray. And can you imagine me Allah make our parents steadfast Dr. Rob Europe, can you imagine our parents stop praying for those who are very committed or no way

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

Allah get grant them steadfast in Europe. But similarly, if they had bad habit is very tough to change that is I've been doing this for 60 years colossal cares by the mom or dad, you're smoking. I've been doing I can't it's very difficult. Subhanallah so they say, let's kill the entire generation. And things became so tough and I'll end with this. It got so tough on Benissa eel, they were about to lose hope. And they tell moosari Salaam they were a little bit rude. They were a bit rude. They said, We were Vina mean Company Entity and before you came, we were tortured babies were killed have a hard time when Bagi magic 10 And after you came same thing and it will do this a

00:35:40--> 00:36:19

adamak Your presence is like your non existence. It may Allah protect yourself but I'm not all of them, but a big chunk of them. So Mousavi CERAM is telling them is there a noble law he wants to be true. seek assistance and Allah subhanaw taala and be patient don't give up. Don't be hopeless. Don't complain about Allah subhanho wa Taala espero. Then what did Musa alayhis salam tell them? Perhaps Allah you Ricardo, welcome. Perhaps if museflower is steadfast, Allah may destroy them. When you study for them. Then Allah will give you tests of blessings. Today you're tested through hardship pass tomorrow you may be tested through blessings, where you also will pass back through

00:36:19--> 00:36:50

gratitude. And you remember what I'm saying? So eventually most of them said okay, what can Allah Allah, we place our trust in Allah subhana wa Taala but things got so bad because the Tao of Musa went inside the palace. It's no longer Penninsula he couple Egyptians the magician. It got in what I mean got into the palace. Why? Who was affected? A few people about to come out and say La la la la in the palace itself, who are the insha Allah will mention them in the last session.