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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of showing respect for one's life and avoiding oppressions during actions. They stress the need to not be caught in the act of disobeying and emphasize the importance of speaking out when speaking to someone. The transcript explores the history of Islam, including its five pillars and its use of "sterile" water.
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We live in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in the seminary level salatu salam ala Dasha, for me. He was happy he one wa

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salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. By the grace of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah has given us this month of Ramadan.

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And then that month, the last 10 days

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where Allah Subhana data gave us the opportunity of making a tick if

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we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept the ethic of all the people who are here, and to accept the advice and to accept all I buy that okay Amazon

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and so on.

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It was around $1 in the middle of the night prescribing, fasting and ethic of Allah subhanho data

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placed this ayah from South Dakota I am on 86 wells mother I said why does Allah kariba the need for iniquity? Without a diary that I fell yesterday Budi? Well, you mean ob La La homea sudo which means my slaves asked you or Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam concerning me.

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I am indeed near to them. When they asked me, I'm near to them. I respond to the door of the supplicant when he calls on me. So let them obey me and believe in me, so that they may be rightly guided. See the beauty of this and Allah subhanaw taala saying that just the action of asking about Allah subhanaw taala is a means of drawing close to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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My brothers and sisters Ramadan comes to enable us to develop taqwa, Allah subhanaw taala prescribed fasting so that we can develop taqwa. So what are the slave do when he has been fasting for the pleasure of Allah and His taqwa has increased and he feels close to Allah. He makes Dora Allah Subhana Allah says that when his slave asks about him, he is near his slave. The very action of asking him about a lot is a means of drawing close to Allah. Allah Allah Allah who then says that he listens to the drive is live and grants it provided his lives obedient and has faith. So this is the month to ask Allah for all that you need. Allah Allah Allah Allah who also said makalah bergamotto

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yesterday welcome in the laziness takbeer una vida de said, Hello, Johanna muda here and you're upset asked me Make dua to me, I will respond to you. Verily those who scorn my worship, who are not Muslim and don't make dua, they will surely enter jahannam in humiliation, the MBR came to join the slave to his creator not to become barriers between them. No one including us or law sarala Harris have ever made it conditional on the person to ask Allah through them. It is true that it's a condition of the acceptance of doc that we send salutations and salatu salam and doodle and also lie Salah Salem. Tomorrow night inshallah we will talk about the subject of dry in more detail. We're

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looking at how the nbma dar Salam is reported to have said

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in a hadith that is recorded

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from a Noma and min Bashir rhodiola and Houma, who reported that also law said advice while a bad

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in another narration, he said had

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a drama kalibata. in this direction, he said the drama is worship do I itself is worship in other places that drama is the brain of worship is the it's the purpose of worship is the meaning of worship, and dismantle Ramadan, that is make the most of the especially those who are in in the Gulf. You are the guests of Allah in his house. Allah calls to give not to take. So ask Allah for whatever you need with complete certainty that he will grant your door in sha Allah to Allah, He listens and knows what is in our hearts and can change our situation. So ask him and not anyone else. Someone asked us

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we make dua and in some cases Allah gives us what we asked for. In other cases, we find that we don't get what we asked for, what is the meaning of this?

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as well as explain this in our head is collected in what Amharic narrated by Zayed bin Aslam, or the olana, who narrated from Rasulullah saw Salaam that he said, No one makes a dua without one of three things happening. Either it is answered, or it is stored for him or wrong actions forgiven by it. Sometimes Allah Subhana Allah knows what is best for us, gives us what we asked for. Sometimes he withholds it for our own benefit. Sometimes when we reflect on our lives, we see what a wonderful thing it was that Allah subhanaw taala withheld and didn't grant Ah, but instead he chose for us what he wished. Allah said valo basata Loris kaliba de la ville de la ke Yuna zero because

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miosha in who we are by the hobby room busier, sort of shorter, a lot smarter.

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And if allowed to enlarge the provision for his slaves, they would surely rebel in the earth. But he sends down by measure as He wills. Verily he is in respect of his lives, well aware, and all sia.

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Truly if we reflect on our lives, many of us The only reason we disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala is because we have money. If we didn't have the money, we would not be able to disavow loss. That is not all. Allah doesn't reject the DA he merely delays its acceptance in our interest, because he knows the reality of what will happen if it is granted. Instead, in his infinite mercy. He forgives sins and averts calamities in exchange for an answer to us see the mercy of Allah. Why does he need to do this except to show us how merciful he truly is? How Richard then is the one who is still ungrateful. Rasool Allah is Allah is Allah explained that finally Allah subhanaw taala keeps those

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doors which are not answered with him. And on the Day of Judgment, He will say to the person, you asked me for such and such, and I gave it to you, you asked me for such and such, but I didn't give it to you, but averted this calamity from you from you, and forgive your sins. But you also asked me for such and such but I didn't give it to you, and neither did I avert a calamity or forgive a sin in exchange. Now that door is with me, ask me what you want today, and I will give it to you. So holla as soon as as absurd. If you realize the value of that dog, you will wish that all your life you continue to make dogs and not one is ever accepted in this life, but remains with your job to be

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granted on the Day of Judgment. My brothers and sisters, it is essential to reflect on our lives and be grateful to Allah for having given us this access to himself without any reservations and protocol without any intermediaries and connectors. When the slave places his head in such that before is Rob there are only two in that equation, the Rob and his that is what the MBA came to teach us. And that is what also rahsaan taught us how to make the

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most beautiful Ayat of Surah Maryam where Allah subhanaw taala said

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the Quran mature because the whose carry is in

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need and coffee or have been Nirvana lasma Mini washed, sushi

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combi ikara bcfe are in the

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iva de maratea

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de Mille Cavalli

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the surah starts with the rueful macatawa I installed and then Allah says this is a mention of the mercy of Europe to his slaves a Korea when he called out to Islam a call in secret saying, My Arab indeed my bones have grown fever, and gray hair has spread on my head, and I have never been unblessed in my dog to you, Omar. And verily, I fear my relatives after me, since my wife is barren. So give me from yourself. And the way to make dua and I'm summarizing from the numerous I had these on this subject is to follow the method that Allah subhanaw taala showed us in this ayah

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the purpose

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of these stories of the Quran is to teach us the correct way to do things to make our door acceptable to Allah. So let us pay attention and learn how to connect to Allah. Number one, speak about your own weakness. Number two, glorify Allah Subhana Allah and speak about his majesty and power. Number three, speak about your connection with him, jelajah Allah, but before that, obviously, build that connection. Number four, ask what you want from him, keeping in focus his majesty and power, not your own weakness or worldly circumstances. And five, asked with complete certainty that he has the power to give all that is needed is for you to persuade him. So work on

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that with persistent Rasulullah sallallahu advise the following with respect to the number one, glorify Allah and send salatu salam ala rasulillah salam before you make dua. Number two,

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don't become impatient. And don't say I asked and asked but nothing happened. Remember, it took more than 40 years for us Valley silabs dream to come true. Allah subhanaw taala knows his own timeframes and what is best, so keep asking him with complete certainty that you are speaking to our Rob who listens, understands even better than you are response and has the power to do anything he wishes. Number three, make dua in a voice that is neither too soft nor too loud. Rasulullah said to a man Salah Salem was asking us rather loudly and saying loudly Yara

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Brb, he said to him, call on your ob with humility and softly your ob is not deaf. Number four, don't say Oh Allah give me if you wish. Ask with certainty and with the full faith that Allah Allah, Allah can and will give. Nobody can force a lot to give what he doesn't wish to give. Number five, the best time to make dry is in tahajjud abou mama della Han had aborted and reported, Susana was asked, at what time does the dog find the greatest response, he replied, sallAllahu Sallam a dua made during the middle of the last part of the night, a DA made during the middle of the last part of the night. And after conclusion of the fourth Salawat and this had this is until Monday, and

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other good times are the following between us and any Kama Sutra Salaam said the drama between other and karma is never

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is always accepted, never rejected. Then before you start reciting surah, Al Fatah, after you make the viola

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before you start solving fathia that's the time also to make dua, if it's fun Salah you have to make this dry in Arabic, but that's the time and it's called Dora that device called door is the door of the beginning. Then, during ruku, during sujood, after the Shahada and before Salam at that point is also times for acceptance of the during the Salah door is accepted in Hunan in winter, and in Hunan, asila, at the time of calamity in Salatin, fudger usually that's when the whole of the NASA is decided in south of budget in the second rocket after ruku. Every Friday there is a time during which Allah subhanaw taala accepts all doors.

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But as I said, this time is very short. So make a lot of drama on Fridays. Among the times of acceptance of da is the day of arafah where Allah subhanaw taala accepts the drama of those who are standing and asking him and proudly draws the attention of the Mullah equal makara boon to his slaves were standing in alpha, glorifying His praise and asking him for their needs do i is also accepted number six was also accepted at the time of breaking the fast very, very important obviously for us to understand and this is the month of Ramadan fasting, the time for acceptance of door is at the time of stop. So, let us spend the time of making dua not in mindless if the parties

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which achieved more harm than good

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Muslims did indeed the fasting person has at the time of breaking the fast a DA which is not rejected. And this is in his essay Hades in imager. And Russell also said sunrise lm three prayers are not rejected three dryers are not rejected the draw of a father, the daughter of a fasting person and the daughter of a traveler and this is say Hades in by hockey. So it is very important for us to take full advantage of the fact that doulas are accepted at these times in another Hadith Prosser wa sallam said, there are in the month of Ramadan, in every day and night, those to whom Allah subhanaw taala grants freedom from the fire and there is for every Muslim duar which he can

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make, and which will be granted. And this is in Indian, Muslim, Imam Muhammad and also it's a say Hadees number seven has been Malika delana reported from rasulillah salam who said he who makes us sincerely for martyrdom for Shahada, it will be granted to him, even though he is not killed on the battlefield. And this is a hadith in Muslim Sharif alumina Vitara galarneau reported from our solos and Salaam who said the miser is the one in whose presence I mentioned, but he does not make dua for me What a horrible thing that are sold as a lesson and we don't want to make the offer on it. When we make dua for our Navy, we elevate and honor ourselves, the Navy does not need the door, the door

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is more for our benefit. And if we don't do that, it's truly a shameful thing.

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number nine, Aloe Vera villano reported in a hadith in Muslim Sharif, that was one of them said a slave becomes nearest to his rub when he is in soju in prostration. And that is the door that that is in, in Muslim and so it was observed. So increased was while making such that the door of the parent for his child is accepted and the law of the oppressed is that is accepted and there is a and there is no barrier between these doors and Allah subhanho wa Taala

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the DA in this hadith specifically is mentioned that the DA of the father against

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Sun is accepted, may Allah protect us from this. So those who

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do not have good relations with their parents is truly a sad thing. And it's very important for you to go and make up with your parents. There is nothing that the parents can do which justifies you having a bad relationship with them. So make up your good, make good relationships and get the good drugs, not the bad boys. So be aware also of oppressing people, the one oppressed is praying for your destruction while you are asleep and his Rob is listening. Number 11. How to get to accepted ask Allah subhanho wa Taala with his beautiful names, Allah subhanaw taala said de la Hill as Mount husana for those who we have in,

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in the corner. So therefore ask Allah by his beautiful names in a Hadees in sunan and si sola, sola, Selim, so this is narrated, and Anna Sydney, Malik, Allah Khun tomorrow su de la he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam jellison Yanni wa jhulan even usili farlam Rocca wa sajida Wata Shahada da da call feed wa e Allahumma inni Luca b anila Cal Hamed La ilaha IL and alma nanobody o semi wati wa

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Jalla wa ecomm yah, hi Yah, are you in the US I look the call and abuse alcohol he was I was lm

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Li as happy he

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that Runa Bhima de Carlo Allahu Allahu Allah call when Lizzie Neff CB de la casa de La Hoya be izmi Hill, Azzam alizee Isa Doria v Jabba y su Illa de

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su de la sala mentioned in this door about this man, and he said that he this man asked the abora Delano narrates, I know, honestly Malaga

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that a man came while they were sitting in the masjid, this man came and he made Salah, and in the Salah, he he stood and he miroku animators that animator shot and then he made and he asked Allah subhanaw taala in his name in and he asked us about data he said until mana, Medusa mavala You are the one who created the heavens and the earth. Yeah as a general you will be Glorified Allah subhanaw taala yah, yah, yah, yah, yah you and then he said in a silicon image is due, I said, this is what I'm asking you. And also none of them said by the one in whose hand is my life. This man asked Allah subhanaw taala by his Ishmael Ishmael Azzam by his greatest names, and when you make a

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dua by these names, he said, the DA is surely accepted. And if he asked something by these names, that thing which he asked for, is surely given to him. Rasulullah sallallahu also said, that the law of the known universe alehissalaam, by which he called Allah subhanaw taala from inside the belly of the whale, where he said, that there is not and that which means, there is none worthy of worship La Ilaha Illa de subhanak in economy nasai mean, he said, There is none worthy of worship but you glory beat you. And verily I am amongst the wrongdoers no Muslim ever makes dua by it, but Allah subhanho wa Taala will grant it in sha Allah and this is intermarry and Muslim ummah. And Hakim

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number 11. confession of sin shut down in our house probably around the region that Rasul of Allah Sallam said, the Supreme way of asking for forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala is to say, and this is the

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same will still follow when you say, Allah Mandara Bella illa elanda Halekulani Juana duquan Allah equallogic Mustapha to our becoming Sherry, Masanobu, la cabina, erotica, la Babu with them before really, when the whole land which means or Allah, you're my rub, there is none worthy of worship but you you have created me and I am your servant, I'm your slave. I am committed to my covenant and my promise to you as much as much as I can. I seek refuge with you from the evil I have done. I acknowledge before you all the blessings You have bestowed upon me, and I confess to you all my sins, so grant me forgiveness, for no one can forgive sins, except you. As soon as a Muslim said if

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somebody says this during the day with firm faith in it and dies on the same day before the evening

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He will be among the people of Ghana. And if somebody says it at night with firm faith in it and dies before the morning, he will be among the people of Ghana. And this is say Hades and Buhari. It's a very good idea to learn this Dr. Segura stefarr It's a short door and to ensure that we say this both morning and evening, every day and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make this habit permanent in our life, so that when we die inshallah we will be among the people of Jana, as mentioned and promised by his nephew Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam number 12. One should repent and try to make amends where one has wronged. Al Bukhari and Muslim reported that the

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Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said about the man who stretched his arms to the heavens saying, or Myra, Myra, a man came to the masjid and he raised his hand and he was asking making dryness is oh my Arab O'Meara salatu salam knew the man. So he says, but his food is haram. His dress is haram. So how could it be answered? My brothers sisters, very very important for us to understand that you cannot please Allah while disobeying him. Let us get this out of our minds. We seem to be seem to believe that we can please Allah while we disobey Him we cannot we cannot please anybody, while disobeying the disobedience causes anger it does not cause pleasure. Allah subhanaw

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taala mentioned what new la Sallam said to his people about the acceptance of the new Elisa Lam said and so to know the whole new stuff, he wrote a book woman who can have usually sama la comida Aurora, why only the Colombian Malinois Bernina

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Allah Coleman, he said, What is that I'm saying all I said to them as forgiveness from Europe, verily he's off forgiving. He will send rain to you in abundance, and give you increase in wealth and children and bestow on new gardens and best on rivers. Toba is an essential precondition for the acceptance of

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those who continue to disobey Allah deliberately may like to read the rest of the surah to see what Duan Wallace Allah made for those who refuse to make Toba israa al Massey, who are sub o su Alka tema, insisting on sin is the cause of a bad ending without a man that has fear this this kind of an ending, insisting on destroying the sunova sola sola Selim, insisting on disobeying the orders of Allah with respect to our dressing, our celebrations and so on all causes to attract the anger of Allah. I was in it was in 1997 I was in Missouri the nabawi and I met mala Amma lotsa Mercado and requested him to advise me. He said to me, do you know where we are sitting? I said yes, we are in

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the masjid. nabawi Sharif, he said yes. Then let me tell you about the importance of following the one whose Masjid This is and whose grave is near us. He said the one who leaves a Mr. hub act. considering it to be unimportant. Allah will deprive him from following the Sunnah. The one who leaves us sooner considering it to be unimportant. Allah will deprive him from fulfilling the fourth, the one who leaves a fourth considering it to be unimportant. Allah will deprive him from from he man and he will die on Cofer Marana spoken in order and I will tell you what he said in order for those people who understand what he said I've just taken Kavita Omnicom on Amazon.

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He said to Parag alcova Tang Abbas versus Sunni, he said Opry, Monica, Jo mazahub, ko halka somuch kachori allows kusunoki parvizi maroun karenga kochalka mosquito de la SCO fluoride, Ki Bhavani Cimarron karenga also Falco halka, mosquito Ray, Allah wasco, Monza Maroon Ganga, America, may Allah subhanaw taala protect us from this fate, where we, we attract the anger of Allah and the doors of his eye, then get closed. choose carefully, oh people, because on the Day of Judgment, we will be with those we love. Pick your friends very, very carefully. Number 13. Do I made by reference to previous good deeds. This has been mentioned in the story of three people who entered a cave, the

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entrance of which had been blocked by a rock. We all know the story and they invoked a law they made the law by their most sincere deeds, and he responded to them and release them. The story is reported in Bukhari and Muslim. Let us reflect on what deeds we have done which we can use as our sila for our before Allah that does ensure that we create these mosyle because the day will come when we will need them. Number 14 conveying the blessings of Allah durood on de sola, sola Selim, this is a requirement for the acceptance of Rasul Allah Sam said every door is suspended until the blessing of Allah is invoked upon the Prophet said every door is suspended until do the sent on me

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say it. This is a azami

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Number five and number 15, facing the Qibla. And raising both hands and being in a state of Budo. Whereas it is true we can make die in any state, including in, in a state without Budo. And raising hands and facing the Qibla are all not fun, but they're all very good and it's preferable and it must have to be in a state of Voodoo to face the Qibla and raise both hands when making the lid of this is a story of Abu Musab ashari where who reported that when the pseudo Salah Selamat finished from the Battle of her name, he sent a woman who was the uncle of a Vasa to lead an army to Atlas and he sent me with him a bomb it was struck in his knee by an arrow, which a man from Russia had

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shot and it lodged in his knee, I removed it and water out of it, and a bomber was dying. He said, Oh, son of my brother, can waive my Salam ala rasulillah salam and request him to ask Allah for forgiveness for me.

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Ilan says that his uncle Obama survived for a short while. And then he died. He says, I returned and called on the solar solar system at his house, and I found him lying in a bed made of the stocks of date palm leaves, knitted with ropes, and on it, there was bedding, the strings of the bed had left their mark on his back and sides. I told him about

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about the news. And I told him about the meeting of our army. And I told him about Obama's news and his request to tell him to ask Allah forgiveness for him. As soon as he asked for water, he performed widow and raised his hand and said, Oh, Allah, forgive your servant slave. I saw.

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Musa says, I saw the whiteness of the prophets and his hands were so high, he continued, Allah make him on the Day of Resurrection, superior to many of your slaves, many of your human creatures and our musala Sharia delanco What took advantage of this of this bounty? And he said to him, he said, jasola, will you ask Allah subhanaw taala for forgiveness for me also, and he said, salatu salam, O Allah forgive the sins of Abdullah bin case, which is which was his it was the cornea and the name of our Musa Musa as the as the cornea. And Abdullah bin Price's name. He said, Oh ALLAH forgive the sins of Abdullah bin Christ and admit him to a good entrance on the Day of Resurrection. Have is

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said in a fatter body. It is indicated in this report that performing mudo when making the law is Mr. hub, it is desirable.

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Another very, very important point that I want to mention to my brothers and sisters, in today's world is is very, very important for us to eat to eat halal. One of the most critical conditions for the acceptance of DHA is to ensure that we eat halal. Sadly, this is something we need to remind each other about. There was a time when we knew our chickens. Today we eat anything as long as it is dead. But please remember that while there are several opinions about Zambia, the one opinion on which all the IMA agreed is that an animal

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is itself that as long as an animal is itself halaal if it is slaughtered by a Muslim, who says Bismillah Allahu Akbar, and then slaughters it by cutting it scattered arteries and jugular vein without separating the hair from the body, that animal is halal and permissible to eat. So three conditions, the person slaughtering, the Muslim must say Bismillah Allahu Akbar, and then he slaughters it in the Islamic manner by cutting the carotid arteries in regular way without separating the head from the body. All the imar agreed that this method is inshallah perfect in terms of the Bihar.

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So let us stick to that opinion no matter which Imam we follow. If you have any arguments about that. Just change the word haram for the word poison, or the word allergen and you will understand what I mean. Islam has five pillars and eating meat is not one of them. However, eating haram will not only ensure that our dua is not accepted, but will also land us in the jahannam as mentioned by none other than avocados in the Caribbean Delano. Today, our plate is international. We have beef from Brazil, Martin from Australia, chicken from God rich mineral water from Malaysia, and orange juice from the US all marked halaal just ask yourself, why does mineral water and orange juice need

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to have to be marked Hala and of course we end our meal by washing it down with drinks that have secret ingredients and about wish the only thing that can be said with certainty is that the external toilet cleaners when then we stand in salah and make dua and wonder why our doula is not accepted. Do you still wonder please remember holla stamp means nothing unless it is from an institution about whose methods of intent about whose methods and integrity you are completely certain all

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factory process chicken doesn't fit the condition for Serbia as I mentioned, and so is haram, no matter who certifies it, unless it is hand slaughtered, it is not hot chicken, mutton and beef must be hand slaughtered. For it to be halal. All food and drink which has secret ingredients is haram for a Muslim who fears Allah to eat orange juice and other juices from the west are routinely filtered through pig bladders. So also is mineral water. For more disgusting details, please contact me and I will refer you to a scientist in quiz who has done extensive work on this. Please remember that just because you're eating chicken in a restaurant attached to the Haram in Makkah doesn't make

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it a lot fear the anger of Allah or people remember the Hadees also lasala Salah Musa to the effect the halaal is clear and the Haram is clear between them are doubtful matters, so leave the doubtful for that which is not doubtful. This Hadees is considered to be one third of Islam because of its wonderfully clear message to save us from the hellfire. taqwa is to leave what is doubtful. Make a firm intention that you will never eat anything about which you are not absolutely sure that it is haram. And remember, Allah knows. Number 19 to cry when making drugs. I will end with one of the most most beautiful I had this on the subject of da Abdullah bin Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Assad Ilana

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reported that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam recited these two ayat and wept. The first ayah is from Surah Rahim about the primary Salam in his door. He said Robbie in lol narakasura mananas foreman W and even no mini nomina Swanee for inaka for him. He's a Roma Arab, they have indeed led astray many among mankind, But whosoever follows me he rarely is off me. And whosoever disobeyed me still You are indeed of forgiving, Most Merciful Water, water, water of water kind person was Abraham a Salam. The second ayat was the solar solar service. It was it was this is from Jeremiah in the home for in the home a bad dog. We're in Davila home for in ntaganda Aziz will Hakeem. If you punish them, they

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are your slaves. And if you forgive them, verily you Only you are the Almighty. And the all wise Susana wept and kept saying Robbie Amati rugby Almighty, Allah subhanaw taala sent gibberella ceram and said ask him why is he grieved? Of course Allah subhanaw taala knows what is happening. And these all these things are for establishing the 100 in favor of his of his of his favorite people. Allah Subhana Allah sent jabril and said, ask him why is he grieving the solar Solar System Sagittarius what will happen to my alma, Allah Raja said, tell him we will make him happy with respect to his oma and Allah said while so far you will take care of buka fatorda in sarada and

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verily Europe will give you all that is good so that you will be well pleased Hum Aapke kurashiki curling a hammer cohosh carving a lot of our Katana for Maya rasulillah slums and then I will not be pleased if even one of my oma is in the Hellfire I think about this what kind of what kind of an AVI that we have alumina with Oliver the Alon who's to say to the people of Iraq, you think that the greatest hope in the Quran is to lie about your laziness Rahu Allah and fusi la toma Rama de la in the La Jolla Nova Jamia in for him in Surah Zoomer, Allah said oh by by the oma slaves who have transgressed against themselves by committing evil, do not despair of the mercy Mercy of Allah.

00:33:40--> 00:34:21

Verily Allah forgives all sins. Truly he is of forgiving, Most Merciful. Alameda was to say to the people of Iraq using that this art is the art of greatest hope. But we the Sahaba and the albite we consider the ayat of greatest hope to be well so far you will take her book of Allah subhanaw taala said, we will make you pleased on the day of judgment on our Habiba and Avi and also racetams I will not be pleased, even if one of my mentees isn't the hellfire. The ask for the Shabbat also lies Alice, our Salah on the Day of Judgment. Let me end by reminding myself and you that this is the man who Allah subhanaw taala sent for our guidance, who suffered all sorts of privations and

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difficulties in order to fulfill his duty to Islam, and out of his love for us, his alma people, he people he knew, and those like us yet unborn, we believe in him without seeing him and he made dua for us without seeing us. This is the man who soon Allah made the most beautiful thing for us to follow, and the means by which we can convert our ordinary actions into acts of worship. This is the man who would be granted intercession by Allah subhanho wa Taala on the day of judgment in sha Allah, and we hope that he will intercede for us. This is the man who worried about us far more than he worried about his own family. yet. This is the man whose way

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We find so difficult to follow while we find every substandard way of every denial of Allah, easy to follow. Get real people. Remember that on the Day of Judgment, we will be with those we love. So pick carefully who you love because they are the ones you will be with or sell Allah Allah. Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was happy he may be radical tomorrow he mean our hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.