Fajr Reminder – Leaving the right footprints in the snow

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gonna be able to Celine Mohammed

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Ali Salaam Sleeman. Catherine casilla for my brother, my brother sisters. As you can see I'm standing

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in the middle is not a snow storm is the flurries

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of snow which are falling. As you can see they're falling when I'm standing to see what's behind me, so I would like to look at this.

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This picture here and I'll also post a couple of pictures is absolutely clean white

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without any blemish on it. Nobody has stepped onto it till now.

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Not even any footprints in the snow. There has been about, I think, eight or nine inches of snow that has fallen.

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I will talk about that a little later. But just to give you an idea, one inch of snow on one acre of land

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with one tonne

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roughly speaking with one tonne.

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Imagine the snow coming down.

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Not one flake at a time. But the whole snow at once. What would happen

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if it is one ton,

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which is one inch of snow, we have had about eight inches, that would be eight tons of material descending from whatever height it descends. There wouldn't be anything living left after that.

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And if you think that is a big one inch of rain

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is one on one acre of land, one inch of rain that's how its measured with 131 tons. So imagine if what just one inch or just one inch of rain falls

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or whatever.

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And a lot more than that false.

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If that rain done didn't come down one drop at a time. If it came down at once, what would be the result. This is the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah Allah, that he sends what he sends his blessing can turn into a problem. The Blessing can turn into a curse if it was not sent in the way that he sent it. So not only does it not only do we thank Allah subhanaw taala for his blessing, we thank him for his blessings the way he sends them. Memory is a blessing al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Alzheimers is when you lose memory, memory is a blessing, but Alhamdulillah so is forgetfulness. If if we didn't forget, we will not be able to survive the first trauma that we that

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we face in life, we will not be able to survive the first bereavement that we that we face in life, that would finish are completely and totally because we will not be able to get that memory away from our minds. But Alhamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala gave us memory. And he gave us also forgetfulness when we thank Allah subhanaw taala for this, we thank him for his forgetfulness. We thank Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala gave us eyesight, but he did not give us the ability to look into people's hearts. Imagine the amount of fitrah we create, even without looking into people's heart, all the evil that we believe and insist on believing about people, instead of

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believing God, what would happen if you could actually see inside their hearts? What would happen if somebody could see inside my heart? Forget about people? If somebody could see inside my heart what would happen? ask yourself that question I'm asking myself that question I thank Allah subhanaw taala that he gave us only sight as much as he gave us.

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We can take this and we can think about all these blessings jealous when we thank Allah subhanaw taala for what he gave us, and we thank Allah subhanaw taala even more for what he chose not to give us my brother and sisters. This is a

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this dunya that Allah, Allah created, he created it in his wisdom. And he gave us in it what he wanted to give us. And he

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taught us through His tabs and through his messengers, to be grateful for what he gave us and to continue to thank him for what he gives. And now walking out on the

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see you know, I'm walking out in the

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in the snow itself and you can see how this is falling and you can see the snow on the trees.

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And then in a moment I'm going to turn around and you will see

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those of you who are who listened to these regular reminders regularly you would have seen the ones I did in autumn in the fall. And you would have seen those Bush's the absolute blood red berry bushes and the trees and the beautiful fall colors. And you see them now as I turn around. Those are the same that thing that the back are the same wishes that you see now completely covered.

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See the snow see how absolutely pristine and wide it is there's no footsteps, there's nothing on this.

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This is what our Amal can look like and ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us our mal which will look like this when we meet him inshallah, because this is what this is what the whole point is to keep ourselves clean.

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And hungry last night I created a screen. And that was rather than a gave us the opportunity to become clear. And every time just like the snow here is covering up whatever there was, is covering up whatever there is

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and hiding how whatever is below the snow, if there was garbage, you don't see it anymore. Whatever is there is hidden, it's covered up, it looks more than the surface looks absolutely even. Even though the surface is not even the surface will have

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you know things in it which are, there will be ups and downs to the surface. But you can't see them because it's nose covered everything now. But the thing to understand that this is how we ask Allah subhanaw taala to cover up our sins. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to completely free us from sin and so that the even the mention of the sin is not there, so that the sin is not just forgotten, but wiped out completely and totally as if it had never been committed. We ask Allah to save us from his, from disobeying him in any way whatsoever. And we asked Allah subhanaw taala

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to be pleased with us, and never to be displeased with other sisters. The displeasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala is the biggest curse. And that's why

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if you remember the

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last dinner, when you mentioned the other, the worst punishment that will be given to the people who deny him and disobey Him and die in that state. And he said that on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will not look at them.

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They will not look at them and will not glorify them. So let me imagine

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Amazon is nothing compared to the fact that my rajala journal will not look at me for the for the slave, and that's why I was wrong. But when they see they will say yeah,

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I wish I was just I wish I was nothing I wish I was completely either I did not exist.

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And they gave us a beautiful existence. There's no need to live in a way where we end up in a situation where we have to wish for something like I don't exist, I wish I didn't exist no.

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Hank was created creating thank goodness for giving us that he gave us and we asked him to continue

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to be pleased with us and never be displeased with him to see the snowplows working how these people work. Bless them and the amazing work ethic roads are clean even though there is so much more and more in the

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in the fields and so on. But the road itself is absolutely clean. Because the snowplows have been at work, right from what three o'clock in the morning or so. They're hard at work, cleaning up the roads and so on, so that people can go to work and the work of the dunya never stops. So how the work of the dunya never stops. I wish we live in a life I wish we live our lives in a way where the work of Dean will never stop and that we continue to do our work. No matter what we continue to do our brothers or sisters

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as I have been walking, you can see here you pristine snow and then after I step in it, you see footprints and this is what happens to our lives also. Let me show you the footprint.

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I hope this came through came through. If not I will take a photo of it and send you

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Also, but the point is, this is what happens in our lives. Our lives are clean, until we decide to do something about it. Now if those footprints are footprints leading to goodness,

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but if their footprints leading to evil that's what we have to ask for ask Allah to save us from ourselves to save us from the service of all enough to save us from the service and to enable us to live a life which is pure which is in keeping with his majesty and grace you know, I always wanted to

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eat a snowflake so let me see if you land on my in my mouth

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there goes

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it's like what

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I'm doing.

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May Allah bless all of you man let's accept all your drives me and give you what you asked for and give you what he wants to give you after that, which will leave you completely and totally amazed at his generosity and masala will Karim Allah Allah He was happy as

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salaam alaikum