Haifaa Younis – Jannah Gems #08 – Excess Food Makes You an Easy Target for Shaytan

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a theory that the relationship between food and sugar is one and everyone should be aware of it. The theory suggests that excessive food would make people feel worse and that obeying Allah would make people easier to work and work harder. The transcript uses a variety of examples and examples of people's behavior.
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What is the relationship between food and sugar is one and let's think let's come to a hadith of roswaal a sort of set up. Some of you may be familiar with mama Agnew. Adam. We are SHABOOM in botany or Swati sort of short rum in bottling or Swati saw to samsa this, there is no container the human being you and me feel worse than his stomach. stomach is a container is a vessel.

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And our Swati thought or Sammy said no container the human being filled worse than his stomach.

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There has to be a reason why are a swallow now comes in connection between too much food.

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The habito Ferrari sought to serve and shape on once I eat too much what normally happens, I get lazy.

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obeying a law becomes difficult getting up for Salah becomes difficult.

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This obeying the law becomes easier because I'm lazy and we just have a wasp pantalla let's let's put this principle so we all learn it. And let's be honest, obeying Allah is not easy.

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This opening Allah is much easier, much easier. Getting up at six o'clock in the morning versus sitting on my couch watching TV, or watching a movie. And I'm talking about something not pleasing to Allah. So too much food

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makes me lazy. excess food makes me lazy. To be to obey Allah makes easier for me to this obey Allah once I am lazy once I don't have this enemy to

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defend myself or to fight now I am very easy

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to drop for say for

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too much food. get lazy. shaitaan comes right there. And when he whispers and he always whispers when he whispers when when when he whispers I normally when I am lazy and I'm too full. I don't have enough energy to even say I'll double whammy shaitan Raji, think of it this way, when we eat too much for dinner, how easy I go and do my Shahada, for example, or my room.

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