Benefits of first ten days of Dhul Hijjah

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Salam al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi Don't be evil mousseline.

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Muhammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah it he went early he was several Salam just even cathedra cathedra

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from Abba who my dear brothers and sisters

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we are coming in to maybe another

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four or five days inshallah

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we are coming into the

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best days of the year,

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the best days of the year

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compared to any other days

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and those are the first

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10 days of good hygiene

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and the sort of the restaurant said except that the last night's the last 10 nights of Ramadan are better because

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of liturgical color

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which is better than 1000 months.

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The many Hadees concerning the fertile can considering the blessings of these 10 days and it's very important for us to keep that in mind and maximize the

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reward which Allah is with us in sha Allah

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in one Hadees

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narrated by Bara or Villano

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Surah Surah Salim said that Allah subhanaw taala

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any good deed that is done in these 10 days, Allah subhanho wa Taala loves that more than any other good deed any good deed done in any other days, how to all the days distant is any good deed done in this day has more value Allah loves it more rewarded more

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than any good deed that is done at any other time.

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So, the Savas ideas Allah What about Jihad peace Villa

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La Surah Surah surrendered even that

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except if a person goes and does not return, he goes and spends his life and his wealth and does not return meaning he

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Other than that, any good deed that is done in these days has more value before was one Altera Allah subhanaw taala loves it more than

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that good deed done at any other time in the year.

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Now, what is to be done?

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So, in these days, one is say subhanallah, Alhamdulillah and Allahu Akbar

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right. So, this is one of the recommended of

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of these days. So, let us do more and more of that inshallah

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then fasting in these days,

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fasting on all of this in these days also is your mood Alpha

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Yambol Arafa. Let me clarify a couple of things, which is this standard annual

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controversies and misunderstandings. Yeovil Arafa is the name given to the ninth of the ledger

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right, that is the Yamaha

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Yamaha Alfa is not the day when the Hoja standing in Arafat's

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depending on the time of the changing of time in different countries,

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you will have ah, maybe after that, or on that day or whatever, so, it is not based on that. So, usually we are whoa How can we say to raise over over the hajis or where we're starting there yesterday, or they were going to stand there tomorrow and no, that has nothing to do with Yoda Yoda is

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like an example of that is very easy to understand. We prayed about it today here right?

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What am I did we were married 8:30pm.

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What is happening in Makkah? No, no, no.

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In Mecca the middle of the night.

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So can we suppose somebody says no, no. I'm going to pray the Salah according to the timing of mercies or Hara. So when it is further there, I will pray further here.

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Now, this is not my answer. Incidentally, for those of you who are in who like to have references or you represent do not refer to animals. This is the answer given by a semi Rahmatullah ally. When they asked him the same question. He said, This is the way

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Should we celebrate eat when should we celebrate?

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When should we start fasting and it will as he said do it on the day when it is that day in your country wherever you're staying.

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There isn't one Mocha is nothing to do with Mocha if you are in Mocha do it on your do do it on the day it is being done America

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when you are America you don't say no nobody see I'm from from Springfield's I will do it when they are doing wrong

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to just like you pray Salah at its time you do either it's time.

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And so Yoga is the ninth of Julija wherever is the ninth religion is

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the reward for our alpha is the expiation of two years of sins one year before one year after.

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That does not mean we should commit sins for that reason meaning whatever we have done a lot smarter we expect except for major sins which require specific stuff for

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now it is not expected for the Muslim to deliberately do something major so we ask Aladdin of course make you suffer anyway this is a beautiful thing to do, but Allah will explain it and he will forgive those sins. You're gonna revise the day also when Allah subhanaw taala revealed earlier Mark Missoula Gandhinagar Valley commonality we're only talking with Islam within Islam Medina, we are Allah said that on this day I have completed the deen of Islam I have completed your deen for you have completed my blessing God you and I have chosen for you Islam as your deed. So this is a very beautiful very day full of Baraka.

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The real for the for the lot, and the blessing of the first 10 days of zoologia is where Allah subhanaw taala said, well, first of all, added Asha. And

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that is the ayah, which were not like chose these days to be the most superior of the of the days.

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So fasting therefore, on your alpha has this blessing of

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expiration of two years of sins, the best thing to do is since we are since all of these days have the fuzzy law of any deed done during that day is the best of deeds, then my recommendation is fast on all this.

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First on the 10 days hamdulillah no problem and you will get the full benefit of everything.

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Then the issue of all the people who are waiting for Hajj they will do the harmony there. But people who don't go watch people like us

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or whoever from here is not going then we do the whole binary or they will hear the sacrifice the Hadees Allah Buddha or the Allahu and Muslim Imam Mohammed, and in other places, where Rasulillah Salam said, the one who can afford to sacrifice must sacrifice and if he does not sacrifice, then he did not pray with us,

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you need not come to this earth to leave with us. So, this is something which is so strongly

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with Kid ordered, why are so alive

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right now, who should sacrifice what is the meaning of what it is somebody who has the nisab of zakat on that day.

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So, for the cat, whatever is in South Africa, if you have that much of money on that day of it, then you are supposed to sacrifice what is the amount of sacrifice it is one sheep or goat per person who has the nisab of zakat

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or one share in a bigger animal.

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So, supposing now I have the nisab of zakat, I am the earning member, I have a wife, I have four children, I have maybe my parents also staying with me, right, none of them have the money they have no reserve of zakat, I am the only earning member. So, how many sacrifice what how many animal Should I sacrifice? What one

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but in my family for example, I am earning maybe maybe my wife is also earning, maybe my father is also earning, children are not earning. So three people are earning how many animals three.

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So let us not have any confusion about this.

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One thing which again every year comes up where we will say but also Allah's Salam sacrificed and he said, he sacrificed two RAMs, he sacrificed one and he said this is for Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam and his family. He sacrificed the second one he said this is for the Ummah to Muhammad sources. So some people have given this fatwa and may Allah protect us from such fatwas. To say that one animal two is sacrificed for the whole family. Meaning if there are four people who are saved and reserved in the family, who are eligible for Zakah Only one animal needs to be sacrificed one that Eve

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Another abattoir is a one animal who sacrificed one time in your life.

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Please give us some sense because the head is always uncertain and he's saying if you can afford to sacrifice and you don't sacrifice don't come for Salah where is the question?

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So I do want to know your last last year and sacrifice I'm okay for the rest of my law

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number one number two, if we are to take this meaning like these people make out that individuals are upset this RAM is for Mohamed Salah Salem and his family. The second one he said this is for the Ummah tomorrow. So then therefore, nobody needs to sacrifice because he sacrificed already for the whole room. No

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I mean he's not going away. He said this is what the model has done finished sacrifice for us.

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So these are all senseless things. For me another victory say that I'd even be talking about the law.

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After as soon as I passed away and this is again Mr. Metro Berg, he used to sacrifice two rams one for himself, meaning he was the only earning member so one for himself and one for Rasulillah as a result of an ESA results.

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So this is a beautiful sunnah to also practice which is to sacrifice one share or one sheep or good for Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam to sacrifice for yourself. Now the reason I say that is because say that I highly qualified on both for his family and he's humid All

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right, still he sacrificed every year.

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So if somebody comes and says no but you see one time is it a four or one is no please, I always tell people don't look for shortcuts and minimalist thinking in the religion.

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He will oh this isn't enough. That is enough. If Allah subhanaw taala applies that same standard to you and me. We will be sitting in a homeless shelter in might borrow money

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because that is the essential right homeless shelter.

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The rest of it

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the clothes you're wearing the car you are driving the house you are living none of it is not essential. not essential. One tent is essential or homeless shelter essential or one shopping cart which you steal from somewhere target and you have your clothes everything you need and you have a doorway to sleep in the right this is essential.

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So what are we what will we do if Allah Subhana Allah said okay, you want to play games and say I will do only what essential sure I will also give you what is it now what?

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Don't do that in the deen. Please understand, we don't give anything to Allah. It belongs to Allah anyway. Every breath of my belongs to Allah subhanaw taala What am I giving to Allah? I'm giving nothing to I'm only giving to myself. I'm transferring it from my wealth in this life, to my wealth in the hereafter. It's a transfer of funds. My own funds are just like me sending money to India.

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My own money I'm sending it to the other country. I will save some money. I'm going to go there for a holiday. I'm sending some money. I go there I landed I have someone what am I sacrificed nothing now is my money I'm here. This is Allah's wealth, we belong to Allah and to Allah is our editor in the Lillahi wa ala. So when we spend please understand we are not spending, we say this is the this is the Rama of Allah subhanaw taala said spend in the path of Allah spend for this we are not spending for Allah does not need any, we are spending for ourselves this our own akhira So alhamdulillah make sure that you may Allah give you enough hamdulillah all of the people that are

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sitting before Me all of you are mashallah people who pays a cap make sure you sacrifice and if you can, and may Allah give that in your heart, also sacrifice for Rasul Allah He SallAllahu sallam. This is the baraka and see the baraka of the Navi Elisa in our lives. On as on a side note, I always tell people when you make Ober also

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make an ombre for rasool Allah, Allah.

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And when you make hedge after you make your first hedge,

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neck, all other hedge you make, unless you are making hedge Buddle for somebody then you make it for them. Otherwise, you just go for hedge, make that hedge for rasuna licenser

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This is my step I'm not giving you this other order. I'm just saying do this because when I make the hatch for the rugby and

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then one thing for sure

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it will be accepted

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my heart for myself Allah Allah. I will maybe I will make a mistake is that I don't know. But I'm giving it to the lab. Here is Yara This is for you and Abby.

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So 100% that hedge is insha Allah accept bellows router if Allah accept that I'm getting

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In the military,

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right? May Allah subhanaw taala fill our hearts with the love of Mohamed Salah

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and illuminate us, like Medina became Madina Munawwara

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when Ross was so dented the placement Munawwara became one hour

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May Allah subhanaw taala make our hearts more Navara with the love of Mohamed salah.

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And may Allah grant us that we do everything to the best of our ability, top plus quality maximum we can do in order to please Him. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to please and never to be displeased with Allah Allah Allah will carry value seven Yes. Question What is the rule?

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How many 777 shares in a bigger animal, one share in a sheep or goat, and anything because of that cattle or camels soldiers