What’s so special about the Day of Arafat

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This lecture cover’s the value and virtue of the day of Arafat.


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the day of alpha in Islam, citing examples such as a Hanah and a Midland. They encourage people to apply what was realized in the previous year to become a believer. The speaker also mentions the importance of fasting the day of alpha and sharing a video on it.
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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Allah subhanaw taala has created seven heavens and he favored the seventh one over the rest. Allah has created the stars and the planets and he favorite Planet Earth over the others, a lot of parents that Allah has revealed over 6000 verses and he favored ayatul kursi over the others and Allah, Allah has sent hundreds of messengers and prophets, and he favored Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Allah Subhana Allah has created the days. And out of all these days, he favored the best day which is the day off out of For this reason, a Jewish man went to a role model hapa may Allah be pleased with them? He told him Yeah, I'm here on

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what meaning Oh, leader of all the believers, there is a verse in your book, which you recite if this verse would to be revealed to us the Jews, we would take that day as a holiday as a festival, our Mkapa may Allah be pleased with him, he realized there are over 6000 verses in the Quran. Which one are you talking about? He told them that verse, Allah says, and Liam acumen to lecom Deena combattimento la calamity, what are the two common Islam Medina? Today I have perfected your religion, completed my favorites upon you and I have approved and I'm satisfied for Islam to be your religion. I'm hooked up to them. I know exactly when and where was this verse revealed? This verse,

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which completed the Sharia of Islam was revealed on the day of arafah. On a Friday the panel I look at the value of alpha and another Hadith. Russell Lai sallallahu wasallam said, in the Lucha Misa comm invati added a banana, Allah took the covenant, the covenant from the back of Adam alayhis salaam in Nana and was a man in Allah, Allah took the covenant and autofunnel explained was the covenant in the following few words. And from his back from his loins, l o. n. s, he extracted his offsprings. So you were there, amongst the ones that were extracted, I was there, the prophets were there, the musicians were there. And with all respect all these rappers which you can think about

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the non Muslims, like Lil Wayne, people of this category, they were all there, for our own was there. And Allah addressed all of us. And he said, Unless to better become, Am I not your Lord? And we all said, Bella, Bella, oh yes, Allah, we testify that You are our Lord. Look at this covenant, which we all valued. It was done in our office upon law, look at the value of alpha, you know, now why Allah values that day, day of alpha. So if the Jewish man valued that day, if a loss of panatela value that day, then how should be our reaction and our emotions during that day? So let me tell you to ahaadeeth What's mentioned the value and some of the virtues of the day of alpha, are you ready

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to apply what was realized a lot of them said, This Midland had the intention. Number one, real soon lies last lm said highroad dry, Yamato had the best time you can ever make.is on the day of alpha. For example, I will tell you, if you leave work at four o'clock, you will make it to your house without finding and in rush hour. So we'll go right to your house, you can leave at five you can leave at seven at 10 you will make it home that will not be as fast as if you would leave at four o'clock and unload accept your dot anytime. But if it's a special day, high speed connection, so prepare your list or allow to get maybe a logical agenda or allow a plus or what my last words in

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this dunya to be La ilaha illAllah MC da. And don't hesitate and allow the very, very, very angry upon you. If you decide not to ask, asked him and Allah loves it when you do so. The second Hadith and I asked you by Allah, I asked you by Allah, I asked you by Allah to apply to be a believer from the heart, followed by actions and follow and fulfill and apply the following Hadith and then went to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and he asked them about fasting the day of alpha. The Prophet told him you kept for a certain amount there was certain Karbala. Fasting the day of alpha will erase eliminate all the sins which you have done in the previous year. Can you imagine how many sins we've

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done? One llahi tomorrow like if my sins would have a smell, you would never would want to meet me for how stinky I would be. If I was single that smell. Allah will forgive all of our sins not only the previous year, but also the following year.

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This is an opportunity and only the wise and the smart ones and the true believers. Seize that moment and the fast that day so I asked you Allah to share this video, let the whole world know but the beauty of this day if not this video for us the Facebook status anything which you can do is Aquila here and don't forget to press the like button. Zach Larson was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.