Tricks Of Shaytan #1 – An Enemy We Cannot See

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Assalamu alaikum when I was in high school, I played for our soccer team. And for the first time after over 25 years, our team has finally made it to the championship game. But our opponent was a team that played very far away. And we have never seen them before and do not know their style of play. However, our coach heard that they had one last game before we meet them in the finals. So he got into his car, and he travelled for two hours to watch their last game. He started noting down the things we need to know about our opponent, for example, the formation they play in, and the tricks they use. And once the game was done, he drove back to our city. And right on the next day,

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we met with our coach and he told us everything we need to know about our opponent, and what is the best game plan to beat them. Brothers and sisters, Allah is the best of examples. He told us that to be able to win and make it to agenda we have to face an opponent that opponent is shaped on and shavon will do whatever is necessary to beat us and make us go to hell with him. And since none of us have seen our enemy, the shaitan before, we will have to rely and trust Allah The only one who can see him. And from a law's mercy, he has exposed to us the tricks of shaitaan and how to beat him in every single one of them. And this is what the whole series is about. Every episode will focus on

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one trick, hoping that just like how we brought that championship to our city, yes Alhamdulillah we beat the opponent. We hope to beat the shavonne and reach the highest levels in general. So stay tuned for the next episode about the tricks of shaitan and how to beat him and feel free to share this video so others may benefit a Solomonic