The Last Human To Enter Jannah

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The last person to go to Jana

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Rajat halogen.

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This person has done so much bad in his life. That some people if they see that person in Jannah they will be shocked how they made it.

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So Rodriguez collagen and I want to be very clear, the last one to go to Jana. Not in like a line of people going to Jana. They got resurrected Yokoyama, and there's hisab and this man or woman has so little Hassan that but then they eventually made it to gender the last person know

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the last person to enter Jannah that one we want to talk about is the last one to leave. The Hellfire

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is someone who was so bad that the pains in life did not erase the sense someone that was so bad that even other will cover the punishment of the grave did not filter him. Someone that was so bad that yarmulke Yama and the world and the sun above the heads and the sweating did not forgive that's how bad that person was. This person was so bad that he had to go to Johanna. May Allah protect us? He had La ilaha illallah in his heart.

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So he went and he went in hellfire to cleanse him from all these sins. May Allah make us all go to Jannah without his app without question without punishment without either br of all of Europe. But this person

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he's suffering in hell fija Hana and he tells Allah Allah humma who is demon? Oh Allah, I'm done. It's so hot. The food is miserable. The drink is miserable. It is so difficult. It's burning me my skin has changed Yeah, Allah helped me at least him in hand.

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So then when the time for him to leave comes, Allah tells him if I take you out of hell will you promise to never ask me for anything else? Why do you don't ask for anything else? So the man says of course I promise you Allah will never ask you of anything else. Just get me out of this hell. So yeah, which then Allah Allah was that person to leave the hellfire. The Prophet says to me, yes defeat to Elijah when he once he leaves hellfire. He looks at hell. And he says Tabata Kalinina journeyman ki bless it. He is the one who took me out of this hell to Avara Kalevi he is the greatest God he's the one and only God who took me out of this hell. Then what does he say? Lack of

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loyalty to I was given today something Maratea oh wait, now we'll ask him. Today I'm the most blessed human being ever created. No one was ever blessed as much as me this miskeen does not no agendas filled now pretty much right. All the people in general are they're having their homes having fun. And he just left Hellfire he's the last one. So once he's out, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada got a treat to come from the ground. Beautiful tree may Allah subhanho wa Taala not just that one and some water. And I want you to imagine this guy just left hellfire. So having some shade this is like undescribable that and water. Water that is beautiful, pure because he used to drink water and

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Johanna was so cool man. Hamina Allah says in hell there is water by boiling water.

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And what this water does, it turns and or tears down the internal organs Katara dilemma. This water dish will do it burns the faces they couldn't get the cup closer it brings a face that's how hot the water is. So now he says water that is beautiful, and a tree made by Allah and he remembers what he forgot he made a promise I will never ask for anything else. Just take me out of hell. But when he sees this he cannot he cannot see Allah

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make me go under the shade of the tree please. So Allah says did you not promise that you will never ask for anything else? Is a promise Allah this and only this How was this just this one besides it was just under the tree? I struggled when Matt Yeah, drink from its water and that's it.

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For your caribou Allah then that man is Allah by Allah to get closer and he goes under the shade he feels he is the richest person ever created. This is it. And while he's sitting, Allah creates another tree that is more beautiful than the first tree with water stream more beautiful than the first type of water.

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Then this man sees it. And he's struggling man this is beautiful. Allahu Akbar.

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Your love please let me go there. Yep, Now Adam ma use renaming. Vijay mag What's the matter with you? You keep breaking your promises. I promise this and only this.

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So Allah says you promise you don't ask for anything else is that I promise you Allah this and only this

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So in this man leaves and he walks this tree is nicer. The water is gorgeous. Man this man was suffering from Oklahoma. The sun above the head sweating so much he was drowning from his own sweat. canyelles Rockman not okay, that's how bad it was for him. Now shaded this gorgeous, beautiful, no mosquitoes, no bugs, nothing. Nothing. All of a sudden,

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a third tree comes out more beautiful than one and two.

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And then he looks at it same scenario. What should I do? This is so beautiful. The Prophet says well, you're adorable horrible. Allah excuses him Allah knows they cannot handle too good. Too good. So the man says yeah, Allah please please and he's embarrassed Raj that please I can't handle this this is a lot nicer than one and two era please allow me to go under the streets so beautiful the way it looks the way maybe it smells the water. If the if the first two were not so clear, this is the clearest one there's like an infinity pool right there. Forget above ground pool. This is like infinity in ground is unbelievable.

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So then Allah says, you told me you will never ask for anything else. I promise you Allah this is it was this is the final final. So then Allah takes them to the third tree under the shade and he realizes this is really worth it. This is so beautiful. But what happens?

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Yes Now ASWAT added Jana. That last tree was next to actually gentleman next to the gates of Jana. So when he said there he heard people talking in Jana. What's going on there

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either sorted in what motorcar billion people talking chilling having fun.

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says that this man remained silent like I pushed I pushed it I'm not gonna ask for this I'm gonna I'm not gonna say anything there's no way I three times y'all move me out of upgrade upgrade I'm not do this number for Secretary Masha Allah Who and yes Scotty remain silent as much as Allah willed. He could not take any more. Yara utkal Nia, just just let me go inside. So then Allah tells them what's wrong with you first time, I promise I'll never ask again. Second time. I promise I'll keep breaking your promise. My username and what's the matter with you, Cynthia? Hola, Jan, I can't be illogical, how beautiful were you a little horrible.

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And I want you to imagine as this man is about to go to Jana. And when Hadith this man says Here Allah Allah I do hermle It looks full full capacity. There's no seats left. That's what it looks like. But there is room Sharla. So then Allah tells this person, a Euro leak. Will you be happy to have in Jana? How much? How much real estate? How much money? What's my net worth? You will get in Jannah. What not the richest person have but the richest King that ever walked on earth you will have that amount of Kingdom. You will have wealth as much as a whole earth.

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So the man says a test car or minivan terrible Alameen you're making fun of me Allah. This is the Hadith.

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You're making fun of me. I'll give you the whole earth. I went to hell because of $4,000

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I go to hell because of a bribery over 550 I stole an iPhone. That's why I went to hell and now I'll have the whole dunya

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and I'm the worst.

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So then, the Prophet when he said the Hadith, what did you do? What does it matter? How does Allah like? The Prophet start laughing? The Sahaba said Ya rasool Allah, why are you laughing may yield Hickock Lita heikkila Allah Qulity Rajan, because Allah laughed when that person said, Are you making fun of me or interrupt Bill Eiling and you're the Lord of all beings. Then Allah says, Welcome Miss law. Welcome Mr. Well let me slow Welcome miss. Look, welcome, Mr. You have times 12345 The whole earth and whatever is on it. He says little D throw at it. I'm happy. I'm, I accept I accept this proposal I'm in I'm all good. Well, I commit to the Washakie I'm fairly TimesTen then

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Allah says I do whatever I want to do. I'm capable of all things Allah Allah Allah coalitional Kadir and he enters Jana. You know, Musa alayhis salam?

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He asked Allah subhanaw taala who has the lowest level in Jannah and you just heard it right now. Then he asks you Allah, what about the highest level in January? And Mandela filled Jana May Allah make you have them Europe? Will Erica leadin

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rose to Kurama Tomba D. These are the ones I love so much. These are the ones that I have personally implanted their dignity Mahadevi das Allah Kuramoto no one dares to touch their dignity or harm them Allah Allah may Allah make us of the earlier Allah Salla Hain manera deliver Liam for them to be

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Allah says in authentic hadith there's only two times I'm aware of where Allah says I declare war against the person two times Allah wages war horrible. Number one in Riba. Someone deals with riba then will be heard me alayhi wa salam, then be ready to fight God and His Prophet. The other Hadith, the one who said I used to Bucha the other ones Hadith potency authentic, Allah will fight the person who hurts one of Allah's Beloved slaves. May Allah make us of the beloved slaves when it when it isn't doable. So these high elite people what do they get? This is the now what you hear in many a hadith for them is something their eyes have never seen. Laham che on lamp Tara I know that

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something they've never heard about before. What have you heard about? I've heard about the Amazon River I heard about this country I heard about Grand Canyon I heard about this out of this villa in Mexico I heard about this as a nut.

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Miss more than what you've heard. Number three, wala hotter, Allah Coby Bucha. This is amazing. Allah says and something they will be given in Jannah that even their imagination what can you imagine? Oh, I can imagine unbelievable things. Even your imagination cannot go as far as what you will see in Jana. May Allah make you of that group era. And if there's one thing to share with you, one thing to share with you, but also allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam He says, When the people of Jana go to Jana, and there is like a sheep that is slaughtered. What's that she was this animal. And Mt. l mo tooth back. When we go to Jana, for calls, go to Jana, and you will never die you will

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always be alive. So you gonna skydive, do whatever you want, you will never be harmed. You will always be happy and you will never be sad. And you will always be healthy and you will never be sick. And you will always be young. And you'll never be old. No knee replacements, no issues insha Allah all healthy, nice and strong. And then once this happens, everybody in general will remain in Jannah so then Allah tells the people are the terms are you guys happy? So we all say like as if we're one voice one Atlanta Hola, nada. And how could we not be happy? Of course we're happy. We're excited that Allah then Allah says there's more more, more than what we saw and what we felt and

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what we ate and what we drank and what we heard and what we touched more. I will be pleased by an arbor Aleikum. Wa alaykum Budda, I'll always be happy with you and I'll never be angry for you actually full hijab then Allah reveals himself and we all get to see Allah subhanho wa Taala clearly would you only eat in the Euro Ealer of Bihar now there are You see Allah subhanaw taala no obstacles, no issues. There's a lot to talk about how to get to Jana. I'll share with you one and we're very much done the

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says learned Hello Jana has taught me no memorize essential. You will never go to Jana until you believe

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and you will not believe well and took me Nahata to her boo until you love one another.

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You will not go to Jana until you believe you will not believe until you love one another. Then he says do LUCAM Allah che in either for ultimate with the habit. Shall I tell you something? If you do you will love one another. You will be believers you will go to Jana. Yes sir also Allah F Xu Salama by Nakum send Salam among one another. So inshallah follow the Sunnah after we don't know Salah you see three people you know what you don't know the right don't know the left don't just say sell them to the one you know say sell them to the right say sir the left Allah mentality woman la tariff, say salam to those you know, and those that you do not know one of the many ways to go to Jana. And as

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you hear now, there's nothing in the world worth it to sacrifice gender for nothing. For our for I would say the more commercial I own Egypt. What's Egypt on earth? How big is Egypt? 1%? No less than 1% of Earth? What did he say? Because he owns 1%? What do you say another bucola Olam, your Lord Shiva Miskin 1% of Earth I'm your lowered the lowest and Jana has 10 times earth so there's nothing in dunya we're sacrificing that. So go to Allah trust Allah. May Allah make the people of Jana Amira Bella Alameen