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now even Kodama goes into a quick listing of what is Archon? And what is wide Shabbat and Inshallah, we will just quickly go over them. And again remember this class is not comparative fifth, if I were to do comparative fifth, this topic of Otakon unwatchable would literally take five or six weeks because we would have to go into which madhhab says it which might have doesn't why and that is beyond the scope right now, for now, the beginning students must memorize one method to make life easy just to know and be consistent with this method. Then later on once you want to do advanced if anybody wants to then you go and you study who says what and what not for now, you need one method

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to basically be consistent.

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So what are the Archon? And what are the why Java and remember the difference between a raccoon and Awaji is very simple. A eurocon cannot be made up if you miss a broken you have to go back to where you missed the raccoon and start your Salah from there again. There's nothing you can do to make up a token. So if you missed a broken so suppose you missed a raccoon and the second raka there's a four capsular imagine and in the second raka you missed a broken now one of the Afghan will study is the Sajida Okay, suppose in the second raka instead of Sajida you forgot and you stood up and you didn't even do the search that suppose I'm just saying and you remembered in the fourth raka Oh, I

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forgot to search the of the second record.

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You cannot do anything other than to go back it's as if you didn't pray two and three and four. And you go back to where you miss the rockin right then in there you don't say a new tech bit right then and there you go back to where you missed the rockin and then you continue no you don't start all over. you've prayed one record you prayed one record this is if you're in the Salah if you're not in the Salah then yes you start all over we'll get to that next lesson about search this one would not but the point is if you had missed a wajib

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the salah goes on

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no alone in GEMA whatever you miss the Imam will make the humble for you in Jamar that as long as you didn't miss a whole record if you miss something inside the Imam will make hammered he will carry your mistake okay but if you're praying by your own then the Ark can cannot be made up the word Shabbat can be made up who says the search the search that so you do not perform such that so who for our can

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you do not performance this overall account because our account are a necessary requirement now no questions about solutions so that will be next class all those those next class so I'm just but for now just know one thing the why'd you bots if you accidentally miss you can make up with those. So, they are can if you accidentally miss

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you have to go back you cannot make it up both YG bat and AR can share one thing in common and that is you're not allowed to intentionally miss them, okay. So if you intentionally miss the YG bot or can then your Salah is not valid, it is bouton, your Salah is bouton. If you intentionally miss a local or a wajib Tough luck, your Salah is button, but unintentionally there is a difference. And that is the wajib can be made up with there's a symbol and the rock on cannot be made up with the search does so, so, what are the account of Salah what are the primary or kind of Salah? So, he says are Kanuha is NA Shara there are 12 Archon of Salah or Ganga is Nasha there are 12 Arcann of Salah

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what are they? So, this is just a simple list and we have to memorize them we will not go into the details of each one. Just one simple point. The details are the evidences I should say the evidence is Why do the humbly say that they are counter these 12 they extract all of these again from the Hadith of the one who prayed badly. Okay, just put that in mind. They extract these Archon from the Hadith of the one who prayed badly so they consider this hadith to be the basis of extracting the account of Salah. So what are the 12 are can very simple list number one LTM standing up, standing up no one should add here that it is broken. But there is an exception for the one who's not able to

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stand. So if there's a medical

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Good reason, then it doesn't become broken anymore. So the one who is invalid obviously or the one who is very feeble and sick for example right so it is not necessary then to stand otherwise the one who is healthy it is a rockin to stand for the false Salah we already mentioned that for the knuffel and Sunnah insofar

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one can sit down but in suffered for the foreign Salah you must stand we already mentioned before that one year in a journey in the Nuffield Salah in the Sunnah Salah you can sit down and pray

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but for the fourth you must stand it is a rockin so number one is pm number two tag Bira to a haram and the tag Bureau to the Haram is the only tech bureau that is a rockin there is no other tech bureau that is a rockin Okay, so if you miss any other tech Vera, so you go down in Sajida and then you realize, oh I forgot to say Allahu Akbar. I went but I didn't say Allahu Akbar. Okay, this was a watch if you can make it up with scissors. So it's in the next list watch you but but suppose you started praying and you started the Fatiha then you realize, oh, I didn't say to go to the Haram

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you go back to the beginning and in this case, you start from the beginning of Salah, because you didn't have the Tegrity Hello okay. So that Veera to the Haram This is the second Moroccan there are actual Fatiha okay and it is broken for the one who is praying by himself. Basically pretty much all of them are that have agreed upon this point that the one who prays by himself must recite Fatiha and I went over briefly the controversy of your mom two weeks ago so the third number four record you cannot miss a record if you from pm fallen to such that you will literally have to get back up and do the record your says that is superfluous? It's nothing says if it didn't happen, okay, so

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number four, record number five standing up from the record which is something I love and even heard the phrase standing up from the record number six sujood

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and number seven, the sitting in between so both searches are rockin

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and you cannot have two searches without sitting in the middle. Correct because if you're not sitting in the middle How can you have to search this so the sitting in the middle also becomes a broken because you need both Senators in every rocker. Okay, so to search this and the Roku and the and the sitting in between the two sides of this number eight apama Nina tofi had the hill Archon

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you must have Tama Nina, Tama Nina means what Tama Nina means

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to have a level of peace to reach a level of calmness. And this means you are not allowed to pray like the process of him. He forbade the prayer of the CRO and the packing of the chicken had it says this, right. And the sitting of the dog all of these are a hadith he forbade them. So what is the prayer of the CRO or the packing of the chicken understood up down up down up down up down. This is explicitly forbidden and

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this rochen is a local for the majority of the mazahub Unfortunately one of them might have doesn't have it as rockin and so in their culture it is very common to see people very quickly up and down up and down that is in their motherhood. But the majority of them that have saved Palma Nina is a broken which means how do you judge on that Nina your bones have to be resting in the place that you are. So when you go into court, your bones have to rest then when you stand up your bones have to rest then you go into such that your bones have to rest okay, so there has to be at least a second or two the bare minimum you cannot have Tama Nina in less than a few seconds try it yourself like

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when you're just practicing your sada try it yourself you cannot achieve Tama Nina without counted 1001 1002 At least this much Islam Nina right. And this is also what you would need to say subhanallah Bill Allah just once and Subhanallah LDM just once which is the wajib as we're going to come to Okay, so this is we talked about a Tama Nina in this what the Shah who the lead and the final Tisha hood is a rockin not the first Tisha hood, not the first Tisha hood. By this the shahada affair is meant if there are four cars or three cars. This the final Tisha hood means the end one. Right so the second Disha hood sitting down in a three or four car

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is not broken. Why? Because in an authentic hadith It is narrated that the prophets Islam himself one stood up

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from the second Raka and he did not sit down

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and he was informed of this and he did says that. So,

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this clear, so, when he was informed of this and everybody does this, I have done this all emails around the world, it is very common that you forget you think it is the first or the and then you stand up. So, in this case, he did not go back to the childhood sitting down, because this indicates therefore, that it is not rockin what is not rockin the middle Tisha hood in a three or four Rakhi prayer. Now, obviously in a Toorak I pray there is no middle to shout in which case that the shout becomes the rockin. Okay, so the Tisha hood is rockin the last one, and sitting for the Tushar who is also broken. So you cannot say that the outstanding Now obviously, medical emergencies as a

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separate issue altogether, sometimes you cannot sit down, whatever, that's a separate issue. So sitting for the Tushar. So saying that Tisha hood and sitting for the Tisha hood, and at the slimmer Talulah the first asleep is rockin, not the second the second one is sunnah. The second Slim is Sunnah, so if you were just as yesterday I'm waiting around to Allah and stop your Salah is valid and the first asleep and then the final broken, whatever tea boo ha Allah muda Karna who to do it in this order is a record you cannot do such that before the record

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you cannot do the Shah hood in the first record there is no content it must be done in the right order. Okay, so these are the 12 Arcann for hard to heal our can laugh at him masala to be her. These are the Archon and the salah will not be completed without them. So memorize the simple arcana and in fact they are the outward basically prayer rituals, right? So standing up saying Allahu Akbar, during the Fatiha the record, the PM, the PSA to soldiers, and the Jews in between the two soldiers, right? And then the Shah, who the last the shahada, and sitting down for those Tisha hood and then that asleep and then doing it in this order, and then doing it calmly. It's very simple if

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you think about it, all of this is from the article and what are the words you bought? The YG bought are seven seven YG bought

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number one, a tech beautiful lay erotic Vera to the Haram all of the other tech beers besides it ability haram. Okay, so to say Allahu Akbar as you move from one position to another is wajib it is not rockin. So if you say it, you have done the wajib if you accidentally and again it has to be accidental, because to intentionally not do the YG VAT is to make the salah button to intentionally not to the YJ but to make the salah about it.

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So other tech beers other than Tegrity ham number one, number two at the sphere of a rookery was suju de Mirage and Mara to say at least one Subhanallah BL Allah And subhanAllah bill them in the record under sujood

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at least one is wajib

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you cannot leave it intentionally or else it his bowtie if you leave it accidentally you may make it up with search of the soul. So the rockin is the posture

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and to say is watching is that clear? The record is to be in record and to say subhanallah Bill Allah and some horrible Aleem is watching. Okay. And this also is because the Quran says Farakka was Judo right? Allah is saying do ricotta do sujood it becomes broken. And then the liquor, it's not mentioned in the Quran so it becomes watching. So this is another evidence given that that is wajib and not rochen. So saying at least one time Subhan Allah Subhana Allah Aleem what the smear what may do fareferry Minar Racor and to say semi Allahu even having the robin our local Hambone you come up so the same vicar

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that you do in the recording sujood when you stand up it's a different thicker so that thicker is also wajib now the humble is have work all right, Bill filly Boehner such the team. This is only the humbly madhhab between the two senators to say that vicar or Bill failure of balefully. Okay, the other muda Have you can remain silent It's okay. Or it's Mr. Habits not it's sunnah is not watching the humble is are the strictest here because they reason this is class that just like all of the postures have something wajib to say. Think about it. The record you have to say the sujood you have to say stand

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Ending up you have to say, so then why don't you have something to say in between? Right. And they take the Hadith of the Prophet system where he would say, don't be afraid or have been friendly between the two stages and say that's what you have to say. So that's their motto. And you know, nothing wrong, we should just put it make it a part of our habit between the two stages and say, Rob Bell, Philly, Robert, Philly. So this is wajib for the hamburgers, and a Tisha huddle Well, while Judas hula hoop, the first Tisha hood, and sitting for the first Tisha hood, this is watching. So if you stand up in the Tura, God prayer sorry, in the Florida or through the recovery, you stand up in

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the second chakra, you do not have to sit back down. In fact, you should not sit back down. If you've gotten up and you've gotten to the rukon, because standing is broken.

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Once you get to the next record, you don't go back to the previous record, because that would actually be invalid you would be you would be complicating the saga even more. Why? Because the records have to be in 13. We just mentioned that. So once you've got to the next row can you cannot go back to the previous lookin, you're actually complicating your Salah, you need to move on. Unless you didn't do a previous record, which we already said. If you haven't done the previous record, then you go back because your can haven't been done. But if you missed a wajib then you continue on. So simple example. When you are in the three record prayer is the second record. You stand up

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while you're standing. And before you get to the full standing posture. You remember oh it's the second raka you haven't arrived at the rockin of km.

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So immediately you sit down because you have not arrived at the rockin because what is the rockin tam

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you have to play on the pseudocode you haven't pm yet. You're still getting up. Even if you're halfway there three quarters there. If you haven't actually stood up with your back straight. Once your back is straight. Hollis, you have reached the rochen and you miss the wajib. So now you move on. And then we'll talk next week about sisters who you make up with this though. So this the shahada oh well we'll Jerusalem who was Salah to add the resource and Felicia who didn't hear the salah Ibrahim iya is not a rockin

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in any circumstance Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohamed Kamal Salah to Abraham it's never a rockin it is a wajib what is the Oticon Atisha hood at the higher Tula that is the rochen but the salah Ebrahimian is a wajib. So, the one who forgets it again, why G means you can never be lazy. If you leave the wajib out of laziness, the Salah is buttered because it is wajib. But if you forget and you just say that the shahada and then that the slim then you may make it up with this okay. So, the salah Ebrahimian is wajib it is not broken. So, these are the seven YG but once again all the tech beers other than the grill to the haram to spear in the sujood and record the smear and the

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Tamil when you stand up from the record and rubber fill the in between the two sides does the first Tisha hood sitting for the first Tisha hood and the salah Ebrahimian in the last Tisha hood whenever that is these are the seven YG bots for Harvey in terracotta and then bottled it if he leaves these intentionally the Salah is bottle bottle ah salatu were interlocked Sir One soldier de la ha and if he leaves these accidentally then he may then he may do such the then he may do such that for them for warmer either hada and as for other than this, all the rest that we've mentioned for Sunon soon and all the rest are soon. So for example, what is soon to say Subhana Allah Allah three times. This

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is Sunnah, okay, to say the longer phrase Allahu Allah Bernetta Al hamdu mille Osama watch the whole thing. The wajib is to say urbanna Warlock unhemmed Semi Allah and me the robot I'm gonna kill him. That's the watch sunnah to say it much more than this. Okay, the Sunnah Cara other than Fatiha. So the CARA other than Fatiha is never watch him even in the first today because it is not watching. You may intentionally leave it and you've fallen short of the Sunnah, but your Salah is valid. Okay, so the as well there's a controversy even amongst the homies, by the way, about Salah jehadi And Syria if you mess up.

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So if in federal you

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You recited quietly. Is it sunnah? Or is it wajib? To recite out loud? There's an active laugh amongst the even the humble he's able Kodama does not consider it watch him. It's not in his list. But another strand of the humbly school says Fajr and Margaret and Aisha obviously, or wajib to make Jahar of which means if you forget you do sunnah. Sorry you do says this all right. But according to even Kodamas and this is one strand within the humbly school, it is not watching. So in any case, it's always best to be on the safe side. In case you prayed for budget without doing it out loud. This is a mistake, because Fajr and mohareb and Asha should be prayed out loud even when you're

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alone. And this is a common mistake a lot of people make it that when they're praying Fajr on their own or motivation on their own. They just to be stay quiet. And even if it is Sunnah, it is still so new. And even Kodama says a sunnah for example, right? But it's still sunnah, which means you should don't make it a habit. Put it into routine that you're going to say Fudger and miserable Asia out loud. So he says the rest of these things are soon en la to Salah to LA to La sala to be Turkey ha the salah will not become invalid if a person leaves these Sunon wala Ijebu suju Lisa we have and if he accidentally misses them there is no need for a search even if he messes up in the Sunnah. There

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is no need for a search and pretty much by unanimous consensus of the aroma. You do not do search for the Soho for sunnah, missing a sunnah search that the Sir Who is linked to only one category and that is why Jim, you don't do such it's the WHO for Sooners, and if you missed a rockin you can't make it up with Thursday. So you have to go back and do the rockin. So the concept of making up a record research though is also nonsensical. So there and with this, we concluded shallow data. So the Salah is composed of three things Hurrican, YG, bath and Sunon. And we went over in detail the entire description of the Salah, then we mentioned the 12 archon, and the seven YG bat and the rest

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are all Sunon the 12 organ and the seven YG VAT and the rest are all Sunon. And as for the Archon then there is no solid without them, regardless of whether they were intentionally forgotten, or unintentionally, and ask for the words you bought, then you are forgiven for unintentionally leaving them but you are not forgiven for intentionally leaving them and inshallah next Tuesday, we will do the very complicated topic of such that the Sahel and so that is one of the most complicated topics out of all of the modahaus because there is no unite there is no unanimity all the meta hams have their own philosophies of research that the several and each one has various ways out and whatnot.

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In fact, there are entire dissertations written in modern colleges about suits of this level. Because that's how complicated is when do you do it for what circumstances before after that the slim, how is it performed. There are so many a hadith in this regard and there doesn't seem to be any one simple way out, but inshallah that's why it is healthy to study one month app

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because it saves you all of the hassle of doing your own research. You just follow one method for the time being and you just follow one position and then insha Allah to Allah. If you want to do further research, you go to the other mazahub But for now, next Tuesday, we'll go over the simple procedure for an humbly school and stick with it and you will inshallah either be safe inshallah any quick questions before we break for Aisha yes

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yes, we will get to this point on next week.

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There is the position that you make stays the Sahoo for the mistake of adding intermediate Arcann but not for the mistake of missing the record that you missed. We'll talk about that on so let's leave citizens civil for now. Because I don't want to confuse you. That's next Tuesday inshallah. Okay, yes in the record

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that's it that's not sitting like a dog. Sitting like a dog is to sit on your behind with your hands in between your thighs. Nobody sits like that.

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Okay, nobody prays like that. Alhamdulillah

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so that's not that's not the prohibition of sitting like a dog by the way simply with the provision of saying like a dog as I said, Imagine how a dog sits right with the paws in front and the behind is on the floor, this is what the prohibition is. And nobody in the world prays like that that hamdulillah as for the elbows touching the floor, this would not be something that is good in the humbly school. I am not an expert in the Hanafi school so I will have to look it up. I will have to look it up. What do the Hanafi say about women's elbows touching the floor? But the handle the handle is cool definitely that they would encourage the woman to have her elbows close to the body

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but not touching the floor

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yes, they have to read it loud but what does loud mean?

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So that you can hear even men is the same. Even men is the same. By loud we don't mean you scream to the top of your lungs. What does loud mean? It means you can hear it yourself in a manner that is semi audible and Syria means it's almost a whisper so Surya even in front of the mic right now you would not really fully understand

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but this is surreal that it's a whisper that I can hear loud Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Rahman Rahim This is loud

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Simple as that so loud doesn't mean your lungs are shallow that

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that's not at never a requirement and especially for women it is not going to be okay for you as 100 over here yes go ahead

00:27:03--> 00:27:08

allah how many I do because I don't even know when we fit it in to Walmart when we fit at the mercy had the job

00:27:11--> 00:27:18

Yes, you should say that before the test name and after the shower. Okay, inshallah final questions to go to yes

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yes, it is sunnah to recite Surah as after the fire to her in the first two rocket.

00:27:39--> 00:27:51

Yes, it is not wajib it is not broken. It is sunnah which means you should but in case you didn't the Salah is valid and you do not need to do

00:27:52--> 00:28:01

not in the humbly method No. Not in the harmony method. The Salah, the only rochen of Kira is the Fatiha

00:28:03--> 00:28:06

there is no YG battle Takara okay,

00:28:07--> 00:28:16

I do not know what the other men have say about this. I'm I remember one of them says that that recitation of the first two is wajib

00:28:18--> 00:28:20

that's the sharpies I'll have to look up

00:28:21--> 00:28:22

the stopwatch What did you do

00:28:25--> 00:28:30

no but is it wajib or not? I don't think is what you I don't think there's watch it okay.

00:28:31--> 00:28:36

The humble is the humble is definitely it's not YG is not even it's a sunnah to do show. Okay

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me Ms. Dahiya. Doll Seanie.

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