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The Migration to Abyssinia & the Boycott

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Bismillah was selected was Salam ala rasulillah alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam. We begin by mentioning the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala and we ask Allah to send his peace and his blessings upon this prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your attendance tonight does that come along here? And they pray to Allah subhana wa tada just like how we are gathered here today for a lot to gather us in a much better place in general with the prophets of Allah Allah. If us as human beings we genuinely appreciate when you spend the night learning about Allah. That's how our Thank you is Zach. Good luck here. I appreciate it. things of

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that sort. How much will Allah appreciate your sacrifices? When Allah knows what you could have done instead of coming here? Yes or no? You had so many options yet you chose to be here I ask Allah to continue choosing you and never substituting you abandon me.

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So with this being said brothers and sisters entering entering into our last session, talking about Prophet Mohammed Salah loss and lamps and reflections from his life in Mecca.

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Last time we spoke and give you a quick recap, the Prophet sallahu wa sallam came as mercy to all beings typically when prophets they come, they come to specific society specific city specific tribe or so on and so forth. But the one who comes for all people is Mohammed Salah Salem Rama outside Naka illa ramezani lol I mean, we have not sent to except mercy to all beings, not just the human beings but also the jinn. Not just the jinn, but also to the animals to the trees to the earth itself has mercy to all beings. And not just that pursuer lice. last element, very important point for all of us. Allah in the Quran says that he was sent fertile in us to all people. So his message

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is applicable to every part of Google Earth. Are you guys with me? It's not applicable only to Mecca 1400 years ago, and now it expired. It needs to be changed No, with the villa. It's applied to every location and every time until the day of judgment, may Allah allow us to submit to the commands of Allah and His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So as the Prophet conveyed the message of mercy and so on, typically you have very evil people in the leadership position, that will do whatever it takes to block it, to stop it to silence it. May Allah keep a strong I mean, so when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was unable to push back when he was unable to help his companions, they

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were suffering right before his eyes, Allah revealed and the Prophet advised What is it? It's time to go to Abyssinia go to Abyssinia which is known as the land of Ethiopia. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there is a king. His name is Edna Joshi. He is known to be Christian, but he's known as well to be among the most just unfair people on earth. The Prophet promised no one in his presence will ever be oppressed Allah Akbar. So the prophet SAW Selim, he said that, and the Muslims they gathered and they went to group by group very secretly, why should not know because they get caught, they'll be beaten to death. The Prophet then said you go under the leadership of

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Jeff urban avatar, who's just Who is he related to the Prophet? His cousin, right? Jaffa is the son of Abu Talib Abu Talib, if it was not for Allah and then Abu Talib, the Prophet would have seen much more pain yes or no. So why in the world is Jafar going about our lives protecting his nephew Mohamed so for sure he can protect his son Jafar yes or no. So Jennifer is going they're making a statement. I'm willing to sacrifice everything in the whole world to be with the weak among my brothers and sisters, Allahu Akbar, there are weak men and women going I'm going to join you. Not just that when I go to senior and an agenda she sees me He knows this is serious job for from the

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elite tribe is coming to the senior. There's a case behind this. And as they go, and before they leave a law reveals a chapter, which chapter does Allah reveal before they go to a senior Seurat with chapter number 19 Surah Maryam. So Allah subhanaw taala reveals chapter medium, why you need education about the people you'll be living amongst the people of Christianity, you're going to learn what Islam says about it. So the effort you and I should put in general, is what does Islam says about this? That's your primary source of knowledge. I guess with me, you want

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To advance you want to become an expert, then yes, you may want to read the Bible and so on and so forth just to educate yourself because you talk much to them. But step one is not to read the Bible to talk to a Christian group of Christians, or read whatever book for a group of Jews or whatever a book for Buddhists know, what does Allah says first? You guys with me? You start with that. And that's enough. You wish to progress because of whatever reason? May Allah bless you. May Allah make your means of guidance. See, I mean, so when Jaffa did this happen, he went guess what happened? brothers and sisters. Qureshi noticed the number of Muslims are decreasing What's happening? They

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get very angry What's going on? And the news spreads so fast. The Muslims escaped the Muslims flew that fled where to the ocean and then what sailed on boats? And then what they went all the way to Abyssinia. They got so so angry what happened next? The chorus wants the Muslims back up, leave them alone they left why you want them back? Where isn't what they were irritating you now their God and hamdulillah for free? He didn't pay anything? No. But there's something for us to learn in general. When this people have that level of evil. May Allah make them feel And may Allah guide them. I mean, they tend to have so much hate to the truth that they will go out of their way to stop it. The left

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No, just sex some people maybe in our days, our country or whatever location it may be. There's so many problems in the world, so many problems in their country, but the thing they focus on is something of an Islamic ruling. It's abusive to its people. Let's stop it out of the whole world. That's the thing you want to win your elections based on something to criticize Islam, yes or no. So this trend what Christ is doing is doing happening till this day and they call it under the banner of freedom under the banner of liberty countries they have symbols of what Liberty are symbols of freedom and they go rob the freedom of other people in faraway land yes or no, this is false

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advertisement. So that people have courage, do whatever it takes, and they make a plan ready, ready to the plan. Focus with me. They said we will buy special gifts. High End stuff only found in Mecca. Which what kind of gifts? leather products. Fantastic stuff like your Louis Vuitton, Willa, whatever, Fendi and Gucci. Everything is Gucci. InshaAllah. So then we move on, then you get all that stuff, okay? Do we just send it like that? No, we send with the gifts, the highest end caliber young men in Laos is one of them. You go and this is the step step one, you present the gifts to who to the advisors of the king first, then you try to tell them why you're here. And you try to tell

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them hook it up. Step two, you talk to the king directly. You start by giving him the gifts, then you explain why you're here. And you want these losers back. And make sure make sure you do whatever it takes for the king not to hear what the Muslims have to say.

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Why did they stress on this point? Because they know if the Muslims had the platform to speak a platform of educated scholarly level Muslims to present Islam, they know this will destroy falsehood. They know it. That is why the people have polarized back in Mecca when the Prophet recited Koran. What did they say? What is healthy? Raise your voices.

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let y'all yell, yell out loud. Why so that people do not get to hear the Quran? Why? Because you will What? You will lose Allahu Akbar, may Allah return this back to the Quran. I don't want to go into conspiracy theory and stuff like that, but there might tend to why the Arabic language is on and that going downhill, but inshallah there's also good signs, even the Arab amongst us with all due respect. I sat with many and many May Allah guide us all. They cannot read a page from the Quran yes or no la la. This is an exaggeration. They can't read a word from the Quran, yes or no? May Allah forgive us and return us back to the Quran. And we also have people that read the Quran cover

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to cover, but they don't apply a verse No, they don't even apply your word from the Quran. So we need to be able to read and we need to be able to apply May Allah granted to all of you here I mean, you got the plan, got it. Under allowance, the team of the gifts Yella and they go save on the boat arrived at the senior right when they

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Get there. What was step one? Go to first?

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Go to the advisors, right? Hey, what's up anything? Here you go here's the purse, bro high end stuff only in Mecca bro just for you

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hook it up. And usually when things like that out of the out of the norm, you want something right? Everyone could buffer it every advisor that's the title was given something after they were done passing the gifts, there's something followed. Listen, you guys, I want two things from you. Number one

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I want you guys to hook it up. We came here to talk to the king. Why? There's a bunch of losers, foolish little kids should look at the language until this day. That's the language use bunch of backwards people, a bunch of people who came from third world countries, they came to your land, they left the religion of their forefathers and they did not even join your religion which is what Christianity what Toby didn't move, Tada. And they came these losers with a religion unheard of innovative out of this world. So we want to bring them back to Mecca understand when to bring them back to Makkah. And the leaders of Mecca are the ones that sent us to you. So please, when we talk

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to the king after done with you, give us like yeah, that's what's up, give us some, you know, hyped up a little bit. Number two, do whatever it takes, do whatever it takes for the Muslims not to be able to speak. You see that stress again number two second level of stress. Then when they come to the king and the joshy What happened? They go to the king and they go and they prostrate full prostration and that's how they greeted one another that's their Salah setup and it says de so they came in says oh King here you go some gifts high end stuff back and forth. I appreciate it. And Naja she accepted. Then they said oh Kim, we are here to seek your assistance. Why? A group of foolish

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little kids left Mecca came to your land. They love the religion of their forefathers did not even join your religion. They joined some weird stuff some weird practices and stuff like that we've never heard before. So their leaders their parents, their high end tribe position people as does to bring these little kids all the way back the advisors ready yes Sakuya Manik Oh King they have said the truth just like the three people that we have right they have said the truth okay. Their people know them more than all of us. So we strongly advise you okay in return these foolish Muslims or foolish people back with these people of Christ back to Mecca, do you want to cut it? You don't want

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to hear from the Muslims What happened? And nejat she got very, very angry. Why? He got incredibly angry. He said, How in the world do you want me to return a group of people who sought refuge in my land accepted me as their ruler. When they had all different options on Earth. They came to me You want me to return them back to you without hearing from them first.

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And last is over. Right advisors there is this refundable non refundable gift if you didn't plan pretty well? I don't know. Okay. You should shaken.

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Then he said the King. If what you said was true, foolish, corrupted, messed up people. They have to be held accountable back in Makkah, I will surrender them to you. I will assist you with shipping, shipping them back deporting them to Mecca. If they were not what you said. The now won't make even touch them.

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Fair enough. Fair. Now I want to appreciate you just moved to a new house, that you're so nervous to talk to your neighbor. No, you move to a whole new country. Okay, he's struggling with the language a little bit. So they go there and someone comes from the soldiers of the king knocks on the door or whatever Avenue asking for the Muslims. The king wants to speak to you like Illa Allah What in the world is gonna happen now? The Muslims they gather they huddle up. Okay, how many are the roughly roughly speaking, the maximum number they reach because they emigrated multiple times was 80 men and 19 women approximately. So a total roughly of 100 people gather up. What's a we do? What shall we

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say? So look very carefully and listen very carefully to what they said ready? And this is one of the main highlights of the story, I guess with me. So what will Jaffer say because Java is a spokesperson. We're going to make sure does the same as does he say? We're going to make sure what we say and we got to make sure like anything you know

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may cause problems we will twist it sugar coated to accommodate you know we don't want to get deported people I don't lose my green card I mean I'm not gonna lose my stay here you know i mean i don't i know people to take my our passport whatever, whatever it takes okay? You know what they said law. They said well Lahaina cool man, we will say what we learned. We will say what Allah said and what the prophet said Allahu Akbar, Canaan Matt can, whatever the consequences may be, we will say it with respect, and with dignity. May Allah grant us such strength say I mean, let me tell you something, you know, that thing is that I will do whatever I'm on the Prophet test told us is said

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by millions, maybe even billions, Are you with me? But the ones that do what Allah said and the Prophet said, are very few. May Allah make us among the few say, I mean, so let's put this to the test. Java as a spokesperson, how old is he? He's approximate. I'm saying very approximate 20 years old.

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Who is with them? amongst the narration suggests that there is man been offenders with him who is the son in law of the prophet who married the daughter of the rupiah there, and Allah knows best. As Jeffrey comes the advisors and the people said, hey, how come you did not what?

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frustrates right? How can you not prostrate to the king because it's a long walk. It's like a red carpet. So Jaffa with respect says, learn how to do Illa de la we do not prostrate to no one but Allah Allah Allah Allah allow you to submit only to Allah

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so then by the way, if you get tested like that you pass the test FYI for your information. The next test usually is more difficult, but it's also more what rewarding May Allah grant you all great rewards me. So as they're coming in last one of the guys was so nervous he wants to do whatever it takes for the Muslims what not to speak. He tells the king See I told you buncha losers. See, they walked all the way here. Look, did they prostrate to you? disrespect This was anything just stop them is do whatever it takes. So Jafar comes the king asks, How come you guys did not prostrate? What do you not prostrate to me in greeting?

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You know what happens sometimes? We go through a small test we pass the next test. We just dropped right like I don't know there's just too much right? The King I tie Why did you not prostrate to me? Jafar repeats it. He says learn to do in la de la. We do not prostrate to no one but Allah. The King respected that keep going. So he king asked her. Listen, you guys, what is it that you guys believe in? That made you let go of your families back home? And you follow the religion not like mine, or theirs and a whole new religion? What in the world is your story? So now Jennifer, what will he do? The son of a pilot is to present his case. Now my question to you guys. I said this in the photo,

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say it again. When you stand in front of the king in general, or a president or anyone how much time some of us can have a citizen to a president? If you're lucky five minutes in a way right? Die whatever the case may be. Do you have a three hour session? Almost impossible. Right? So in about five minutes or so you will speak to someone about Islam he or she are all ears. So what do you have to say? What would we say? Right? Some people will get nervous when we say Well let me tell you okay with about Islam, like Islam is like peace. And

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it's all I feel so good. Like like whoa, like like Okay, listen, like okay, just repeat after me. I do I do like what do you mean I take them take them back to Mecca right? So how would you present Islam May Allah grant us all wisdom say I mean it's not easy by the way it's not easy and sometimes I would stand talk about Islam to some people and when I get nervous May Allah make it easy for all of us male educate us. So what will he say What will he say? Ready guys? This is Jeffers clean. Look when he says six parts to inshallah can divided differently by six parts. Number one, he will talk about the backwardness of his society. He says to the king, are you honey Malik. Oh King look at the

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respect knock on my friend yo Natasha What's up? Nah, Malik the joshy respect the status that's what the Prophet told us. People have a status irrespective you call them the guys 1015 years becoming a doctor. It's painful column doctor so and so. Okay. Now let make it easy on the doctor semi. Alright, so the point being a medic. Okay.

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Good. nakoma Elijah Haley, we were a group of backward people. Oh, horrible. We used to worship idols rocks, which we made with our own hands. We had no respective family we were horrible neighbors. We ate filthy food, decaying flesh and we committed so many filthy things with the opposite gender and much more

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We had no justice system, the oppressor always oppresses the weak and no justice system is applicable to return the rights back to the ones who are wrong. That's one got it. You see what he did? shows how miserable how backward the Society of his time number two, until a man whom we know so he's talking about the greatness of the messenger until a man whom we know his level of truthfulness, level of honesty, level of modesty, level of trustworthiness. He came from amongst us, okay, and then what he came with beautiful message, his message was obligations, you got to worship Allah alone, you got to submit fully to Allah subhana wa Tada. I don't want to stress on this point

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very much. When we talk about Islam, you don't have too many times we overcome that statement. Number one is the worship of Allah number one is the forehead on the floor to Allah Jalla Jalla. Don't go and talk on this and talk about that. Number one, every prophet that came, what did they say? And they are Buddha law, yes or no? That's the first thing that came from their mouth. submit to Allah, submit to Allah, submit to Allah submit to Allah, then everything else follows yes or no. May Allah grant us wisdom. So number one, he obligated us to worship none but Allah, to pray to Allah, to give in charity, to be good to our neighbors to be good to our families to such and such

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and such. And he prohibited us from committing fornication, he prohibited us from stealing the money of the orphans. He told us not to have false testimony. And he told us to never accuse respected women of very horrible acts. May Allah protect us, after he mentioned the greatness of the messenger and the greatness of the message, he says, As a result, we believed we believed. So we followed what the Prophet told us to do. And we followed what the Prophet told us not to do. Fantastic. And here's the problem. When we did that, we were persecuted due to what our belief. He says these people that he points out,

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and the people as the Buddha, they tortured us, they persecute us. They tried to ruin us. They tried to force us to leave this faith as a result of the persecution. Look what he will say the last we thought safety under you and Natasha Allahu Akbar, we thought safety under you. And we are hopeful that when we are in your presence, that we will be respected. We will be people were able to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala a un medic. Okay, done. How was that? fantastic job, Masha. Allah, may Allah grant us the strength of Jafar say, I mean, may Allah allow us to see Jaffa in general, what will ready? What will just for the ass pay attention brothers and sisters? The King asks something from

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the prophets. I send them What do I mean? He asked Jaffa Do you have anything from Revelation? Because he knows you say he's a prophet. So he received what revelation? Do you have anything off the top of your head that you can read? Jaffer says now I do have something to read for you. Now what will Jaffa read what will Jaffer read something to truly appreciate? And that's the when the wisdom comes again. I gave the example today check this out an example of a husband and a husband, a man and a woman about to get married. Many times people say brother so and so can you please read Quran as an opening before the marriage takes place? Right? Nothing wrong with that insha Allah

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Allah knows best. Let's move on. So then what does the brother do sometimes they use verses the read chapters, like none the right time and right place, but this is wrong brother. I know it's wrong brother, but that's the right time. So the brother says that when he divorces her brother not even married yet. Right? So there's wisdom. So what will the Prophet when he told the Sahaba what was that chapter that was really revealed before they left Surah Maryam and then he began to recite from chapter number 19 titled Miriam, Virgin Mary and the brother will read a few verses for us in Sharla.

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Mooney was

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So I just kept reading and reading and reading and reading. What do you think the reaction was often the joshy brothers and sisters and najat she's sitting on his throne on his seat, he started to cry and actually start to cry. He cried so much so that authentic narration say that his beard became what? Not just an Natasha cried the scholars whom he invited to come, they cry those who know the scriptures and know that religion they cried until the scripts became what brothers and sisters is another lesson of the Quran. There's no way out of it. The Quran soft in the hearts of the heart of hearts, the Quran soft in the heart of Oman, yes or no we spoke about it. The Quran soft in the

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heart of it. Well, he didn't mahira and the Quran can soften your heart and my heart. And no matter what type of heart that you have, Bro, I have a hard time crying. I have a hard time feeling Merci. Whatever heart you have, the best of solution is nothing but the Quran. May Allah soften our hearts and not make it hard like rocks. I mean, it'll be I mean, he cried, and he cried and look to what he says. He says,

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whatever you are saying, is exactly in line to what the previous prophets have said, including Jesus and Moses, Allahu Akbar. This is the exact same wording. So then, and Jesse said, Listen, listen, you guys, and the crew from Mecca, teacher gifts and go back to Mecca. As for you, you will always be safe in my place. And whoever harms you, whoever talks bad about you and him, I will punish them. You practice your religion with absolute freedom. Do as you wish, do as you're commanded by your prophet. And then at this point, without a doubt, was so humiliated. And he went back to Mecca with humility. The Muslim stayed in Abyssinia with complete dignity yes or no brothers and sisters. May

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Allah protect us admirable I mean, and there's something for all of us to appreciate. This happens in this life and will happen in the afterlife. You will hold steadfast your deen you have bro people will make fun of me. People will do such and such to me but no one brothers and sisters elevates or humilate except a lot of you guys with me. So May Allah elevate all of you, but will law you will never be elevated and I swear by Allah as swear that Allah will hold me accountable for you will never be elevated. When you disrespect Allah, it just doesn't happen. One plus one equals two. That's how it works brothers and sisters, and never never will you be humiliated. When you respect

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Allah subhanho wa Taala. And don't be very concerned about the people will lie the world as a whole. There's a lot of goodness around the people. I shared that noteburner sharing here and that segment of Amazonian people respect when you help hold your principles. May Allah protect us and granted sincerity. Say I mean, I told him that I traveled one time from Detroit to Atlanta, and I was sitting in the middle seat. May Allah be with everybody who sits in the middle seat. I mean, okay, I sat in the middle seat. And then one of the flight attendants they see came and they were passing, asking, What do you would you like to drink and what would you like to eat? And usually when I

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travel, I would to pass whatever I'm in the ionic era go mister here, go, ma'am, whatever. But this time the lady asked for two items. She asked, Can I have seven up on the claim? The second thing she asked to have some alcohol on the

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seven up here you go alcohol. I can't. So I did this.

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So then she extended her hand, like half how long the elbow is hitting me or whatever. And then she grabbed it right. So then she placed the alcohol and she grabbed it is an old lady. So she tried to grab the bottle and she tried to open it

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I'm like it's coming. It's coming. It's coming. Live brothers and you guys wouldn't know we don't have to swear if it was anything we will open it right any one of you will open it but it's alcohol. So then she turns to me and will lash out I'll tell you something very honest. lecturing is one thing. applying it is a whole nother thing right from one test I can feel it brother magid you will lay myself without my shoulders make draw for your brother. It's Nick doll for me inshallah. And may Allah conceal every one of us Sammy

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Jagan Excuse me, sir, would you mind if he can

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Open the bottle. I said, I'm so sorry. Some of you are like brother Don't be an unapologetic Muslim does that? I'm not that strong yet. Okay, I'm working on it. Okay, so I told that person, I am so sorry that I won't be able to open this bottle of alcohol.

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Okay. And she tried against he tried again. Then she looked at the one who's on the aisle. So remember, she's in the window seat. I'm in the middle, and there's a guy on the aisle. And he was watching college football putting some big headphones. So he says, excuse me, sir. I don't even contribute, excuse me who wants to talk? No, no, I don't

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Excuse me, sir. Then he took his headphones. Yes. Would you mind opening the bottle for me? That guy looked at me.

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And you know what's really bad as I was working on the lecture,

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the Prophet sallallahu it was just it was just in the whole package was like fitna trial and tribulation. And he will sometimes you like, Ragini. Let's all just drink together. And I mean, it's tough, right? It's May Allah grant us sincerity. Say I mean? So I didn't contribute. And I continued to work in my lecture. Then, as we were about to land. I'm like, I have to explain myself. So I told the lady, I'm Nicholas. I'm very sorry, if you were offended by me not being able to open the alcohol bottle and stuff like that. I told her, I will do whatever you want. I'll open whatever bottle it is. But it's not alcohol. I can't grab it. I can't hold it. I can't pass it. I'll carry

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your luggage. I went as far as saying, I'll even go clean your shoes for you. I don't have no problem with that. But alcohol. I can't go that far. I hope you're not offended. No, she said, and really shook me. She said, Actually, I was very proud of you. Really this whole time? So

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I'm like, nervous. She's like, actually, I'm very proud of you, you know, as awkward as the situation was, you held tight your principles? like Oh, thank you. But you know, what pains me is I should have felt a little more dignified, a little more comfortable without me having to hear that yes or no. So May Allah grant the strength, see, I mean, so things will happen throughout your life like that. And Jaffa said, We don't project to no one but Allah. Jafar, his people said, we will say whatever it is with respect, not at the expense of disrespecting Allah, Allah Akbar. And that's what they did brothers and sisters, and the Muslims remained in peace and dignity in Abyssinia and the

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people of Christ one back brothers and sisters, cauterise was angry. Quraysh was furious. Why?

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I'm giving you a quick recap. I guess with me in sha Allah. May Allah make it easy for all of us. It's a packed session packed, packed night then good night and Sharma Good night. You have a very good night's sleep and Sharla when they came back to Mecca, what happened? Why, where's the Muslims? We couldn't. So now they settled in Abyssinia? Yes, they did. So now they found a shelter at home. And people were so angry Why? Muslims found a shelter in Abyssinia under indigestion. This adds strength to the proof of prophethood Yes or no? The Prophet said no one is oppressed in his presence. This adds affirmation to people he is a prophet. This is an unseen situation. Then Muslims

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are increasing in number not just any Muslims. We have some really influential people accepting Islam such as oma and guess who else joined Hamza bin Abdul Mutallab Hamza? Why is he so special that you name them like that? Hamza is the uncle of the prophets. Allah Hamza was very physically strong. Hamza was so influential Hamza, people think 235 10 times before talking to him and getting him angry. Hamza was a hunter Hamza was someone who you see him in the gym all the time. That's the type of man he was. He also joined the crew, he became part of the Muslims. So they said people courageous enough. Enough is enough. We will make one of the last offers to Abu Talib, the uncle of

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who the Prophet SLM to try to get the situation settled, ready for the offer. Ready? They went to our pilot said, Listen, you know what, your nephew is doing chaos. You see what happening? We don't have to go into detail. Hand us this man. let some unknown person come and kill him. Why unknown? Because if they kill him, then their events come from their family of the Prophet. It's a big big family. Benny has two big families and algebra all about revenge, right? So just some unknown person, whatever the case is, I will tell him said no way impossible. I will never hand you Mohammed, my nephew. They said we will give you whatever money in the world that you want. He said

00:34:36--> 00:35:00

No, I will not give Mohamed away Allah. May Allah not make us get away from us any brother is dead. No, that's not the point. What I'm saying is May Allah not make us be away from his life. May Allah make us be away from practicing him his way his way of saving her life footstep by footstep. I mean, I mean, May Allah forgive us for how far we are from imitating him? Yes or no me

00:35:00--> 00:35:46

Allah forgive us, both men and women. So Abu Talib, who's not a Muslim said, I'm not gonna lie to you. He loves Muhammad, his nephew wonderful man. So when Abu Talib heard that I would have gotten nervous. It just makes sense. You guys are going as far as trying to kill him in my presence like Yeah, she offered me that. So I will call him talks to his two tribes and he's the leader, Banu Hashim and Ben Mutallab. What's the matter uncle, we need to gather we need to protect Mohammed, we need ultimate security 24 seven, okay. Okay, they gathered when chorus they saw that they got even angrier. So you will not just not hand us Mohamed, you will give them such security and protection.

00:35:46--> 00:36:32

No way will we accept that. So the people besides the two tribes, what were they they knew Hashem and Bella Mottola besides these two tribes, all the tribes they gathered and do what boycott we will boycott against Hezbollah pilot, to what extent do you mean boycott to what level we will have no business transaction, we will not buy anything from them. And we will not sell anything from them back and forth. Not just that any family relations, marriages, anything in them? Okay. They're engaged. No, cut the marriage. It's over. That's how my film protectors, boycott boycott. These are your cut. This is your blood family. You see how Jaffer said we have no respect of family, you see

00:36:32--> 00:37:13

that? Who does not have respect the family? Is it the Muslims are them? Are you guys with me? They say Oh, such and such the Muslims are the terrorists, yes or no? Who is the real terrorist? Right? They just label whoever they want. Or you guys you call families who just ruin marriages? Was it not you? May Allah protect us And forgive us say I mean, may Allah grant his clarity and not just sight May Allah grant us insight Amira bellami so they boycotted. Abu Talib was nervous. So he withdrew. Banu Hashim vandemoortele it into a valley, a valley is a tight space. We don't trust these people anymore. We don't trust them. We go to our Valley, and we will protect Mohammed Salah who joined the

00:37:13--> 00:37:55

valley, Muslims and the Muslims from these two tribes, the Muslims joined due to their faith, the non Muslims join due to tribalism, and culture and ethnicity and so on and so forth. As with me, the Muslim they did not love their people or they loved them. But there's a higher intention, I guess with me, there's what a higher intention, I'm doing it for God's sake. So the better your intention, the more reward that you get. Yes, if now this clicker falls, and our respected brother gives me the clicker. I pray to Allah He will reward him, he might have not thought I will pick up the clicker for the sake of God to pass it down to you all God reward me. He didn't have that process. We

00:37:55--> 00:37:59

believe Allah will reward him right it's a it's done out of goodwill. That's the key.

00:38:00--> 00:38:38

But if he is able to manage to do this for the sake of God, they get more reward for that, I guess with me, yes, passing a cup of water to your respected, beautiful parent will get you lots of rewards. You pass that cup of water keeping in mind Allah told me to serve them regardless of what they do to an extent Allah rewards even more fair enough. So the Muslims when they entered, Allah gave him sha Allah hope for the optimistic maximum reward the non Muslims whatever reward they get is in this life and not in the afterlife. Fair enough. All within the what the scholars have said and authentic narrations. You know what the people of Christ thought

00:38:39--> 00:38:46

they believed, and this is true. When we start view, your mind becomes paralyzed, yes or no.

00:38:47--> 00:38:54

When we starve you, your mind becomes paralyzed. And I've seen it just last week.

00:38:55--> 00:39:22

mom calls up, she I was there. And her son was acting very disrespectfully. very disrespectful, yelling as mom and I just couldn't believe what happened. Then the mom said, Please talk to me just in front of everybody is that public? So I said to her, come here, come here. So I took the brother. We went to a restaurant. I sat with him once this happened, he said you know what? I think I was way too hungry.

00:39:23--> 00:39:58

You know, when he said that after he was full? Before he was angry? I didn't ask him he's very angry. We went we ate after he filled his stomach. He said I think I was very very hungry. You see that? Many times this is solution to many problems. Okay, after this, you go have dinner as a family inshallah. Okay? No, but with wisdom with balance, are you guys with me? So the point being is simpler. And he went back and I spoke to the parent is like, Mom, I'm so sorry. I just, I think I was hungry and stuff. You don't get to make sure you eat before you talk to me. You know, stuff like that, anyhow, but that level of hunger that he had is nowhere near that hungry. You guys with me?

00:40:00--> 00:40:51

Muslims, we have no problem feeling hungry. We have no problem feeling thirsty. We have no problem our souls free to leave our body and we will not make you touch Mohammed Salim Allahu Akbar. Well, why not just touch let alone hand him to you. Let us die. Let the soul the the body let the blood be shed all over the place, that the baby's crying, that the woman and the elders struggle, all of them and men, we will never hand Mohammed to you, Allah, may Allah grant us such dignity with respect and wisdom. So when they did that, how long a day to six months, no more than a year or more. Two years. Some of the scholars they estimate it was about three years, the process I entered into the seeds or

00:40:51--> 00:41:08

the boycott when he was about 47 years old, and he's about to leave that boy cadet three years is about 50 years old. What happened? Brothers and sisters, many struggled, babies were crying at night. You know, who was the only guy from Banu Hashim who was not there? One guy

00:41:09--> 00:41:49

one loser. Abu lahab the only guy from menu hashing didn't join them. I'm gonna go with others was Abu lahab that's what we teach our kids to have bet here that Abby live in what Yes or no? All of us should notice or tap that Jada? May his hands perish. You know why? Because he used to go to business people that come from outside matter. And the Muslims they go to them to buy because they are not part of the boycott is with me outside salespeople. So then I will have to go to them. Listen, don't sell the items to these people from venue Hashem animal. What do you mean I'm coming here to sell my products and then go back to my country? Go back to my city. Listen, you know how

00:41:49--> 00:42:03

rich I am? Yes or no yeah, I guarantee you you will be sold out. I guarantee you when they come don't sell it. A serious don't sell it. I'll give you more money than you expected. Okay, Muslims come starving, starving.

00:42:04--> 00:42:49

And then can you please buy this? I can sell that to you. And if they do want to sell what did you do give an outrageous price. You want this give me 1000 gold coins as an example. So the Muslim struggled more and more some narration suggests. And as I told you from the beginning of the of the seal series till this day, any time I mentioned Prophet Mohammed masasa lamp, it's based on authentic narration shala I guess with me specifically, some other narrations that talk about the companions, some of them had to eat tree leaves grass to survive, that the narration say that when they use the bathroom excuse me, the body extracts waste the way the animals extracts their waste.

00:42:50--> 00:43:31

May Allah forgive us and protect us even one narration said that sad and everyone costs at nighttime. He wanted to use the bathroom and urinate as he was urinating the sound was not hitting with all due respect, just appreciate their struggle seem different. So he said I went down and I saw what's on the ground and it was a skin of an animal. I washed it up put it on the fire to clean it to kill whatever bacteria whatever germs etc. Then I ate and I drank a little bit of water and I survived on these two for three days. That's the level of life that they had. And now one open up the books that I'm aware of who here said you know what, just take Mohammed is over No. Well I once

00:43:31--> 00:44:04

again I say it make us thirsty make us hungry let the souls leave our body we will not surrender Mohammed to you. We will not let go of that faith. May Allah make a strong say I mean had the halal command palette what does that mean until one after the other died and Mohammed will not be surrendered and you have to also appreciate the non Muslims were there they had that love so what we're saying is that keep that love that transition that love and love the Creator who gave you that strength Yes or no? So next time you know what this shows me and shows you you can do it

00:44:05--> 00:44:41

and you guys with me? Like I don't see myself being able to put on for 10 minutes you spent an hour and 10 minutes on Twitter and Social Media so you can do 10 minutes hold on I guess with me, you have the capacity. You have the capacity. I don't see myself fasting What do you mean do you not do this whole intermittent fasting 10 hours a day and stuff like that and like Yeah, I do that? Mashallah. That means you can fast as well. Are you guys with me to an extent? I can stand this long I can do that. You do it throw your whole life. What do we do? I can really help my mom she asked for different things. You know what she says go through the garbage out. Go upstairs, go downstairs.

00:44:41--> 00:44:59

Bro. Are you not trying out for track and field? Yes or no? Are you not going for track and field? You're struggling with the stairs? Do you not benchpress 250 pounds. So you can do it. You can pull the garbage bin and take on a Sunday or Monday whatever your garbage day is is with me.

00:45:00--> 00:45:14

So we appreciate what the novels are doing the reward Allah will give it to them in this world, but nothing for them in the afterlife. May Allah grant us the best, no sugarcoating. May Allah grant us wisdom, see, I mean, so when this happened, brothers and sisters

00:45:15--> 00:45:56

and internal argument took place, I'll summarize it and internal argument amongst to them. No, no, no, no. Amongst the other tribes, some of them felt bad. How can we do this to our cousins? How can we do that to our depot? How is that possible? Enough is enough, a Buddha has said, No, we'll keep it back and forth, until eventually the whole boycott fell apart, and the people broke apart, and the whole boy was completely lifted, I guess with me. Now the Prophet is how old roughly three years later, 50 years old, but brothers and sisters, calamity upon calamity, what do you mean calamity upon calamity, may Allah grant you all Genesee I mean, for sewer less and less calamity upon

00:45:56--> 00:46:40

calamity, left the boycott. Brothers and sisters very sad. What happened? About roughly roughly eight years old, left that seeds was very tired was very exhausted. His health was no longer as strong as it used to be. Abu Talib was on his deathbed brothers and sisters. The prophet SAW Selim and he realized that the one who is the external support, the one who was standing next to the Prophet, all lifelong since he was young, yes or no, since he was young, the prophet was faithful didn't ignore him. He came to his uncle. What does he want? As he came in, guess who he found? He found Abuja. He found Abuja there. So the Prophet came sat next to me says uncle, your uncle,

00:46:41--> 00:47:24

Kalina. Say Liliana, I beg you say, See, there's no deity worthy of worship Allah says, the believers amongst us say La la la la, la la la la, la la. La is that ability to say la ilaha illAllah had you think so much about it? It will make you cry yes or no. Till hamdulillah Abu Talib is struggling. Abu Talib hears the practices say Layla had a lot of promises. If you say that, oh Uncle, I will do whatever it takes to hook you up, I will hook you up your mocha, I'll talk to Allah, I will do whatever it takes. I'll do anything in my capacity to help you out. Because I'm trying to throw his whole life he didn't really pray or he didn't really do stuff of Islam, yes or

00:47:24--> 00:47:31

no. So the Protestant I'll do whatever it takes, and that is convergent. Islam erases the past. But the prophet wants to even go further.

00:47:33--> 00:47:34

Abu Jen says,

00:47:36--> 00:47:40

a turbo and military metallic metallic. He's Navy addressing the prophecy that

00:47:42--> 00:48:10

are you going to let go of what your parents taught you? Are you going to let go of what your father ultimately taught you about worshipping idols? And the both went back and forth to obatala? Yeah, Uncle, please say Laila. Please. I will do whatever I can to help you after that. This is the key. If you don't say Uncle, I cannot help you whatsoever. I'm a problem. I can't help you whatsoever. You have to open up the door, and I will go on out to say Atlanta Hey, Lola, says,

00:48:11--> 00:48:49

Are you going to let go of your forefathers? The Prophet is being devastated. It's taking way too long. Uncle Uncle, c'est la ilaha illa Allah, I beg you, Abu jihad, steadfast, Jessica, the prophet is steadfast. He tells butanna Will you let go of the religion of your forefathers, back and forth brothers and sisters, you face that almost every single day? You have someone that tells you to do that which is right. And someone else tells you that which is wrong Yes or no? It happens in one way or another one post as you go through your newsfeed says go to that event corruption. And the other one says go to that event construction Yes or no? Things that will weaken your faith, things that

00:48:49--> 00:49:10

will strengthen it may Allah sent in our face see me struggling? C'est la la la unko. Please with respect and by the way, you're talking about who Prophet Muhammad What does that mean? gentleness Yes or no? What does it mean wisdom? What does it mean? The most eloquent yes or no, it just can't get any better. And it also can get any worse of all genders on the other side.

00:49:12--> 00:49:16

That concludes with two statements is ready. This is authenticity.

00:49:17--> 00:49:19

He says two things. Number one,

00:49:20--> 00:49:24

he looks at his nephew masasa. He looks and I'm sure he loves him more than you can imagine.

00:49:25--> 00:49:53

He says, if it wasn't that people will criticize me that now I am on my deathbed. Now I am weak. Now I got nothing to lose. And that's why I said no deity worthy. What about Allah, Allah and Allah? If it wasn't for that, and people's criticism that occurred to behind it, I would have said it, and I would have no it would make you happy. Then he says, so I choose

00:49:54--> 00:49:59

to die upon the religion of my forefathers who had an Al Qaeda kill me

00:50:00--> 00:50:36

The last thing that he said, I will die upon the religion of my forefathers which is idol worshipping, the prophet asylum. What sadness you wanna talk about? What tears you want to talk about? What broken hearts want to talk about, and much more. That's how he felt. So then, the prophet SAW Selim was so sad brothers and sisters, and he narrated us that Abu pilot and authentic narration one after the other, he's in hellfire. He's in help for the all the good. What did I tell you the beginning of the session, let you let in the law opens the key then the rest comes in sha Allah, anything else? It will stop. May Allah grant this agenda say I mean, the prophet peace be

00:50:36--> 00:51:19

upon him says he will go to hell. And one of his uncle asked him Mohammed, how would you benefit your uncle now after all what he did to you? He said the best I can do for him is, is assist him in a way that I will speak to God in a way to have my uncle avatar live have the minimum punishment and Hellfire and the minimum punishment and Hellfire, the absolute minimum, it doesn't get any easier than that. That's the minimum is they will be wearing sandals or they will be standing on rocks that are so hot that it boils the brains and that's what I will try they will go through me Allah grant you all gentlemen hon me and why do we say that because the process as Adam said there are you guys

00:51:19--> 00:51:39

with me? It's not emotional. It's not something it's painful. But brothers and sisters, this is one thing you know who else is struggling? You know who else was in so much pain was Khadija Atlanta and we will end with that. Howdy Jamie Allah be pleased with her. The strongest internal support the external is gone the internal

00:51:40--> 00:52:21

Khadija right before his eyes always withdraw suasana since struggling Khadija the long run, Khadija The one who was known as the pure and the modest before Islam, Khadija the first one to say la ilaha illAllah. Yes or no. The first one to say La la la Khadija, the first one to pray behind the pseudo la yes or no. Khadija De La Nina The one who spent her money on her husband, when others neglected him. Khadija the first to believe in Him when others rejected him. Khadija, the one that strengthened him when others sought to weaken him. Khadija, last few breaths, Hadid struggling and Khadija dies right in front of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam

00:52:23--> 00:53:01

and this is calamity upon calamity. What in the world is going on? People start questioning god yes or no? Why is this happening to me? But the prophet is far, far away from that. And brothers and sisters I pray to Allah to allow every woman and every man to be like Khadija Dylon I don't want to I don't want to end on a very sad note like that. No, no, I'm not into that type of No. Because with every pain, there's pleasure. No, no, no, no, that's incorrect. Better yesterday, right? I'm incorrect. With every pain. more pleasure comes in magnitude than the pain experienced in the man. Oh, sorry. You throw in the man. Oh, sorry. Yusra, with every hardship there's two E's multiple

00:53:01--> 00:53:40

things. Before Khadija died brothers and sisters gibreel came to the Prophet I guess with me and I don't want I want your undivided attention. We have our grant to Jenna jabril comes to the prophet SAW Salem as House of Prophet of Allah Khadija is about to walk in. She's holding a plate of food. When Khadija comes. Tell her that Allah, the Creator of the heavens on the earth, Allah, the creator who's under him are billions, billions of creation. A law specifies is a special greeting for Khadija,

00:53:41--> 00:53:50

local and Yasser Allah Muhammad. Tell Khadija that Allah sends a Salaam to her and tell thee I also say Salaam and I greet her as well.

00:53:52--> 00:54:21

Lo and behold, who walks in Khadija with food revelation from Allah nothing is surprising Yes or no? revelation from above seven heavens he can see everything. Khadija walks in with food. The Prophet says Khadija Yes. What? What gibreel has came over Jabri jabril came over and told me to tell you something. He told me to tell you that Allah sends a special greeting to you, Allahu Akbar. And jabril says Salaam to you.

00:54:22--> 00:55:00

And then he says in gibreel before he left you told me something ready for this one? What should a Mohammed tell Khadija something that was awaiting her in paradise? is a palace made out of a pearl a palace made out of a pearl. The Sahaba fee was awesome. When she gets into that Palace in paradise. There's no fatigue. And there's no noise Why? Khadija heard so much noise in this life. Khadija people mocked her that she has no boys yes or no English and he will have to remark that the lineage of these two will end especially Mohammed will end she has so much noise people talking trash about her

00:55:00--> 00:55:46

From yes or no, and so much fatigue. Was she not in the siege was seen that with the Prophet but once you go in and Jenna no fatigue, no noise. So hadiya says, Look at her scholarly level I guess with me, she does not say and peace be upon God no. She said God is peace. That's a response. Allahu wa sallam, when she says and made peace be upon gibreel and look at the respect and May peace be upon your Prophet Mohammed Salah son. And that's when the last thing that Khadija went through what in the world will happen to the Prophet Abu Talib is dead, and persecution escalates like never before. We'll talk about more details in sha Allah. May Allah grant you all gender May Allah Allah

00:55:46--> 00:55:47

Khadija Salaam Alaikum