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So Musa alayhis salam says about 40 years old Allah knows best he's traveling back with his adult with his family heading back to Egypt a secret as possible to see his mom, brother sister and so on. On his way he sees what fire in the furnace too narrow. So he tells his wife he tells his family on Cousteau stay here. Okay, stay here. I want to check what's going on there. They're definitely people. So let me go there. So I can get you know confirm our directions we're going the right way. It's not a road Musa knows very well. And worst case scenario of the people there did not know that direction to Egypt. I will get maybe some wood or whatever so we can also warm ourselves up. So win

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win situation. So then when Musa Ali's salami arrived to the fire, it was very surprising. There's no one there. Imagine a bonfire perfectly made beautiful scenery, very relaxing atmosphere. It was very strange. There's not a single living soul there. All of a sudden someone is calling his name Yeah, Musa.

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Who is it? is so clear. But where are you? Yeah Musa. Who is it? Yeah Musa in the UN Allah. I am Allah subhanho wa taala. Yeah Musa in who and Allah will Aziz will Hakeem. Yeah, Musa. It is me, Allah, the Almighty, the all wise. Well, I'm a startup and you are the chosen one chosen one. Allahu Akbar. For standard Lima. You have pay attention to every word I'm about to tell you. And all of us have to pay attention. You agree with me? Right? So let's listen to what Allah subhanho wa Taala is about to tell Musa alayhis salam. Number one. Allah tells Musa in any and Allahu La ilaha illa. Anna, the strongest fact on Earth in your existence is La ilaha illAllah. You live in Dearborn. It's

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a fact you came from Windsor. It's a fact I'm speaking it's a fact. But there's no facts stronger than the fact that La Ilaha illa Allah Nothing beats that. There's no one worthy for your forehead, to be on the floor for except Allah La ilaha illa Allah, no one willing to give up your life for except ALLAH, let Illa Illa Allah no one do you listen to 100% A to Z except ALLAH, whether it makes 100% sense to you or not? La ilaha illa Allah, why because you trust Him because He is the Almighty, they are wise and Hakeem. Then Allah says Falguni so make sure you worship me believe in me for your own sake. I don't benefit from it for your own sake. Trust me, for Brittany, out of all the acts of

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worship, or the ADA that Allah says one to Musa alayhis salam were after in solitary decree. Yeah Musa yo met Muhammad out of all the A Baghdad special focus Allah salah. He's telling moussaka masala la Vickery. Isn't that powerful you agree with me? Five Whitney covers it so Hola. verwood Knee cover Sala but for how important Allah is Allah is doing a subcategory to the a Betta. How are you with your Salah? I asked you by Allah, how are you with your Salah, not just in terms of time, but in terms of quality. In terms of concentration kosher May Allah forgive me forgive us all your work in a solitary decree. When you hear Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was asked

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Yasser Allah au will mid habited Allah what is the most beloved de to Allah? Or you will love Allah. Listen to the answer. He said a Salah to allow bhakti to pray on time. That's the most thing Allah loves. Can we make a promise to do that in sha Allah? Can we make a promise you will never in your life? Whatever remained in your life? When you're supposed to pray fetch it. You never put your alarm after sunrise? You promised in Sharla don't say I start my day at 8am Law. Yeah, okay. Yaki Shahrukh sunrise now is about seven something. Your alarm needs to be before that you can sleep after that have to alarm to shout to sunrise, but never miss fetcher. May Allah protect you all the

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Hon Allah mean, welcome to solitary victory. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala after seeing your Salah, he goes to your McKeon and Allah says in the Sarah Tatia, there's a day of judgment. What's the point of your mocha Yama, the two Gs Kulu Neff cinema. Tessa, so Allah will hold you accountable for every single thing that you do. May have been Miss Carla vallotton higher on Yara you do a single atom of good deeds. A little good deed that no one may notice. You park the car over that yellow lane. So you feel you made it difficult for another car to park next to you. You open the door like Sam's difficult I kind of took over you know kind of double parked you went back to the car you turn

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on the car you reversed a little bit you fixed it. You went down he sat here Don't be little

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that move now everybody's like oh my god I really should have done that.

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Right? So even someone's taking two C's let's take two C's now right? So the point being is that double price things that that small That's why Allah says minyama with

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one euro Do not be little a single thing even if it was a smile at the face of your brother and your sister. Then Allah says woman yeah man and then Allah subhana says in the other area women yeah Miss Sharon era also the evil side of things. No say is not a big deal. So what someone drive throws trash outside the window, what's gonna happen? Well, I'm the I'm the one who's causing pollution the earth now do not be literal a single move, because Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a person would say a word, la ut La Habra. And he doesn't see the big deal, big deal, throws them into Jahannam May Allah protect us, Yara Bilal Amin. So Allah says in the Satta Attia Academy, we had no

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one knows when is it so everyone can be judged accordingly? Out of everything that can ruin your price, may Allah make you all people of gender

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out of anything and every possible thing that can come your way that will push you from Jannah Allah gave Musa one warning. Yeah, Musa is one thing I want to tell you don't do this because if you do you're your loser.

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What is it? I'm gonna take my time showing get everybody's attention. Why did it get so quiet? Yes intentionally. I don't want you to ever forget and anytime you say Brother magic keeps bringing this topic know that this time it's not me and I'll be very honest with all of you before preparing this content I actually did never pay attention to the following is never

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What did Allah tell moose I said one thing don't do if you do la talyc It's over.

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Raise your voice whatever answer is well

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don't be scared that's good. That's a good point to be proud that Santi definitely important

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praise tried to take a shot to

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what is it

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don't mercy you actually close they'll commit a crime and so on. Her last we took our pause I sent is very very excited. Mashallah. Alright. Allah says fella you're so then NACA and Hamill. You mean to be have whatever AHA well, that tell Rhoda. Do not hang around with bad people.

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That's it. Allah didn't say watch out from alcohol. Allah did not say make sure you read a lot of Quran or the Torah that we're about to reveal to you. Allah did not say stay a lot of time hours in the masjid pray every Salah Allah says do not be around that company. That's it. Because once you go into that circle, it's over. It's done. May Allah protect us era but Al Amin, and also ally sallallahu alayhi wa sallam clearly tells us a motto Allah Dini Khalili, you're upon the religion of your friend, Val young Verado calm man you highly so rasool Allah is Allah Allah Allah son says Why shall you be friends with What shall you carpool with you hang out with you spend time with Entebbe

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Watch out it's not something to take very lightly, and your friend will not just change the type of food that you eat some people like I don't like sushi aberdein Sushi you befriend someone after some time How will generate try it?

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Oh wow, I like it so you don't so that your friend influenced you in eating food right specific type, sometimes changes the type of clothing that you wear, color design and so on. But also Allah, Allah and he was saying is not saying your friend will change your, the type of cuisine that you will like or the clothing that you wear, they may go as far as changing your religious identity. For that is the Hindu Sahaba Do not be a little like doesn't matter. As long as I save money when I go carpool that Entebbe, may Allah protect you all. And may Allah grant your righteous friends amiable. Alameen so he got the message of Islam it's, it's covered in these three points. Then Allah subhanho

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wa Taala tells Musa alayhis salam one till cabbie Amin aka Musa, so Musa has a staff asked me to take a photo of

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Rachel after during break time, feel free to take pictures and Sharla right. So Musa Ali Salam was holding a staff while he's talking to Allah subhanho wa Taala such a great moment. I can't believe that I'm talking to Allah Gibreel Ali Sam is not here. There's no like transfer of message. No, it's one on one Kelly moolah. Musa alayhis salam. So Allah says what do you have in your right hand?

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So Musa Ali Salam can say one thing? He asked i It's my stick my stuff, and that's the answer.

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But then, Moose Isilon wants to carry the conversation a bit longer. Does it happen to you guys sometimes you love someone so much, is open some random topics

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he starts speaking unnecessarily.

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It happens at school. That means you love school. Oh, you still want to take your homework anyways. So my point being here I remember I get criticized a lot for this. I drive them shy sometimes and I take an honoring that and many times that happened once or twice. When I have one of my beloved Misha if next to me and I'm driving him in Michigan to his lecture the masjid I take the right lane, where I'm 10 miles under the speed limit. I remember one time, she has to be just as measured what are you doing? So she asked me what the right direction is. Imagine we might get a ticket for how slow you are. Well, I love driving years Yeah. Subhanallah this happens with another insan human

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being. This happens on another creature Allahu Akbar. How will it be when you speak to Allah subhanho wa Taala Well, why not taking the right lane? You wanna stop the car and just settle there? That's why agenda Nam the greatest blessing you can ever have is seeing Allah and Jenna May Allah grant it to all of you. When I tell KB Emini KR Musa Musa was in your right hand, he says he outside, it's my stick. Okay. At the waka la ha, I lean on it. Well who should be higher than me? I take the tree branches down so my sheep can eat from it. And when they have the mid bow when I do other stuff with it, it's very excited. So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells Musa Alka throw it okay?

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What happened? The moment it was thrown Allah subhanho wa Taala turned into either he heighten the PSA. It turned physically into a snake that is moving slithering so fast what happened to Mousavi said on one

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referees life yamasa outcome in Viola to have was a comeback. Don't be scared in the criminal ammini You're protected come back Musa Musa comes back. Allah tells him how to go pick it up, pick up pick one up, go pick it up, but he doesn't argue with Allah subhanaw taala pick it up, pick it up. Who's our tough send your ADA Sierra Tallulah is gonna go back to a stick don't be scared Smilla takes it back. It's back to a stick. By the way Allah loves you guys. We were about to bring a 17 foot snake

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by Allah protect Hamdulillah we were scared of liability. Okay, let us alright.

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It turned back to a stick. So then Allah subhanho wa Taala is about to show Musa another sign.

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He tells him what Manya Dakila Jenner Heck, I want you to put your hand right next to your site. Do this okay? What Mumia kala Jana Hector Raja Yoga. I mean, hierzu I get an okra is another miracle number two for you. The moment you take your hand out, it becomes glowing light, white flawless noises with it. Flashing unbelievable. There's no chip involved. There's nothing in the hand. It's an absolute miracle. It does this and this kind of light comes out Allah very powerful. He puts it back. The light has gone. Take these two signs

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to Bly, what's the point here? Is that Isla Farah in no taka, you see what we just saw. You see what you just heard. I want you to take these two signs and go to frown and give him down. It's tough. Is it easy to tough? It's tough.

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Very tough. You know, how tough is it? When I first started my session, this mic was here. And it was low. So not a single one of you raise your hand and told me you're scared.

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The mic can't hear and maybe just me sitting it was just me. No, no, it's not just you. But you're just nervous, shy. Whatever the case may be. I had to ask you can you guys hear me like? Yeah, bring it up? Yeah, I had to ask you. So um, your fellow brother, you've known me for years. And he still couldn't. Can you go talk to brown?

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handler Matt is done. Today. Today Friday hookah? Okay. Doesn't matter what I mentioned. He does have he messed up a little bit today. So as I was leaving, I saw a brother who knows him so I think it's more appropriate that the one who knows him speaks to him instead of me going and talking to him. So I said make sure you fix someone that is a key I noticed bro this was a big mistake was a small is it yeah is again Sharla next time I see him I'm like no, he's here still reticle whoa Muslim Juma and he scared human nature that insan so when I tell you that Allah says is that electron and now Tada. I don't like low. That's the whole emotions. Mu says not being told. Go back

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to my dn tell them what slum? Talk to any slightly hot talk to you

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Egyptian rough around one shot and Musa was very honest with Allah he's gonna go but he told Allah

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I'm scared off why I'm scared that they may reject me because I have an issue now Musa alayhis salam makes request to Allah number one Allah I will do it but I have a problem with my speaking and I want you to help me out please so basically soldering well yesterday Emery Hello Rakata melissani Why you have cow Kohli? Y'all helped me in my speech in a way that I'm eloquent and I can speak well. I also kind of lose my patience sometimes. So rubbish high salary, make me relaxed, comfortable when I speak. Another thing another request what is it? Well gee, I leave a Zealand Minnelli, grant me a helper, my brother Harun who asked me nearly Santa, he speaks soccer. He's such

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a good speaker. Right? Yeah, Allah please and he's a good man. Make him my partner. And yeah, Allah please please please there's one last thing I want from you.

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What in the halfway you have to learn what I'm scared to kill me why? Because of the thing that he did over 10 plus years ago when he killed the guy by mistake. So he's terrified that he may come back and what happens they will kill him. Allah subhanho wa Taala says data so laka yeah Musa Dun dun dun the tongue issue recovered you're good to go your brother how long? I will not just make him help you. I will send him revelation he will also be a prophet That's why they say never did the brother hook up his blood brother the way Musa hooked up Mohammed Isola he didn't come up with a job at Microsoft because he works there when the GI bill or whatever. Or you know what reference letter

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to go to this medical school he hooked him up to be a prophet.

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So all the brothers and sisters hook up your siblings may Allah bless you the way Musa hooked up and every hour in this gathering don't abuse your Musa okay cuz sometimes we abused the siblings out of time you know they got the money they got the stuff and so on the kind of abuse that May Allah protect you I mean, I mean, so I was a teacher so Okay, almost everything we asked for is done. And yeah Musa two things about you was paid to have the 10 mini by the way Musa I made you in a way that no one sees you no one knows about you except that they love you. May Allah make us of them era and may Allah make you all of those when people see you, they love you. Because Allah loves towards you.

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Then Allah tells him what not to care enough. See ya Musa. I need you just for me. Allah may Allah make us just for him. And may Allah use you all the never substitute era but Allah mean So now Allah subhanho wa Taala is about to detail the mission to Musa alayhis salam What's the mission?

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He says go to frown for Kula who Colin Lena go to frown and speak them gently and respectfully to me is that he doesn't deserve it Qatal he killed no your default status when you want to talk to someone is you start gentle nice tight kind. That's how you start Fair enough. So for example, this is the first time they be Christ. We're nice. It's okay. Right? First time in remain nice, respectful and everything. And also ally sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he used to see someone making a mistake, he sees the level of knowledge they have and that's Have they given us the HA a guy went to the masjid urinated in the masjid outrageous. sahih ridiculous. Rasool Allah Allah Allah

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SLM did not rebuke him whatsoever. He was nice. He even told us a habit let him finish. Once he was done, he says he or Amara knows how to you clean up the mess because You scared him

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look to what level but then you have another example of more as of the Allahu and he was the Imam that if a man is not moving behind an imam who called one of the people behind Yamuna

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because the guy was lazy for Salah is such a long Surah Shia, such a long Surah So the Imam was basically taught that him directly but through another person, this guy is a Manasa Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam got angry at him and Samuel said snapped at him. He says effort turn on Antonio Murad, you're causing corruption Mr. Assess the different knowledge and your advice as customized accordingly. So Allah tells him yeah Musa go you and your brother Harun the Kula who Colin Lena Speak gently, perhaps you hit his heart. That was the mission two things number one, tell them Rasulullah Bill Alameen I wanted to be clear Musa when you go to frown, you make a right from

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the get go. I'm a messenger from the Lord of all beings. Many times when we give Dawa we try to hide a little bit behind other things. You tried to get him also Taboola quizzes like you just said that's how we start. Okay, then we have like, you know, that's how Muslims come from all types of countries in the world. And you speak about the baba news for 35

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Minutes and whatever and then Oh, it's over. He didn't say about Islam when La la la la and so on depending on your project, but Allah subhanho wa Taala best of examples, he doesn't make it clear. So any Muslim that comes to our department in a way you should be known as a Muslim peoples did not say I never knew a Muslim, to give advice. There has to be something different about you, no matter what job you have, no matter what it is, you avoid the shaking of the hand or hug besides COVID Now

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whoever did it before and avoided it, your reward is double victory. Anyhow. Okay. So the point being is all these things happening. So now you learn from it. And yeah, Allah make a good representation for Muslims and the Muslim mean me Rabbil Alameen. That's the first thing she go to Musa tell frown that what I am the messenger of Allah. The second thing and outsell Manna Benny is right in one, two as the poem. I'm here from Allah. I wish for you to become Muslim. Whether you become Muslim or not. If something goes back to you, I can't force you. But the other thing I want. You need to surrender the children of Israel. They have been oppressed under your rulership. They've

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been subjected to terrorism from your end, please surrender them to me. That's what Allah is telling who. Musa Ali Salman also Harun then Allah tells Musa things are not going well whatever the case is now display what

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the signs okay got two signs display them. He goes step by step and tell him what Salam wa ala Manitoba peace will be on those who follow the guidance and also warn him because we don't want all our speech. You do this you go to Jenna you do this for a dose and Allah you do this Allah for luck. You also want the other side. So Allah tells the last is the last one in here Elena and Eliza Balam and Canada what Allah and tell them if you reject, then the punishment will be coming your way for all those who turn their backs against the truth. May Allah bless you all and protect you a little bit Alameen Rama Musa are ready to go with Musa Yola. Bismillah Musa alayhis salam heads back to

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Egypt on a whole different intention now, before it was like secretly seeing mom, my brother Haru and Sister Maria, now I need to go to town. He goes back home, he sees his mom some deficits said he had a meal, hugged his brother, his sister and family. Very happy and now it's time to go to frown. Can you imagine how the situation may be walking in the streets or you who killed that guy? Capture him? So he came to listen, give me a chance. In the Rasulullah Rasul Allah mean I'm a messenger from the Lord of all beings. I need to see frown. So they go to the security guards. They say Who do you want to speak to frown? They notice him it's Musa. Just tell them I'm a messenger from the Lord of

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all beings repeating a clear frown is notified. Guess who's back? Musa? Really? He has the audacity to come back and knock on my door after what he did for Allah falletto. What will frown do?

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What will he say? And how will he behave? After a seven minute break and Sharma