Majed Mahmoud – Learn 2 MAJOR Keys for a Blessed Life in 2023 & Beyond

Majed Mahmoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the pleasingness of Islam and its implementation in various countries, including the importance of being intelligent and staying safe during a recession. They also mention a Christian sister and a baraka who is considered a Christian sister. The segment emphasizes the importance of knowing the Prophet's words and maintaining a positive culture, while also discussing personal struggles and experiences. The speakers encourage listeners to stay focused and not let anyone's comments affect their actions.
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Many years ago, I was invited to a conference. It was Friday and Saturday. And my session was scheduled on Saturday morning, was one of my first times ever participating as something that large and serious. So I attended Friday night to see how is the atmosphere. And the other people speaking,

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though was long time ago, but I still remember to this day how amazing was Friday night's lecture by one of these speakers. I know his name and remember the topic. I was so happy for him. And I was so happy for all those who attended. And I was so worried about myself. I was so worried about tomorrow morning. How can I match that energy? How can I match that impact? I really prepared the talk. Tomorrow morning is my time. But I knew the only way I can do better. Not him better than what I prepared is a miracle at that ILA Kurama marginally the miracle. And indeed, Allah gave us miracles for you and I. And they said the only way to refine edit, adjust the topic at a short time to make

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it so impactful in sha Allah accepted job is to not sleep after fajr

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stay after fetcher, and work on that project to stay after fajr work on that lecture. No, no, no, no do not stay up late Friday night. pull an all nighter drink Red Bull, and then you're like you know I'm gonna I gotta fix it. No, no, go sleep now. Whatever you will do at night, the hour No, replace it with the morning. Why? Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made dua, he made dua he says Allahumma Baddeck you McAfee bucola O Allah bless my ummah, during the early hours of the day Allahu Akbar, Allah He may be the hour after fajr may be more impactful than a four or five night our staying at night. But you have to be very intelligent and know more about the Islam may Allah

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increases all of us in a beneficial knowledge and Manaphy Ayala, Lenin hamdulillah edited and so on, delivered the talk and it was pleasing by a hand of Allah subhanaw taala All praise is due to Allah.

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Newton's third law of motion, excuse me to talk about Newton and the hotbar. During winter break, yes, Newton's third law of motion says for every action, there is an equal reaction, the coolfront thing or did fail. But miski Newton does not know there's something called Baraka

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Baraka blessing. So 100 New enforce, may necessarily not give you back 100 But Allah may make the 100,000 you put in the same punch as someone else but the impact that you did is a lot stronger than his Baraka.

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And the greatest example of all Baraka is Muhammad Ali his salatu salam Allahumma barik ala Muhammad, Allah Al Imam, Muhammad Salah al Bukhari Giada Radi Allahu Anhu he says, we traveled one time and it was the answer time so we barely had any water so he said we collected all the water you have water katine you have a little bit give me give me a no they collected water how much was it? The collection was a small bucket for a little bit.

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So then the one who was hearing the story from jabber jabber Come Come to me on my Eden How many of you were were you at that time? Canal for urbania we were 1400 1400 maybe triple this audience may Allah bless you all 1400 and all the water they have is one small bucket. He says for Waldau for one to another year the who so the province has said and placed his hand in the water. Then he says hey yeah Allah Halal Waldo al baraka to me Allah come are you people who make although come blessings from Allah. He put his hand in the bucket. Someone comes smuggler three times. knows the water is not decreasing.

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Doing his hair. What is not decreasing ears. Legs next battle Sahabi two three harbor said for our button Jamia 1400 Nemo from a bucket

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as a hobby says we're Shaadi boo after they did we'll do some drink some water now. Hola Hola. So we will do and drinking. He says for our h2 I saw with my own eyes. When he put his hands you open his palm like this. And water was gushing from between the fingers. sallallahu alayhi wasallam Baraka then he says as baraka to mean Allah. So what is baraka? Baraka there's two meanings to it, number one, to keep and remain a resume or Sabbath. I would salute al baraka to remain so let's say May Allah bless your wealth, and may Allah keep you

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comfortable May Allah keep your wealth may Allah Allah make you be desperate during a recession period may Allah bless all of us era keep and bless. The other meaning is to grow and increase as the era that when nama so we say May Allah bless your wealth and may Allah keep it and continue to grow it Allahu Akbar. Look how beautiful it is. Was it Allahumma barik ala Muhammad what does it mean? Keep his positive mentioning your Allah keep a saying sallallahu alayhi wa sallam till the day Yom Yom Okayama keep his beautiful legacy alive as we practice his sunnah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam come about Okta, just like how you did with who? Ibrahim is Abraham till this day. We learn

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from him. We speak about him in Hajj we speak about his wife Hajj and Safa and Marwa Baraka How can someone story live that long is from Allah al baraka to mean Allah? He may say, Brother Bismillah let's get right to the topic. Tell us how can I have Baraka in my wealth? How can have Baraka in my health How can have Baraka in the food I eat I eat too much I never feel happy and content Tell me tell me before I give you these keys there's a main key and he this masala has doors and it has a key to enter.

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Then there is across from the other side there's a banquet hall it has its key. So masala banquet hall. If you go to the right there's a kitchen has a door and a lock. There's also a key. If I give you all these keys, you will not benefit until I give you the key to the main building.

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If I give you the key to the main building, then you can be able to use all these keys. So let me tell you the key to the main building. Once you get that, Baraka will come from ways you've never imagined. Allah says

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hello and Hello, Cora. Willow and Cora. Man what cow looks at

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him Baraka T Mina Sama, evil or Allah says if the people of the village

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had Iman and Taqwa these tubers, subtlety, Eman and Taqwa. Allah says for Tana, I would open I will pour blessings from the summer. And I will open Earth top and bottom blessings May Allah granted to all of Europe. Pocket and summer. Amen and Taqwa Eman, believe in Allah and do good deeds. Eman, believe in Allah and do good deeds. How are you doing with that? The more the more Baraka, the more the door opens. Right how much how much better to you. I want this much I want more. The more Eman more Amasa had opens, opens, opens and the other components Toccoa. Fear Allah's punishment. The more you have of these two, the more the door opens. May Allah open it to all of us Eman and Taqwa

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you may say, but I'll be honest with you and I respect what you're saying and everything. But like Allah will give us about a cat in the summer and things like that. But will I know people that have no Eman and no taqwa and they even hate Allah and even make fun of religion and apparently bought a cat. They're rich, they're healthy. They're respected. They all the good things.

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I'm not being disrespectful brother. I'm just asking the question. Very good question. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran very, very similar wording. Listen to what he says. Fella man Asuma do Qi Ruby pay attention to the warning when they ignored Allah. When Islam meant nothing to them. For tahina, I lay him what Allah says I opened the doors,

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doors, doors both open. But this is Matthew Baraka. Did you see the difference? First one Bala cut doors have Baraka here doors open Miss Matthew Baraka, Fatah, Lee him awaba coalition, we open up everything for them. wealth, fame, status, health, recognition, everything you can think of open hut, either fairy who Bhima oh two, and when they got full of themselves, thinking they're unstoppable. I have now won BAFTA for either home Mobley soon, we got them by shock. And they became in despair. Excuse me for this example, but just to draw the meaning closer to you. If you have a mouse in your house,

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you usually will do everything possible to have the mouse leave the house. You open the door, make some noises just get out and that you're losing the electricity bill heat is live and the mouse is not leaving arrogant through Pamela. I'm staying.

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So what would you do? Okay.

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Do you go buy peanut butter and cheese?

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But the mouse may think, Well, if there's a landlord to this building, they would have never fed me if he was mad enough, he would have never done that. Where is he at? Where's that landlord? I'm gonna give you cheese or peanut butter. I'm gonna give you more than the other respectful mouse mice that left the house.

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So then those who left the mice that left like, oh, we should have stayed behind. Look at them. Cheese, peanut butter served by the landlord himself. We should have never left. We should have never listened. So then this smart mouse that is in the house, continues to eat the cheese and lick the peanut butter. But where is that cheese in the peanut butter? It's on a mouse trap.

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It's on a mousetrap. And as that mouse mouse starts to lick and lick, all of a sudden there's no introduction. Smashed and smacked back. Home Mobley so in despair, we cannot go anywhere now. So don't be fooled by that. Because Allah can give dunya as the Prophet says in Allah Yachty dunya Lima new hip, Wali Mandela your head, Allah gives dunya to whom He loves and to me doesn't love. Do not think that Allah made you rich that he loves you. And do not think that Allah made you rich that he hates you. Do not think that you're poor that Allah loves you. Do not think that your poor Allah hates you did not think you're strong Allah loves you or hate you do not think if you're weak and

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sick in the hospital, hospital, Allah loves you or hates you. These are dunya metrics has nothing to do with love or hate. The only measure to know that Allah loves you while you're at dinner or theory while Eman in the demon your hip. Allah gives Dean faith, understanding of the religion to those whom he love, for how the Bucha Allah calm. This is good news for all of us that Allah loves us in sha Allah, who wouldn't have been lucky luck. Lucky Malik. Well, if you suck Well, if you shake luck Well, if he Oh, sweet tech, well if he's just a quality Allah that he didn't cubus your iman is what determines if Allah loves you or not. Everything else our signs good, bad and so on. So may Allah

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increase our faith era by Lenin, we got that key opened up the doors. In sha Allah, there's a lot of doors, but the Hotbird says here dear respected Imam, speech and prayer time is 30 minute minutes or less Jazak Allah. So since it's 30 minutes, we'll just mention a few steps in sha Allah. In the second quarter ah, may Allah put Baraka in our time and in our salah, and in our Da, and then all of you you're a beta alanine, but just to give you a glimpse of some of the baraka just three in sha Allah, then we conclude number one Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a group of Sahaba went to him and they complain the Allah so Allah called wala,

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you're also low, we keep eating, and we're still hungry. I eat more. I'm still hungry. I just washed my hands example wash my hands. I saw us food. Few more bites, when Anessa so issue so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asks them a question and a statement Lila data for rockin are you guys eating separately?

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Does it have a set num one guy in the basement or the second floor waffle office? Nothing that's haram but this is perhaps why there's no Baraka. This is neutral, you want Baraka it together. So the Prophet says two things. He says Kloosterman in it together as a family as a group of friends. And number two was some mu say Bismillah u bar like look comfy Allah put Barak under foot. See Allah Smilla from now in sha Allah do your best as much as you possibly can eat as a family. And usually if you have little children they determined that mealtime okay don't wait for you to be very hungry for you to eat lunch. If you're not even as hungry just a little bit a bite or two or three to get

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that back and Ally may this be suffice and healthy the right diet may Allah bless us all the other but I Baraka Baraka, number two out of three Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he speaks about you looking pleasant in the eyes of the people you've been pleasant to Allah subhanho wa Taala people do many things, Invisalign nothing against it. I do it right. People go to Turkey fix themselves up May Allah grant tagine, right. Righteous family, righteous spouse, righteous children, nothing wrong. They really want proper, proper permanent beauty that is everlasting in sha Allah insha Allah that will take you to Accra as well. Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says not

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dot Allahu Allah and Allah the Prophet made dua O Allah make him pleasant make her pleasant make them beautiful who? Man Semia makalah Tifa Bulaga The one who calls people to Allah, the One who hears a hadith one or an iron with understanding and says it to others. You listen to this whole Baba, you go out you call your family your friend put on social media at sentence Hadith align. You may not be able to speak or write you support it financially. I can do it. You do it miss

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Mila here we go painfully you print something maybe experienced advice after this hotbar you've come to the side brother magic good haha but you know what? When you said this this was the better word for that line. You helped me in the Dawa. May Allah beautify you inside and out I mean that I mean this is the real Gemma the real beauty that Allah will grant it to all of us era Bella Alameen I will use a candlelight praise and lots behalf but you see our Messiah and the scarlet Allahumma barik. You see them Allah the older they get, the more pleasant they become sometimes when Allah He the more white hair they have, the more beautiful they come how in Allah subhanho wa Taala and we

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don't praise on Allah's behalf. Allah knows our hearts number three and last. We'd like Zach Allah here for the time for the food Zack Allah here for the looks and whatever I want money cash, I'll give you cash I know that's why I left it to the end.

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Unless you to the end. You want Allah to bless your wealth.

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You want Allah to allow you to have a legacy on this dunya you want Allah to have a memory of you that when people hear your name is Abraham Allah Allah Allah humble, not Allah do otherwise. You want to have that impact?

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I said the Hadith which I will share with you to someone and they were so confused, so confused, like I came to me older brother, because it like imagine I applied for so many jobs. You mean Schmell I did everywhere applied everywhere. And I'm not getting a job. I'm struggling I used to be very financially comfortable and now I'm struggling is insane.

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So I said there's certain things that's you know, check the boxes, did you do a resume tamam customized spoke to people fantastic Check, check, check, check. Type I said I'm gonna share with you to ask you a question. How are you with your family? Is it Yeah, have you been talking about jobs? Jobs? I'm the married kids come up. I have my mom. I'm looking for a job. I said, I know I'm asking how are you with your family? What is the Haggadah? What does this have to do with this? Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says some Allah alayhi wa sallam, he says meant Anoop. SatoLA who here is whoever we want Allah to bless their risk provision, whether they're a HELOC,

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mainly up financial wealth. You want Allah to bless your well being. You want that? Not just that, while you're in law theory. And you want Allah Subhana Allah Allahu fie SRA and you want Allah to maintain your beautiful Impact and legacy you want the good mentioning for the sake of Allah. What do I do? Failure said Laura Hamer keep good relationship with your blood relatives.

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How's your mom doing?

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She passed away. How is she doing? How are you with her? What's your DUA Rob Durham Houma Kamara Brianna

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when was that what was your father?

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Maybe that's what's missing. You tried everything to classes courses you'd graduated from the top university you applied use network you know doctors you know people you know, engineers.

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Maybe I'm not accusing you or accusing myself or accusing the brother who asked me that maybe check that box. How are you with your sister? When was last time you called your brother hook when your son daughter niece, nephews, they left the country they went somewhere they went to work in the state or that how are you with them was a Mubarak was Ramadan mubarak. Think of family. This is the baraka This is the baraka What do we say sometimes? Let me work more. So let me work more because I'm concerned if I call my mom, my go for 15 minutes, and this may affect my job What if I tell you 15 minutes in sha Allah will get you a raise, see different. The Baraka ka Wallah, you will see it

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and those who will do it they know exactly what's going on May Allah Baraka neuralyzer better enemy. In conclusion, I promise three, this is three conclusion.

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Allah subhana wa Jalla teaches us that you want the ultimate Baraka Ultimate is hold tight to La ilaha illallah hold tight to La ilaha illallah till the day you meet Allah the baraka is in it from beginning to end and the pillar of that is Salah, him seek for Salah, testicle MC for Salah you hold tight to Salah well Baraka sub been Alika sub and sub inshallah showered upon you don't let anything in the world nothing distract you from your Salah, not even your parents. See the prioritization, you see that? Allah says in the Quran, what more halacha the salah Allah says commend your family wake them up for February Allah Get up get up I don't want to get up Allah but if you get up to

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like, get up, you're gonna get up. I have a project yaki there's a bigger project more important they will help you in your project. What Allah then Allah says was stopped early. Hold tight, Be steadfast learners look at his or Allah says I'm not asking you for money. I don't want you to be the guy that puts an alarm at 830 in the morning because you have an exam and you missed the 6am because I got an exam tomorrow. I don't want to wake up at 6am and I'm gonna be you know, not focused. Now Allah is accurate. You will be focused if you wake up at six inshallah. Your grade your 3.2 GPA may take you further

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Then the 4.0 who miss Salah, we have to understand Baraka This is the baraka that the little bucket, little bucket made 1400 People drink water. This is how we interpret our deen. This is how we adjust our faith. Hold tight to the salah. May Allah bless you. May Allah bless your families. May Allah bless your children. May Allah bless your wealth. May Allah bless your health. May Allah bless this OMA, may Allah allow us to see Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the most blessed

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