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A step to get your dua and supplication answered

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Majed Mahmoud

Channel: Majed Mahmoud

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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I am not worried whether Allah will respond to my call or not. I am not worried whether Allah will help me when I beg him for help or not. This is what I want to do kebab. May Allah be pleased by him, he said, then what is he worried about? He says when I can meet him at da I am worried whether I will be inspired to make the call or not. I am worried on my end, whether I will put the effort and be inspired to ask Allah for help. He says because I know for a fact if I were to be inspired to call upon Allah, I will surely get a response from Allah. Brothers and sisters, Allah says, order only Allah says call upon me, I am here. Just call and I will definitely respond to you as tangible

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outcome. So Bismillah I hope that this very short video will inspire you shut it down, close this thing and go Raise your hands to Allah and ask him for whatever you want. And Allah will give you that which is best for you in sha Allah Santa Monica.