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There is a lot of talk about what we can do for Russia. And indeed, most speakers will taper off their talk by giving you a list of things to do for the people of Gaza. And this is no doubt essential. There is I think, another dimension of the discussion we need to share. That is, what have the people have has done for us, and how we should be grateful to them. And that is why the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he's had in a Shikara Nursey, la vida Isla Chicago, humulene nas, the most grateful of people to Allah are those who show most gratitude to the people. So let us trigger and activate this act of worship for a moment, we say to the children of concern before

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anyone else. Thank you, Jacqueline, Allah. Hi, Ron, we salute you. We have seen how your six year olds are standing over the dying bodies of their blood brothers. As they say to them, brother, c'est la ilaha in the light you're dying, c'est la ilaha illa. Allah six years old, how did he pull that one? We saw that young boy rat from head to toe because of birds, singing to his father whose injuries are less than him father be strong, don't despair. This is our land, who taught him that there was children of their shoulders that many of us who think that we are men are in fact still children. And they've shown us how children can in fact be men. Thank you, children. obasa we say to

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the mothers of us, yeah, thank you may Allah Almighty bless those wounds of yours that have delivered the miracles of the 21st century that we are witnessing today. We say thank you. May Allah Almighty bless your therapy and your nurturing your upbringing. This is in fact what they are decking in Gaza. It is the spirit that you have fostered in the hearts of the Muslims. We say thank you. And to the elders of Gaza, we say thank you. You have shown us how beautiful it is when it the belief in Allah is transferred from the inks on the pages of books to the blood that flows through veins and arteries. Thank you does that come along? And we say to the doctors, and the physicians

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and the paramedics of Gaza, thank you. As you work long hours, you now live in your hospitals. And you have seen with your eyes in the last six weeks that which no mountain could bear let alone a human being. And when you thought it couldn't get any worse your children come to visit you in the wards but not as Allah if children they come to you in body bags and you hug the body bag and you cry. Then you stand up and you bury your pain and you wipe away the tears and you continue your duty to the Muslims. They are in Philistine we say thank you to the doctors and the physicians to the journalists who know that they are now on the IDF hitlist because of the crime of exposing the crime

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of the occupier. 50 of them killed to date we say thank you, to what in Doohan his likes whose family were killed live on air, he goes down to the hospital weeps over his wife and children the very next day he's back on TV saying I have a duty towards Philistine How did you pull that one off? We say thank you to Zack Allah Who? To the women on Kazaa we say thank you. We saw you burying your children then you raise your hands rather than complaining or Allah you say Oh ALLAH continue taking from our blood till you are pleased to the men of Gaza. We say thank you for showing us that a people who believe that death is not the end can never be defeated. Thank you for helping us

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understanding verses of the Quran that we previously did not understand until we saw you. Thank you for removing from the hearts of 2 billion Muslims around the world the fear of any human being but Allah subhanho wa Taala Thank you. Thank you for reminding us at a time when we thought that the ummah of Islam had died. You have shown us that the OMA has a pulse not just that the Ummah is brimming with life. And from all of the generations of the Muslims to walk this earth in recent times, by Allah, this is the greatest and finest of all Muslim generations. And time will show that this prediction, and this assessment is true.