Lauren Booth – Walking Tour of Istanbul #2 – Ortakoy Port

Lauren Booth
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their experience at a park in Istanbul, where they are joined by a co owner of a boat trip. They also mention a pre-owned Viper emoji that they are excited to try. The speaker then talks about a pre-owned boat trip in Sharla, where they meet a co owner and receive a recommendation for a book and a tour.
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So today is eat three things for you today. We've got otter coilovers historic court, and we've got a visit to yielders gardens, the famous park over the Bosphorus plus an amazing boat trip that you really mustn't miss when you come to Istanbul in sha Allah

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alone more

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more, more, more one way one.

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Something I've been missing, since living in Istanbul is actually somewhere like Hampstead Heath, or Richmond Park I haven't really know where to look. And today on Eid there hamdulillah Allah to Allah has brought me completely by chance. He's planning of course, to yield this park, which I'm reading is in the 19th century was just for city dwellers here, they added an inland lake and pavilions and wondrous gardens. So there are seven bridges in this truly magnificent park right in the center of Istanbul overlooking parts of it overlooking cost. And all you have to do is pick one and just go

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for views, mashallah, who am I to argue?

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stunning place to visit

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never know who you bump into on these visits and somebody who's dedicated to their work is the co owner of this amazing Viper emoji. This board has been served as a public theory for 38 years and it's 45 years old. We purchased it from the city lines and we don't want to remodel it from scratch we it turned out to be a fine dining restaurant actually and we're surely you're it's actually because you that

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we have live music and that's the ultimate experience you can enjoy the most was there any style mashallah, it's a must have experience in Islam so you can pick it up here at otter koi when you come in sha Allah Allah runs all day, every day, every day breakfast and night dinner cruises everyday mashallah recommended Come on. Let's go on the on the breakfast cruise in Sharla thanks so much for your hospitality. Imagine the owner of the boat is here every day even on eat now that is dedication my biggest restaurant

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way too fast

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be with me

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I dream of free No. I dream of peace of mind I dream of law superlow supernatural

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made it home day to walk completed Hamdulillah I hope you've enjoyed our look around otter koi and the trip across the Bosphorus don't forget to donate below to help my brother in law Chris fight brain tumors and helping me spur me on to meet my goal of 100 miles around Istanbul. This may inshallah to Allah Allah bless and see you tomorrow.

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