The Real Meaning Behind the Tragedy in Gaza – Powerful Advice for Muslim Youth

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You know, today, young people are challenged in more ways than ever,

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because of social media, you know, your eyes can be in places that they could never have been 50 years ago,

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you know, you can be challenged morally, spiritually, in ways that you have never been challenged before. Because you can almost be everywhere with everybody. You can be in anybody's home in anybody's room, you can be exposed to anything, any set of circumstances, good or evil in a way that has never happened before in our world. So young people are very much pressured, young people are saturated emotionally, you know, that they kind of like buck wild or most, you know, they just, they don't know what to do. You know, good young Muslims. You know, at the end of the day, they're just sitting someplace drinking coffee, they're not doing nothing wrong, but they're wasting their time,

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because they don't know what to do, or they move up a notch during the shisha spots. Again, they're not no doing no direct for why hitch. You know, they're not dancing, they're not bumping and grinding. They're not doing no major for why his but they're mixing, they are bowling, you know, they, they lean in or out whatever they plan and they scheming, they're interacting, they're touching, you know, they're doing whatever people do in those kinds of dark, socially relaxed environments, where men and women is sitting together across from each other, and they not married, they sit in with friends, and all their emotions, and everything central perceptions, is turned up

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to 910. So what can happen, many things happen. And it's a setup, because most of the time, after they blow the smoke, and sit down and joke, and watch the screen and get in a car and go somewhere, they go in and move into another level of haram.

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That's the second step. Others they in the third step, I call it like the yellow, the orange and the red steps, you know, the yellow, that's just a sitting someplace wasting the time, they ain't doing nothing constructive. They're not doing nothing really wrong, but they don't want to be home by themselves. So they go drink some coffee, but they cool out with their friends or whatever the case might be sister sitting on one side brother sitting on another side. So they still trying to be you know, kind of like, following the Islamic protocols to a certain degree. Because in their houses, they would be by themselves and who wants to be by themselves. I mean, young people's not inviting

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young people to their houses and cooking for them and talking about projects, like, you know, like a seminar, or like a workshop or talking about some project. I mean, come as to square, they're not gonna do that. So what they're gonna do meet me at the coffee shop. All right, you're not doing no direct haram, but sometimes you're wasting your time that's yellow. Others is in the orange almost every day. I'm talking about the Imams son, the super Salafi, or super Sufi, or super Sunni sheiks, son, daughters, they into places, the shisha joint, blowing the smoke, first of all, wasting their money. They pay him for the shisha wasting their money and blowing it up in the air. They're sitting

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in a provocative environment, they should not be sitting in, you know, leaning in talking wincon slide and profiling. Y'all know what I'm talking about? Somebody's trying to act like you know, you'll know what I'm saying. That's what you're doing. So that's like orange. Yeah, you know what I'm saying. And when y'all leave from there, you're leaving a lot of you into a more deeper level of centralization, and provocation, and other kinds of things. And I'm not making no judgment, I'm saying that that's what it is. And you can't act like I don't know, because even I'm OG, but I be there. I pass through those places. So I can see you, I can shake your hand, I can give you some

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words, because the other shoe York are students of knowledge. They just too pious, they too knowledgeable, they too protected. You know, they just on a different level. They're not going to be passing through seeing you in those kinds of situations, because they will be thinking to themselves, somebody's gonna say they should not be there. But guess what? I'd be there. The doctor sometimes got to make a home visit. So I pass this to those spots. And I'd be talking to you in different countries in different cities. So I know. And then you move from the shisha you know, which is a little bit more provocative. right straight to the club. Y'all Some of y'all is clubbing

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bumping and grinding to the music in the dark lights in the corners, chillin, you know, and you already know what you're setting up when you're in those spots, you go into the club to rub,

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bump and grind. I mean, you know, you might do on the low low because you don't you know, Muhammad, Fatima, you know, y'all don't want nobody to know that y'all bumping and grinding under those blue lights and all that. But that's what you're doing. Many of you doing regularly wasting your time. In an environment, you know, you're not supposed to be in crossing the lines, touching things, joints will be touching, looking at things and acting like monkeys and donkeys and doing all kinds of stuff. You're saying cut music is on. I mean, what you're gonna do to the music, you're gonna stand still. So you're in a place, which is kind of like the hellfire. This is the this is like the

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vestibule of the Hellfire. That means like when you go to a movie house, you're going to buy the popcorn and all that is that that's the vestibule. That's the entry level for you go inside and see the movie. So when you in that club, you in the vestibule Next up, is what you're going to be doing that people do go to the Hellfire who won't be punished. Now many of the young Muslims today at seven o'clock at night, I don't care whether it's Mecca, I don't care where it is, you know, the most religious places. And the young people who are the daughters and sons of the Most religious people be in these three spots, seven o'clock at night,

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making coffee, smoking shisha, or bumping and grinding. Now, on top of all that, these challenges that we're going through, and I'm not blaming nobody, I'm just saying that this way, it's all set up. You know, the social media is set up to prepare you, to provoke you, you know, to centralize you to make you feel inclined you and motivate you towards these places. That's it set up to do that. That's not what you have to do. Because social media is also set up for other things that you can do, but I'm talking about genuine, generally, this is how it's set up. Now on top of that, other situations happen, personal failures,

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your, in your personal life, loss of friends, loss of family, people die, you got a wife, you got a husband things that go on, right, you wind up voice by yourself, you got you in gangs, you know, you've separated yourself into different groups, or whatever the case might be, and you find yourself involved in crime.

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You know, so on top of that, you got a situation that takes place like Gaza. Yeah, Gaza, Palestine, where the West Bank or what is Gaza, you find the situation like that. Now, Gaza is a real set of circumstances that is ongoing, it has been happening for the last 75 years. It's been going on for the last 75 years. But from time to time, it comes to a head like it has come in the last two weeks, the amount of trauma, the amount of death, the amount of drama, that's happening to us on a daily basis, we are being bombarded. You know, the people in Gaza are being physically bombarded. I mean, you know that, I mean, when I say bombarded, you can't even say it, you can't even imagine the kind

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of blood and trauma and pain and torture and death and, and havoc and you can't even imagine you can't say I have no idea what they're going through. No, you don't have an idea. You cannot, you can't really know hunger, you cannot really know, suffering. You can't really no trauma, unless you're there. You're only seeing the pictures. And you're being bombarded every day, by the pictures, the photos, the images of the children and the women and and the bodies, you know, and all of that debt, and what can we do about it? I mean, we can pray and that's what we need to do. We need to we need to pray and pay. That's what I tell Muslims, not march and shout, you know, it's

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just it's not about marching and shouting, and just showing up with some placards and stuff like that. No, that's the weakest form of faith.

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You know, the provinces have told us you know, when you see a munkar a crime amonkar some evil and what's happening there is because of major crime.

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You know, the the occupation of Palestine was a crime that took place 75 years ago. Now, whatever happened since that crime was committed, cannot be as great as the crime that was committed from the very beginning when some people

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Land was invaded and taken and occupied. And then after that justified, and then the people who was the owners of the land, they become the hunted. They become the alienated. They become called criminals and terrorists and all that. And perhaps some of their behavior could seem to reflect that. But that's not equal to the original crime. Let's put that into perspective. Okay. Now, what do young people do under the circumstances where you're being bombarded? Every two or three images that you look at on social media is children bodies. And I mean, like you're talking about maybe 200 a day.

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Innocent people, women, children, babies, bombs, bodies, mangled, you know, bodies not even found just blowed up splattered.

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All you can see is bones and blood and, and those bodies that are still intact, you know, wrapped every day and laid on the street, because people don't even have time to bury them that dying so fast, the bombs.

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So what do we do about that? How do we live? How do we sleep? How do we deal with that trauma? What do we do about that? Well, some people are marching, some people are shouting, and that's, that's the weakest form of face. That's, that's showing that Hey, yo, we hear we wit you. It's a crime. You know, that's what we're doing. We're marching was shouting, we're going in front of the White House or the Black House on this one, or the embassy? Are we going down this we're in London, we're in New York, you know, we're in Rome. We're over here with Dan. And we're marching was shouting, that's what we could do? Well, that's one form of reaction, if you want to call it that's one form of

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support, if you want to call it. But I think that if all of us was to get up at one o'clock in the morning, individually in the dark, and there's nobody else there. And we washed and stood and prayed for a half an hour for Palestine,

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for Gaza.

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For the men, women and children, many who are just totally innocent. If we will get up and pray for them. Allah will hear our prayer because he has submitted it. He will hear our prayer, our individual prayer. We don't have to be marching but 10,000 people, 50,000 people and 1000 people, that's easy to do.

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But getting up at one o'clock in the morning and making a special prayer.

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Allah subhanaw taala he will hear that prayer of that single person. And that single person who is sincere, that single person who is clean hearted, that single person who cries to Allah, Allah may answer them before he even answers the people in Gaza themselves. We don't know. We don't know whose prayer is better than others. That's one thing we can do. And Allah He answered the prayers of young people faster. A young, clean, sincere, honorable young person who has integrity and really loves Allah is the ones that should get up one o'clock in the morning and pray.

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The rest of us should pay.

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If you see 10,000 people marching, think to yourself, each one of them gave $100

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You can do the math. If all of us prayed and said, we pray individually, one o'clock in the morning, and each one of us go to the ATM and take out $100 I know $100 might be a to a lot to some of us. But it's nothing to many of us. But are we praying? Are we paying $100 every week? No, you're drinking your Starbucks coffee.

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You know you eat your shawarma

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you know you're going to McDonald's

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you know you got your nice watch you got your nice phone. You paid for this Japan for that you got all kinds of things that you paying for are you willing to sacrifice some of what you paying for and pay

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for Gaza Palestine pay for those that suffering pay. Now if you're not able to pay, then there's something defective there.

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You just feeling guilty. And you think that you can just get go get on a bus and marches shout, you're just silly. You're naive. And and who are they marching and shouting and waving placards in front of embassies, government buildings, government officials, who themselves are conspirators of what's going on? You think they care about your marching shouting, and that's going to change something it will not change. Anything, in fact, is not even going to change policy. No, we have to come up with something better, more effective.

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You know our profits a lot of the same. We cannot say

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That was happening in Gaza was of any higher level than what happened to our prophets, Allah Allah said, We cannot say that. That's not his reaction. He didn't deal with it that way. He was not sent to march and to shout, or to WAV FLAC God, or just to say tech be Allahu Akbar, or whatever people say,

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No, our Prophet sallahu wa salam, he planned, he started off with good behavior. And brothers and sisters, I just want to tell you something that you can't distribute bad behavior in response to another bad behavior.

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Islamist is not like that. Secondly, in the face of our enemies, shouting and marching and blaming, and cursing, is not going to change much.

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We have to come up with a very good plan. Muslims have to unite, unite themselves, unite their money, unite their platform, unite their leaders, you know, they need to minimize their cultural responses and walls and the defining features. We need to promote our leaders to significantly optimally join together and put a platform together. Verily, Allah subhanaw taala. He loves those who unite themselves in one solid wall. Mazouz as if there was one solid structure. So you tell me brothers and sisters in the United States, where's the leadership? In Australia? Where's the leadership? You know, in the Arab countries? Where's the leadership? I mean, where are the religious

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leaders, the political leaders, the business leaders, the industrial leaders, the Muslim leaders? Where are they? And how are they lined up together? They're not. So young people are faced with the dilemma of following who,

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following what I say don't be angry.

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And don't just blink it do things like curse, the Yahoo, these are prophets, Allah says he did business with Jews, some of the Jewish people are our allies, or they can be our allies. Some even may become Muslim. And there's nothing in Islam that tells us that we cannot interact with them. And even sometimes, we need to negotiate with them. But you know, with cursing all the Jews,

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we just were doing that. There's no There's no discernment.

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There's no discretion.

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No know, in many cases, what Muslims are doing is just cultural reaction, historical, cultural reaction with no discernment. And guess what? non Muslims are doing the same thing with us

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with no discernment. They're not, they're not determining. They're not making a discrimination. They are making an assessment of who is a real Muslim and who's not a real Muslim. They're just bombing, cursing, killing all of us.

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And we, in our response, we want to bomb or kill or curse all of them. And Islam doesn't tell us to do that.

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I see that we have to be in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Gaza, our brothers and sisters in Palestine, we have to be in solidarity with them spiritually and morally. But at the same token, brothers and sisters, we don't act the way other people act just because they did something wrong to us. If somebody did a criminal act against us, we don't do a criminal act. To them. We're not a gang like that. We have our principles.

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We have our protocols. Look, Canada continues to let go. So don't Hasina Lehman, Canada Yo, joola, Young Dakota Allahu cathedra. This is what the Quran said. I'll preface those him. He's the one woman out of southern Africa it Allah, Rama tilal Alamin. He was the Rama, all keep this in mind. Our prophets loves him. He never harmed anybody. He said that there aren't.

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There should be no harming, and no recipe. reciprocation of harm. So when somebody harms us, we need to respond to that, protect ourselves, advise them, we need to insulate ourselves. We need to do all of that. But we don't cause harm just because somebody harmed us. So brothers sisters, I want to tell you that we live in in very dangerous times, where sometimes we're being we're being we're being led

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by unseen hands.

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situations that are happening in front of us. Sometimes there are unseen, hidden hands behind

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crowds, but and actions that are being done. Sometimes what you seeing is not just the people, there are other hands behind it,

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you know, that are manipulating the circumstances. There are people who are pushing the buttons. And sometimes we are being called to do an act, and we don't even know who to hit and hands off. We have to think, step back for a moment.

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We have to hold on to our dignity, hold on to our honor. All the blood of every Muslim or any Muslim is more sacred than the Kaaba. That's where the prophets Allah Sam said, the blood of one Muslim is more sacred than the Kaaba.

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And so the kava for us, is a symbol.

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And Astra is a symbol.

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And we don't need to lose our lives. We don't need to lose our blood. And we don't need your son to become martyrs. Just to save AXA. No, no, no, no, no, it's the lives of the people that's more important than that. And we know that from the surah called feel.

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You know, Allah subhanho wa taala. He gave us a scenario that took place before the birth of our prophets a lot of a sudden, when some people, you know, ascended this chapter called The elephant when some people Avraham was the king. He was jealous. You know, he was a hater. And he came with the army of elephants to destroy the kava,

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and the prophets grandfather salaallah alayhi wa sallam, his grandfather, Abdul Muttalib. He was the patriarch of Mecca. And he was there to protect Mecca and serve the people. That was his job. And when Abraham came to Makkah to destroy the Kaaba, Avraham did not confront him.

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He could have, he's the patriarch of Mecca.

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We can't say he wasn't brave.

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We can't say he was punked out.

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No, he was wise. He was not a Muslim, but he was wise. So what did he tell Abraham? He told Abraham, listen, you want to destroy this house? That house has its own rub. It has its own owner.

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Me. I'm the owner of the sheep and goats and camels. And my people ditch our sheep and goats and camels. We're gonna take them up to the hill.

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And you do whatever you want to do. Subhan Allah look at that wisdom.

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He was not a Muslim, but he understood his own capacity. And he understood that that house has its own owner.

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And guess what brothers and sisters, AXA has its rub. And Allah subhanaw taala. He is able to protect his house or that symbol, we should be concerned about

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our belongings, our families, the lives of the people in that area, and the lives of other Muslims, and the lives of other people, brothers and sisters. And just for the record, brothers and sisters, as at least 200 million people. In our world today, right now. 200 million who are suffering, they're drinking

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dirty water, or they have no water.

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They have no food, or they're eating out of the trash. Or in some cases, they're just eating just rotten, filthy, anything they can eat

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Muslims or non Muslims, and we should be concerned about them. We shouldn't wait for an incident to happen. When all of a sudden, you know, all of us we become social activists overnight. Now all of a sudden, all of us are social activists because of Gaza. No, Gaza should be our primary concern today. We cannot sleep. We can't overlook it. We cannot trivialize it. We can't minimize it. It's not just gonna go away. But we can pray about that. And as I mentioned, we can pay about that. But marching and shouting, day after day, how long are you going to march and shout? How long can you sustain that? Is that what the leaders of the Muslims are telling us to do?

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Is that the solution? Or there's some other things that we can do to improve the lives of Muslims and to unite ourselves to have more dignified alliance together global alliance together to deal with evil? I'm gonna build my roof will not hit the moon card. Yes, they are. I just tell it to young people do not trivialize what's happening in Gaza. Don't even argue with Muslims about that. Don't criticize our brothers and sisters.

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in Palestine, or in Gaza, or don't criticize, don't argue about them about the situation in the public and amongst us don't do that. At the same token, we have to find ways and means to build our alliances, to join our hands and to join our hearts. Join our minds in dignity and honor and strength to gain leverage to deal with the enemies of Allah subhanaw taala the enemies of Islam, because they are united, the people of evil are united. And they are developing resources against us. We have to be united. And we have to develop our resources against the evil admirable model. We're now Hillman car, you know, I'm gonna build my roof means commanding. What's right.

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Commanding what's right, and also commanding preventing what is evil? How are you going to Command something without power? How are you going to prevent something or restore?

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Justice? How are you going to do that? In the law, huh? Yeah, I'm a little bit Other World War II Type II than codabar. Well, Jung Hyun and Foshay with monkey will bury the Quran understood the Quran says, Indeed Allah, He commands us to do what?

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Your mobile other to have social justice. In order to have social justice, you have to have strong leadership. Where's our leadership?

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In the area where you are? Who's the leader? And you say, who's leading the prayer? I don't mean, who's given the cookbook? I don't mean who wrote the book? I don't mean who's wearing the garb? I mean, who's the leaders? Who's on the front line? Who's going to be responsible for us? Who is the example for us? Who's putting it on the line? Who's standing in the front? Who's organizing?

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Who are those who themselves have put everything they have on the line? And they are leaders for us? And they are with other leaders? Where are they? Who are they? We have to think about that. And so brothers and sisters, I just want to say to you that Don't believe the hype.

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Don't get head faked out.

00:27:11--> 00:27:13

Don't let other people believe in you by the nose.

00:27:14--> 00:27:16

You know, don't be manipulated.

00:27:18--> 00:27:20

You know, don't get involved in the trend.

00:27:21--> 00:27:42

Don't start saying things because everybody else is saying things. Stop. And think and give your heart. Give your mind. Give your devotion to Allah subhanaw taala. And spend what you can spend, do what you can do, enjoying the right and forbid the wrong at every time and place to to kid.

00:27:44--> 00:27:45

Stand up at night.

00:27:46--> 00:27:49

Get up one o'clock in the morning and make your Moodle

00:27:50--> 00:28:04

lead from wherever you're at. And go home and take a bath for whatever you want and stand in prayer. And if you can't stand in prayer, sit and make dua and ask Allah and cry in the dark.

00:28:05--> 00:28:06

Do that.

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And part of the money that you spending on your your phone bill, part of the money to spend on something on your coffee every day on eating good food, when those nice clothes, you don't bind the little gadgets and things that you like, which is all legal and lawful and all that they're sacrifice some of that, and put some of that money together and give it to somebody that's trustworthy. So it can be given over to people who are less fortunate than you are. And let Allah subhanaw taala then judge your prayer, let them judge the money that you have been given. And if 10,000 people or 100,000 people or 1 million people in that same day spent $100 or 100 pounds or 100

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Yeah, see if that doesn't make a difference. It will make a difference. And after that brothers and sisters,

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be about your business. Take care of your daily business, be a good Muslim, be an upright Muslim, and where you are, represent Islam where you are. And you will find sometimes that people in the place where you are, who would normally think that Muslims are terrorists. You know, Muslims are dysfunctional. You know, Muslims are extremists. They'll find out that you,

00:29:25--> 00:29:29

your family, your crew, you're not like that.

00:29:30--> 00:29:35

You're courteous, you're mindful, you're sensitive. You're generous.

00:29:36--> 00:29:38

You're not extreme, you're moderate.

00:29:39--> 00:29:56

You you engage in social services. You're a social activist, but you don't go to any extreme. And you're not only helping Muslims, you're not shouting and reacting to a Muslim cause but you are doing something in the society in the community where you live.

00:29:57--> 00:29:59

There are elderly people who need it.

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help. They need some company. There are young people who are misguided.

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There are women who abide themselves and misrepresented.

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You know, there's all kinds of situations there's hungry people, poor people, people living in the dark people living under bridges, you know, people who are desolate, all kinds of circumstances. And our prophets, Allah says he belonged to a group when he was like 1819 20 years old, called health and food. Maybe you don't even know about it. Maybe the scholars are not even teaching about that. He was a prophet at that time, before the message came to him. He belonged to Hills Elsa doll, so you should join some kind of activity to help the poor. And if you're a social activist, and you're really concerned about people, there are things that you can do on a daily basis in addition to the

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support that you're giving towards Gaza. May Allah subhanaw taala have mercy on the people may Allah have mercy and forgive those who have died innocently. may give them what he has promised them. And may Allah subhanaw taala help along monsoon Istanbul Muslimeen May Allah He helped the Muslims. You know, maybe May Allah help Islam and the Muslim man you help them wherever they are. Because he's our he knows what we're going through. And he will help Oh man, yeah, tequila Yatta Allah Maharaja, we are also coming Hi Tula. Yeah, Mama Yatta. What girl Allah Allah for hor hustle in the law of Veliko umbra. So, brothers and sisters, young brothers and sisters, take control of your lives. And

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don't be swayed. And don't be angry. And don't commit crimes just because other people have committed crimes that did wrong to you. Be careful what you say. Be careful what you do. Take care of yourselves your family. Take care of the honorable towards your friends, be generous towards your guests. Be good Muslims. Take care that five prayers every single day, read Quran memorized Quran since Salawat upon the Prophet sauce and as often as you can say a stuff that Allah Allah Beeman could only then Vanuatu, Boo LA, earache, say, all those things, and be mindful and be focused and be sincere and be clean hearted and be active. That's what you can do in the times that we live in

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