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Assalamu alaikum Welcome to another edition of hastened to goodness you guys don't forget to support us and check up on us on Facebook three slash East into goodness as well as for the TV. We have our official YouTube channel as well three slash tv, and you can watch all these episodes uploaded there inshallah, in this series, we're discussing important issues in the month of Ramadan and Shaykh crema was the host of many programs 100 TV, including the naval journey and building a better future and many other beneficial programs here discussing these topics even related into Ramadan. So we're very happy to have you shaker and thank you for staying with me

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and I thought the series pleasure Malika is amazing Ramadan is almost done. And it always goes fast and every year it starts and we always tell our monitor and then it always does upon Lego fast it's like our life so yes, it is. It's a good analogy. Yeah, it's you know, Subhanallah as if we started fasting yesterday and here he is we're yeah couple of days and boom, he was like a bullet. Yeah, shake every year many of us we were focused on the fasting and this and that and the pain and then you realize, wait a minute, what about the cattle feeder? What do I do with it? How do I do it? Should I paid money or food or or what what why this is a difficult topic. Imagine Malik after Salah

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when we say salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Salam. alikoum. Allah Rahmatullah. What is the first thing that we say? We say suck for LA, de la, la. I started in LA. You know, once it comes to fasting istockphoto la is a cattle

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ignore bass, as soon as me that would when he mentioned or quoted the wisdom Rasulullah sallallahu quoted the wisdom for the legislation of the capital. He said

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Misaki it's in a way you're feeding the needy and the poor, so that they will not ask people in the day fight. But look what matara to Lhasa him. And it will cleanse, it will purify your fasting from indulgences, from foul language from because remember, when the messenger told us that when it is your fasting day, do not speak ignorantly Do not be loud. And if somebody fights you let him know that you're fasting. No one is perfect. I'm sure a lot of the viewers including myself, and I'm sure you

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knows best, we all get into trouble and we may lose it here and there right now is a casual fix was meant to rectify that interesting shaking, you mentioned two points, actually feeding the people who need food for the day of eat, and purify myself. So I have a collective right and individually, it's beautiful. It's the way it is in any act, you really benefit yourself first. Any act in our religion was meant to save yourself first. But in a way it has a greater

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regarding others, okay, because the day of aid is a day of joy. Now, the poor and the needy should not be worried about their provision for the security. Okay, we should be able to offer them something prior to that to the day so that they can join prepared. And this is the ultimate wisdom behind the legislation of the Capitol. Shake this topic inevitably brings a lot of an infinite number of fake related questions. Right, right. Can we clarify that in the first segment, perhaps? I think the first thing that we need to let the viewers know because a lot of the viewers are confused regarding the cattle man. Right Sadako right zeca to get the fish Yeah, I think we should take some

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time to just draw the lines and distinguish this from this from this from this perfect and then we we take it on with the cattle filter because this is what we're talking about. They need to learn so that they can fulfill it. Because it's part of the acts of Ramadan. Okay, wonderful. Thank you guys. Stay tuned. I'm looking forward to this episode. You guys stay tuned if you want to learn more about how to get fitter. It's very important as we are in the month of Ramadan, you guys so stay tuned. We'll be right back after this break.

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Welcome back to hasten to goodness, you guys, please follow us on Facebook and YouTube and all of our social media accounts there. We're talking about an important topic as is, as you know, this is the month of Ramadan. And as the month winds down, it comes to a close eat is approaching. And of course, we have to pay our tickets to fit well, how do we do that? What do we pay it with? Who should pay it paid to who? There are many questions that come up. So we do definitely need the qualified scholar. And we actually came here to speak to us about that. So Kareem, thank you for being with me in this series, and let's keep like a local about them not as cool.

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I'm just going to strive to think Thank you. So was that gonna work? Can we begin? I mean, there's got to fit there's it get to the

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regular Southern I mean, this becomes a confusing matter, especially for those of us who don't have a lot of knowledge. We don't speak Arabic these terms are very similar. What does that mean when it comes to the LAO salatu salam ala rasulillah Chateau La ilaha illallah wa, ala Muhammad Abdul Rasul. First of all, there are two words here that we should figure out Zakat on sadhaka. Okay.

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Like a blue Tamia mentioned those are mutual terms. If they are mentioned together, then each one of them would mean something different. Okay. But when they are mentioned separate separately, they could mean both. If it's like Islam, amen.

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Right. What do you say Islam and Eman together in one sentence when Islam talks about the five pillars, a man talks about the six articles of faith. Okay. But when you say Islam, you could mean amen to right. Right? Yeah, I got you. So when you say is that care, you're talking about the mandatory portion that you must pay out of your wealth.

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In general, let's take for example, the cattle man, the 2.5%.

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That is zeca

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sadaqa. His donations is the extra is the voluntary is like you're praying for a cause. And you pray for before for a cause or two based on the Hadith, and two after. So Zakat and sadaqah mentioned together,

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right Zakah would go to the obligatory obligatory and sadaqa would go to voluntary voluntary, but sometimes when you say sadaqa by itself, you could mean the cat right right. And this is actually herdsmen emmalee him sada right. Take from their wealth sadaqa what is meant by the word sada here to get the cattle man? Yeah, the mandatory Yeah. And why? Because it was mentioned by itself. When Allah Subhana Allah spoke about the places where we should place our cattle man, the mandatory the obligatory portion, he said, in Masada to, indeed the sadaqa, which is the plural of the word sadaqa will fukada to the poor and the needy and so forth. Okay, so zeca sadaqa mentioned together Zakah

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would go to the mandatory, the 2.5% provided that you have that in SOP, it's called the threshold, which is normally measured by gold or silver, that you have cash saved that can buy you 85 grams of gold, okay? Or if you use silver 595 grams of silver, okay, and you saved it for a whole year. We're talking about a lunar year a lunar year the surplus the surplus then this or more By the way, if you have 85 grams or more 595 or more right, then what you need to do is you pay 2.5% from that mandatory on the surplus and what do you mean Yeah, you're not on the whole amount the amount that's over 85? No, all of it the whole amount the whole amount not in the surplus okay? Okay. The whole

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amount okay is accountable Okay, you must pay for it. Now sada is the voluntary is the voluntary it's optional, right? You can give this man but why we're saying this because a lot of the people they go and throw donations into massage it into fundraising, and they never calculate the capital supposed to calculate your capital man is back to the opposite. Yes, you can add to this when you pay the capital man, it must be the intention before because right the act must be preceded by the intention that this is a capital man. This money that I'm giving right now is for my cattle man. Okay. Now there is something called the cattle filter.

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Ill filter is the breaking of the fast for those who are fasting Ramadan, they must pay their care at the end of the month. And this is what is meant by the cattle. The cattle Mel means here man means money, right wealth, so the wealth I accumulate throughout the year. I give

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If I reach the threshold I pay 2.5% of it to the people that fit into the designated Canada mandatory soccer right the annual there is the car for the harvest to if you're a farmer right right for animals to pile on for actually Kaz things, treasures that you discover right or take out of Earth, okay. So for each there are certain items right but the most famous gold silver cash Okay, okay fair enough.

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Now this is a capital map, okay sadaqa is anything that you give extra right? Anything that you give extra certain now is a capital fit is related to the month of Ramadan and the end of the month of Ramadan. Okay Rasulullah sallallahu Allah Allah and this is by the way, one of the places where the sooner legislated the cultural fit was not legislated in the Quran. It was legislated in this room, just to show us that show you the status of Rasulullah sallallahu. He is a legislator is someone who legislates he was given the permission to legislate Allah Susana llamada Samhita live nama srivari father Rasulullah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made it mandatory upon every Muslim,

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young or old, slave or free, male or female. The cattle fits Okay. And then he identified the portion. So the cattle fit is mandatory upon every Muslim pay attention here, regardless whether he is fasting or not. Regardless whether he's male or female, regardless whether he is a child or old, even if he's under the age of puberty, even children, even children have to face a catalyst. That's Yeah, who pays it Malik the head of the family? This is the view. Okay, okay. The matter is debated upon, debated by scholars that it's an individual duty and so forth. But the majority of the jurist they say it is a duty upon the head of the household, the one who takes care of the family, you

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count how many people are in your house 1234568 and you give the cattle on their behalf on their behalf to shake it, thank you for pointing that out that they got the fitters is, has been made obligatory by the sooner because many people say oh, you know, many good people with good intention. They say, Oh, this is just as soon but this is a great point. And this is mandatory in the conference room. That's right. But the difference now between the Catamounts you got to fit you mentioned there's a counterfeiter is different somehow every single Muslim has to pay together right even if the father paid for the child or whatever but there's a kettlebell only for adults or not

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for children actually it's for will through the kettlebell the view that as long as you have wealth even children, okay, who possess will, okay, okay, you see, right once it comes to the car, we're dealing with the wealth we're not dealing with the individual

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rather, like if you're taking care of an orphan and that orphan owns 100 properties or acres of land Yeah, which is a lot of money you must be the account that will okay even if the orphan is under the age of puberty okay. This is the view the consensus here okay of the schoolers okay. But just to to to add something here

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like in the capital man, we mentioned that you must have what is known to be nisab which is in English The best way to translate is the threshold Yes, that a minimum yes or more?

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What about the cattle fed? They say that if you own process, the provision for your family for one day or more then you have you owe it okay? You owe it is likely to get the matter where you have a lunar year so say you paid Ramadan or any month you have a lunar year does it get the fitter can be paid in llama has to be paid and it has to be paid you see is a cattle fitter has to do with fasting and I'm alone, right? It's at the end of the fasting of the month of Ramadan. And like we mentioned that the very beginning of the show Malik that was also Allah. Allah mentioned the wisdom behind it. Okay, Hadith, Abdullah Hebner Best Western an Abbe de wood. Toma Lily Massa keen, it was meant to be

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a provision for the poor and the needy in order not to ask people on the day of aid okay as a real community purpose, yes, community purpose and purify yourself. And now the second portion, the second wisdom which is so important, what Ohara the saw him and it purifies and cleanses the shortcomings of every fasting person, like we said, after we pray, sometimes we get consumed with with with thoughts, sometimes the presence of the heart and mind is not there in the Salah. That is why right after we do the slim, we come out of the Salah, we say a step for Allah. Likewise, our fasting should have been

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According to a certain standard at least the standard of not dealing not we end up dealing we end up committing

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miners what human beings right now the southern cattle, the cattle filter or southern cotton sometimes called Southern Yes. You mentioned it yes it's it's interchangeable and changeable the the alternative also it was meant to her aside it purifies the fasting person from a rough from bad looks you know that you did not lower your gaze or speaking in decencies are healing and so forth. So it serves both the needy and those who are fasting and they have shortcomings to perfect the fasting Okay, wonderful. Yeah, the community aspect the collective aspect and the individual aspect okay. Shake there's a raging debate or ongoing dialogue or discussion regarding how to pay this so

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some guy says Hey, man, I'm gonna pay this much money. Another guy says I'm going to give dates and barley only another guy says I will feed people with the food of the local communities wherever they may be Malaysia or America or whatever the local food is. So how can we clarify this what is acceptable what is what is the same now what is the best way to perform this and to to do this Zack actual physical trauma or Azusa? Salama?

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Alive nama fribble Howdy, Tom its food The sooner it's food you provided abuse Idaho the law said that it should be the food of the country where you live okay. So even so Hadith of the Lima Omar named burly named raisin and forth but this was the food of the people of Medina okay but the word Toma the food the provision of the country okay like in Egypt people love rice right bread rice all the time and bread right so you should give them rice dried rice okay or the wheat or whatever they make bread from right so that so this is the sun okay that so that the food of the country the food of the place would you live okay but now that the quantity is because of a social alcoholism with

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with certain quantities with with raising and stuff he named SAR which is full and full like this and I hope the brothers would have the camera close up the quantities the full which is for the size four mode, this is called mood

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and for those four of those, yes, four of those okay now, but the quantity would be different according to you know the type of food we're talking about, but it should be trauma. Okay, now we do have the view of the Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah which is adopted by so many Muslims that he can give the value in money. Like a very famous in in America. They don't even ask about the cattle. How much is the cattle foot $10

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but actually the rulings by the way regarding this method, Malik Shafi Ahmed say no, also sallallahu wasallam identified that it should be given as food, okay, now we cannot leave that and go. But logistically, you'll find it a little bit difficult some pieces and some situation Yeah, too. And maybe we can go over that in Okay, let's take this phone call from Brother Mohammed from Egypt. Before we do that, inshallah Sheikh Mohammed, thank you for calling Salaam Alaikum Welcome to hasten to goodness.

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I just had a quick climate control that that I hope I don't make too many comments over the next few hours. But as I come back from Paraguay, I kind of sit down and hear a little bit English. But I just wanted to say a couple things. I hate Mubarak to everyone and I asked the last kind of banner that Abdullah Salman OPM, and it's almost

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that he accept from us all of our prayers and RPM, and so forth. And I just wanted to possibly have the chef maybe touch upon this and I don't know if it's the right time or not. But many people on the day they kind of forget that we just fasted 30 days of Ramadan, that we were just crying and asked him Allah soprano Dinah to forgive our sin, that we were making tea and we're making students we were trying not to eat too much. We're trying not to send much we're trying to do a lot of good deeds. inshallah, at the end of the day on Yeoman, a just like we just took off the other of Ramadan. And we put back on the same old either that we've been trying to take off for the past 30

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days. So I just wanted to touch base on that. I've seen it a lot in the States, especially even women coming to the masjid with Multijet for what 408 and I'm sure this was prominent all over the United States or the West. I haven't seen too much here in Egypt come to that. But as the shift can touch upon this would be great.

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Thank you so much, Brother Mohammed. Mashallah, very, it's so sad that you know,

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The Satans are loose already. They fade, and you find people committing so many sins on the day fade as if a lot of the people they look at aid as you were jailed. Yes, you were imprisoned. And now like it's a free for all. Yes, I will. Yeah, this really defeated the whole purpose of Ramadan. Right, you know lol home via de la la quinta, Pune. So you may attain righteousness and piety. Right? That means you carry on, right? What you're doing so it is not a party. No, in a negative sense. It's really sad. And I know exactly what he is saying that a lot of these communities they throw these eight parties and you start seeing that mixing between genders and Ryan people are just

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doing all type of things it's that they have a they have joy.

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No, we we don't enjoy at the expense of the disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala it's absolutely wrong. Malik shaking defense of these people, because I've seen this as well. I think that people that do engage in these kind of behaviors, many of them Honestly, I don't think they understand. I think it's a cultural tradition that's been handed down by generation. And they think this is what we're gonna do this and that. So perhaps with education, we would understand You know what, it's absolutely you you just got it a lot of these people they for them that they fail they were brought up to do this right. Their parents do this brought them up. This is what we do for eight years.

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Eight cannot be without this. Yes. Even so there are a lot of violations. But the solution is education.

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We take the phone call from Brother Mohammed when we think of first phone call, you had mentioned the issue of money and giving the catheter and money and you mentioned logistical problems now in the 21st century look it's hard to find the person that to give it to perhaps or whatever issue people have I think we have two issues. Issue number one finding that person right when you give food to this is number one

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number two

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you know

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a lot of the people don't even know what to bring to those people whether the recipient the recipient of the one who's receiving the cattle fits actually aware of the cattle federal not upon you know it's easy here in the Muslim world right I you know, it's so easy people know what to do a lot of the poor and the needy they know what to get and they know but over there they don't right so you go to somebody with a bag of flour Asian barley or

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rice is like what is this right

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what do we do like something strange? Yes. And and and now they are used to that routine? What is the routine

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a lot of the Muslims are really adopted and this is in the United States. And I'm not condoning this. I'm actually advocate for trauma that it should be good in food. Okay. So they adopted the view of Abu hanifa Rahim Allah which is you know, there it's right. I mean, if you're going to blindly follow Him, that's fine. So what they end up doing they just throw those older messages in the United States or Europe I'm sure they have these boxes. Yes, the cattle fed and dropped in the US now they end up collecting this money and how they do this they go apply for the cattle fit from the community in the United States and they end up dispersing that money right to them so they are

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expecting money so the recipients are expecting money it's easier for the people to give money because they don't know who are domestic right and they don't know what to get they do you know they do you want to put the work right? Yeah, we have to take a short break but shake but I've seen people put the money in the box directly before right before they eat prayer. So the person didn't receive the money then right? So this is the bill will cover let's talk about when can you pay it and when you cannot pay it and when you pay it actually after a certain after salata ad is no longer considered. Okay, that'll fit Okay, we'll explain we'll detail that and show Okay, are you guys for

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that right from the shake? We're going to make some give you more explanation regarding to get the fitter and the proper way to paid inshallah, so stay tuned for more hastily goodness after the short break.

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Welcome back to hasten to goodness, we're talking about the catheter, as the month of Ramadan begins to to reach the end of the month of Ramadan. As it comes to a close we have to know how to pay to get the fitter. Who to pay it to and when to pay when is the deadline, so to speak. Say Kareem. Thank you for clarifying these issues.

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With us excellent point

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now we're approaching the end of Ramadan when should we pay this? I would imagine you should pay in the beginning to give people time to prepare for the day of aid. Is that true? Is there a deadline I suppose we could use that term Well here are the the importance of this

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number one the cattle filter is to be paid the last night of Ramadan that's one view or before the dawn of the day of a difficulty I'll let's but but this would apply to what Malik to your neighbor right that you're going to take it and go to your neighbor in the morning and right you know him you know, and you know, he's gonna cook it and he's expecting you to not go Yes, yes, you know that you know that so the night the last one the sunsets right and decided that tomorrow is the first show where we can go ahead and from that time until selected

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and you know, this is the ideal time but this like you said it's extremely difficult in a lot of cases. Right? Right. And a lot of communities it's almost about it's ideal in a community where they know one another right my neighbor lives right there five doors from me right there. Right there you Caritas salado. Yes. That's the ideal, you bring joy into the house. That's it, that's what is meant by it. But now logistically, this is difficult right? Now, abnormal mentioned that we used to give it two days before that, like the 28th, right, you know, the 29th give people some time. So give people some time to disperse it.

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Why, if you're going to benefit from it, basically, right? If you're if you're good, because at the end of the day, it looks like if you're not amongst that rank who gives to the individuals you're going to end up giving it to an organization right? That organization needs time of course to distribute it to distribute it you know, to give to the people you know, to before because it will defeat its purpose if it's not given before eight right Even so, that organization and I will mention the evidence later on is allowed to hold the capital first until after the defect and the person who gave it is not at fault if I give Yeah, as long as you give in it beforehand and I will

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give the evidence okay.

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Regarding the the cotton fields, we're gonna come to this inch, okay, okay, but what I'm trying to say is two days before eight maximum now until Salatu a dibner. Best said that until solidly, the Imam stands to lead the Salah. You know, so often It begins with the Salah, right? Hmm, yes, different to john and then and then the hookah. Now, when the Imam stands Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, the ecomm. The I'm sorry, the there is no karma for it. But he says

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that basically, it's over. Deadline deadline, okay, behind that you're a sinner. The person is asking Yes, for delaying it. And but the scholars, they say go ahead and give it as for forgiveness, yada, yada, right? and hoping that Allah will forgive your sins, okay. But there is a great deal of misconception amongst a lot of Muslims, they say, and they actually attribute this Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam, and they say, the fasting of Ramadan is hanging, they actually say that and waiting for you to pay zakat. But that's not to say no, that's not true. This Hadith is fabricated, okay, it is not to be attributed to Rasul Allah.

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But yet, the cattle fitter is one of the acts of the last 10 nights of the month, but gradually comes now what I wanted to say quickly is

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allow ideally, if you're not going to take charge of distributing or getting your cattle fitter to those who actually qualify to receive it, then ideally allow these organizations time. So we should go with the two days Okay, prior or even earlier some of the scholars say so that you allow these organizations to disperse this before I before you get into the evidences which make this permissible. I do have a question. Here here perhaps I can share with you. Perhaps I'm busy I want to pay this, I guess even the first week of Ramadan know what, like, I can't do that. No, the last night of the month has been the last time it's one of the acts of the last night Okay, okay. Okay.

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Because it's supposed to be at the end of the Act, okay. He sees a cattle filter is the end of the Act. That's why we say ideally when the sunset

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Okay, okay and you decided the moon that this is sure well, okay, wonder then this because it's so hot on the side, right? Okay supposed to beautify your fat and it's meant for IE yeah not fasted yet. Right? Right. So and also it's meant for a day it was meant also to help them on the day. Okay, great so it will defeat its purpose. Okay Now you mentioned something that perhaps maybe people might think is controversial. It's permissible to give money to the organization who then gives the money? I didn't say it's permissible. My mom so I'm sorry, you don't have anything on the view of Abby honey. Okay, see the three imams Malik Shafi they stood the ground, because the text is crystal

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clear. That torna sacchetto filter is food. Okay, okay, given in food. Okay, now LML Abu hanifa Rahim Allah is the only one who said that the value of that food in money can be given in a state of the food. So I'm conveying or just passing on the ruling. Okay, okay. Let me do an individual but you also do an organization. And you said there was a hadith that said the organization can take the food and hold it after you get the food there. And that's okay. You see that the problem with holding the food and some of these countries is I think some of that it has to be dried food. It cannot be food that Yeah, like rice, barley. Yes. Yeah.

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You know, some some of the good organizations in the United States they came up with a beautiful way to handle this is they ended up issuing food coupons. You like that the food coupons in America? Yeah. Like if you're in a social service. Yeah. Yeah. You know, and you qualify. Yeah. So they would give each person $100 food coupon go and buy what you need what you need from the store. Okay, this is ideally you can do that. Okay. So instead of so they would collect the money. Look at this, they collect money, but they still disperse what food left, right, right. Yes. coupons only good for food, good for food. Ah, yeah, go and cash it. Yeah. So this is a good way to to achieve the purpose

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to achieve the purpose at the end of the day, okay, that the people would give money and but a lot of communities they found it easier on them just to see how many applications people applied for the cattle filter, and they see how much cash they collected, right. And as a result of this, they go ahead and equally they distribute that amount to those who requested but in any rate, an organization that and that's where I wanted to bring that you come to and bring Hadith Abu hurayrah is entitled to hold the capital fifth, whether it is money, or whether it is food food, after elate

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and the evidence has been right alongside Muslim Hassan Bukhari. It's authentic, it's hanging yes chain of narration, what is known to the experts of Hadith but hijab connected the the chain and it's authentic, that Allah Susilo Lavalier Salam placed Abu Abu hurayrah rhodiola, one in charge of guarding solder cuttlefish. This was after eight Yes, he collected so much date dates from the the community and the solder cartel and was not disturbed yet. So he asked about the law and to guard it. And the first night someone came in a form of you know, later on, we found out that it's a genie who stole from it. And then Abu hurayrah captured them and he said, I'm going to take you to the

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Messenger of Allah. And then he said, Listen, you know, I'm poor and needy and so forth. And, and and please let me go, so before I release them, so in the morning of Azusa Salam actually asked him, What did you do with your man yesterday, a lot revealed to him right happen in Abu hurayrah Sidious. Allah He complained to me about his financial situation, and his poverty and I released him provided that he would not come back. And then the Messenger of Allah said, you know, he's lying, and he will be back. So I waited for him. He called him for the second day and he released them. And the third day he said to him, if you release me, I will tell you a piece of knowledge and we know about it,

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and I was so found of seeking knowledge before you go to sleep, recite ayatul kursi. Allah will send an angel who will guard you until you wake up in the morning. And then the Messenger of Allah said to Abu hurayrah, sadhaka wahaca loop. He told you something that is so true, it is true. Meanwhile, he is a liar. So this is the evidence for that. What can that statement mean? Exactly? He's a liar. Can we believe what he says? What does that mean? shaitan tells it he lies all the time. So anytime, you know that Jin do lie to humans. You know, that goes to the people who sometimes they they act like they are, you know, like they're trying to extract the gin out of the bodies of exercises.

00:34:52--> 00:34:58

Right, right. Yes. And then the gin would speak to them and then they would believe them.

00:34:59--> 00:34:59

These guys are

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

liars nice gentlemen are liars. But once it came to this one he is true and this point is truthful. And this point is the it tells you automatic that you know

00:35:10--> 00:35:53

if a liar tells you the truth, then you're you're obliged to take Yeah, imagine this became an adopted son before we go to sleep actually should know that we recite Atul corsi with the intention of being guarded from Jin supanova when we sleep throughout the night and imagine who told that sooner right. But again, we don't have the Messenger of Allah amongst us right now to do it will let us know to filter out what the gym tell us for us. We're gonna open that is why it's amazing that some people, they they claim that they speak to the gym and the gym told me that well the gym is a liar. How do you know that he's telling the truth? The only message I can tell us whether he's

00:35:53--> 00:35:59

telling the truth or not. Yes, regarding to get the fitter, perhaps somebody didn't pay it. Now the question is for this person or these people?

00:36:00--> 00:36:42

Is their Ramadan accepted? Is it valid? Is it effective? Those are two different acts. Okay, Ramadan is in the scale of his bassinet if He fasted, okay, inshallah, not paying the capital fit is in the scale of his sin supanova. Okay, let's separate the two. I think the Hadith and I quoted the Hadith earlier that they attribute to the Messenger of Allah, that the fasting of Ramadan is hanging between the heavens and the earth until you pay the cattle. It's not it's not it's not authentic. Okay, right. Okay, but yet the capital filter is mandatory, okay? It's not optional. Okay. So now if you do not pay, this is in the your skill of sins. Okay. Okay, shake up. There's a question related

00:36:42--> 00:37:04

to the day of IE. Perhaps we can answer this briefly towards the end of the show here. A lot of people they kind of forget about it. But they put a big emphasis on wearing new clothes is that from the sooner that a cultural practice is wearing new clothes on the on the Delphi is to be cheerful is to be happy okay? You know smiley and smelling good and active and okay.

00:37:05--> 00:37:50

And positive and an Easterner okay but you do this at the expense of abandoned executors right. That's the right of the poor and the needy. Okay. Remember Malik The reason why is a cattle slaughter was legislated so that the poor and the needy do not go around and big people okay, that they have what suffices them for them okay, so they can join as well exactly because the kids also they have kids so they can you know, this is a family affair It's a family matter here you know, I always hear that are respected. She used to say look, the sign of accepted Ramadan is if you continue these good behaviors after Ramadan so truly the first opportunity you have after I eat is

00:37:50--> 00:38:02

praying the fudger prayer praying salsa and making sure you pay the ticket the fifth right so if you miss these people that are that goes to Brother Mohammed's earlier question the earlier color

00:38:04--> 00:38:28

you know assign a lot of a lot of the people when they go to Hajj and when they fast llama they are always puzzled with that question was my fasting was my has accepted the first sign measure assess yourself before and after the act before Ramadan and after Ramadan if you will back to before you were before Ramadan

00:38:29--> 00:38:35

is not a good time. Okay, if you have improved i'm not i'm not you know, I'm not I'm not saying that you're going to end up to be mister.

00:38:37--> 00:39:14

Right righteous here. 24 seven, right, right. But Ramadan should have already built up certain habits in you. Right, like praying to hydrate at night right should not abandon bring fledgeling the machine should not abandon fasting. So fashion. So last thing six days. I was wondering, I've always wondered about the sooner because after fashion with Ramadan, you think our 16th is going to be challenging. Why now I want to take a break right? That's ideal. But why is that? What's the wisdom behind the 16th show? I lost the Prophet salaallah Salah mentioned that whoever first Ramadan and follow the six days as if He fasted the whole year.

00:39:15--> 00:39:44

The whole year? Yeah. So because your discipline your continued you're following up Ramadan was something productive. That's why the Sunnah, yeah, that's why the sooner that we follow the obligatory with with with voluntary to show your commitment. Okay, wonderful. We have a couple minutes left, perhaps we can just give the people a reminder to make sure to pay to get the fitter. And when and what perhaps or someone's are tuning in now. When should they be paid? What part of the mug in the kettle shirts is mandatory upon every Muslim?

00:39:45--> 00:40:00

Born even if he was born? That's why by law by the way, it's well that's why it's important. Like if he was born the night after sunset, the last night of the month, then he's out. Then he's in trouble.

00:40:00--> 00:40:07

isn't easy that's bait that's why the ruling when you have to pay it is important if when you have to pay this advisor then you have to pay zakat

00:40:09--> 00:40:34

that's where the so any new even if he was born during the month to some extent that some jurists actually said that you know that babies inside the womb the pregnant woman right that there is no evidence for this. So only the kids they they've been delivered that delivered and and the Indians the household that the head of the household are in charge for paying

00:40:35--> 00:40:49

Zakat also for every person who's living under the roof of his house, okay? And it should be paid before salata late this is the deadline here and of course it should be paid earlier. And

00:40:50--> 00:40:52

you know should also

00:40:53--> 00:41:07

be food ideally okay if you're gonna disperse it yourself to the people if not then you know if you choose to follow the view of Abu hanifa Rahim Allah go ahead and give it in money. But give it early also so that people can tie

00:41:08--> 00:41:33

your bones with it you know the the organization so that they can distribute it or at least disperse the money so that they can buy food for the day shake one quick question we you title this program hastened to goodness so Indeed Allah has given us many ways to perform goodness by praying by fasting and also simply by giving food it's a beautiful act in simply brings injects goodness in the community so it's certainly easy to do as well so there's nothing supporting one another yeah well one Omar

00:41:35--> 00:42:18

the rich are taking care of the poor that's what Islam is all about right? This is Islam in action Malik right without this Islamic just talk talk right right Islam is action these are the actions This is what shows you this is what shows you shows you that you are a Muslim right this is it so if I drive a Mercedes I live in a big house but I still care about my brother Muslim and it's the hub also there is wealth among them and poor so I think this is a support to one another so unity loving one another okay the bond loving the wealthy and the wealthy are taking care of the poor one oma one on my show not sucking the blood of one another giving on usury. Look at the the capital. Oh yeah,

00:42:18--> 00:42:25

the poor are sucking literally they literally, I'll give you money, but give me 10% right, taking their life's big

00:42:26--> 00:42:47

lamb is a beautiful religion. Just practice it. Thank you so much for your time. It was definitely I certainly appreciate it and you guys at home Don't forget to get online and follow us on Facebook through w three slash hastened to goodness you guys I look forward to seeing you next time inshallah. So until then I live in the care of Allah Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh