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Fiqh Made Easy – Wudu (Ablution) – Part 1

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Let it go.

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It wasn't 6606

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listing jell

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o listing sharp. That's right. That sniffing not

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snapping on the water

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listing jet

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which is the removal of the immunities using water. So those are our

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models removing the dirt in this area with the join

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added one more, which really are at the 11th largest level in

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the circumcision for men

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and it's seeking medical

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So, can we name them again?

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These are the highest jeans for Muslim

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top how many days can you let the hair under the lip?

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The mustache

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and the private area and the nails grow

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14 1414 days is when

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she should not allow over 40 days. So you have to

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about what are the what just to share. also share in just a

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taxi the lower the shortening of the moustache.

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We begin today

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Babel turns to Google

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what is the difference between wild woo

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and woo

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woo is that? Where do we set whoo

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This is where the Arabic language is a

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what is the difference between the two months after the unabomber was

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When we first saw that what affects our attitude?

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Alaikum met a lady you talk about me

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meets the requirements of the position of

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law rule is the act itself is the washing

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what oh, Phil Logan, who was the first one Nevada

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the meaning of linguistically is looking beautiful

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without having a monitor while the man

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This woman is what the what the I mean they have a lot more

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meaning they are than watching

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having a normal

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what we'll do officially Who was that man and man he either

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technically but normally what they do is they will define something according to its linguistic with the word derives from

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and then after that, they give you the technical usage of the words that you use water on four levels in your body

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in order to prepare yourself for the Salah.

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So use the input lens of your body in a certain way What are these four lens

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what are the four lenses will you suppose

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The widow or

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the woman was raised their hands and their feet their feet

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in a certain way,

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in a swift

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what is the ruling regarding Moodle? It is mandatory provided that you want to perform solo.

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But when you mean

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do you have to have an intention for a certain solo?

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The understand that actually, when you meet

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you say

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that the intention is to aim to put yourself in a state of a state of the heart that you really put that's the Muslim read the Koran, it's recommended to do tinker with it. When Nabil sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a lack of the Hadith so bad.

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He shouldn't have either.

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stuffy wall and tofu wa llamo and nephila medicos Allah Sala, look at this one, you have a high level ui 11.

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And only a delever will be always on a state of modal and they'll have the one that has been the alarm and so that you are always in a state of the horror or when you perform it you keep up with what

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lower as who you are, you perform it properly.

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But of course the immediate meaning that you become a state of the heart because we live in a state of taharah. So Panama was willing to do that. It's better when you decide the Ferraris better, instead of having to go

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and imagine the Tikka

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Tikka mania to

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imagine the end of this if you always maintain a steady state of Bihar imagine the Angel of Death comes to you when you are

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when you are on a state

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Medallia Allah UI what is the evidence? We said the ruling regarding it's mandatory if you're gonna pray what is the evidence I can see in this app we're in married sorry yeah, you're Latina? Either home to have solidarity. From Cebu How could we add a chameleon Morocco to one stop? Oh boo boo si como la jolla.

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Those are the fall into like,

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oh you delete? If you want to break What do you need to do? sudo

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What idea come in Morocco. Wash your face, your hands to suffered to SQL. What are jeweler? electronic?

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Well, how did he Salalah he was he was sandan ludy Roger boo, an email Muslim.

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Larry yakovenko law was written.

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While as far back as

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the Prophet says a lot will not accept a Salah without one

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without bahara and he will not accept a sadaqa from

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money that been stolen.

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Well, kolu salam O Allah, your Salah

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models for less than

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La La scaletta man data had the one

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who ever goes to the bathroom, your needs or difficulties or classes, we had our father

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his villa until he makes food

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while you start a Boolean search

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for your boo to be valid. You must be a Muslim.

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in a state of sanity

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know what you're doing Law Attorneys intention.

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This is a key.

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your intention is to make

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and you should even articulate it should receive attention because it may have what is the intention in the near

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near camera

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as well.

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That you resolve that you're gonna do that

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There has to be what

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meets the requirements like we spoke earlier, the water has to be intact, it cannot be messed up once it comes to the smell

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the color. And that is so these three requirements in the water must be a

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is a contemporary issue, especially when it comes to systems.

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Nothing should prevent the water from reaching the limits.

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I'm talking about the woman who plays what

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nail polish in the names the sisters, of course, when you have nail polish,

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I understand that they came up with certain types. Now what I don't know if this is correct or not, but I don't think so. But this would prevent the water from reaching the limbs. And that's an invitation to the systems not to place nail polish, because this will

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affect the validity of the rule. And consequently the salon

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of course if a person went to the bathroom,

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so he has to do is ditch mouth or what is the gem basically has to remove the impurities from his body

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and unconditionally and for the validity of your rule that it must come one after another you shouldn't go and wash your hand for example. And then you receive a phone call. And then you go and talk over the phone for 1520 minutes and you come back and what and you resume from there so it's going to move on and that you have to continuously follow the link after the loop. If there is a part of seconds or seconds that's fine. Like if you have to go and grab something that's fine. But I'm talking about extended duration of time between the limbs that is not permissible and the yarn will collapse

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the sequence you have to follow the sequence

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are a lot of students that we could address a lot of recommended things and certainly

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something that a lot of Muslims do not do

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we have a project

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that is available are your sentiment no sell off or look at what the

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caller already has and try and kill Valley Jani the Hadees is we're sending in Hawaii level to the mainland near to Cory Smith Bahia Holly

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lawudo had enough if you don't see this relay before you need

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it you should know if you can resolve

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amongst the people because a lot of people do not see this with them of course you know Allah Allah Allah nephew the nephew will cannot

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do that you're not gonna have a person to do but you do still work mama when you hear that loud will do

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the negation no enough here good nephew Tanner hadn't left the costly shape that you negate the ethics of

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like how do you fit in one more healer you mean by Allah is not

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the one who does not treat his neighbors will

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either win against Islam or negating the perfect man

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that you are an affiliate Eman Fie Islam then he man did what?

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He is not a believer.

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But he is what

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a Muslim. McCloskey man lol he

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is Li

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Li Melania charisma bayala he would adapt will tell that you're negating the perfection of

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old lady Salalah Holly Lola and Ashoka Mattila

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in the

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is the common

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no one amongst the people that the Prophet said having

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made it difficult overburdened by I would have legislated or mandated upon them to use the C word

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every time the

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hospital can fail in

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Washington watching the

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same goes for the bomb

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because at the beginning especially if you went to the bathroom that's something that a lot of people do not

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exaggerating with the mobile whatever you feel is in Shanti Illa m takuna for Emma

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exaggerate with you mother. Unless you want

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your friends

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this is also something that is

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forgotten. Another thing that is forgotten

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for was a lot of Muslims a lot have they forgotten this sooner but inshallah

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inshallah you're supposed to

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go like this and do

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especially that the brothers were bought.

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There are brothers Rob Michelle and

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his brother, Jonathan z to realize

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Of course, that beam will luminol and use raffia they do have these legs line with us right before the left at tech lead. Phil what you will hear that you are implying that you do it three times of course if you do one time is what still valid but three times

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a lot of people don't remember the VIX they remember which comes right after the what is the big we said it before

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ma'am in

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the US.

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if you make Hulu and you make a boo boo then you say hello under the law in the law what the Buddha said he can watch hamedan pseudo Illa foodie had Lahu unwearable genetic family and yet the pulumi Aisha la vaca look at this act.

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If you say Chateau de la la la

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la Dora food

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the aid gates agenda will be open for you You get to choose from which one you enter. Of course there is that increase as a Muslim as a Muslim, there is an addition to it, which is what a loving modality may not be what you need alchemy mineral Buddha at

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the heart of a

00:18:27--> 00:18:28

spiritual power

00:18:29--> 00:18:39

in a the physical power Oh Allah make me amongst those who perform the spiritual bahala which is because we put who spoke about

00:18:40--> 00:18:53

the spiritual one which is the sentence now you're asking a lot to help you to make repentance so you get rid of that spiritual sin that surely the sins that contacted the heart because of the little

00:18:55--> 00:19:06

naka de Soto soda daddy and you also asked her last panel amongst the ghosts purify themselves physically

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enough today. inshallah. So remember this because we

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know part one. So we're gonna quiz you

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Yana. We're going to talk about the newly Pfizer flu. That is

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why we have to make mobile in certain cases.

00:19:44--> 00:19:49

And when it's recommended to be careful, you want to cover this so you want to wait.

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Yeah, okay, let's go.