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The conversation discusses the impact of culture on people's values and goals, specifically the age of marriage for men and women. The age of marriage is the lowest age to get married, and young women are married at the age of 12. The importance of apologizing for mistakes and not apologizing for media coverage is emphasized. The need for schools to empower women is also emphasized.

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Where people even in Muslim lands, they want to take American values. And they're not all bad, but the ones that go against Islam, they want them as well. And they see that their way their values, their culture is the best.

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And to give examples of the impact of this or to explain it further, our one of our teachers shall Jaffa Idris Allahu Allah. He said he was in what was back then known as Czechoslovakia. And he was at a gathering that he didn't like. So he left. And he got lost trying to find his hotel room. So he says, I asked this Czech lady to give me directions to the hotel. And she gave me the directions in full Chuck. So I told her that I don't understand she repeated the same directions in Czech, but just slower. And when I told her I don't understand again, he said she hit me and walked away. Why was he frustrated? her frustration was, Why can't you understand me? I spoke to you clearly. And

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slowly. Why don't you understand? Why because in her mind, you have to speak Czech, we're guilty of the same thing here in America, when someone doesn't speak English, you know, they are made fun of or they're told, you know, to leave, and so on and so forth. The French are guilty of the same thing that we go to France. And we're upset that people don't speak English there. That's ethnocentrism, or a form of it. And then in the French people refuse to speak any other language, even if they can speak English, they see French as superior.

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Or how we see that the British or Indians drive on the wrong side of the road is not the wrong side of the road that just the other side, or how English speaking people see Arabic, as written backwards, it's not backwards, it's just the other direction. Or how some people see Europe as a continent. Even though it's not a continent. Yeah, and even scientifically, Europe is not a continent. So it became a continent as a result of eurocentrism that they saw themselves as so important that a part of Asia became a continent, even though it does not sit on its own tectonic plate, or anything of that sort. And by the way, not every country in the world teaches that there

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are seven continents, many teach six continents. The point is, how does this affect religion?

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Our same Chef jaffery. Allah, he said, I was at a conference in the UK, and it was question and answer time. And someone put his hand up. And he said, why is it that we can eat pork?

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He said, before I could answer the question. The organizer said, Let me handle this question. And he asked that person, he said, Why didn't you put your hand up and ask, why can't we eat dogs in Islam? Because you don't live amongst a majority that eat dogs. So you don't question your own values against the values of the majority. But because you live amongst people that eat pork, you start to question yourself your own values and say, why can't we eat pork? Because everyone else is doing it. So you start to see their way their value as correct. Or maybe there's nothing wrong with it. And you start to question your own values in light of that, in the same way, and this is perhaps the

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bigger point of the hook. But when someone asks you, why is it that your prophet married a young woman, meaning I shall be Allah? Why not? And even some Muslims are very confused about this issue. Why did your prophet marry a young woman. And this also is part of what is known as present ism. And present ism is when you project the views of the present onto the past. Or another definition is the tendency to infer interpret past events in terms of modern values and concepts. So you believe your values are so correct, that you have the right to travel 1400 years back in time to another part of the world and say, why didn't they back then have the values that we have today? So how do we answer

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the question of the age of Arusha? When someone asked me, Why is it your prophet married a young girl? The first question in response is, how old would you have liked her to be?

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And no matter what number they give you, they're now in trouble because they have no evidence to support they're number. One of the things most likely they'll tell you 18 if they tell you 18 Why 18? How did you come up with this number 18 Is there anything in biology that says 18 is the best age to get married, because if you go to biology, you're going to be destroyed. Because as far as biology is concerned, once the age the girl reaches menses, that means she's able to have children. If she's able to have children, she could get married biologically. Then there's also the psychosocial maturity. That's

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other topic, but the question is why 18. And for those who are interested, how the West came up with this number 18, there's no study behind it, not in psychology, not in biology, nothing. One of the things is that Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, or the Greek thinker, he said that and for no reason with no backup or, or research to support this, he said that a girl reaches or a woman reaches the peak of her life at the age of 18. And the male reaches the peak of his life at the age of 37, or something 37 or 38, no evidence, no science behind it, but just magically throw out the number 18, which most people accepted. So when they told you, when you when you ask them, What age

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would you have liked her to be if they say 16? Ask them Why? If they say 15 ask them why if they say 19, ask them why. And they will not have any reasoning, besides, our society accepted that number. And the sad truth is, it is not the number in America. And in most dates in or in, in most states, with the exception of a few. Yes, 18 is the age when you can marry yourself off. But it's not the age when you can get married. The age when you can get married varies from one place to another. In the state of Massachusetts, it's 12 years old, meaning if your parents sign off, or a judge signs off, you can get married at age 12. Here in American ed in the state of Massachusetts, and Alaska

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and Vermont, you have to be 14, or you can be 14 and get married in Mississippi is 15 for girls and 17. for boys. 22 states have the age of 16 as the minimum age, and what Rhode Island has 16 for girls and 18 for boys, and so on and so forth. So no one ever said that 18 is when you can get married, even your culture, your values, your law says you can get married under that age as long as parents or some judge signs off. So the issue is,

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there is no science behind any number that anybody puts out. If you want to use strict science, biologically, when a girl reaches menses she can get married, but that only is the biological side when then there is the sole psychosocial maturity. So then the question is, if the girl is psycho socially mature, Jani mentally mature, then what is the objection to her getting married? Now, we're not arguing this point. Because we don't believe a girl at age 11 should get married today. Why? Because the world has changed so much that she needs years and years of schooling in order to be able to understand this world that she lives in. And also, there's a lot of immaturity until the age

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of 20, something possibly she could still be playing with toys and what have you. So we're not arguing that. We're just saying, You're saying your culture is so correct, that you want to go back in time to another part of the world and question them and say, Why didn't you follow the values that we have today? In the 20th century, that's our argument. But even until recently, in the Western world, young girls were getting married. In in 18 8037 states in the US, the minimum age was 10 years old. And 818. Eight is not that far along. In in the 1200s and 1275. In England, the minimum age of marriage was 12 years old. And historically, even the stories that are famous Romeo

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and Juliet were written about, you know, young teenagers as well, and 14 or 15, something like that, or 15, or 13.

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Some of the queens of the past were age 13, when they got married, some statesman in Virginia, were married to 12 years old, 12 year olds. So the point is that even in your culture, even in your in your recent culture, that was acceptable. And then suddenly something changed where it would be it became unacceptable, but you think you are so correct, that you have the right to go back and question every other nation on Earth and every other time period on Earth. So the point is that do not be taken, or or scared when someone asks you, why did your prophet marry a young girl? Because we have a lot of arguments for that we'll look for in the second hotbed sha Allah. But the point is

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that to not immediately start to apologize, but to question why are you questioning that? And what age would you have light and you have no evidence to support that age or that random number that you generate? a pool of Holy hell? That was tough for Allah Rolando are live Welcome mangifera donaga stop thoroughfare. 1000 stop Vereen. ask Allah Subhana Allah for his forgiveness Indeed, those who ask for forgiveness for prosper

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. I mean, what he was talking

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By the way, part of the pressure for this magical age 18 has led a lot of Muslims and speakers to claim that the age of Ayesha was 18. And conveniently 18, also when she married the prophets of Allah, but in order to accept that age, you have to ignore a lot of authentic narrations showing

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that she was playing with with toys and so on and so forth. But the point is, that the enemies of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they're waiting for any mistake to highlight to hold against him. Have you heard once that they said, Look, he married a young girl, because it was something acceptable in their society. Likewise, I said the law was already spoken for Yanni, she was already engaged, when before the process or

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a matchmaker came on behalf of the of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So that means it was something very common, almost

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towards the end of his life, when he is older, he marries a very young daughter of Ali, Vitali, Uncle whom that means there was nothing wrong in those societies. It was acceptable. And even today in some nomadic and for lack of a better term, primitive societies, a 12 year old will marry a 14 year old because they've understood their world they live in the jungle, they live in the desert, they understood everything there is to understand about their world who is to oppose that marriage? Or why would a Westerner come and interrupt the wedding ceremony and say, This is not acceptable for us in Europe are not acceptable for us in America.

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So and of course, we have other things but these are evidences for the believer, like we know in the authentic hadith that you breed, Ali Salam came to the Prophet lamb with the image of Ayesha and he said in a dream and he said, this is your your wife, in this world, and in the next, and I shall be alone on her remained alive for 56 years after the death of the prophets, Allah teaching people the religion of Allah for 56 years and even and 54 years after the death of her father. She had over 50 years to complain about the marriage the problem if she thought she was too young, she had 50 years with her father, not there and her husband's Allah Salam is not there to complain about that. But it

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never happened because this was something that was acceptable in that time period and in that part of the world. And it is, once again, not correct, not fair and purely ethnocentrism that someone would want to question that based on the values that people have chanced upon today

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with that wealth collage is to make use of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it and to make us of those who recognize falsehood as clear false within abstain from it for long, I don't know

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what I don't know about a lot better than what is Apna chinnappa Allahu Allah Jalla dunya guerra homina Well, I'm a blogger in Mira, well, anonymous zero now. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant victory to the Palestinians. We ask Allah azza wa jal to purify and free Al Aqsa and to purify and free the London Philistine. We ask Allah Israel to allow us the pleasure to see that during our lifetime out of bellami aloha monks or manasota home

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alone, we ask Allah Suharto to give victory to those who have given them victory, and to destroy and defeat and a base and humiliate those who have based them and humiliated them and betrayed them from our leaders and political leaders. In other words, your bellami Allahumma Lucha de lomatium roastin you are Sophie, robotic?

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Lumosity. marfy hibben maruf were you unhappy animoca SMEs are sort of low mobarak I don't really mean early he was he a Jemaine yo como de la sala Hong Kong Allah.

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Chateau La Ilaha.

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Machado now Mohammed also known