Surat Al-Asr (Learn to Believe) #1

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In Al Hamdulillah Nakamoto who want to stay in who want to stop for

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one hour to be let him in? Surely am fusina woman say Dr. Molina, Maria de la hufa mobila

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lil fella howdy Allah.

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What a shadow Allah Allah illallah wa sallahu la sharika

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why shadow anessa Donna wanna Vienna Muhammad Abdullah he wore a suit.

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A man that in US DT kita mama

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daddy had the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam

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data to her wakulla data timbi de aqui livedata Mara wakulla Valentina.

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Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa ala Muhammad Kamal salaita Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim in naka hamidou Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad, Allah Allah Mohammed Khanna Baraka Ibrahim Allah. Ibrahima innaka hamidou Majeed brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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surah two last three men how to hire

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a continuation

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of the hotbar

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subrata last is a complete guidance

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and the handle mana Mr. Madden min Cole

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lmm Shafi Rahim Allah

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that meaning is taken from a statement that enamel Shafi made concerning the Torah. He said Luma unzila LaHood jetten Allah halki

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sora la casa

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if Allah subhana wa Taala with only revealed

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as a proof as an evidence against people, mankind, but that surah it would have been enough

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because as we mentioned subrata last

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the guidance, each melon not in details.

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How do we let him in a shape on obagi Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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in Santa Fe,

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el alladhina, amanu musalla heart, whatever. So we'll have the water wells on the subs.

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By last

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by the time

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we explained that the hospital Juma

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indeed, all of mankind are losers.

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Once it come, once it comes to the time

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because their capital is the time

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your life is your capital.

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The years that you're living in the face of this earth is your capital.

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And every single day, you go with your capital to the market.

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The market is the dounia

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what you're supposed to do, make good deeds that will give you a longer life in paradise.

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And this is not my talk.

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Addy, size Muslim Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said lunacy of

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all human being in the morning they wake up and they go into the market for their own nafsa hufa makuha muvico ha

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he goes and he sells his nefs

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for two things, whether he steals it from the Hellfire and gives agenda or he will cause it to go to the hellfire.

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And that is why Allah subhana wa Taala took an oath on us which is the time

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Your capital

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and howdy Abdullah have nobis as we indicated, confirms that

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Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam said and

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now I'm attorney Maha boon fee Makati Romina NASS,

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there are two blessings that the majority of mankind are losers once it come to them

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time which is the years that they live

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and their health

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Meaning what? They do not utilize the time and the health to make good deeds.

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Now all of mankind are losers and by the way, I want you to settle something in your mind. Whenever you hear the word insane

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or you read the word insane in the Quran, it's a negative

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it includes everybody.

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Yeah, Are you insane?

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Miguel Karim

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Julio Collinson, Omen agile insan was created out of quickness

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what can an insane or joola insane is hasty.

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What can insane authorities say in Jeddah law in insane our use all the time

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what can an insane katutura insane is stingy

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and on and on and on? In the incentive Holika helluva

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anxious panics he panics all the time.

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and that is why you always find after inside the form of a stettner

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what teeny was I

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I mean la de la Canal in Santa Fe XL aqui sama.

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Now, as Fela sir fill in, what is the word Illa accept. A Latina am Anwar Abu Saleh de la

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insana Julio kahaluu ha heluva Adriana savusavu Jesu wha wha wha hoo ha. You know, then what?

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in la masa Lee

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so if you want to come out of that generic,

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the same exact thing in the surah that we're dealing with one last in insan Allah de

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la la Vina

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and this is what we want to talk about today. And hopefully we'll have you know, sorry hat

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for things

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if you want to come out of that generic

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losing format

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alladhina amanu was amused musala hottie

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Watashi wa So Bill hottie What are also the sub

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four things

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lol mu

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memorize those as

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well Anna Lou. What

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was sobro

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calling people

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being patient.

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If you do those he

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couldn't tie in the law here or Bernie.

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You become an a bunny.

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You really good to have a status in the sight of Allah.

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If you learn the deen

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implement what you learned. You call people to it? The same manner the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did and your patient

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will have who he had.

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He see we were mentioning all of this in context of what if you recall

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the final stages

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of your journey in this world

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You laying down in the bed of death

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and you're already seeing the unseen the angels in front of you and the Angel of Death is by your head side he's calling your knifes out of your body

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if you want your nuts to be cold yeah yeah to Hannah Toma, in

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Olga troll come out

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of your soul come out

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those are the four things that you have to do

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otherwise, it will be cooled by wicked soul.

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Elon larina man who

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is not

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something that is different

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to other religions,

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Islam is

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that you must understand first whose Allah

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you must settle this issue by the way, what does it mean ilaha illa Allah

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you must acquire the knowledge.

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So, this is your first one step is to seek the knowledge that will lead you to believe

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Locatelli now in Bukhari, compiled in his

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in his kuttabul el isma

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babble Ll me up lol Tolliver llaman

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11 Buhari has a whole book inside Buhari called the book of knowledge. In this book, he has a chapter he given it the title, knowledge before speaking and acting.

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Because if you speak without knowledge, what are you going to do?

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You're going to misguide people.

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And we have a problem with that, by the way, a lot of people right now have the guts and the courage to talk about the deen without at least at least checking things out.

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And you will find everybody getting fat was easy.

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And I believed him as someone who was the Companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And the Prophet told us to take the Quran from him

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and take his daddy,

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there was a case about a divorce and

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they kept begging him, begging him for 40 days to give a fatwa. He

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said no Idle No, no.

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So you must acquire knowledge.

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You cannot speak without knowledge.

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The second thing, if you act without knowledge, what are you going to do

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with them?

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If you don't have knowledge, how to act, you're going to end up committing epidemic? Are you gonna do it that will not be accepted?

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And the first area that you must embark on

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is not

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ilaha illa Allah

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learn it's a command by the by the way farlam

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Illa Allah,

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you must learn it.

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this is what we talked about briefly man.

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How can you

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have a man

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because in order to start acting good deeds, you must have a man in that heart.

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And I we said that Eman

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occupies three areas. The heart,

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the tongue

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and the limbs.