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The Sufism movement in Islam uses the media and media to promote the message of Islam, including seeing the light of the moon and affirmations of faith and the presence of God. The speakers also touch on the use of intermediary media and the history of Islam language use in the United States. The segment ends with a discussion of the importance of showing one's secret to avoid confusion and mistakes and the struggles of Islamists to overcome fear and confusion.

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y shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa vous la sharika

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y shadow a nun Mohammedan Abdo who wore a suit, mighty respected brothers and sisters in Islam, I welcome you once again to the series, which we decided to call it Sufism on the scale of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And this is part three.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam, there is no doubt that Sufism is

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a sect or a way in Islam, which

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not everyone agrees on.

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Not everyone accepts. And like we're taught that when we differ or we disagree on something, we go back to the Quran and the Sunnah. And we please what we do on the scale and see whether this is something which is good or not.

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inshallah we spoke about Sufism. In the last couple of live broadcasts, we given the categories of the Sofia's group,

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that they are not alike, and we said if the concept of Sufism is the purification of the knifes, using the men hatch, using the way of rasulillah, and his companions, there is nothing wrong with that.

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You detaching yourself from this world, and not giving it a lot of, you know, interest, there is nothing wrong with that, provided that it's balanced. And it is, according to the way of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, we should not be innovating or introducing

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other ways to purify our neffs. Rather, we should stick to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And we mentioned that the two other groups that we have is the group that innovates so they end up with the dancing with the Allah Allah, with the circles with the music, with the love economy, with the group, and so forth. And this is definitely introducing something in the religion that the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam did not do.

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The third group is in my opinion is the most

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serious one is the one that really introduces the incarnation, that Allah Subhana Allah can incarnate into the human body and and you know, the hard work

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that Allah has is the world and the world is a loss upon Allah Tada. All of these are definitely are devious

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heresies that we must avoid. So this was the first segment or the first part or part one. In part two, we started talking about the beliefs and the practices of Sufi Muslims and we placed it in this on the scale of Quran and Sunnah. And we started with the intercession shefa and the

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seeking that means the lower Lilith tawassul, Russia.

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And we

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trust brothers and sisters in Islam that imagine this Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was initially sent to the Arabs, the Arabs used to believe in Allah, they used to believe that there is a God and they actually used to believe that Allah Subhana Allah is the Creator

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is the one who created the heavens and the earth and the one who created the the people and everybody so the Arabs never denied this, like some walkers now like we call them atheists, or like the Pharaoh, you know, so they never really decide, deny the Lordship of Allah subhana wa Taala when an insult woman Hala pasa Malati well over a pollun Allah, if you ask them who created the heavens and the earth, they will say Allah, what are you

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alto monfalcone APU lunala if you ask them who created you, they will say Allah. So what was the issue? They believed for them to go to Allah to reach Allah to invoke a laugh to call upon Allah, you have to use intermediary, you have to use a medium, someone between you and Allah and that is why they introduced the idols, they introduced the lateral also a minute. Look what they said and Allah mentioned this in the tongue, manner Buddha whom Illa Leo curry buena, ala la his own fair, we only worship them because they bring us closer to Allah. Likewise, the Sufi This is exactly what the Sufi Muslims are doing right now. So they go to the grave, or they believe in the intercession of

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someone who is diseased or in grave because they believe this person is the intermediary between them and Allah Subhana. Wa it's exactly

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yet it's it's but it worshiping the graves because they believe that the person inside the grave is the way to get to Allah subhanahu wa Tada. And indeed, in that room lay a smell do I come when I will send me home as dejavu laocoon why a woman at MIT yaku nabeshima Kiku if you call upon these who are in grave, they are not going to hear your dog and if they hear you, they cannot help you. They are underneath the ground. They are better than them you're in the service of Earth they are beneath the ground and

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they will not be in the Day of Judgment they will be your enemies. If the Baba Latina to be Amina Latina.

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Woman, I've been loving my abdomen do Neela Himalayas dije hula hoop Li a woman tm wahoo Amanda is involved. You don't want either Hoshi or a nurse who can hula hoops.

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Imagine these ones could be righteous and pious, like a referee, by the way, could be righteous. And tijjani could be a righteous person is better we could be a righteous person Allah knows best. Allah who's who's the righteous and who's the not the righteous. So like like exactly prophet Italia Salatu, Salam properties. Exactly. Look at the Christians. They call him God. They use him to get to Allah subhana wa Taala and so forth in the Day of Judgment, and upholstery, Nancy Looney Oh Mia, Ella, Haman Gunilla. Did you instruct the people to take you on your mother as two Gods beside me Carlos of Han, Maya Cooley and akuna Malik. I never said that. Malcolm Ilana Hamilton even I only

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told them what I have been instructed to tell them that worship I love my Lord and your Lord. Without any further delay, this is a little review because I know a lot of you are catching up with the series. Today in sha Allah I want to talk about Alia en la makapuu at the station of illegally the status of illegally Of course, brothers and sisters in Islam, Allah sunol Jana the people who follow the Sunnah and Gemma, we believe that there are people who are Alia Allah, the friends of Allah, they have a special status and they are not alive by the way. They vary in their ranks.

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Like the prophets tilka rasuluh, football nabba Humala about like the prophets and the messengers are not alike regarding their status in the sight of Allah. Exactly that they are different. They have ranks.

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What is the evidence in the Quran that we have earlier and sooner or later if you saw that Jonas, in Alia, Allahu Allah hold for now that he wants to whom he has no, indeed the friends of Allah, let's use that. So the English speaking would

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relate somehow, indeed, the friends of Allah, they will not feel nor they will grieve. They will have no fear, no grief, the burden of fear and grief is removed from them. Now, look at the next verse. What is the next verse? It explains that criteria fallen Valley, and levena airmen who show those who believe what is he man? He man hold on Warhammer as you do iron force, man is a statement of the heart and the action of the heart, the action of the tongue, the action of the limbs, and I know some of you may not understand these little words here but students knowledge with no but really they believe that a man of the companions, the amount of the prophets of Allah values and so

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they have email they have faith in Allah Subhana Allah He

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alladhina amanu What can yet

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own and they have taco what is taco that you act upon the obedience of Allah subhana wa tada that you you pray that you fast and and so forth that already for you for soon. Kowloon Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Mojave Fernando de la comunidad Allah subhanaw taala says analysis I remember 30 minutes monetary value added to will help

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whoever has animosity and enmity against one of my friends, I will declare war on this purse.

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Imagine this Imagine if you have animosity and hate again is one of the friends of Allah, you are a tool with Allah. Now, the rest of the Hadith explains the curriculum. The man hatch of how to obtain the relay. How to Become a Wally how I hope why not ma la ibdv in a hotbed Ella yummy master of two Who are they my slave will not find anything which will bring him closer to me than what I have made mandatory upon them. The five daily prayers the 2.5% the fasting of Ramadan had the mandatory height if you're able to allow heat extending into heat had whoa this is the path that so you begin with what with the basics with the foundation of the religion but you don't stop there if you want to

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attain the rank of in Willy Wonka is the Colorado lamb nowhere fill your head or head and my slave will add to the magnitude than our than our fundamental ask than our fill in nephila is a copy of the mandatory Salah you pray like the Salah.

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So you add you pray to all flickers every day you breathe 100 every night you fast Ashura like today, you fast

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Mondays and Thursdays, you fast three days out of the month, you fast the far off and so forth. So you add you don't only pay the 2.5% you pay more than that. So the one is arrow at the top UI no affiliate

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until I love him for me. If I love him, I will become his healing. I will become his scene. I will become his hand I will become his feet. And if he asked me I will give him and if he seeks refuge with me, I will give it to him. So this is already Rajan moment. Mata Ki Matata Quran was soon bye, who's actually according to the Sophie's number one.

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The corrupt, devious, believe one more common wily Falcon nebby

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imagine this that's the first pathway to misguidance now kabale Falcon Navy the rank of unwary is above the profit and guess what evidence do they use?

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What evidence do they use the famous story?

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Moosa is a messenger they say Hitler was already even though the majority of the scores of Arizona well Gemma they say I will feel blue nadie Yoon he was a prophet sent to a different you know, please sent in a different place. Why? Because in the story encrypted said well one or two who AnneMarie I did not do this in my own attina who Ramadan Minh andina Alana hoomin LaDonna Illa Allah is the one who's speaking. So he did the digging or causing a defect in the boat, the killing of the boy and erecting that wall. Allah commanded him to do that most I was not aware of that. Both of them are prophets both know they say no, they say and they fight by the way for this one and it was

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early now our Li is much better than what then enemy why he is the tricky piece now they tell you what the messenger receives through gibreel

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but the way he he received directly from Allah subhana wa tada ah that you see that's and whatever the word he says whatever the word he says. It's over. And here it is. We said the valley that if you want to be our D according to understand our gamma, you have to start with the mandatory know the word he doesn't doesn't pray five times a day. That's for the layman. That's for the moreet Lalalala. That's for the Marines. And if you see somebody committing adultery, he's okay. Stupid, he must have a reason. If you see him, he must have a reason that this is certainly the case.

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And they say what had definitely kalbi and Robbie, my heart told me from Allah directly from Allah subhana wa Tada. Brothers and sisters in Islam. What about these individuals who have these keramat and we believe that and and this is a subject that I will finish up with here regarding the issue of volley.

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Sometimes you'll find some Sufi sheep doing supernatural things. Sometimes you see them doing things that are not No no, that is true.

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So what is the explanation for this symbol brothers and sisters in Islam symbol ilium mhfa Rahim Allah made the following statement he said, either a radula ESC or Allen man. If you see somebody walking in wood, or we have to face Santa or he is flying in the sky, present him to the Quran and the Sunnah. Does he follow the Quran and the Sunnah? Yes, then he's really, no, he is not. He's a devil. Basically, he's being held by the jinn. That's the bottom line. And just just reflect upon this. Towards the end of time Allah Subhana Allah will allow will permit someone called the Antichrist to do wonders, to do wonders, imagine is going to command the heaven Turing is going to

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tell the earth to produce, he's going to kill people and bring them back to life. Imagine this. We're not talking about somebody who, who places a needle in his stomach, and then he takes it out to that far. Yet he is an antichrist, what Cassius is not even a Muslim. He's claiming to be Allah subhana wa God. And in reality brothers and sisters in Islam and listen to this very, very important, crucial, crucial point. That true Well, he should not disclose his karma.

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Karma again is the supernatural things which Allah would do at their hands. Like No, I answered, and so forth, they should not they should not disclose the Quran.

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Yes, the messenger must disclose his miracle. The messengers are normally equipped with miracles like Musashi Salaam, with the staff like a healing the leper than curing the born blind and raising one individual who was was was

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dead and so forth. Prophet Mohammed Hassan is medical is the Quran and other physical miracles and so forth. So, but the messenger is the mandate to disclose reveal his milk in order to establish the evidence that he is conveying a message from Allah subhana wa Tada. Here's my evidence. Here's my bottle while he No, Ill will he know.

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And I'll tell you a very interesting story which happened during the time of Oman, Qatar, Oman, was also low value SLM has said something in front of few companions. The Hadith is narrated, Salima Muslim Hadees and is in the medical of the Allah one. He said some olavarria salam roba shot up above

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due to Miami metaphor and Bill of work. Now as a matter of law, you may see somebody who is not neat looking, you would look down upon him because he's the way he's dressed. Even if he knocks on the door of somebody, people will push him away. But so panela if this person takes an oath on Allah, Allah subhana wa Taala will honor his daughter will honor his oath. Imagine Oh Allah I'm Deacon and also knew to give the show and so this Allah will honor his oath. Imagine this. And Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam named one of them woman woman, Baroque nomadic, the brother of Staffordshire fans.

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The Muslims were trying to conquer birgir they came across a stronghold called pasta.

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And they are trying every day and a lot of Muslims are being killed. So one of the people who heard this hadith came to the Emir of the army to the general who is in charge of this army. And he said to him, why are we allowing this killing to take place when we have someone amongst us if he takes an oath on Allah if he makes, Allah will honor his oath, who is allowed nomadic called him to me? He asked him, can you please make the offer? I said, No, I don't want to do it. No, because right now only few individuals know about his karma that he has an answer to

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Imagine now the whole army are going to know that this person has an answer. And now the people instead of relying on Allah Subhana Allah, they will start relying on him.

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He said no three days in a row.

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The fourth day after he sees more killing of the Muslim army, he said, I will do it look that he made Allahumma inni accent to it. Oh Allah, I'm taking an oath on you. And toriana the hula that you know that tomorrow you show us the backs of our enemy. When that was funny shahida and it's time for me to go.

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I don't want to be at ease in for people to commit schilke in all shipping you because your thought your reliance must be upon Allah subhanho wa Taala not upon the table. Regardless brothers and sisters in Islam, what is that looks like it will cover my fear. The same exact thing. Remember, Courtney? Courtney, when he came to Omar and Omar asked him to make draft for him. He said, Okay, please, people know about me now I'm gonna go to Iraq. Don't tell anybody where I am. I don't want people to know about me. Likewise, it really he must conceal in skirama. Why? Because you're going to be why the person who claims that he knows the unseen is or who he is. He's equal to shaitan who

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claims that he knows the unseen Why? Because the people are gonna rely on him. People are going to ask him what will happen tomorrow, and you don't want that. And that is why if you go to a fortune teller, and if you just sit and entertain the the gathering of a fortune teller, your Salah is not going to be accepted for 14 days. But if you believe him you have this belief in what was revealed

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brought down about Mohammed Salah Salah based on the to a hadith that will if Islam brothers and says even if you are wealthy, you should conceal it. You shouldn't come and say oh, I have dreams and my dreams come true. Oh, I have. I know what is going to happen. Oh, I know how to interpret dreams.

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Oh, when I need to have my dog. What are you trying to do? What are you trying to do? You're trying to con people to worship you now, is that what you're trying to do that truly has taqwa? No, I'm not going to be a reason for people to commit. Sure. So this is in wilaya on the scale, according to Sufism, and according to Islam jacamo hayleigh This is to be continued. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh