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Talk During Taraweeh by Imam Karim AbuZaid @ Dar Al Tawheed

2017-06-03 – Ramadan 2017


AI: Summary © The Colorado Muslims Community Center is holding a virtual event to celebrate the loss of a woman named Hannah employers. The event will include a presentation of a symbol and a panel discussion about the loss of a woman named Hannah employers. The event is designed to bring together families to discuss the loss of Hannah employers and the importance of community center.
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by shadow under number

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a lot more suddenly or suddenly

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a lot more suddenly it was in the modality currency Do you know how many female and

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mighty respected brothers and sisters in Islam

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some of you may already

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be missing

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the place

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started training

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since the beginning I

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feel like this is a new place

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you don't have that 100%

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connection with idioms

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so polite, so amazing.

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You know after we die,

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the schools have to combine

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the statement of net neutrality

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the loss of Hannah Medina,

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back at the island, he was one of the one that can wounded him

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after they drowned

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earth and heaven did not shake one tea over them.

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What I'm trying to say is like you're missing the place will you use the brain and probably you develop some surety that lease is missing you to

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that spot is missing.

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What did I

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say? Regarding the verse in Surah Taha.

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He said, when the son of Adam passes away,

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two spots cry over

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one in earth and one in the heavens.

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As for the one in earth, the planes what he used to break and make to do.

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That place Mrs. The believer,

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Mrs. Sala

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Mrs. Mr. Speaker

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and the heavens the blaze through which your arm and your act a sense to our last panel metallic

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May Allah Subhana Allah Nikkei all of Earth missiles

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we're moving you around. So the earth will listen which are alive

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and the body will send them

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in a beautiful body.

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When agenda as I was passing by him, and his companions,

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he said this person, whether he is most Terry

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whether he has rested

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Star hoomin

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or whether he is being rescued from

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later on the companions as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam What did you mean or messenger of Allah? He said some of the lavanila send them

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when the believer passes away from the dounia

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and the horseshoes and the trials and the afflictions

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dounia for this world.

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This dunya is for testing.

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But look at this. When a person who was not doing good with his tuning

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well I met up with

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the wicked the disobedient person passes away. Look, it stop humming.

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When Bella was shadow was

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people will rest from

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Earth will the rest from the person. threes will the rest from the person

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Mountains, animals, they will say 100

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he was giving us so much trouble.

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We ask Allah Subhana Allah to be amongst the first group

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of brothers and sisters in Islam. This is your community. This is Colorado Muslims Community Center. This is your place. I want to tell you something.

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I was heart broken

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this afternoon after us when we were trying to line up the places for Salah for you.

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You want to know why? Because a lot of the children brought their parents before

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to come and play

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and I said to myself,

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here we are realizing this vision This place is a playground is not a facade. This is just an exception. What we're doing is an exception right now Shall we will unfold these rocks and get these kids playing again. So this is only temporary. Our masala is done upstairs. This list is designed to be a community center where you bring your family and gets what they can have activities and also a bed as well. And nourishment for the body and the whole, this is the vision since we started and imagine imagine if we ended up developing the outside you haven't seen the outside

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there is a lot of space out here that will they go and inshallah hopefully if we put our hearts together, we can bring down those tools. There are tools out there to create a multi purpose room don't say a mess amongst people. So that we do not have to use this anymore. inshallah brothers and sisters in Islam One of These Nights, I will share with you the phases which we have designed and we still need your input on in order to develop a state of the art community center for our community in

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Milan, Ohio, for your patience for taking the change and inshallah it will make it as comfortable as possible for all of you ceremony.

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